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  1. I don't understand the interest in Traore. James is a much better CB/WB and Traore has no finishing skills as a forward.
  2. The Dave wingback experiment should be stopped. He is too slow and adds little to nothing on offense. CHO will be a serious offensive threat on offense and be able to track back on defense.
  3. I am on the Bellingham band wagon. Dortmund is my second favorite team behind Chelsea so I watch them a fair amount. Bellingham is strong, fast and physical. He has the size to stand up to the physical play in the PL.
  4. That had to be one of the worst officiated games in years. So many late and dangerous fouls and zero yellow cards issued. Many of the fouls wee right out in the open and were quite obvious. Makes you wonder if they picked up this referee from a Sunday morning over 40 league.
  5. Sadly I think you are correct. Haaland is clearly frustrated with Dortmund and he is likely to leave this summer. He will be in high demand from the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, etc Dortmund is my second favorite team so I watch them play frequently. Haaland is very strong, fast and physical. He also plays with a little bit of an edge to his game. He is a much different player than Havertz or Werner, both of which I saw play quite a bit last year. Thailand's style of play will fit well in any league.
  6. I think it is time to take the wraps off Havertz. He played yesterday similar to how he played last year, fast and free. We need more of that. The combination of CHO, Havertz, and Werner looked very good together. The link up play with Jorghinio, Christenson and Kovacic is improving. I would like to see more chips and leading passes to take advantage of the speed upfront. I would like to see Chilwell play more regulArly over Alonso as he is more well rounded and a much better passer. The games are also coming up pretty quickly. Mount and Jorghinio should play the entire game vs Leed
  7. I don't think Sancho is the answer to Chelsea's need for more scoring. He has regressed some in the 20/21 season. I watch Dortmund quite a bit as they are my second favorite team. He seems to lack confidence and is having difficulty beating players off the dribble. Rancho also doesn't seem to be as quick or explosive this year. In addition to Haaland, I would target Jude Bellingham, 17 year old midfielder. He has size and speed, good passer and he can be physical.
  8. It was a frustrating game as United was beatable. Good Christianson and Rudiger Shutting down Bruno. Reisinger emerging as a leader and enforcer. For example he confronted McTominey right away after he sent Azi flying off the pitch. Rudiger also laid the wood onto James throughout the game. Bad Final 1/3 in opponent's end. Inability to get players the ball when they make runs. Mount made one with about 10 minutes to go where he split the two defenders at the top of the box and he would have had a solid chance to win the game. This happens at least 4 or mo
  9. He has one goal this season. I also don't see how he is Chelsea's most dangerous threat as he is too slow and he can't beat anyone off the dribble. He has a strong shot, however he has difficulty getting it off and putting it on net. He also poor at passing. I see numerous times Werner or CHO going for runs and he doesn't deliver the ball. He often plays deeper than Werner in the box which leaves less room for Werner to make cuts to the net.
  10. What has Alonso contributed the last few games? You can even hear Tuchel criticizing him a far amount during the games. He is part of the problem in the final 1/3where Chelsea has been rubbish under Tuchel.
  11. I really don't see why Alonso is getting so much playing time over Chilwell and James who are both much better overall players. He doesn't link up well with who ever is on his side. There are so many opportunities to create width however he is too slow and can't cross or chip passes well. It is painfully obvious how bad he is. He is one of the main reasons why Chelsea is so poor in the final third as he plays too far forward and there is less space for Werner to make runs.
  12. Chelsea is going to have a hard time convincing any top striker to come here until they fix the offense. Werner and CHO make runs and no one gets them the ball. They need a CB who can chip and make the long passes to put the strikers in scoring. They also need someone on the left WB to do the same. Chilwelll can do it, however for some reason Tuchel keeps sending out Alonso who has been horrible for the last few games.
  13. The inability of Chelsea midfielders and center backs to pass Werner and CHO has to be frustrating to them. Why isn't Rudiger, Christenson, Kovacic, Jofhinio, keeping their heads up and hitting them with chopped passes? What is going to take to Alonso out and get Chilwwll back on the pitch? Alonso has been bang average the last 6 games and it is hurting the team in the final third. The lack of crossing passes means there is no link up play. Free Chilwell.
  14. I don't get why Tuchel pens Alonso in the lineup every game. He was rubbish again vs South Hampton. He doesn't link up play with forwards, can't cross or chip the ball. Tuchel has to figure out a way to get Chilwell in the lineup to jump start the offense. Tired of watching 500 backwards passes every game with no plan in the 18 yard box.
  15. I would put Mount where you have Alonso and then have one of Havertz, Pulisic or Ziyech play forward. Mount can't really beat players off the dribble and pitting him on the wing helps with the counterattack. The offense needs more creativity to get more scoring chances.
  16. Dortmund will have their third manager in 9 months at the start of the 21/22 season. They also are experiencing some financial difficulties and likely will need to sell some players this Summer. Harland is clearly their top player and will generate the highest transfer fee. He is strong, fast and physical so he will be well suited for the Premier League. He would be a great addition if Chelsea were able to acquire him PS- Bellingham would be another player to target as a midfielder. He is only 18 however you can see that the talent is there.
  17. Chelsea has to get the offense going. They are not beating Athleti Madrid, VARUnited, Everton, etc with the current approach. The use of Alonso and Jorghinio is quite puzzling. I don't see either one as an offensive threat and they both are defensive liabilities. The South Hampton game is the perfect time to get Pulisic and Ziyech back in the lineup. Have Pulisic play central and Ziyech on the right. Put CHO on the left where Alonso has been playing. Have Mount back as a 6 along with Kovacic.
  18. Tuchel.ball is not enjoyable to watch. Sure, Chelsea is undefeated since he was brought in, however they haven't played a decent team during this run. The team seems to play just well enough to win. I don't understand why Alonso continues to get playing time. He is not doing much on offense and he is very weak defensively. There is no speed, ability to beat a player off the dribble or make a decent pass. Many times he was playing deeper than Werner in the opponents end. Chelsea's offense is disorganized at best. They haven't been able to create solid scoring chances against the lik
  19. Boateng was horrible when he played for City. Now he is a few years older and slower. I don't see how this is a good move for Chelsea. Get someone good in their prime. Not some one older who has been bang average at best.
  20. Lampard was hired too soon and he was fired too soon. I am not impressed with Tuchel who likely will last less than two years. You a n also forget about Rice coming here. I am not disappointed by that development.
  21. Sancho's production and confidence is way down. He is not the answer for Chelsea. Hard pass.
  22. Haaland is built for the PL. He is very strong, physical and very faat. He is much better player than Sancho whose productivity has dropped significantly in the 20/21 season.
  23. Politic made Rice look pretty bad a number times the other day. Tobacco also went by him a number of times. I just don't see Rice as a quality midfielder. He gets beat constantly off the dribble. Besides Chelsea has a a bigger need at CB.
  24. With James and Chillwell likely out I say Lampard should switch to a 3-4-3 lineup. Put Kante as a holding midfielder and have Kovacic help out in the middle as Chelsea were having a lot of difficulty gets ng the ball out of the back after Chillwell went down the other day. The game changed once Kovacic came on. He is a far superior player than Emerson.
  25. If Chillwell is out for any period of time then I would be more comfortable with a 3-4-3 lineup. I would much rather see Kovacic as the extra midfielder than Emerson as the LB.
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