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  1. Stayed off the forum tonight as I was too nervous. Just want to say f**king enjoy it everyone. Champions of Europe!
  2. Jorginho is f**king sh*te. Cannot wait for the day we never have to watch him again.
  3. Why is Tyler now making it sound like we should be thankful for VAR. The guy is an absolute prick.
  4. VAR becomes more of a parody of itself every day now. On what planet is that not a foul on Werner.
  5. Just can't understand the Azpi and James positions. There seems like there is not 1 good reason for it.
  6. He's just not good enough when a team sits deep. He is the main factor in this slow build up as he's on the ball constantly passing backwards and sideways. Really can't bare to watch another season of him starting.
  7. They checked that didn't they. VAR is an absolute joke.
  8. Heard about this today via Facebook, absolutely horrible.
  9. Yeah exactly this. I thought he had it in him but he doesn't. Not improved in some time now. I'm with you I'd take some decent money for him.
  10. Why he's not good enough. He's been in the team but he's not a key player, never has been.
  11. Tammy has been completely frozen out unfairly. He must be absolutely shocking in training, that's all I can think of.
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