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  1. Best bit of work he’s done in a month force a throw in
  2. “The wheels on your home go round and round”
  3. Lampard Zola Terry Drogba Hazard I have to say the best player I ever seen at in terms of skill speed and scaring the living crap out the oposition was Robben, He really got me out of my seat everytime he touhced the ball. The fact that he only touched the ball 4 times a season means he can't be the greatest.
  4. Did we win ? Against the Spuds ? Again
  5. Would have been 72 today RIP
  6. I remember a period when they both played at full pelt they were unstoppable together..... probably one of the best things I have seen in football. Alas wasn't to last !
  7. Utd deserved it to be fair .....but these commentators !
  8. Maybe but it was a bit of an ankle breaker like that one just now they got the free kick for
  9. Really pissed off with VAR ..... pen decisions correct but the Wednesday player should be off if it worked !
  10. Welcome Gonzalo, score loads of f**king goals Thanks
  11. All the best in your retirement John, complete legend. I do feel this is the start of his journey back to the club where he belongs.
  12. Modric against the Argies .... not just that goal I have never seen a creative player boss a midfield like that before

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