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  1. What I love about Pulisic is his drive. He still forced himself on after his hamstring went and ran another 10 yards before getting a shot off. You can see him screaming as he's running, think it scared the Arsenal players away! If he had scored that, it would go down in history as one of the greatest FA cup final goals for me, for sheer determination.
  2. I reckon a Conte special. Dig deep, give them possession but hit them hard on the counter (like the city game). Liverpool benefit hugely from exploiting the space behind the defence, so let's not give them any. Let them overcommit and release Pulisic and Willian on the counter.
  3. He looked a little like his former self when he came on last night. Was nice to see him running at the Norwich defence and there was a sense of urgency and desire in his play. Was also sprinting after players to close them down, hoping these are positive signs!
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53401114 Praying this is a reference to us
  5. Matic is 31 (32 next month) and nowhere near the player Kante is. Definitely a good move selling him, we haven't missed him in the 3 years since he left. He wouldn't strengthen our team right now at all.
  6. Call it blind optimism then, as that really was an atrocious attempt. Wonder what odds the bookies would give...
  7. I've forgotten the aerial presence he has on the pitch... Whilst his play on the floor wasn't great, he won a lot of aerial duels which is something our midfield has severely lacked. Can see him scoring from a corner/free kick before the season is out.
  8. There was a hunger and intensity from him as soon as he came on that I haven't noticed before. It looked like he was everywhere, particularly in the first 15 minutes or so. Playing like he had a point to prove and boy did he prove it.
  9. I've got to say Alonso is a remarkable footballer and professional. Yes he's got mistakes in him and his defensive qualities aren't good enough, but we're lucky to have him in the squad right now. I'm not saying we shouldn't be looking to improve the LB area but he's been a good servant to the club and always gives 100%, even when he's not at his best. Last night (and Villa game) are good examples of how he can knuckle down and do a job.
  10. Not sure 'tough on the Russians' was Boris' idea though, didn't Theresa May start that? Hopefully Boris sees the potential gift horse and doesn't end up punching it in the mouth.
  11. I know RLC had a poor game but I'm sure he was performing well in training, else Lampard would never have picked him...
  12. I always get confused by the facebook comments... Pretty much always a completely different point of view to mine and prone to hysteria.
  13. It was an interesting call to start him... For half the match I was crying out for Abraham to be put on. Needless to say I was singing Giroud's praises when he scored Personally I would start Abraham (supported by Pulisic and Willian) against City. Giroud has the experience of being an impact sub.
  14. When he came on he looked like he had just rolled out of bed, christ that was awful... Must have lost the ball 5 times in 5 minutes. I'm not overly worried as he's still a youngster and just hope he learns he always needs to be on his A game when on the pitch.
  15. Bang on. Speaking of her business qualities though, damn she drives a hard bargain. Some of her recent signings are remarkable considering the comparative market value

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