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  1. Happy Birthday Valerie ...... hope you have had a good day. Don’t drink too much, I would hate to see you so drunk that you lose all your dignity......oh hang on a minute 😂
  2. I was thinkIng the same in extra time “just hoof it if you need to” What the bloody hell was Tammy doing, as soon as he realised he lost the ball stupidly he should be taking one for the team. I think it is the problem with a young side, Drogba would have been pulling out all the tricks in the book last 5 mins
  3. Who were punching way above their weight, is that what you mean ?
  4. It’s a set back.... and to lose to the pickeys hurts but still we are top 4 possible 3, heads up ‘come on !!
  5. Bollox ..... to be fair they need far more than we do and they are at home, but still rubbish performance just need up bounce back KTBFFH
  6. I’ve turned off the TV, I mean i am not being xenophobic but young English manager has just got one of the best results of his managerial career, find him a couple of minutes FFS !
  7. Haha ! Indeed that finally puts an end to the Lampard vs Gerrard debate
  8. Great win well done Frank quite apt that LiVARpool win it off the pitch 👍
  9. Luck you .... I am from London and live in Bristol, of course most my family and friends support the dippers or the scum, with not even a hint of embarrassment !!
  10. Well whatever happens tonight they won it, and sometimes painful as it is and with VAR aside they fully deserve it (there I said it I am off to run a bath of Dettol) We just got to focus on us, no one else........ Oh and throw your radios in the bin and avoid pundits, we got a summer of Gerry and the f**king Pacermakers to deal with
  11. andy

    Timo Werner

    Agree, I was under the incorrect impression he was an out and out stricker, watching him again he is more Robben than Drogba. Looks very sharp, fingers crossed 🤞
  12. andy

    Timo Werner

    I Watched a few YouTube’s of him and found none scoring with his head and only two close range with his left. (Has anyone got vids of him scoring other than his right foot ?) - not being negative I see it as scope for development and improvement Pace and directness are great, he will scare the crap out of defences
  13. Can’t say I am happy about shoe horning in a few matches behind closed doors how is that good for the fans and the players this is all about the money oh well it is what it is, got bigger things to worry about frankly

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