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  1. I think we are pretty much at the level I was expecting, young inexperienced team. This group was always going to be hard. We are competitive and developing all the time. Just get rid of zonal f**king marking!
  2. Watching that pass again, ridiculously good, Tomori is an absolute baller.
  3. We look nervous here and they look a decent side.
  4. Does anyone know how highly Tomori was regarded at youth level as he's not someone I heard much about up until last season?
  5. VAR is great for things like that but that Kolasinac handball was an absolute stone wall penalty, shocking decision.
  6. Glad Batshuayi is pretty much second choice over Giroud. Definitely think he's better suited to the way we play.
  7. How bad has our finishing been today, can't afford to miss chances like this!
  8. After saying Jorginho had been poor he's turned it right on. Also Tomori gets better and better every game!

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