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  1. Their fans have been brilliant to be fair.
  2. Did sound a bit like it, hope they were just shouting for RLC
  3. He got touched but only went down when he knew he wasn't getting the ball.
  4. Kante is a f**king brilliant player.
  5. Serious question as it stands is Sarri the worst manager we've had under Roman? AVB is obviously right up there and Scolari but I at least remember us playing decent now and again under him.
  6. Thought exactly the same thing.
  7. Wow what an absolutely turgid half of football. A system that doesn't work / players that don't fit it. A massive stubborness to really do anything about it. I'm not sure where we really go from here. Dreading Sunday!
  8. CHO poor at the start coming into it now, he's got serious pace.
  9. Barkley has been shocking again.
  10. Rosler is doing a number on Sarri here tactically, crazy how easy we are to play against.
  11. Sloppy start this, we look so short of confidence.
  12. Late to say it but Hazard on at 2-0 was f**king bizarre. I genuinely don't understand Sarri.
  13. United are gonna hammer us if we play like this. It's painful to watch. Enough is enough with this style of play, it doesn't work with these players.