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  1. Klopp, Mourinho and Guardiola have all used their CDMs as stand-in Centre Backs lately (Fabinho, Dier, Fernandinhio). Nice to see Kante has evolved to be able to carry out that role, although a little on the short side! It's more useful from a passing/possession basis than a defending one.
  2. With all the anti VAR articles surfacing at the moment, especially in Liverpool's defence, it makes you wonder why there wasn't a similar inquest last season... Maybe I'm misremembering, but I don't remember VAR getting the same attention as last year and it hasn't really changed. If anything, it's improved from last year. I don't remember Klopp and Henderson saying they wanted VAR gone when it was working in their favour. The below article helpfully illustrates who benefitted most from VAR last season. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/english-premier-league/story/3929823/how-
  3. And it serves to tire out the opposition attack, means they end up being less likely to score later on. It's definitely a factor in our high clean sheet ratio (8 in 10 games)...
  4. Have you watched Kante much this season? He's back to his best and in recent weeks he's been our most consistent performer. No idea where this is coming from.
  5. Did you see how Nzonzi followed through to lightly kick him in the head? Love how Azpi took control from there, like a protective father. Big fan of how Azpi has reacted to losing game time to Reece James. Consumate professional.
  6. He remains a very useful squad player in certain situations. I agree he doesn't do enough going forward, but he seems to be trying those long balls. While Gilmour continues to develop he will still have a purpose at Chelsea. That said, his is impact has lessened with Silva in the team, as there is now finally a defender who can organise the defence and DMs...
  7. It's nice to see Joe Cole in the post match analysis of BT sport these days. His Chelsea bias is obvious but its refreshing to see his unmasked love for the club and how happy he is when we play well.
  8. I've really rated Kovacic's performances in the last few games but yesterday he seemed a little tired... Late tackles resulting in fouls, a couple stray passes and also lost possession once or twice in dangerous positions. Maybe the condensed run of fixtures is catching up to him and he could do with a rest. We're lucky to have so many midfield options to choose from with fixtures coming thick and fast.
  9. I think you're stating the obvious here. Of course he wouldn't be in the team if we had another world class CB. Like Mendy wouldn't be if we had a world class keeper. For now we have to make do with Zouma. He has at least aerial presence and athleticism to cover for Silva on the break and I would always trust Zouma over Christensen in a last ditch tackle. Would be interesting to see Tomori start once in a while...
  10. I agree. You can't fix the entire team in one window, it takes 2-3. If we bought 8-9 new first team players, there would be even less team chemistry... I would give Lampard till Christmas to get this team to gel together. He will likely build up some consistency by then and there will be more understanding between the players.
  11. Then why do you continue the discussion? I think Jorginho is a good player. He's got his weaknesses, but so do plenty of others. He has games where he absolutely bosses the midfield, such as Palace. There are plenty of other games where he can be seen to be ineffective, despite his impressive passing stats. I think he is/can be an integral part of this Chelsea side, particularly if he builds a good understanding with the players around him. Seeing it already with T Silva and Havertz...
  12. I think there's no chance. Personally I would prefer Chelsea nurture our current crop into world beaters than buy prima donnas like Neymar...
  13. What I love about Pulisic is his drive. He still forced himself on after his hamstring went and ran another 10 yards before getting a shot off. You can see him screaming as he's running, think it scared the Arsenal players away! If he had scored that, it would go down in history as one of the greatest FA cup final goals for me, for sheer determination.
  14. I reckon a Conte special. Dig deep, give them possession but hit them hard on the counter (like the city game). Liverpool benefit hugely from exploiting the space behind the defence, so let's not give them any. Let them overcommit and release Pulisic and Willian on the counter.
  15. He looked a little like his former self when he came on last night. Was nice to see him running at the Norwich defence and there was a sense of urgency and desire in his play. Was also sprinting after players to close them down, hoping these are positive signs!
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