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  1. Tammy makes a great run in front there, should have scored.
  2. Pedro had been superb tonight after being ropey Sunday.
  3. If you're big it appears you have to put up with that it's ridiculous
  4. Kante would have made a huge difference Sunday, absolutely brilliant.
  5. Kovacic and Giroud off you'd think if we are going for the win instead of saving players.
  6. Loving BTs spin on why it's been close, poor Liverpool have had so many games.....after one game of the premiership.
  7. That is a great ball from Pulisic! Top finish as well.
  8. How many times is Pedro going to give the ball away in dangerous areas.
  9. Great news this, not really bothered about the money. But there will be a fair bit of pressure on him now. On another note, anyone know when he's likely to be back?
  10. Hope this is true, great news if it is. Exactly what we need with the transfer ban.
  11. Do you know what's great... Arsenal aren't in the champions League next year.
  12. Big shout out to our defence tonight, they were brilliant.
  13. Absolutely gutted that Eden has pretty much gone, he's literally said it. No ill feeling, as good a player as I've ever seen wear blue. Good luck for the future buddy, rip the Spanish league a new one.
  14. Enjoy it everyone, transfer ban but we'll still be up there, it's what we do.

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