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  1. A Chelsea fan sorry for Leeds, are you sure ?
  2. Well said I would go even further and say that the only reason to have this thread on this forum is in context of the impact on football...... bloody speculation at work today is driving me insane So back to Liverpool being denied the title .............
  3. I thought like this a few days ago but I have changed my view the stats we are seeing are the tip of the iceberg we are told, and most of us will get it, I don't want anyone I know dying
  4. You wont get Corona virus there its £6 a bottle
  5. This is the dippers we are talking about, the FA will introduce the a football equivalent of the Duckworth Lewis method to ensure they win.
  6. Realistically if the EPL doesn't finish the season lets face it they will be crowned champions without a doubt - the fact that it is likely to be a damp squib is mildly satisfying though
  7. The financial impact is worrying me more than the virus at the moment. The knock on effect is the last thing we need and could potentially be more deadly. I feel for the Italians who were on a verge of a financial crisis as it was
  8. And a Chelsea player scores love it ! Still dreading a summer of Gerry and the pacemakers !!
  9. Apart form his obvious talent, lack of fear really stood out for me, like he had nothing to lose. He took passes so well in tight areas on the edge of our own area. I hope Frank nurtures him in that respect i.e. he doesn't get over hyped and start feeling the pressure
  10. Bad losers, not one card for shouting in the officials faces ?
  11. Don’t blame the transfer ban that is irrelevant we would not have spent loads in one window, those days are gone this is an up and coming side with an up and coming manager. We are not at the standard we set ourselves over the last decade However, this is what we all wanted. A Chelsea man at the helm brining through Chelsea youngsters you got to take the rough with the smooth to put it into perspective I spent my youth praying we wouldn’t go down to Div 3,..... I am living the dream I got the patience I hope the board have
  12. So how does VAR actually work ? Since when is a kick in the bollox been allowed ?
  13. I forgot that one, it was so bad it was almost funny. If I remember rightly hardly got a mention in the media post match
  14. Put into the context of his career, Zola's international or Serie A career didn't really take off and I don't think this helped. This was two years before he came to play for Chelsea and I felt sorry for him then. He was at Parma at the time however he had been Maradona's protege at Napoli for 4 seasons prior to that and really was one of the most exciting prospects in the game. In fact everyone was really building up his introduction to the world cup...... You could just feel his pain, he would never react like that normally and was far from a dirty player. However I suppose for us Chelsea fans it was a blessing in disguise, Italy's loss was our gain and still my all time favorite Chelsea player

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