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  1. What a disgrace!!! He says he subbed in his creative players first ,but after we subbed in defensive players like rudiger and drinkwater, he changed his tactic and subbed in fellaini. But the first sub of any team yesterday was Fellaini.
  2. frendz

    Fernando Llorente

    Llorente was a complete waste today. Tottenham lost their dominance as soon as Son was replaced by Llorente. Seems like we dodged a bullet.
  3. frendz

    Alvaro Morata

    And what's the actual point in recalling Tammy??? Michy is lot better. We just need to give him playing time.
  4. frendz

    Alvaro Morata

    That was Llorente's decision. So no point in blaming Swansea
  5. frendz

    Coaches film /All 22

    Hey guys. Any chances We could get access to videos like these for our matches? Coaches Film is basically a camera that is positioned high above the playing field and shows a view of the field that includes all 22 players at the same time. This All-22 camera view can be used to analyze players work both off the ball and team tactics etc. Can we do a vote here and submit it to the club? Maybe they could start a subscription service like Chelsea TV? Does the club respond to this community? I am a football nerd and a Chelsea fan from India,who, unfortunately, cannot attend matches. Watching a match from TV is just like a guy who doesn't have the time to watch the full match on TV, so he goes for the highlights.
  6. frendz

    Eden Hazard

    The guy is similar to Djokovic
  7. frendz

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    So upsetting. This has been the story for the last 6 months. Injured every 2 weeks. He would have started atleast our last 2 matches last season but missed out due to injury.
  8. I got a feeling Morata will shine against that defense. With Mendy out and a right footed LB Danilo, I think we should use Zappacosta. A right footed LB will find it more difficult to cut out the crossing. We should exploit that. Moses always tries to cut inside and thats not the best way against Danilo. About the midfield, its tricky. They got 2 world class playmakers Silva and de Bruyne. So we may get a bit exposed if we play Cesc. Luiz would have been the best option there. Christensen is not an option as he is more required at the central CB. And honestly, I dont think he has the quality and more importantly, confidence, to play there. Kante and Bakayoko will have to sit back more than they normally do nowadays.
  9. Gary at the center of a back 3 is something Conte has never done and wont (unless he is out of players). That position needs a ball playing CB and that is clearly not Cahill's forte
  10. Damn man. Thats terrifying. Hope he's ok. But I have read reports that he will need 2 months recovery time.
  11. Honestly, can't compare with the munich match. Coz that was a defensive performance. We rarely attacked. We didnt create a single chance I think. That Drogba goal was just pure magic. But yesterday, we dominated the match and created a lot of chances.
  12. Who said Morata was not strong ??? morata.mp4
  13. Damn...what a result!!! Morata was so determined to get that goal. Hazard back to his best. Hopefully, when both of them play more, Morata will be able to take more advantage of hazard's beautiful offerings. And man, this guy ALONSO, he is our new IVANOVIC. So much stamina and making runs upto the last minute. I was not happy with Moses' performance. Wasn't offering much going forward and takes a lot lot of time to get back . And Luiz, I can't find a single reason why he had to foul that guy to beat him. He looked so short.