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  1. Getting fed up of the false 9 rubbish with Werner in there.
  2. If the FA does cave in and allow the big 6 to stay in the league, what motivation is there to perform? Hypothetically speaking, you could get relegated from the league and still know you have the financial backing of the super league revenue. It is so ass backwards. I hope the FA wrecks these clubs as much as they can. It is such an insult to the entire football pyramid.
  3. As a Yank, I can potentially get away with this... I'm a football fan. I love watching good matches. Having an affinity for a club is certainly helpful. I have no personal connection to Chelsea however. 10 or 11 years ago, I turned on the telly, some guy named Drogba scored a rocket, and I've been a fan ever since. I was a fan of the England national team before, as my mum and her family are British, but couldn't name half a dozen players. I do love learning about the history of various clubs, and consequently enjoy seeing several different clubs succeed.
  4. TT CAN set the team up to attack! Pulisic looks a man on a mission. What a hit!
  5. Kovacic is going to be sent off, soon. You can see it coming.
  6. You'd feel quite safe in a firing squad of Werner and Kovacic, wouldn't you? Such sh*t footballers.
  7. Shame the fans aren't there to get this woefully boring football out of here. That was as bad a watch as I can remember.
  8. Hope Ziyech is OK, but hopefully not ok enough to carry on. Abysmal football. Big Sam would have us attack more.
  9. I really hope TT gets grilled about his refusal to change shape. The players, other than Mount, were dreadful but so was TT today.
  10. I really would love to hear the half time talk. I'd love to know who speaks up and what message gets put across to the team after a half like that. Its an easily turned around scoreline, but the performance was so poor.
  11. Need to bring Eeyore on at half time to inject some pace into the team. This is hard to watch, so far.
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