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  1. f**king dogsh*t, we like a different side after half time. Get Sarri to f**k.
  2. Bigger c**t in the premiership than Ashley Barnes? Very much doubt it.
  3. Didn't mind Burnley when they first came up, Dyche is from the next town to mine. But they are dirty cheating pricks.
  4. It's bizarre how cramp sets in when you shouldn't be getting a result but you are.. ....
  5. Why is Higuain letting that go through his legs on the dummy, I thought he was a predator, poor.
  6. Liverpool get that foul on Pedro everyday of the week.
  7. Mee and in particular Tarkowski are decent players.
  8. Higuain needs to stop f**king moaning this half and get on his toes.
  9. Just come back in to watch, Kante off? Is he injured?
  10. Hope RLC is alright he's been quality so far.
  11. Ha ha Sarri isn't going in to talk to them 😂
  12. Normally quite pessimistic but we'll win this tonight, we look good.
  13. That is shocking defending, no one on him.
  14. We've been very good so far bar that wonder strike from Burnley

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