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  1. RLC has to be playing his way into more minutes. He looks so good since coming on.
  2. Stick him at centre back and tell him to try to score on Mendy. We'll concede loads of corners, but so be it.
  3. Insane to me to resume the match, even after the good news. Surely the risk of muscle injury is higher given the intensity, suddenly stop, then starting again. I cannot imagine the mental state of the two sides, either.
  4. Kane makes us title favorites, IMO. I don't see it happening, but would be elated it it does.
  5. Hopefully we try something radical here, along the lines of playing our best team and trying to score a goal or three. Seems absurd, but it could work.
  6. Getting fed up of the false 9 rubbish with Werner in there.
  7. If the FA does cave in and allow the big 6 to stay in the league, what motivation is there to perform? Hypothetically speaking, you could get relegated from the league and still know you have the financial backing of the super league revenue. It is so ass backwards. I hope the FA wrecks these clubs as much as they can. It is such an insult to the entire football pyramid.
  8. As a Yank, I can potentially get away with this... I'm a football fan. I love watching good matches. Having an affinity for a club is certainly helpful. I have no personal connection to Chelsea however. 10 or 11 years ago, I turned on the telly, some guy named Drogba scored a rocket, and I've been a fan ever since. I was a fan of the England national team before, as my mum and her family are British, but couldn't name half a dozen players. I do love learning about the history of various clubs, and consequently enjoy seeing several different clubs succeed. The threat of a super league SICKENS me. I can't quite articulate all of my feelings on it, but it highlights so much of what is wrong with the world, today.
  9. TT CAN set the team up to attack! Pulisic looks a man on a mission. What a hit!
  10. Kovacic is going to be sent off, soon. You can see it coming.
  11. You'd feel quite safe in a firing squad of Werner and Kovacic, wouldn't you? Such sh*t footballers.
  12. Shame the fans aren't there to get this woefully boring football out of here. That was as bad a watch as I can remember.
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