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  1. Carnavinga is a much younger and better midfielder at this point. I would much rather him over Rice, Saul, etc as he is a more complete player.
  2. Imagine going into negotiations and saying my man is very good at flopping and generating free kicks. Lol.
  3. Grealish did not have a good Euro 2020.Chelsea needs a proven striker and box to box midfiekder, not another winger. Freakish also is injury prone. Hard pass.
  4. I would take 3 years of Lewandowski for $40 million and flip Tammy to the highest bidder. Then go after Carnavinga who is the box to box midfielder the club needs.
  5. I don't understand why Chelsea doesn't use buy back clauses. Matching clauses don't really mean anything as any team can top that if they want the player.
  6. NFW. He is too old too slow and looks dot be at least 15 pounds over weight during the pre- season game last weekend.
  7. Lewandowski would be a very good striker for 2 to 3 years in the PL. How about something like CHO plus $10 million for him.
  8. Guehi, is now gone. Prospects Tino Livramento, Lewis Bate and Myles Peart-Harris are believed to be stalling on new contracts and have not been included in the first-team’s squad for their pre-season training camp in Scotland. Defender Dynel Simeu, another member of the Blues’ under-23s side, is apparently cOnsidering leaving. That is a lot of young talent leaving While Chelsea can't keep e everyone,there is a lot of first squad players on their last year,including Azpi, Rudiger, Silva, Christenson, etc. The matching clause to players sales literally has no weight either. Why not include a buy back clause instead?
  9. Grealish is injury prone and doesn't score goals. He was less than impressive in Euro 2020. He seems like he also makes the papers more for his off the pitch activities. Hard pass.
  10. I have not been impressed with Rice during the Euro 2020. Nothing he does stands out. I don't get the hype. I would much rather that Chelsea go after an attacking midfielder like Bellingham or Pedri,two much younger players whose respective ceilings are much higher than Rice.
  11. Barcelona has to sell more players to fit their current signings within their FFP guidelines. Pedri would be someone I would target. He is valued at 70 million Euros with his contract expiring in 2022. No downside offering 55 million Euros to go after one of the top attacking midfielders who is only 18.
  12. Chelsea needs a dynamic midfielder who can defend and also be an offensive. That player is not on the current roster unless Tuechel moves Mount to midfield. Rice can defend, although he is no where close to Kante's level. However, Rice provides nothing offensively. Thus I don't think Rice is worth more than $40 million. Why not look to see what we have in terms of Gallagher, Amapadu, and possibly consider switching CHO to midfield. Chelsea need to sell Abraham and Ziyech. Perhaps those sales can help generate funds to acquire Haaland.
  13. Ziyech"s first touch was not great last season. His play went downhill after he Injured his knee. Haikimi is a good player no doubt. I saw him play quite a bit when he was at Dortmund. I don't think he is worth $50 million plus in this market. Maybe $35 million plus Alonso.
  14. Rice has not looked that great for England. Nothing has popped either defensively or offensively. I just don't see how he would be worth $40 million plus. If Chelsea is going to pay that kind of money, then I would much rather have them go after Bellingham. He is much younger and a better overall player than Rice,with the potential to be one of the top midfielders in the world.
  15. I don't understand the interest in Traore. James is a much better CB/WB and Traore has no finishing skills as a forward.
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