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  1. Long winded way of saying he's getting old and early stage athritis is beginning to hurt his knees...
  2. Was surprised to see him named in Garth Crooks' team of the week. Not because he didn't deserve it, but because Garth Crooks' TOTW only seems to include whoever scored the most goals that gameweek. Then again, he wrote two sentences on Kovacic then proceeded to rant for another paragraph about Harry Kane...
  3. Surely you have apply context. Different liverpool side in different form. Down to 10 men, kante off injured. Full crowd etc. We are 5 points up on rest of the fixtures, but i dont think it really means much. 3 points are 3 points at the end of the day. Let alone Liverpool were on a run of terrible form back then! Think they had lost 2-3 at Anfield on the trot.
  4. Maybe I have a short memory, but now our defence has shored up, the midfield seems solid and we finally have a confident striker, I'm not too concerned about Kepa standing in for Mendy during AFCON. Yes, Mendy will be missed but Kepa is fresh off a wave of confidence from winning the UEFA cup. It feels entirely different to man in goal under Lampard's first season. Mendy is still obviously number 1.
  5. This is just too funny. Still can't believe it's true. Didn't he miss a couple early on, too?
  6. Safe standing seats weren't occupied (as far as I am aware). They had put up some protective barriers in the shed but kept the seats.
  7. This is brilliant, well written and insightful. It hurts to read it and you see the human side they all go through. It must make winning the champions league so much sweeter for him after pouring his heart out in this article
  8. Absolute agree. What a ridiculous question anyway! Also love how Azpi just celebrated has soon as Kai dropped the F bomb XD
  9. Man, seeing him embrace his daughters and wife just showed how much it meant to him. Incredible achievement, especially after losing last year. Absolutely buzzing!!!!
  10. Ampadu would be able to play CDM too, he's good on the ball and will definitely have gained a lot of experience at Sheffield. Heard he was doing well for them earlier in the season, not heard much since then...
  11. Meanwhile Thiago looks like he's the support teacher on a school trip. Relaxed, little smile, seen it all before.
  12. I know I'm nitpicking here but I've never understood why stats orientated people tend to round up or down when it suits them... Surely you could just say that's 14 games, don't need to round up there! I'll crawl back into my cave now...
  13. I think that's a bit harsh, he doesn't always knock it back to Azpi... I think the aim in that situation is to then play it square to Kante/Kova/Jorginho who can then surge forward into empty space in the midfield. He only pops it back to Azpi when that ball isn't on. There's real method to the way we pass the ball around now, probing for an opening and I like that James is mature enough to buy into that philosophy. I'm sure he (and we) would rather see him gunning it down the wing and delivering pinpoint crosses but that clearly isn't TT's gameplan at the moment and in light of recent results I don't think I can complain!
  14. At first it annoyed me but I'm noticing pundits and journalists are trying to really push any potential controversial narratives in games, especially when VAR is concerned. It's lazy/easy journalism and always gets a reaction from fans. I'm trying not to let it bother me so much now, just see it as pundits are under orders to add to the drama.
  15. Agree with you here. I think last night was one of our standout performances... A strong Everton side didn't really have a sniff all game and we had so many chances going forward, could have been 5-6 goals on another night. Getting that first half goal was key, took the pressure off and meant we never exposed our defence looking for a goal. Some of the passing interplay was a joy to watch.
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