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  1. It was a brilliant match. Think the ref was all over the place, booking azpi I think for dissent when it was absolutely not warranted, and sending off two of their players in one go. Nonsense!
  2. What is it with the lack of added time in champions League games? They rarely add anything in the first half and in the second it's only ever a few minutes. Drives me mad. In all the extra time (no pun intended) I have on my hands due to "working from home" I've been rewatching our games this season. In the Ajax game at home, I counted 12 minutes of stoppage in the second half at least, and 4 minutes were given. What the hell!!?
  3. I wonder whether the games this weekend will go ahead now with coronavirus... Hopefully it does and United draw with Spurs, we have an opportunity to gain daylight above the chasing pack
  4. I totally misinterpreted the title and voted without thinking! I thought it was who you wanted to keep out of the above and the answer is Azpi hands down.
  5. I wouldn't say playing better, but certainly had a positive impact in the final third. He was playing well wherever he was put to be honest, although he was at his most effective in the CDM role, and he was under a lot more pressure then, Everton were still in the game. Some of his passing was sublime, switching the play to the left and right effortlessly, cutting out 2-3 of the opposition whilst doing so. He also played one 'no-look' pass (like the ones Jorginho has got assists from) to put nearly put Giroud through over the top early on.
  6. I disagree with that, after this game. If I had the time (or knew how) I would find the example in the second half of Kepa catching the ball in the six yard box whilst under aerial pressure from Calvert-Lewin. It was a bit of a nothing cross but he still needed to do his job efficiently. There seems to be a bit more confidence on his part in those situations, and if he continues to do those relatively simple things well, then he will only improve. Look at Pickford, of a relatively similar size, catching the ball a few times around the 6 yard box from corners. If Kepa can start doing that consistently it'll do the team a world of good. Hopefully, the signs are there!
  7. It was just brilliant football, all started by young Billy. He's afforded too much time and space, but what I love is that he takes advantage of that to get the ball forward quickly. Was also a great ball from Barkley. Kovacic and Jorginho are also capable of starting similar moves, but we may become a little overloaded in the CM position once everyone is back to fitness... 7 midfielders for 3 positions.
  8. What I liked the most was how he claimed and caught crosses against a physical centre forward. More of the same please!
  9. Instead of a direct sin bin for a yellow, I prefer the introduction of another card for tactical fouls which break up quick counter-attacks. Say, an 8 minute sin bin for directly breaking up a promising attack. Some of the fouls you see (like Milner's on Pedro in the FA cup on Wednesday), are so cynical they almost become dangerous, and the player knows they're not going to get anything worse than a yellow for it. If the option of a pink card was available, Milner might not have hacked down Pedro for fear of being sin binned for the remainder of the game.
  10. I think Chelsea should get rid of that policy, it's what led to Lampard and Drogba leaving early amongst others. Look at City with David Silva (34) and Aguero (31). You are by no means past it be the time you reach 30. The two best players in the world are in their mid 30s! I don't think Willian should be offered a 3 year deal, but think we would benefit from having here for another 2 years as a squad player. Better that than letting him strengthen Spurs.
  11. He played all right, but it didn't quite feel natural to watch him. I don't think his spacial awareness is quite as pronounced as Gilmour, who's always looking over his shoulder and knows how much time he has before receiving a pass. It was a useful exercise to play RJ in CDM, although I still prefer him out on the right. Then again, Gilmour played so well in that position that anyone coming in would struggle to impress!
  12. Brilliant couple of performances from him. I was worried Carlo would have a plan for Gilmour after watching him dominate Liverpool but he couldn't be kept out of the game! For me has to keep starting. It will be interesting to see how teams try and nullify his influence as the weeks go on. Surely they will try and mark him out of the game. The good thing is he's young and has bundles of energy, so will keep running and finding space when others (like Jorginho) maybe can't.
  13. Very good game from Barkley. Think he worked well with Mount and Gilmour, also led the press well. Chelsea absolutely dominated the midfield today which afforded Barkley the time and space he needs to thrive. We benefitted hugely from Everton playing with 2 up front, giving us more men in midfield and always having a pass open. It will be interested to see how he performs against teams which set up the low block, such as Villa next weekend.
  14. There's always the chance Leicester run out of steam and we sneak 3rd. They have been poor lately (2 points out of a possible 12) and they're only 5 points ahead of us, despite our poor form. After yesterday I am once more filled with a sense of (likely misguided) optimism for our top 4 hopes.
  15. Looking increasingly likely after last night! Please now predict us to win the FA cup and Liverpool to not win the PL!

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