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  1. Not good enough this. Lampard is the best ever player that's played for us, but I'm not sure he's up to this. We have spent a fortune and not improved in the slightest.
  2. Why the f**k are we so submissive when we are ahead it winds me up. Just invite pressure constantly. Then they equalise and we start pushing on again. Absolute joke.
  3. For years now we've been a side that never goes for the jugular when we are up. It has to change.
  4. Tomori and Zouma have been really good so far. Midfield getting over run. That's why under pressure I don't think Jorginho is ever the answer.
  5. Looking dodgy here. We are at least defending well and have a confident keeper.
  6. Werner's passing has been shocking tonight. He purely looks like a striker to me not a wide man.
  7. Do we have a goalkeeper that just made a save then caught the rebound, wtf!
  8. I changed channel and I reckon it's being pumped into the stadium, it's horrendous.
  9. Prefer the crowd noise on sky sports, but not heard a game yet with team songs like this. Incessant Spurs songs non stop. Might have to change channel.
  10. Brilliant come back but we should never have been in this position.
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