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  1. I thought it was strange at first then looked at our midfield according to the official website, its an embarrassment of rich's with out any real shape or plan to me, the two kind of holding midfield last two games has not worked for me , looked better when Kante come on. Jorginho Kante RLC Kova Mount Zyech Gilmour Havertz Bakayoko Drinkwater Van Genkel
  2. Its only September, the Frank out brigade is just ridiculous. He does need to find his strongest 11 and fast, and they need to be drilled and organised in their roles. We have seen he can be ruthless he needs to knuckle down and work with what he has got now The only other thing, I really don't feel we got that strong leader on the pitch. Dave's ok but not great I feel, not sure who the right man is, its almost as if we need a journey man, maybe British at the risk of sounding xenophobic Anyway, the nice to have cup, not losing sleep over this one
  3. Tanganga sounds like a Rugby player, looks like a rugby player and plays like one
  4. I like him a lot already, in the Brighton post match interview when asked about his fitness to play Liverpool he said : "Of Course. In games like this, you are always fit" I heard "I don't care if my leg hurts, I am tearing Van Dyke a new ars*hol*" Lets hope he does.
  5. you can't beat Conte's passion though. I loved that bit
  6. Agree with all that except the Hudson-Odoi/Pedro bit Frank has not known his first 11 since lock down, about the only criticism I have in him really albeit he has had a number of injury issues..However he clearly in the matches we needed a result went for experience as far as I am concerned, I reckon that’s why be bought on Pedro on.
  7. Gutted ! Think we are better team but just wasn’t our day. ref horrific but not worth moaning about gets you no where !! VAR one again a puss take not used for the big decisions. Red card in the cup final that frankly ruined a good contest is appalling reffing that aside Arsenal shaded it results don’t lie and we were very unlucky with the injuries and what happened to the time added on ?
  8. He was great at digging them out from under his feet ! I never noticed that before seeing this compilation, hardly any back lift. a great skill to have All the best Pedro, thanks for your commitment and passion to the mighty blues
  9. Yep Willian for me, might have been Giroud if he had played more.... however Willian most consistent
  10. Delighted with the game and the final position huge achievement for Frank in his first season. Shame Leicester couldn’t get a result against Man Utd Been even sweeter to finish the 3rd The goal deference to me is down to a leader at the back. Let’s hope we find our man
  11. I think the rant was a rant.... all managers do it blown out of all proportion but you’re right he is weighing in very nicely with the big boys, saying all the right things he is an intelligent man
  12. Look how easy VVD gets some space as well, he is their danger man from set pieces ...... none of them done their homework on that ? my Nan knows we need to take him out of the equation on set pieces.
  13. We are just polishing the trophy for them. Oh well ........ next !
  14. We might as well go for it ...nothing to lose but a bit of pride
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