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  1. That would be really frustrating as Czech was pushing for Chelsea to sign Tchouameni this Summer. He has the school and speed to compete in the PL.
  2. This^^^ He could learn a lot playing with Kante and eventually take one of the #6 positions. His size, strength, athleticism and toughness would be a great addition to the Chelsea up. Sign him in January and let him finish the season with his current club.
  3. Kounde at 70 million Euros is insane. There is a much bigger need to retain Rudiger and sign a midfielder this January. It is pretty clear that Saul is not the answer as even Barkley is getting playing time over him. The drop off in talent once you get past Loftus-Cheek is a cliff. Chelsea needs a better stop gap measure at midfielder in January as it will cost them games if they have to play Barkley or Saul.
  4. Who would you rather have Ruudiger or Kounde? Ruudiger has earned a pay raise as one of the top CBs in the PL. Sign him, sign Tchouameni and still have money left over vs trying to sign Kounde.
  5. It is clear that Chelsea needs another midfielder for the rest of the 2021-22 season. Someone like Gallagher or Gilmour would be great if there was an out clause in their respective loan agreements. However that is not likely which brings me back to Tchouameni. Chelsea could a quite him and extend Ruudiger and still have money left over vs trying to acquire Kounde. Get it done, Marina.
  6. So happy to see RLC play well. He deserves more minutes and could provide solid backup as a 6. Saul on the other hand is very shaky. He gives the ball away too much putting the team in some bad position in their final third. He also is quite poor defensively.
  7. Not a good game by the fires ds, midfielders or wingbacks Ziyech and Alonso disappeared for long stretches of the game. Tiuechel should have brought Havertz and Chilwell on much sooner. Teams are going to park the bus to defend against Lukaku and Turchel will need to use Chelsea’s speed to counterattack before the opponents crowd the 28 yard box. Set pieces were also not good. If Ziyech is in the game let him take them.
  8. Alonso initially got more game action when Tuechel assumed the manager role, however when Chilwell started playing he assumed and kept the starting role through the Champions League games. I expect that the same scenario will play out this year as Chilwell is a more complete player than Alonso, including his ability to serve crosses in the box with Lukaku there this year to finish them.
  9. Saul has been out of form with Athletico Madrid the last couple of years.I don't expect that he is going to magically turn back to his playing form from three years ago. Lots of unforced errors. Chelsea really needs a backup number 6 to Kante and I question whether Saul is fit for that role. He hasn't been the same player since his kidney injury s few years ago.
  10. Alonso played awful vs Liverpool as he couldn't keep up with their speed. Chilwell hasn't plAyed since the Champions League final. I He also didn't do much vs Villa. I am not sure how he lost his starting position. He needs some real game action this week.
  11. If Chilwell can't crack the lineup today then you have to question his fitness. You can't keep riding him on the bench and expect him to be effective.
  12. This ^^^ I don't understand such high agent fees in football which clearly presents a conflict of interests for the agent. You know he is going to negotiate an opt out provision after three years which will work in favor of him (higher agent fees for the next contract) and in some respects Haaland if he performs at a high level and earns a bigger contract from his next team.
  13. He has a horrible first touch, plus he tends to disappear for periods of time during games. I don't see how he fits on the Chelsea roster.
  14. One last point on Taylor as even the NBC announcers and half time show said the quiet part out loud. Why only look at a still for like two seconds and issue the red card? The game outcome potentially impact the final Premier League table. Isn't that worth a view of James' motions and a couple of camera angles?
  15. I missed the game as my younger had a game. I listened to the last 30 minutes on Sirius XM Soccer Channel. One of their announcers is a Spurs' fan. He said Taylor was far to lenient for the Spurs, including letting Fabhinho get away.with at least offenses which should have warranted yellow cards. Taylor also overreacted with giving Mendy a yellow card when Henderson had no business getting in his way after the PK.
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