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  1. Much as I like seeing Utd humiliated don’t think I can listen to the Scouse puke 🤢 fest after this
  2. You almost feel sorrry for them, 7 would be nice though 😂
  3. Don’t disagree but a goal would have helped but take the point Hanley was their only decent player so far
  4. 25 years ago today, still in shock...... RIP mate
  5. Great chance for him to something tonight get his season going, and Werner - won’t get a better opportunity
  6. They have drawn against us (luckily) and Citeh to be fair. What has me reaching for the sick bucket this morning, most of the paper talk and there is even a pole on the BBC I think I saw it on my usual Monday morning trawl through is about Klopp claiming Mo Salah is the best player in the world at the moment. This isn't a complete blue tinted post, his last two goals have been have been amazing, as good as Eden Hazard say, he certainly is a great player and we really let that one slip the net however...... As you pointed out, I mean Watford defense for example 🤣 ...................... led me to thinking if we had the chance to buy him back would we ? I don't think we would, I think we have equally as good players just a completely different style of play. We out played them, he hardly touched the ball and they were lucky to get that penalty and Reece sending off for example. I reckon there are a few players in our team you would not swap him for. Mendy for a start 🙂
  7. I know it's a disaster, we are being drawn into that relegation battle
  8. Lot of criticism of the team tonight but I have never seen a brick wall quite like that tonight. Juve did a job on us…….. next !
  9. That’s got to be one of the most frustrating games I have seen in a long time
  10. I agree, accept the best manager ever is Eddie McCreadie
  11. Nothing new than anyone else really but good therapy to put my point across if you don’t mind 😊 1. probably the first time I have been genuinely disappointed with TT’s tactics 2. Citeh hungrier 3. Delighted for RLC, what a story, he has to be first on the team sheet now surely looks so assured
  12. I had not realised that but now you have said it you are right, I was there for the the Mathew Harding and the Peter Osgood tribute, and spot on, the Spurs fans as far as I remember were excellent and very respectful, considering our rivalry fair play to them. Unlike the scousers who from the first opportunity did the helicopter gestures at us and still do to this day and some how get away with it! It must be what they call "the craic", which of course makes it is perfectly acceptable because they are the best fans in the world don't you know.
  13. I went for Alonso he was everywhere. it was close with Silva and Kepa of course, didn’t have to do much but a clean sheet nevertheless and still here fighting for his place, a lot of credit to him.
  14. Clear message from TT mind, when he gets his chance then he needs to take it. I reckon he might start against Spuds
  15. Agree, I am bemused why would take Saul on loan, and even court Declan Rice for a fortune when we have Billy at the club. Even before their move and for their national teams for me neither are as good as Billy however it is a game of opinions and you have to trust the manager and the powers that be, maybe they see something in training we don’t
  16. At that is with many of the 1st team missing with a Covid outbreak 👍
  17. He has made himself into a classic number 9. Strap yourself in he will have some awful games that’s how it works there were many games where Drogba was boo’d off the pitch. (Don’t argue that point as it’s true)
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