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  1. I am a big fan and have big hopes for next season. A few more goals would help but his overall contribution to the team has been great. Not only his runs but also his attitude and commitment is fantastic
  2. Thanks I’ve watched so much footage over the last few days over and over again love it all however ........ the bit that is very disturbing is TT champagne celebration in the dressing room, what is that ? - I can’t describe it really it is like John Cleese meets the “special” kid from my school 😂😂
  3. I would be surprised if this wasn’t posted elsewhere, it’s the amount she got for our ex players which is so important. I wonder if we will sell big to buy big this summer ? we are truly among the elite now after all
  4. Still feels surreal this one ....... maybe I’ll try giving sober a go see if sinks in
  5. Can’t believe you made me click on that link 😂........ to be fair there are some good comments too
  6. The best smile in football, I now I am a soppy old duffer but it just makes me smile, so infectious
  7. I think Havertz should do more interviews, I like the cut of his jib 😂😂
  8. Such a tough one. Rudiger and Christian when he came on were so solid Kante did his usual job Havertz worked so had and very cool for his goal but the two wing backs James and Chilly great game ! Delighted for Chilly after the FA cup final but for me James shades it 👍 great game 😊
  9. I was thinking that ....I bet he don’t miss that opening
  10. I am blown away ! Reece James what a player !
  11. Good post agree with it all Would add, keeping Kante will be as good as a new singing, there have been one or two clubs sniffing if rumours are to be believed. Also he seems to like Jorginho, as do previous managers, he has plenty of opportunity to use others in that position.
  12. This is a really good point, defensively we have been awesome under TT however the goals we have given away have been mistakes directly from playing out from the back, Playing out from the back and in youth football (which I am involved in) the FA are banging on about playing out from the back all the time , Southgate does the same for England. Frankly it gives me palpitations, I think it is right but then there is a place for foot through the ball - tricky one really as passages of play are so quick so there is a lot on player instinct Anyway nervous about Sunday. no matter w
  13. And no VAR review, nothing wrong with the goal but if it was us they would be having a look for something
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