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  1. What a disgrace!!! He says he subbed in his creative players first ,but after we subbed in defensive players like rudiger and drinkwater, he changed his tactic and subbed in fellaini. But the first sub of any team yesterday was Fellaini.
  2. Llorente was a complete waste today. Tottenham lost their dominance as soon as Son was replaced by Llorente. Seems like we dodged a bullet.
  3. And what's the actual point in recalling Tammy??? Michy is lot better. We just need to give him playing time.
  4. That was Llorente's decision. So no point in blaming Swansea
  5. The guy is similar to Djokovic
  6. So upsetting. This has been the story for the last 6 months. Injured every 2 weeks. He would have started atleast our last 2 matches last season but missed out due to injury.
  7. He was very exciting in terms of attacking against leicester. But felt a little susceptible and confused in defense. But the whole team was, after the Vardy goal. Will need to watch a full match to be confident about his defensive side.
  8. You should watch his Juventus video. Will surely clear your concerns as it did mine . RF :14 (3 of these are pens) LF:9 Headers:4 And he bangs in I think 3 from outside the box with his left.
  9. Just watched his real madrid goals video RF : 20 LF : 3 Headers : 8
  10. From what I have seen, I think I saw him scoring maybe 3 or 4 out of around 30 with his left foot. The guy always uses his superb dribbling skills to shift the ball. Even the one Morgan blocked (after Kante put him through) should have been a left footed strike.
  11. Go to 3:15. He probably threw away a goal there. As Conte says, theres still lots for him to improve on his link up play. Diego's dribbling might not be anywhere near Morata's, but this takes me back to his through ball to Willian against City last year. It was almost similar to this situation.
  12. You guys are reading too much into those preseason games. I am confident Alonso will be fine when hazard is back. He will get a lot more space to attack. That's what hazard does. Juices out a lot of resources of the opposing team.
  13. Well, the Monaco players proved themselves in the CL. That's valued a lot more by all the top clubs.

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