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  1. Who the fcuk is Boris johnson,and the blues go matching on
  2. You missed a good party I stayed downstairs having a few and.playing tunes while her indoors went for a.bike ride I think she mentioned something about her monthly cycle
  3. I'm having an isolation party tonight sorry you can't come! Stay safe everybody
  4. Remember that as I was only 15 at the time I bunked the train from Southampton 1976 quarter final, Jimmy hill spoke about it kicking off that night on match of the day,as irony would have it saints won the same day and went on to win the cup that year.I was gutted Monday at school and had the piss taken out of me & had a few scraps for a while
  5. Zeta,we know sometimes how the gutter press distort things to their own advantage,but I have just read that article and it truly is terrifying I know we have to carry on life as normal as we can,but we have to be so careful for our own safety and that of everyone else. I cannot give enough praise to all healthcare professionals out there who are sacrificing so much to try and keep us safe. just like to add I'm not in the medical profession,I hate the sight of blood. keep the faith
  6. The ladies are still playing for Chelsea FC on a serious note my postman is twat should be working from home but don't worry I have told him,should stop the bills Stay safe everyone, up the chels
  7. Great to see Ethan get game time last night he looked composed on the big stage,I'm not too worried about his physicality reminds me a bit of a young Carlos puyal and he never turned out to be bad
  8. welcome Adam, don't forget to bring the luck of the Irish this weekend Have a good one!
  9. Where did this come from boyne? Would like to get my hands on tee shirt and be proud to wear that round my home town. Just special
  10. Love this kid next Dennis wise?
  11. Pat playing space invaders ,modelling latest cowboy boots ,I never had a pair myself but spent hours playing that game on well happy days
  12. I'm sure we lost to arsenal in cup match,I was up visiting family for some reason was only 15 at the time remember my uncle was going to game, we travelled back home same evening if my memories right
  13. Judging by hair and clothes and pic of the bloke near fence& how his scarf is worn I'll have guess 75/76

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