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  1. I forgot that one, it was so bad it was almost funny. If I remember rightly hardly got a mention in the media post match
  2. Put into the context of his career, Zola's international or Serie A career didn't really take off and I don't think this helped. This was two years before he came to play for Chelsea and I felt sorry for him then. He was at Parma at the time however he had been Maradona's protege at Napoli for 4 seasons prior to that and really was one of the most exciting prospects in the game. In fact everyone was really building up his introduction to the world cup...... You could just feel his pain, he would never react like that normally and was far from a dirty player. However I suppose for us Chelsea fans it was a blessing in disguise, Italy's loss was our gain and still my all time favorite Chelsea player
  3. Change of manager and management team again I think was attributed. I would imagine players fees are not recognised immediately in the accounts, also our wage structure is more geared towards champions league football. The club don't seem too concerned which is the main thing, financially we have been doing okay in recent years.
  4. I think so , I hated this argument. If they are good enough players they can play together, they would work it out. One has to sit deeper maybe, Xavi and Ineista for example.
  5. andy


    few things stand out for me.... Mata think we could have got longer out of him, 2 seasons in a row player of the season. Our record signing is a keeper and generally how much money we have wasted ! Apart from that amazing, thanks for putting it together Jezz good work
  6. “So here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun” waaaahoooo “well be running round the tottenham .........”
  7. Delighted to be proved completely wrong 😂😂 well apart from the Frank Jose love in 🤢
  8. Thanks, ah... Derby vs Man utd in the cup, that's why I missed it.... That's not our biggest rival in the league is it 🙂 my point stands I reckon
  9. If you move to sh*te fart lane that's it, those are the rules, allways hase been all ways will be. Next some will be telling me they respoect Judas Durie or Poyet... Unfortunatley and realistically I am preparing to be beat, it is my insurance policy. because I am not going to hear the end of it from the scum, and I don't want it to ruin my christmas cheer :-) Frank is not ready to go toe to toe with Jose and frankly (no pun), as much as I love Frank the love in between the two of them is going to be a bit puke.
  10. The form is a little worrying but this season has so far surpassed my expectations so I can’t complain too much. If we are going to have a young manager and young squad, as virtually to a man all Chelsea fans wanted then we have to accept that consistency is going to be an issue while they are gaining experience together, We are performing better I believe than when Klopp first turned up at Liverpool for example. Maybe balance it up a bit with a experienced journey man/strong leader may help.
  11. Cascarino on talksport just now made a good point, if we were to be a striker it is a huge decision, if he is better than Tammy then you are likely to upset Tammy and if you are going to find someone to be second to Tammy but better than Giroud and Batshuyi ?? Thats a tough buy. (Sorry to state the bleedin' obvious)
  12. Agree with this, I think we should buy with caution, however we have only missed one window so I am not sure it is a complete overhaul needed added to this though I would hate if we purchased mediocre playersany signing needs to be a clear upgrade.

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