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  1. All the beat Fernando, incredible career, very few players with the honours you have in the game, medals don’t lie
  2. I don’t want Frank to be our manager it is too early, this has “King Kenny” written all over it. Sorry for the negative As number 2 yep great, to a high profile manager. Not sure which one though I would like the club to be bold, look outside the box (sorry for the management bullsh*t) I am going to duck as I say it ....thinking youth ...... Southgate ? On the other hand if it is Frank and it turns out to be inspired (forget the Scholes crap he is the most admired midfielder in Europe over recent years ask the Barca midfield to be honest!!) then I am delighted to be proved wrong. The future is bright, the future is not Hazard KTBFFH
  3. I been at a music festival booked knowing either way I hated the result. I have to face work Monday in Bristol with 7 scouse supporters so not going to hear the end of it....... however I think it is the lesser of two evils i live off ....... 1. Still the only London club to win the champions league 2. Its called Champions league and Liverpool are not even champions 3. Liverpool cheated once more to win it (not completely true but I like it)
  4. I will back down a bit about my comment if you see the time it was shortly after he said I am off more or less. However not completely he did as far as I am concerned throw an almost season long strop hid behind an “injury” - there were many on here saying cash in back then. - did I imagine this ? ( I am old, I can’t remember what I did this morning) with that in mind I could never hold him in the same esteem as Lampard, Terry, Drogba, Dixon, Osgood, Cech, Zola to name a few. No doubt he is a better player and won more than some of them. He can go into my junior legend squad 😊... and I agree I will look back at clips and say what a player he was. Also agree with most of the comments on here - in terms of natural talent he is up there with Zola and Osgood for me.
  5. Sorry to go against the popular opinion but I have to say legend no ! A legend will give his all to the club no matter what, there have been times when he has not done that. However a great player and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all he has done for the club ! let’s move on ...........
  6. What a treck, I reckon they know they would only be able to sell 9%
  7. They deserve it on the night but still makes me sick...... still they have not won anything yet
  8. They were rubbish ! ... lucky for Frankfurt we were not much better. RLC our best player taken off ? Disappointed but if we don’t take this lot apart at The Bridge then we don’t deserve to be in the final
  9. We got to get another against this lot surely
  10. More them than us 9 loses in 11 or something like that. We have nothing to lose hope we go for it
  11. What a very pleasant evenings football without touching a ball ! if we can’t go on and beat this Utd team though will be bloody frustrating
  12. Best bit of work he’s done in a month force a throw in
  13. “The wheels on your home go round and round”
  14. Lampard Zola Terry Drogba Hazard I have to say the best player I ever seen at in terms of skill speed and scaring the living crap out the oposition was Robben, He really got me out of my seat everytime he touhced the ball. The fact that he only touched the ball 4 times a season means he can't be the greatest.

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