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  1. Why would you sit Pulisic, Chelsea’s best player by a significant margin since the restart? CHO also looked very ordinary vs Watford. Also do you expect Mount or Barkley to lead the MF?
  2. Gilmour looked shaky again today. If Kants and Kovacic are out then Jorghinio should start.
  3. How is Mount MOM? Pulisic, Willian and Barkley had much better games.
  4. No Abraham please. He has been a weak link on both offense and defense since December 2019. He routinely gets out muscled on most aerial balls and shows very little ability to beat a defender. He looks like he is running on glass. Also frustrating how many times he is offsides.
  5. Bayern took Davies who was a forward In MLS and converted him to a LB. He will likely be runner up to Haaland as Budesliga Rookie of the Year. Are there any Chelsea youth besides Maatson who have the potential as a LB? Any other guys with potential to be converted to LB?
  6. Great Agree. RLC doesn’t have the pace to be a threat at forward.
  7. Since Ziyech’s and Werner’s respective seasons are done are they able to practice with Chelsea’s first squad?
  8. Wasn’t that Chilwell that got beaten by Barkley? Very poor marking to say the least.
  9. RLC is too slow to play forward at this point. Gilmour and CHO need to play today.
  10. 100%. There were so many opportunities to attack City, however Kante was sitting back on defense and Mount and Barkley were quite pedestrian with their play. Chelsea struggled to move the ball out of the back as neither Mount or Barkley were showing up and being an option . Switching Abraham for Giroud added some defensive pressure in City’s end. However the Mount and Barkley, except for one nice play by Mount didn’t provide enough support to keto the pressure on.
  11. How many times did Barkley get beaten to the ball yesterday? Either Gilmour or Kovacic would have gotten to many of those balls. Barkley did not change the game with Villa, Pulisic did that. Barkley is too slow to have a prominent role on a top 4 PL team.
  12. Good point. Chelsea is having a difficult time with moving the ball inside the 18 yard box. Ziyech and Werner will help with their quickness and play making ability. Swapping Gilmour for Barkley will help. Havertz would be another great addition as Chelsea is getting very little production from its midfielders. I am not a Chilwell fan as he plays too high leaving too much room for opposition to get behind him. It would be better to use transfer money to add Havertz and a defensive minded LB.
  13. Ponderous? Barkley is too slow and plodding, like a plow horse. Numerous times during yesterday’s game he was two or three steps behind the play on both offense and defense.
  14. Imagine how much better Pulisic will be playing with Werner, Ziyech and Gilmour. The speed and play making ability of those players will be tough for opposing teams to match up. It will be like a track meet.

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