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  1. A couple of people on here getting at Lampard far too quickly, it's crazy. Let's remember no one expected us to be 4th at this stage. I think expectations have risen due to an excellent start. Granted we have had a few terrible results recently but let the guy mold this team and bring in some quality singings hopefully. Let's face it we are nowhere near a top side anymore and need to rebuild.
  2. I'd genuinely rather have Alonso over Emerson he's so ridiculously average.
  3. Let's hope we bring in some real quality, I think we need about 4 signings though.
  4. What I'm most annoyed about today is I literally could have done anything else and it would have been better than watching that. Cleaning the oven or bathroom would have been an improvement.
  5. There's genuinely not a team in the league worse at crossing than us and it's been like it for years now.
  6. Why have we gone back to slow sideways passing the past couple of months it's f**king sh*t to watch.
  7. Why does this sort of thing take so long, blatantly onside.
  8. Massively missing Kovacic here and get Emerson off for James.
  9. Who we thinking next round? Bet we get Barca or PSG

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