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  1. Pls stop comparing him to hazard. He is nowhere near hazard, especially his balance. Yesterday, he looked like falling over every time he had the ball. Hazard's standout feature was his balance which allowed him to do all those insane dribbles.
  2. Pulisic needs to work on his reactions. Guy is just waiting for all the loose balls to come to him when he could easily win many of those if he makes a run for it.
  3. The guy's vision is incredible. Some people are comparing him to Mahrez. Yeah their dribbling styles are similar but Mahrez isnt anywhere near Ziyech in terms of vision.
  4. Havertz losing the ball every time unless he passes it first time
  5. 2 defeats in a row would be embarassing. I think we must start Pulisic.
  6. This guy is turning into our new hazard. Team is entirely different when he is playing
  7. I think werner is fine with the intensity n ol. Just needs a bit of luck. His runs have been a major part of our attacks. But havertz is really struggling with the intensity. He needs to get a bit quicker with his thought process while receiving the ball. But yeah, he is young. Give him time.
  8. jorginho is a total waste cdm. havent seen him winning a single ball today
  9. ya a number 10 shouldnt give away the ball like that. its suicide when it happens in central positions like that of havertz.
  10. kante played like the old leicester kind kante silva was very cool at the back, especially those interceptions which he does so naturally and his heading too mendy making the corners look so relaxed, especially against a team like burnley but ziyech...he was special. That one guy we have been missing since eden. Someone who is able to unlock the defense. Our players should take time in training to get familiar with the trajectory of his deliveries. One of them was so accurate that Chilwell just had to simply tap it back in for tammy, but he completely misread it. And that goal w
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