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  1. I've thought for ages we play better with Giroud up front. Obviously have to take the opposition into equation, but still...
  2. THIS. Sarri is saying to relax and continue to let CHO develop. While I agree he needs to be playing more, I in no way think Sarri is saying he won't play regularly until he is 23 or 24. Sarri's words are being misconstrued.
  3. I can't defend Sarri any longer. While I don't know what good changing the manager with this lot will do anymore, its clear he isn't going to do it. Zappacosta on while CHO continues to rot on the bench.
  4. Sarri will not tweak his system UNTIL he feels his group of players has learned it fully. I don't think he'll be given a chance to fully implement his system, but it is obvious we have way too much player power at the club. I am hoping for a squad over haul that Sarri oversees. Unfortunately, even if we have an overhaul, its going to be board driven.
  5. Eden has been excellent today. Now, for God's sake, get CHO on for Willian and get him some minutes. AS I TYPE GONZALO WITH A BELTER! GET THE f**k IN!
  6. Fed up of him, too, to be honest. Looks to me as if he has downed tools, again. Brilliant at the start of the year, but his drop in effort is noticeable.
  7. Happy to see Emerson get a start! Still fail to see what Kovacic offers, other than a few tidy runs and flicks throughout the match. Hope RLC takes his spot once fully fit.
  8. He's far from a bad footballer. Wish he'd go on loan or be sold back to a team like Leicester to restart his career. Just not a fit here under Sarri, for sure.
  9. CHO has every right to be skeptical about his first team future at the club, whether he signs the extension or not. While I would love for him to stay (and still hope he does) I understand why he may have had his head turned by Bayern's interest.
  10. No kidding! Numerous times in the first 45 especially where he was in ACRES of space asking for the ball and it never came. Several good runs forward with no movement in front of him. Our supporters expectations of him are such a joke.
  11. Any ideas as to why Conte doesn't rate him? No Europe or not, our squad feels thin. This one baffles me.

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