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  1. Who? Anonymous. He’ll surely come good, but will take time to settle. This will be an entirely different team to watch in a few weeks’ time.
  2. Frustrating performance. The red (correct decision) completely changed the game. Important to remember the team isn’t at full strength, and I expect us to look better once Pulisic, Ziyech, and Silva are in. No words for Kepa. Should have been out of the picture after the cup final antics to years ago. May he never see the pitch, again.
  3. As mentioned already, the ball he didn’t come off his kind for yesterday really spoke to his lack of confidence and the team’s lack of confidence in him. What continues to baffle me is how he seemingly makes himself smaller on shots his way. I also still haven’t forgotten his disrespectful behavior towards Sarri last season. From attitude to performance, Kepa just doesn’t fit the bill for a UCL hopeful club. The back four remains top priority in the window, but keeper has to be addressed as well.
  4. Charlie Adam was great on set pieces, too.
  5. Think our kids are quite leggy, already. Pulisic, Tammy, and Mount need more rotation in their positions. KTBFFH! Things have gone a bit stale, at the moment. Just a rough patch in form. The boys will come through it!
  6. What a player we have in this kid! Surely a call up for England is in the very near future for Mount?
  7. THIS. Sarri is saying to relax and continue to let CHO develop. While I agree he needs to be playing more, I in no way think Sarri is saying he won't play regularly until he is 23 or 24. Sarri's words are being misconstrued.
  8. Fed up of him, too, to be honest. Looks to me as if he has downed tools, again. Brilliant at the start of the year, but his drop in effort is noticeable.
  9. He's far from a bad footballer. Wish he'd go on loan or be sold back to a team like Leicester to restart his career. Just not a fit here under Sarri, for sure.
  10. CHO has every right to be skeptical about his first team future at the club, whether he signs the extension or not. While I would love for him to stay (and still hope he does) I understand why he may have had his head turned by Bayern's interest.
  11. No kidding! Numerous times in the first 45 especially where he was in ACRES of space asking for the ball and it never came. Several good runs forward with no movement in front of him. Our supporters expectations of him are such a joke.
  12. Any ideas as to why Conte doesn't rate him? No Europe or not, our squad feels thin. This one baffles me.
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