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  1. I really hope TT gets grilled about his refusal to change shape. The players, other than Mount, were dreadful but so was TT today.
  2. I really would love to hear the half time talk. I'd love to know who speaks up and what message gets put across to the team after a half like that. Its an easily turned around scoreline, but the performance was so poor.
  3. Need to bring Eeyore on at half time to inject some pace into the team. This is hard to watch, so far.
  4. Rob Green. Can't remember a single error from his time here, yet he barely gets a mention.
  5. He made some good runs and, with better instincts from CHO, would have had an assist. Otherwise, he looks so timid. We have to give him a chance to come good, but it looks so dire at times.
  6. Really hope we don't sell James and Gilmour before Tuchel gets the sack.
  7. I think he has to start Werner, honestly. Tuchel was brought in to get him and Havertz firing, ASAP.
  8. Hope Wolves f**king smash us. Let me grieve Lamps for at least a game or two, then we set our sights on Europa League lol.
  9. Exactly. So many new signings brought in was always going to be difficult with no preseason.
  10. f**k this club. Why after a win? Why give him the cup game if it was already nailed on? Absolute horse sh*t.
  11. While I don't think the team has turned on Frank, it's clearly not working. I truly believe he is gone, now. The names and faces change, but this club is rotten to the core. Sickening how little character we have.
  12. I'm fed up with the manager changes. Frank isn't doing great, but I really don't know what more he can do. The squad is absolute sh*t right now. Is it Frank's fault that Werner, Havertz, and crew are rubbish? No. The only manager I would take over him is Rodgers, but he wouldn't be given time to mold a team either.
  13. I of course want three points, but I watch for entertainment value more than anything. Don't crucify me lol.
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