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  1. Sancho's production and confidence is way down. He is not the answer for Chelsea. Hard pass.
  2. Haaland is built for the PL. He is very strong, physical and very faat. He is much better player than Sancho whose productivity has dropped significantly in the 20/21 season.
  3. Politic made Rice look pretty bad a number times the other day. Tobacco also went by him a number of times. I just don't see Rice as a quality midfielder. He gets beat constantly off the dribble. Besides Chelsea has a a bigger need at CB.
  4. With James and Chillwell likely out I say Lampard should switch to a 3-4-3 lineup. Put Kante as a holding midfielder and have Kovacic help out in the middle as Chelsea were having a lot of difficulty gets ng the ball out of the back after Chillwell went down the other day. The game changed once Kovacic came on. He is a far superior player than Emerson.
  5. If Chillwell is out for any period of time then I would be more comfortable with a 3-4-3 lineup. I would much rather see Kovacic as the extra midfielder than Emerson as the LB.
  6. Teams are learning that Chelsea’s primary attack is crossing passes with CHO, Pulisic and Ziyech out. They are parking the bus and looking to counterattack. Lampard needs to change things up. Perhaps put Gilmour at #10 and look for him to create opportunities off the dribble.
  7. Guehi looked pretty good this weekend. Very physical and stopped a number of scoring chances. He plays with a little bit of an edge which is not a bad trait to have as a defender.
  8. For whatever reason Sancho has lost his confidence and his ability to beat players 1 v 1. He looks very ordinary this season.The best players on BVB right now are Haaland, Reyna and Birmingham.
  9. I watch BVB frequently as they are my second team. Sancho disappears for frequent periods of games this year. This is happening even now with Haaland out with a knee injury. He is not the answer for Chelsea. I would much rather have Haaland and Bellingham whose combined transfer price would be less than Sancho. Haaland is the real deal. He is very strong, fast and skilled.
  10. One of the areas that Havertz excelled in last year was set pieces with him crashing the net. He has competition with Giroud and Zouma for those balls this year. With Giroud likely gone at the end of this season he will have some of those opportunities. Havertz could also use another 8 to 10 pounds of muscle. Same for a few other players such as Pulisic, Tammy, Mount, etc. We need to put them in the same training program that Bayern uses. They are all beasts and very rarely get muscled off the ball.
  11. I watched Havertz play a number games last year in the Bundelsiga. He was a force playing midfield, striker or forward. He is playing in a much more physical EPL, adjusting to a new coach, teammates and formations. He is only 21, same age as Pulisic who also took a while to adjust when switching from the Bundesliga to the EPL The talent is there, but he is playing too tentatively. He also needs to work out positioning as very often Werner and Mount end up in the same places he does in the box.
  12. What was the deal with the Leeds’ players dropping to the ground every time a Chelsea player came near them? That was embarrassing. Same with how poor Leeds were trying to build the ball out of the back.
  13. Reguillon is now on my hate list for the Spuds. He was constantly faking fouls. He also ran away from Kovacic after blatantly fouling him on a run. He needs to be taught a lesson to knock that sh*t off.
  14. I can’t stand Son and Alli, two of the dirtiest players in the Premier League. Werner Pulisic are going to be difference makers tomorrow as the Spuds don’t have a defender who can’t keep up with either of them. Ziyech needs to be the designated set piece man, especially on corners. His passing is top notch plus it frees up Chilly to crash the net LFG Chelsea!
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