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  1. Remember that as I was only 15 at the time I bunked the train from Southampton 1976 quarter final, Jimmy hill spoke about it kicking off that night on match of the day,as irony would have it saints won the same day and went on to win the cup that year.I was gutted Monday at school and had the piss taken out of me & had a few scraps for a while
  2. Great to see Ethan get game time last night he looked composed on the big stage,I'm not too worried about his physicality reminds me a bit of a young Carlos puyal and he never turned out to be bad
  3. welcome Adam, don't forget to bring the luck of the Irish this weekend Have a good one!
  4. Where did this come from boyne? Would like to get my hands on tee shirt and be proud to wear that round my home town. Just special
  5. Love this kid next Dennis wise?
  6. Pat playing space invaders ,modelling latest cowboy boots ,I never had a pair myself but spent hours playing that game on well happy days
  7. I'm sure we lost to arsenal in cup match,I was up visiting family for some reason was only 15 at the time remember my uncle was going to game, we travelled back home same evening if my memories right
  8. Judging by hair and clothes and pic of the bloke near fence& how his scarf is worn I'll have guess 75/76
  9. That is a fitting tribute from wee pat. R.I.P Dale
  10. Remember the day well Malcolm Allison and his stupid fedora they put us out at quarter final stage as well
  11. Although living down on the South coast at the age of 6 got taken to see the blues play Southampton Chelsea won and that was it for me,roll on 3 years later my Chelsea were in the f.a cup final and I had a Chelsea kit that was thrown together somehow, my gran had even sown white stripes on some blue shorts for me,I thought I was the dogs bollocks . In school leading up up to the big day(days) I was the leader of my gang in the playground charging around singing were gonna win the cup then eventually ee ie addioe we won the cup those were the days! 50 years later I still feel like
  12. Good game again today think his contribution in this system is there for all to see
  13. where has k.n.o.b official gone mummy done his dinner,so sorry for error UTC
  14. Reckon your right about the BBC deleting it as I was taking more notice of the crowd that day than the actual game ill have to be content with the little memory that I have ,it was 43 years ago,where did all those years go?
  15. Seem to remember 31 pass move for morata goal in above game I can see more of the same happening soon happy days
  16. Not sure where to post this it's kind of vintage,back in 1968 my mum who's no longer with us took me to my first match saints v Chelsea thinking I would then follow saints Chelsea won the game 3_5,I don't have much recollection but the team in blue stuck in my memory, over the next year or so my mother took me to the Dell a couple of times but she couldn't change me I was now Chelsea it came about the right time 1970 and all that my bedroom was slowly turning blue &white with posters scarves and anything Chelsea related now I'm a few years older and still feel like that kid when it comes
  17. Cheers ersk,I was in the shed that day think I was watching the crowd more than the match,Peter Taylor destroyed us he went on to be England manager. that stupid fedora hat seem to remember Raquel Welch at the bridge wearing something similar ,look at the managers attire back then both Alison &Eddie mac look like mafia dons
  18. Just got me thinking about quarter final against palace it kicked off in the north stand remember it well as I was only fifteen jumped the train from Southampton on my own,I still live down that way and support Chelsea just as much today but don't get to go so much. There was some footage on Match of the day one of our lot delivering a karate kick if anyone can find a link would be fun to watch again the year was 1976 Happy days up the chels
  19. What is not relevant about a Chelsea programme I for one appretiate the contributions erskblue puts in
  20. Thought this thread was was about our manager, not lady ref. Super Frankie Lampard
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