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  1. Pretty cowardly from us today. We'd have played like that all game if they hadn't scored. Hate going into a game to just not lose with no ambition to win.
  2. Christensen has been absolutely brilliant again today. The defense in general has, just massively let down by the midfield.
  3. Christensen is finally living up to his potential. Gary Neville is spot on giving him motm. He looks so much stronger.
  4. Poor decision making from Mount there. Kai had a tap in there.
  5. He looks a completely different player than when he was at United. Touch, strength, confidence. He was unreal today. So excited to watch him up for the rest of the season. He's going to take us to another level.
  6. Every defender does it don't they. Standard practice.
  7. Kante comes in this late and instantly on it. What an incredible player he is.
  8. Dave is an unbelievably clever defender. Always sees danger.
  9. Kante time I think. Jorginho running in treacle.
  10. Totally agree, no problem with the booing. It's standard football, he's their best player so it's bound to happen.
  11. Tough one as James is miles better going forward. Guess we give Reece the benefit of the doubt on his defensive work. It's his first game in a while.
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