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  1. Absolutely hate to say this but Lamps isn't up to this. It's like watching strangers that have been told to get it out wide and get it in the box. There's on plan b, no cohesion, no f**king team here.
  2. The commentators saying we are still trying to stick to our methodology is so damning. It's exactly that we have no other game plan.
  3. I get Ziyech but what has Werner done to think he deserves to come on?
  4. He deserved to start tonight though been decent recently.
  5. Can't disagree at all but Havertz seems to get an easy ride for his anonymity. If he was Mount for instance he'd get crucified.
  6. This argument that Havertz isn't getting the service doesn't wash with me. £70 million on a player they can't sit on the peripheral like this and wait for it to come to them. They dictate a game.
  7. A minute before half time and we are passing back to our centre backs. No plan here at all.
  8. Pretty woeful again this ain't it. I like Tammy bit he's been absolutely awful so far. More so though defensively embarrassing.
  9. Yeah exactly, he's our best central midfielder. If he was signed from a big side in Europe everyone would be all over him.
  10. Rightly so I don't get the negatively around him. Always tidy and moves the ball quicker than anyone in the side.
  11. Quality finish from Mount but dreading Leicester on Tuesday if we play like this.
  12. Fair play to Fulham they've improved no end since the beginning of the season. But f**k me no excuse for how poor we are.
  13. I think the way we play this season must have stemmed from how bad we were defensively last year. But we've now just completely lost any attacking impetus.
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