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  1. I felt he needed a bit more match fitness to start in PL.
  2. So upsetting. This has been the story for the last 6 months. Injured every 2 weeks. He would have started atleast our last 2 matches last season but missed out due to injury.
  3. He was very exciting in terms of attacking against leicester. But felt a little susceptible and confused in defense. But the whole team was, after the Vardy goal. Will need to watch a full match to be confident about his defensive side.
  4. You guys are reading too much into those preseason games. I am confident Alonso will be fine when hazard is back. He will get a lot more space to attack. That's what hazard does. Juices out a lot of resources of the opposing team.
  5. Well, the Monaco players proved themselves in the CL. That's valued a lot more by all the top clubs.
  6. when I said that he can be used as a CAM or as a CB, I didnt mean to use him in those positions. I was just implying that he is very good in both attack and defense.
  7. In a perfect world,i think our formation requires 2 CMs who are equally very good at attacking and defending. Isnt that why Conte's top target was naingolan.
  8. Can is one of the best allround players in the PL. He can play as a CB or a CAM. Very good in defense and attack and also in the air.
  9. I think we should try to lure Emre Can. The guy has just 1 year left and juventus is trying to get him.
  10. From today's DM Seriously? Attacking wise, Azpi is nowhere near Moses. Seems like these guys dont even watch football.
  11. Well, I havent seen Bakayoko play,so I could only compare their height. So if hes a better jumper, thats fine replacing Matic. But we are talking about Sandro here who is no match for Alonso aerially whether it be jumping or height. In UCL matches, I would go for Sandro. But when facing PL rivals like ManU and Spurs [I am talking about title rivals only, otherwise we have West Brom and more teams and suppose its a 1 goal lead after 85mins, all bottom half teams just bombard us with crosses, in the PL] who are very good aerially, I would always select Alonso. This will be more signif
  12. Compared to Matic (194), Bakayoko (184) is average and compared to Alonso (188), Sandro (181) is also average. And Alonso, alongwith Cahill and Luiz won the most headers for us last season. And for those headers along the wings, whether in defense or attack, I cant recollect Alonso losing out on any. That tactic to put in aerial balls towards Alonso while attacking, which was used a lot and successfully too, wont work that good with Sandro.
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