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  1. Kepa is a bang average keeper but their second goal wasn't on him.
  2. We've done it all night it must be the instructions.
  3. Why in the f**k are BT showing David Luiz watch the end of the game, absolutely bizarre.
  4. I've said it on here before but what the f**k happened to the quick attacking football early in the season. It's like watching us under Sarri again for about 3 months now.
  5. It's crazy how few chances we actually create, even against 10 men.
  6. This lot are absolutely shocking, down to 10 men and we aren't going for the jugular. f**king step it up.
  7. We think our defence is bad, Mustafi shouldn't get a game in the championship.
  8. CHO has started brilliant, looks well up for this.
  9. Great start for Kepa. He thinks he's great on the ball.

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