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  1. RIP Matthew - Time has flown. For the younger supporters, in my opinion if it wasn't for Matthew Roman would not have given us a second look, the rest is history. and he was just a supporter like the rest of us, just with a bit more money.
  2. I thought it was quite preditable Juve are probably still the strongest team still very disappointed
  3. My utter joy at the complete capitulation of the spuds earlier in the day ..... it was just over a season ago they had the best young players and the best up and coming manager, how funny....... however we seem to be in the dark ages of the 70’s where the scousers get away with murder
  4. intersting this weekend ... Conte vs Sarri Sunday night Conte has made a great start with 100% record Sarri not bad either just one draw after 6 games so 2 points behind Conte. I follow Inter and love Conte passion so I am going for inter to shade this, they are at home, arguable Juve is still the storngest team in serie A,
  5. I think he would have got on Yesterday if we had the subs left, him or Pedro.
  6. I made the point in the match thread. I still don't understadn why it went to VAR ? .. Do they review every goal. No one semeed to be complaining from Liverpool, the goal was well worked and well deserved. and was that reall a "clear and obvious error" ? not in a million years. technically right like you say by a nose but there used to also be an offside rule about interferring with play and benefitting the attacking side, he was a gnats cock off right out on the touch line just doesnt seem to be in the spirit of thie thing at all. I am happy with VAR for the bigg decisions where there is some obvious doubt, personally but it has to be used consistently
  7. No good crying over spilt milk however I agree with you there is somehting not right about it. I thought it was "clear and obvious error" you go to VAR ? or do we now check every goal with VAR ? strange decision. We deserved the goal and that would have changed the complection of the match. Still so many positives though , this squad fully fit, Callum, Ruben, Rudiger, Mason (I don't think he was fit yesterday) Pulisic up to premier league speed. with a transfer window added and a bit more work on defending set pieces. We are as good as any.....Keep it up SFL.
  8. Disappointed with the result however looking at the bigger picture European success is low on my priority list for this season especially if the transfer ban is upheld we are already suffering from most clubs would call an injury crisis, we need proper depth if going to be competitive in all competitions. As for the penalty I am a little old fashioned I would always give it to the centre forward. Good for their stats good for their confidence and if they miss more likelihood of them make amends sooner. Maybe Frank is trying to make Ross the new Frank
  9. I hope it is painful 10 weeks! I hope he has finally have time to reflect and at least apologise for ending Paul Elliot’s career
  10. Honestly think the over the top to Vardy thing may cause us problems. Other than that if we play like we did last night our first three points
  11. I beleive Pogba is the still the worlds most expensive midfielder and Muguire the most expensive defender. Thats who we are playing agianst and we were a make shift "new" team away at Old Trafford with a 12th man (what's new) I am gutted to lose to them and getting both barrels from Utd fans this morning but to be honest I am relaxed about it, early days and I am up for change and new direction. If one thing it has lowered the fans expectations already, as well as the media. I think the news now will be when we have positive games which to me is not a bad thing.
  12. The team was anging and was seen as the "last chance" for that side, we had to transition, on top of the injustices we had seen in the compitition I do in hindsight beleive that was motivation that got us over the line. During the course of the transition (since 2012) we have won 2 Premier Leagues, 2 Uefa cups, and 1 league cup. Not bad, it is still a great time to be a Chelsea supporter. I have a very open and patient mind about Frank's era. I hope he does something special with these youngsters. Would be amazing, equally for once in my life what will be will be is my attitude. Maybe I am just getting old.
  13. Thanks for all you have done for Chelsea David hope it goes sh*t at The Gooners you complete bell end
  14. Hardest match to call for a long time. - They were dire the end of last season - They have strengthened but still have this lukaku nonsense going on - Frank unproven at this level - Defenses both shocking in preseason and end of last season - Home advantage to utd - Frist game of the season always throws up some unusual results I am going Man utd 1 Chelsea 4 - but not going to get my knickers in a twist if it is the other way round :-) - think I will jsut get drunk and enjoy it

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