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  1. Yes ! They need 3 goals .... you can guess how the second game will go
  2. You could put anyone on in place of Werner and Havertz it’s not even a tactical change they done nothing to contribute Sorry to state the bleedin obvious
  3. I had the same issue with my Zanusi .... never knew where the problem was
  4. We will see what Tuchel is made of now, let’s hope it is good
  5. I have always wanted an English man in the job, having said that I always thought that Wenger would have made a good England manager so rubbished my own argument ! I think Jose has said quite a few times he wants to manage Portugal when his club career has finished,I reckon his wage demands might be a bit high to persuade him to manage England
  6. Good idea for a thread, Sad to hear the passing of Frank, he certainly was a player of his time, wonderful to watch RIP. and while we are it putting the rivalry aside it was sad to hear the passing of Peter Lorimer last week RIP.
  7. I am completely with you, I agree the draw is favorable but this is the CL, any odd sh*t can happen, dodgy ref for example.
  8. No contest, probably one of the best midfield performances I have seen for a long time
  9. Twat ...... in fact the commentators and pundits (apart from Joe) seem disappointed !! only leaving the tele on for the Tuchel interview
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