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  1. Lol we've only managed to score 1 goal against them in 3 matches so far this season. An aggregate of 8-1 I believe. We seem to play well against the likes of Liverpool but totally clueless when it comes to united.
  2. We aren't beating Liverpool and Wolves with this type of performance. Dreadful. I think some of these players know they won't be here next season and simply dont care. Zero intensity knowing whats at stake.
  3. Wolves are now 5 points behind us with that win. Would not be surprised at all if they beat us to 5th in the scenario of us losing to liverpool and them last game.
  4. We're in for a battering vs United unless something drastically changes in the space of 7 days This is why I wanted the season to be voided. Had a feeling would lose out on top 4 during lockdown. We can still do it winning the last 3 games if they're not motivated enough for the remaining games then they dont deserve to be here next season. Pedestrian footy today
  5. As I said a few days ago, defensive liability. Not good enough
  6. What about in the case of Klopp/Liverpool who were gash at defending before they signed Van Djik? I genuinely think our defenders are brain dead in the same manner Lovren was for Liverpool until he got replaced.
  7. His distribution is weaker than Kepa but he is better in every other category. Strong wrists and commanding in the box. 2 inches taller too.
  8. No way is Conte selling Skriniar to us. Havertz + LB + one of CB/GK (maybe both) is what I'm expecting this window.
  9. I'm guessing we won't hear anything about the stadium for a while due to covid-19? I haven't been following this project closely but I remember when the battersea stadium proposal was turned down..... would have been one of the iconic stadiums in the world. The wait continues.
  10. Guys is it true that FIFA are taking over VAR for all major leagues next season? Read about this today but not sure if it has been confirmed or just speculation. We need more consistency from VAR it's getting ridiculous now.
  11. Spurs are actually done out here. 0 shots on goal against a dire Bournemouth side. utter boredom this match. I know they've been dreadful since the restart but not this bad. wont be surprised if they win though this is Bournemouth but I expect Arsenal to batter them come Sunday.
  12. I'm curious as to how Lampard intends to use Havertz. He has been most effective this season as a false 9/CF and RW. He is most effective when deployed at advanced positions (CAM/RW/CF). Could we possibly see him and Ziyech interchanging between RW and the number 8 position? We've seen Frank do that with Willian/Pulisic swapping positions vs Palace. Havertz could even interchange with Werner up top, no clue. He is so versatile he can basically play 3 different positions. If he was to play as a CF then Werner would be used out wide on the left but then where would Pulisic fit in to the picture? Finding a formation to best accommodate all 4 of these players is the trick.
  13. With Cech at the helm I'm confident on us finding a quality replacement for Kepa. I don't see him being at long term.
  14. Yeah I mentioned this in the reply above. The wide gap between midfield and defence has nothing to do with Abraham though we've seen this countless times this season. It's not just Jorginho its like these players lose focus/concentration and start ball watching. My main gripe with Jorgi in particular is he has no recovery pace. A good player with significant limitations for where he plays.
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