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  1. Looking at those clips, I count 19 genuine goalscoring opportunities. That excludes 6 where the striker was offside and 4 passes which were overhit... Now I'm not saying they should have all been converted, but it's unbelievable that none of them were, Now he has settled to the Premier League, I think (and hope) he will have a much larger impact in the final third this season.
  2. I love that he's just nonchalantly looking forward. Put your thumb over the ball and looks like he's trying to head it!
  3. Whilst I agree that the 'stupid Russian woman' was inappropriate, I don't think jumping to the assumption that he is a bigoted narrow minded person is helpful to him understanding your point. All it will do is reduce each party to name-calling rather than talking about the issue at large. WalterWhite - Although it may not have been intentional, using the words 'Russian woman' needlessly brings in connotations of race and gender. Anyone is more than welcome to dislike Marina because of what she has (or hasn't) done for the club, but it is not fair to hate her for being who she is (ie a Russian woman). Anyway, with that hopefully behind us, I hope the game is a good one and we see the youngsters getting gametime!
  4. Completely agree, he will have had his pre-season and the results will certainly need to improve. I am interested to see how we will adapt to life without Hazard (assuming he goes)... What is important is that we seem to have gained decent home form, just the one loss to Leicester and no losses to our main rivals. If we can turn SB into a fortress like Mourinho did it will provide the necessary foundation for us to move forward and maybe even challenge for titles (albeit not immediately!!)
  5. I agree with the quality of the Liverpool performance, but realistically Chelsea and Liverpool are not on the same level. They have taken years to build up to their current standard. Klopp finished 8th in his first season in charge, and 4th in the next two. Meanwhile, Sarri has managed 4th in his first season, got us into the Europa league final and League cup final. In no way is Sarri perfect, some of our performances have been dire this season. It has, however, given us a foundation to build on and hopefully in the next two years we'll be a force to reckon with once more. It certainly hasn't been a disaster!
  6. Completely agree, how is Barkley meant to react to that, especially considering he hasn't played since mid-April. Think he had a decent game considering and took his penalty well. Showed Character...
  7. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but thought Zappacosta had a great game when he came on. The clearance off the line was brilliant, like the Chelsea of old. Honestly I wasn't convinced with Dave going to CB, but it worked and Zappa fixed in some dangerous crosses. Nearly scored as well. Very pleasantly surprised!
  8. Frankfurt rested their main players on the weekend whilst we put out our full-strength side. Since last Thursday, they've essentially been preparing for this game and I don't think anyone can admit they're pushovers. We, however, went all out against a strong watford side (now in the FA Cup final) to secure our Champions league spot. Frankfurt put all their eggs in one basket to win the champions league and it showed, they put everything into this game. Their energy was immense, and the support drove their team on. We withstood a lot of pressure, had good chances and were piling on the pressure right to the end. Why are people seeing this as the final nail in the coffin for Sarri?? I'm tired of hearing boos from Chelsea fans every time I go to a game... Loftus Cheek was tiring after 75 mins, he wasn't playing with the same energy and aggression as the first half AND he's been recovering from a back injury for months. Instead of mindless booing, why don't we back our team and create an inspiring atmosphere for the players rather!!
  9. I'd like to see what his hold up play is like. There were two clips at the end of the video which showed assists, but it would be interesting to see what he's like outside the opposition box... As great as it is to see him banging in goals like that, I can't see him doing the same under Sarri's Chelsea. Simply won't be enough service.
  10. Does anyone have any idea how quickly CAS act in these matters? At least we have some time to get it overturned...
  11. Definitely IN for me. Sarri's managed to turn the team around in the last few months and I no longer go 'here we go again' when we concede. There's more fight to the team and players like Jorginho are understanding what it takes to play in the Premier league. We had a great start to the season and also not a bad finish. Following the drubbings from Bournemouth and City, we've scored the third most points in the league. Our CL spot has been earnt, not fallen into our lap...
  12. Completely agree. Aside from the usual mixture of anger and despair I feel whenever we concede a goal early on, I accepted we were outplayed with style. That pass from Lukaku combined with the run were spot on, almost impossible to defend against. My only thought was the effort to block the shot wasn't as stoic as the Chelsea defence as old, but that's all...
  13. I agree with this, give him more than a season to instill his style. At times, there is a lot of sideways passing but in other games we can see what he is working toward (recently seen in Brighton and West Ham). Also about the losing at Anfield comments, (first loss in 8 visits or something), we won a brilliant match there earlier this season in the league cup...
  14. I like him too, performances like the one against Barcelona last year were outstanding, but when's the last time he really impressed? At least Pedro has been scoring goals although he's not as exciting to watch...
  15. Just saying hi, have supported Chelsea since birth and first game was at the tender age of 3 (a 2-1 win against the pikies in 1997)...

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