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  1. There was one point where they said Ashley Cole "sided" with his team mate...... which shows the mentality of the thing. However I think we got to big enough, despite the twitter aftermath from Rio to ignore this stuff. JT clearly has his hands tied and we have ours tied with him. All we can do is support the cause as Chelsea supporters, The biggest single issue was the online abuse Ferdinand received and viewers will naturally believe that was from Chelsea supporters unfortunately
  2. My take on the documentary, Be interesting for other point of view ? It was pretty damming on JT, so you are going to be angry if you watch it. From the outset he is assumed guilty, Ferdinand says "he called me a F****** B**** C***" It is tempered a bit through out with him saying things along the lines of "it doesn't matter what context it was said", "this is bigger than just me and John" "its more about the reaction" ...he was also honest about what he said to John and they showed clips of John wearing a BLM t shirt and taking a knee. But don't get me wrong there is one villain por
  3. There is some very negative posts on here again, the top of the table team just came to us and parked the bus, that’s a huge compliment and we were clearly the better team by a country mile Son and Kane are the media’s and the statisticians golden boys at the moment, did they even touch the ball ? the result is hard to take but I draw a lot more positives than negatives from today, I think we are the best team in the league (mind you I always this that)
  4. Don’t forget our own Gianfranco was a prodigy of Maradona at Napoli..... I can’t find it now but there is a great video I once saw comparing their styles and they where very close. just ask Julian Dicks who still has bouts of nausea due to his head is still spinning.
  5. BBC have an article up on the Ferdinand documentary https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55074804 It does seem to suggest that it is not about vilifying JT however clearly it will, which is a shame. It seems as feared it is about look how hurt "I" was by something I didn't even hear. Highlighting the scourge of racism is great and clearly as so many other mixed race people in this country have suffered I support his actions, however if he was really serious about the subject rather than himself then he would have included JT in the program.
  6. Ziyech my new man crush, what a dream of a player, the forwards must love him, every ball forward is a peach !
  7. I think we should lobby the BBC to commission a program along the lines of "John Terry - "Why have you not lip read any other player in the history of the game"" The most vilified player of all time, it is pretty disgraceful. I would imagine the only reason he keeps quiet on the whole thing is he doesn't want to keep dragging it up, so if Ferdinand was so hurt by the incident why the hell is he dragging it up again. Having said that I will contradict myself as i will watch it and I will keep an open mind until I have seen the whole program, there maybe very little relating to
  8. Trying not too get too excited it was bottom of league club we were playing however delighted as I said with new signings looked great tonight
  9. Yes indeed ..... he has addressed the weaknesses Have to say who ever did the scouting needs a pat on the back, the new signings have been brilliant now they started to settle the only one is Havertz who arguably has been played out of position
  10. The movement by Silva for that header was sublime
  11. He is making our players look silly not on the same wave length
  12. Surely the refs still have a position to use judgement.
  13. Good result, okay performance, rubbish opposition, next
  14. Not as pink as Barcelona's ..... I am not quite sure what the point I am making is.
  15. I agree on this. I think the midfield he has given them too much freedom, he hasn’t got 5 Lampards on his hands. I find it confusing they don’t know their role to me. back 4 and keeper is a given, Werner has a clear role. jourghino Kante are what defensive mids but can get forward when the other isn’t ? Is that how it is working ? pulisic havertz ziyech can play where they like ? is that the system ? I am quite keen on the 3 at the back thing of you want so much freedom for your midfield. But then again it is not an exact science.
  16. Agree under the circumstances. Need a couple more games at their current level for me to be 100% on them. The acid test I think is if they are missing you become very worried about the result. Maybe a bit harsh but I am sure if Mendy handn’t pulled off some great saves we would have been saying “where was Silva/Chiwell then” like I say couple more matches, they look like great buys. I am also optimistic about Werner still, I hope that confidence he came with is not dented.
  17. Apologies if already been said but I hope the club factors in the unusual times. Across all the major leagues there are great teams who have had a very unusual results, the premier league in particular we need a bit of settling down time, hopefully the cream will come to the top. In the mean time Frank needs to find his best 11 and system (to state the obvious) only one player to my mind picks himself which is Mendy which is amazing after a few games. All great teams have a core of players who pick themselves
  18. 24 years ago it doesn't seem possible, I hope you are watching Matthew with a Guinness or two RIP
  19. He’s a pansy for such a big man 😂.... I would be telling my daughter to get on with it, just a scratch
  20. Frank still plays this 4-2-3-1 but with the only player who really knows his role is the 1 - this kind of 2 holding midfielders not worked for weeks now. let’s hope for a better second half
  21. Yeah great, he hasn’t even been there a week, and we are still waiting for our team to get to know each other 😊
  22. He’s good this Barkley fella we should put a bid in for him
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