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  1. andy

    The John Terry Appreciation Thread

    All the best in your retirement John, complete legend. I do feel this is the start of his journey back to the club where he belongs.
  2. Amazing news welcome home Gianfranco
  3. andy

    Anybody caught your eye at the World Cup?

    Modric against the Argies .... not just that goal I have never seen a creative player boss a midfield like that before
  4. I don’t think you can buy this ? David and Oliver to lead the youngsters next season ? Great win today still relying on others to slip up but f**k those who think we have had a bad season, just a tough one ! No issues here, up the blues !
  5. Delighted for Roma Not looking forward to the scouse love in tomorrow, 4 of them at work, couldn’t find the place on a map
  6. andy

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    I am gutted, Ray was Chelsea through and through for the younger ones him playing for Manchester Utd was not such a big deal for us back then it was a bigger club and we were div 2 .... he remained a Chelsea supporter his whole life and was such a gent when he was out of the game I used to stand next to him down at the old Harlington training ground he used shout encouragement to the lads training the speak Italian to Vialli, Robbie and Franco after the sessions he was such a gent and bring the fans into the discussion. Such passion for the game and the club despite his understated demeanour. When he came back to the club as assistant manager I waited out side The Bridge after a game to welcome him back and he was mobbed, he took his time to speak to everyone and had a tear in his eye about the reception he received RIP Butch Chelsea legend all thoughts to his family a lovely man
  7. April Fool ! - the FA gave us a joke ref, brilliant, how we all laughed
  8. andy

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Terrible news, thoughts are with you Butch KTBFFH mate
  9. andy

    South XI v North XI

    Thanks gashead ! You know where that came from don’t you? From their liking for aerosol abuse. Mind you can’t blame them look where they come from
  10. "Toxic atmosphere" .... We are struggling for a bit of form against clubs who make us blush for resources. The damage was done against West Ham , Bournmouth and Burnley and the likes (all due respect to those clubs, well, except the Pikeys). Toxic Atmosphere sounds like press talk. Its a tough season compared to last, but miles better than the season before.... its a problem but not a massive one. Like I said in my original post we have all to play for. Wouldn't love to dispose of the one of those teams in the top four at the moment ?.... don't you believe the reigning champions can ? I do.
  11. Despite losing to both Manchester Teams away, i am disappointed as the rest of you but I remain optomistic about this squad and the manager, I think we have a great foundation to build on. I hope Conte is given the chance but I think they will reach an agreement at the end of the season. But this is still a fine premiership winning squad and a great club we can do it again we did, less than a year ago. Come on you blue boys, everything to play for! Stop either Liverpool, Spertz or Man Utd getting into champions league would make my season !
  12. Precisely madness but football is crazy ....... he is bringing through youngsters too we have been crying out for this in these forums for years. Take the rough with the smooth ! Come on ! We are Chelsea
  13. Let me put a little perspective on this I am fed up of being angry Pep has just lifted his first trophy for Citeh a season and a half in, the carabo cup ! However you spell it, and granted they will win the league however Conte won the league in a season with half the resources. It’s a tough season compared to recent years, live with it and come back stronger next time krbffh
  14. I would have taken that result at the start. We were the better side. Early away goal at the camp Nou and we got them on the ropes hugely encouraged by that performance considering where we were a few weeks ago