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  1. Malta blue thanks for advice,but I can't be classed as scummer surely I don't have right papers to cross the river test I'm totton born and bred! Also thanks munkworth,see if I can get Matt le tiss to pop down to start a peace process to you good folk down there enjoying their fish. Up the chels
  2. Iv'e still got my scarf red with white &green,occasionally wear it makes me laugh when people who think they know say something like I thought you was chelsea,to which I reply, that's why I'm wearing this Chelsea scarf.
  3. This wouldn't surprise me especially with uncle Harry's links to bournemouth,maybe a bit too soon though.
  4. by the same token from this fan,seems to me Frank was only short term for the board. keep fan base onside,if it works happy days if not sack him. let's hope Frank returns one day to be a success
  5. Thanks for your replies, my mates passing was sudden &unexpected he hadn't planned but his daughter thought that's what he would like so I have now decided that I will wear a red tie. will have Chelsea pin badge on my jacket so hopefully nobody will be offended I know he will understand he's probably pissing himself now still causing me hassle. Let's hope we turnover spuds,that will make us both happy!
  6. Strider, thanks for the input I did have red&white shirt sponsored by Commodore even if I knew where it was couldn't fit into now think it got shrunk in the wash. As for neutral shirt,can't see problems with violent confrontation anyway.limited numbers I will know most if not all so pretty sure they get me trying to be light hearted on sad occaision ,still football related my mate would have understood
  7. I say dilemma but it really isn't for me,a friend of mine passed away recently we had known each other 45 years not best mate but a good pal we both loved a pint and a bet also footy banter here's the problem he couldn't decide between arse or southampton. His funeral is next week only 30 allowed to attend with me being one dress code arse or saints shirts, I'm sorry but I won't put another team's shirt on my back think I am goiing with retro 84 promotion no sponsors just badge I'm sure my mate will understand.
  8. As a 7 year old in 1968 my mum took me to the Dell as we lived just outside Southampton Chelsea best the saints 5_3, I remember I loved the atmosphere ,it was my mum's way to try and get me to support saints that backfired the next thing Chelsea won the f.a cup which was a massive thing back then and here I am today nearly 60 & still Chelsea mad. just like to add my grandparents brought me up as my mum was young around the same time my mum and her mates were skinheads and she later went on to get banned from the Dell for causing bovver
  9. Absolutely spot on,I get the feeling this team is going places and I haven't felt that for along time we all need something to excite us in these times
  10. Welcome aboard Mouwry,l love your observation and optimism without a doubt the future looks bright under Frank with this squad KTBFFH
  11. Let's just all sit back & enjoy the ride, I for one think Frank will be here for a long &succesful future
  12. So what you want attack &get picked off on counter that was never going to happen again. Two clean sheets in a row ,walk away from this one with converted penalty and we' d be saying tactical masterclass from Frank,
  13. Remember that as I was only 15 at the time I bunked the train from Southampton 1976 quarter final, Jimmy hill spoke about it kicking off that night on match of the day,as irony would have it saints won the same day and went on to win the cup that year.I was gutted Monday at school and had the piss taken out of me & had a few scraps for a while
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