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  1. Pulisic, Werner, and Ziyech are the three best Chelsea offensive players in terms of scoring, passing, ability to beat a defender off the dribble, etc. They should all be starting the next game. Pulisic and Ziyech, along with Havertz will open things up for Werner who has gotten off to a slow start due to playing out of position combined with poor passing to take advantage of his speed. Ziyech's passing on set pieces will improve scoring chances for Havertz, Pulisic, and Werner.
  2. https://www.goal.com/en/news/chelsea-reject-bayern-loan-bid-for-hudson-odoi-that-included-70m-/6osfm9lf2g271r7chb3dpymhn Bayern loan with an option to buy doesn’t mean much. However a loan with a 70 £ million obligation to buy in 2021 would be tough to turn down. Chelsea could sign Partey and Benhrama with that money.
  3. Pulisic said yesterday that he is match fit and ready to play. Ziyech is also training and appears ready. However I don’t think Lampard plays either of them on Saturday to give them an extra two weeks with the international break next week. It ducks as the team clearly needs more creativity and offensive threats which both of these guys bring.
  4. Davies was a forward when he played in the MLS and moved to Bayern. You are correct that he plays wing back which he was moved to due to injuries on their squad. I think you are right about RLC. The Achilles injury will likely impact him the rest of his career. He doesn’t have a position on Chelsea right now. He would be best served with a loan.
  5. Barkley is too slow, he doesn't defend well and he consistently is 2 or 3 seconds late in passing the ball. Kovacic, Havertz and Kante should be midfielders.
  6. Bayern made Alphonso Davies a center back as he was originally a forward. Why not try to convert RLC to a holding/defensive midfielder?
  7. Mount is not a forward. He has horrible finishing skills. Another example yesterday where he bottled two prime scoring chances missing the net entirely on both of them.
  8. That was a straight red and even more violent than Christenson’s red.
  9. How the F does he bottle that so bad? He also continues to be late on passing.
  10. Havertz with an assist there on Barkley’s goal. Hopefully this convinces Lampard that he needs to stay as the #10. He should have 3 assists and 1 goal so far in this game,
  11. Havertz should also have 2 assists if his teammates hadn’t bottled their scoring attempts.
  12. Fabrizio was on London is Blue podcast yesterday. He said Chelsea have not spoken to West Ham in a while. Hopefully there is a plan B, C and D as Chelsea needs a defensive midfielder. Perhaps they need to sell off some dead weight first. Not much time left before the October 5 transfer window closes.
  13. We know Lampard will start Mount so put him at left forward and Havertz at 10. Tammy and Giroud can split time at striker and Werner at right forward. That attack will put a lot of pressure on Liverpool’s defense.
  14. Some reporter needs to ask Lampard about the training methods, load management and training staff. Too many players are getting injured during practices.
  15. Mendy deal still not done. The latest demand was 28 million Euros and Tomori loan. Less than 3 weeks until the transfer deadline. That is too much for Mendy. It might go down to the wire.
  16. Why would Lampard answer a question about Mount idolizing him? An experienced coach wouldn’t have answered that question given that it has potential to divide a locker room. Lampard: "It's a strange feeling, but it's nice [to be idolised by Mount]. One of the beauties of me coming back and getting this job was because I knew the academy well. I love working with the young players here and it helps if Mason says those nice things about me, I like it.
  17. Havertz practiced less than a week with the squad and Lampard played him out of position. He should be a #10. He is far superior to Mount shooting and passing. Werner had very few chances as there was not much policymaking from the midfielders. Havertz will solve that problem as well as providing a legitimate scoring threat as the #10
  18. This. Havertz is a far superior passer and shooter compared to Mount. Havertz needs to be the #10. Otherwise why spend $72 million to waste his talent on the wings?
  19. What is it with so many players suffering setbacks in training sessions over the last year? Apparently Pulisic took a couple of steps back in recent training sessions. Lampard, his staff and trainers need to do a better job with load management in practices. We are not going to win with the likes of Barkley and RLC playing significant minutes this season.
  20. I don’t understand the lineup. Why was RLC at forward given that he is too slow and he can’t beat anyone off the dribble. Either CHO or Mount should have played forward. Pulisic and Ziyech need to start once they are fit to play. There was an obvious lack of play making from the midfielders and centerback. Havertz is a far superior passer and shooter compared to Mount. Havertz should have been the #10 position in today’s game.
  21. I give it a 7/10. Pluses Werner, Ziyech, Silva and Havertz Meh Chillwell Undecided Sarr, Mendy and Mbuyamba
  22. The combination of Ziyech and Havertz on set pieces is going to be a force for Chelsea this year. Also the ability of Havertz, Mount, Werner and Ziyech to play multiple positions will mAke Chelsea difficult to defend against. I would like to see Havertz and Pulisic add on about 10 pounds of muscle. Perhaps Chelsea should target Bayern Munich's trainer given how ripped so many of their players are.
  23. I hope Marina's next signing is Bayern Munich's trainer. Have you seen how big Lewandowki, Thiago, Davies, etc have gotten over the past year? Imagine Havertz, Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic, etc with an extra 10 pounds of muscle.
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