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  1. I think it credit to Morcombe at the moment, very solid defence - wish we could do with making ourselves difficult to play against
  2. Isn’t it nice not having that fake crowd noise
  3. I have not seen the match and knowing the result I probably won’t bother ! Arsenal are completely crap and we should beat them easy this certainly reminds me of Liverpool and City in the earlier years both Klopp and Pepe who were not instant successes we can’t expect to win the league this time round, all newly constructed teams suffer from inconsistency Having said that by the sounds of it we should have performed better against this lot. Frank has to work on their motivation they should be busting a gut to beat the gooners ! Anyway onwards and upwards my favourite era of
  4. Easy one, Silva the team needed to pull their socks after losing two very winnable games and up pops Tiago. Also no shot on target by the pickeys despite having some periods of dominating the ball makes me smile
  5. Very frustrating to lose to Everton and Wolves should be winnable matches Got to take the rough with the smooth lads. No one is running away with it, Frank could freshen up a couple of positions but he will get there, we are still dominating games.
  6. He is one of the worst players I have seen with the ball at his feet, up there with donkey adams, but I love him when he does stuff like that !
  7. That’s a good shout, we need a bit of bite we have better quality than them just don’t have their intensity or bite .... we got to want this more is dirty Leeds FFS
  8. You can keep your Mersey side derby, Manchester, North London, Rome, Milan, El Classico etc ...... this is biggest rivalry in football by a long way !! - Just sad I won't be there to see it in the flesh. I will be having a few though in my arm chair (I am in a tier 3 area) starting Friday night, my intention is to go for the world record renditions of "we all hate leeds, and leeds and leeds and leeds, we all hate the leeds ................... etc" While the kids looking on in disgust no doubt ! Come on the blues
  9. There was one point where they said Ashley Cole "sided" with his team mate...... which shows the mentality of the thing. However I think we got to big enough, despite the twitter aftermath from Rio to ignore this stuff. JT clearly has his hands tied and we have ours tied with him. All we can do is support the cause as Chelsea supporters, The biggest single issue was the online abuse Ferdinand received and viewers will naturally believe that was from Chelsea supporters unfortunately
  10. My take on the documentary, Be interesting for other point of view ? It was pretty damming on JT, so you are going to be angry if you watch it. From the outset he is assumed guilty, Ferdinand says "he called me a F****** B**** C***" It is tempered a bit through out with him saying things along the lines of "it doesn't matter what context it was said", "this is bigger than just me and John" "its more about the reaction" ...he was also honest about what he said to John and they showed clips of John wearing a BLM t shirt and taking a knee. But don't get me wrong there is one villain por
  11. There is some very negative posts on here again, the top of the table team just came to us and parked the bus, that’s a huge compliment and we were clearly the better team by a country mile Son and Kane are the media’s and the statisticians golden boys at the moment, did they even touch the ball ? the result is hard to take but I draw a lot more positives than negatives from today, I think we are the best team in the league (mind you I always this that)
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