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  1. Cascarino on talksport just now made a good point, if we were to be a striker it is a huge decision, if he is better than Tammy then you are likely to upset Tammy and if you are going to find someone to be second to Tammy but better than Giroud and Batshuyi ?? Thats a tough buy. (Sorry to state the bleedin' obvious)
  2. Agree with this, I think we should buy with caution, however we have only missed one window so I am not sure it is a complete overhaul needed added to this though I would hate if we purchased mediocre playersany signing needs to be a clear upgrade.
  3. Just got back from the game, i don’t get to live games very much these days after being a season ticket holder for 32 years so big deal for me. I am gutted, one of my top 5 hates as a team along with Spurs, Liverpool, Leeds and QPR anyway I am still refreshed and optimistic this is a team and manager on a very steep learning curve, performing In General above expectations. We need a top centre forward. I don’t think Tammy being fit would have made big difference today even though I think he has huge potential. We still have Rudiger and lofthouse-cheek to come back, add a transfer window we will be up with the best. Until then we will learn as a squad and a young manager so looking beyond my short term frustration with today and trying to accept these types of set backs, just a shame it was to the pickey’s ....... that would have hurt Frank more than anyone
  4. Very frustrating they were there for the taking. Frank said before the game we got to cut out little mistakes... well we need to cut them out a lot. I also think he was wrong to say before the game to say we cannot lose (or words to that effect) The bigger picture is good though, it was always a tough group and I didn't expect us to be that competitive in the CL this year, so beat Lille and it is a big bonus to me.
  5. agent Jose ... done a good job at Man Utd, next Spuds.
  6. First Chelsea hero : The King of Stamford Bridge Club signing that excited you most : Zola Opposition player you wish Chelsea signed : Cristiano Ronaldo Favorite Chelsea Goal : Roberto Di Metteo vs Middlesbrough FA cup final, won the first major trophy in my lifetime ( I wa s too young to remember the Leeds cup final ) Favorite all time Xi (tough, ask me tomorrow it might change but at the time of writiing) : Cech, Super Dan, Terry, Desailly, A Cole, Makelele, Lampard, Wise, Robben, Zola, Osgood.
  7. Thought Tammy wasn’t great tonight, he missed a number of chances and his heading was very poor. Great player against the lesser teams but he needs to be putting more of these chances away. Thought the youngsters in general just needed to be more ruthless. Great game though, decisions both ways I thought, Ajax defiantly came to do a job on us and they got it tactically right in terms of whipping in fast balls into are area we just can’t handle that. But they paid the price for quite a few cynical challenges.
  8. Although I am pissed off with some of our players the ref and the fact that we lost to that load of crap again it is not a game I am losing sleep over. They would swap this result for our manager and team, champions league football and our position in the league at a drop of a hat
  9. RIP Matthew - Time has flown. For the younger supporters, in my opinion if it wasn't for Matthew Roman would not have given us a second look, the rest is history. and he was just a supporter like the rest of us, just with a bit more money.
  10. I thought it was quite preditable Juve are probably still the strongest team still very disappointed
  11. My utter joy at the complete capitulation of the spuds earlier in the day ..... it was just over a season ago they had the best young players and the best up and coming manager, how funny....... however we seem to be in the dark ages of the 70’s where the scousers get away with murder
  12. intersting this weekend ... Conte vs Sarri Sunday night Conte has made a great start with 100% record Sarri not bad either just one draw after 6 games so 2 points behind Conte. I follow Inter and love Conte passion so I am going for inter to shade this, they are at home, arguable Juve is still the storngest team in serie A,
  13. I think he would have got on Yesterday if we had the subs left, him or Pedro.
  14. I made the point in the match thread. I still don't understadn why it went to VAR ? .. Do they review every goal. No one semeed to be complaining from Liverpool, the goal was well worked and well deserved. and was that reall a "clear and obvious error" ? not in a million years. technically right like you say by a nose but there used to also be an offside rule about interferring with play and benefitting the attacking side, he was a gnats cock off right out on the touch line just doesnt seem to be in the spirit of thie thing at all. I am happy with VAR for the bigg decisions where there is some obvious doubt, personally but it has to be used consistently
  15. No good crying over spilt milk however I agree with you there is somehting not right about it. I thought it was "clear and obvious error" you go to VAR ? or do we now check every goal with VAR ? strange decision. We deserved the goal and that would have changed the complection of the match. Still so many positives though , this squad fully fit, Callum, Ruben, Rudiger, Mason (I don't think he was fit yesterday) Pulisic up to premier league speed. with a transfer window added and a bit more work on defending set pieces. We are as good as any.....Keep it up SFL.

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