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  1. This team is so incredible at defending even down a man I wasn’t overly worried. They just get it done. Set pieces are a non issue now. Rudiger needs to get paid whatever he wants, absolute beauty under TT.
  2. Very true. I just don’t see the team spending big money on the position this summer. As much as I hate it I think the team might see Bakayoko & RLC as squad players at least until the Winter transfer window if they can’t secure loans/big money sales. I think they are very interested in Rice but the price tag is ludicrous. Really can’t complain if the team feels there is nothing out there worth the $/risk to improve the squad. Rather wait too spend money on first choice options.
  3. Honestly I wouldn’t be interested in those figures either. But it’s Roman’s world and we’re just living in it. You’re not gonna see me cry if it happens or not.
  4. I think Marina and Abramovich are all in on this guy. There isn’t any real concrete rumours on anyone other than him. Really we don’t need much else. Theme song of our transfer window should be The Gambler because this is a heavy weight showdown with Marina and BVB the two with the best poker faces in the game. If it’s gonna happen it will be close to the deadline. Leverkusen played this game with Marina last year and eventually she won. I have full faith in this club no matter what! My prediction is 1 1/2 weeks before deadline at 148 mil
  5. I’m completely fine with not getting any big names this summer. This is a very strong very young team. Seems to be a great dynamic in the room. The mental side of the game seems to be bigger than ever. If we bring in guys who are massively overpaid compared to the rest I worry that dynamic changes. Especially if they start underperforming. Pay up on the champions we have and bring in support pieces.
  6. I see rumours Milan want him and are closing in on a deal. I don’t get why he’d want to go play second fiddle to Ibra. He’ll play second fiddle here too but we just won champions league. He scored some big goals for us this year and will be missed if he leaves. Don’t see us getting lukaku Kane or halaand so I’d love to keep him around. Seems to mesh with the squad very well.
  7. I really hope he isn’t sold. He has massive potential. More importantly he brings the USA market in and the revenue that comes with it. I saw some where his jersey sold the second most next to Messi this year. Keep him, his skill being subbed in and the revenue.
  8. I would love to add Rice not only because he is a world class CDM but he is also our starboy’s bestie. The more I think about it though, in Tuchel’s system with Kante still slaying all, he’s a bit over kill for the price tag. We struggle against lower teams who sit back and defend. Adding a midfielder who can pot some goals for us would be more beneficial in making a run at the prem title this year. Also gives Tuchel and his tactics some wicked diversity in midfield. I don’t know who that midfielder would be maybe a Soucek or Gundogan esk player. I’d love to steal Marcos Llorente but I don’t see that happening. I think Rice ends up here one way or another. I just don’t think it needs to be this season. Let him keep running the shammers and when King Kante slows down bring him in.
  9. The TV stopped covering it and I’m Pissed I need to see this team celebrating all god damn night. With me bumping it’s FRIDAY THEN ITS SATURDAY SUNDAY EHHHHH!
  10. No words can describe this. f**king fantastic LETS f**kING GOOOOOO! T
  11. Came here to post this. For me it all comes down to Tuchel. If he truly believes Lukaku makes this team title/multi trophy challengers, bring him in no question. Personally the top of my list is a DM and CB. I don’t see the 3 back working as well next season. Rather go to a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. I have more faith that our new attackers will be able to turn it around next season than I do in the midfield and D being able to handle a 4 back. I’d like to see Havertz in the Firmino role with Werner wide in a 4-3-3. I just don’t trust Rudi or an aging Silva together in the back 4. With a Marquinhos or Varane & a Rice I’m sleeping easier. Regardless if Tuchel says he wants Lukaku you won’t hear a peep from me. He has been incredible and in him I trust! (Except for the Tammy situation which I believe is gonna bite us but CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL!)
  12. What an absolutely stunning job he has done. The team looks like they can beat anyone and they are still getting better every match. Kudos to the players too they are really understanding what he wants and executing it night after night. I really hope he gets a big contract and is able to see it through. Hopefully with some trophies along the way. Two this year would be a nice start 😉.
  13. I’ll preface this with the team still has a lot of work to do. That said I am extremely impressed by Tuchel so far. The defensive record under his reign is absurd! (Thiago deserves credit too for his presence). The team has massive confidence right now defending. Players I had written off are all coming together under him. The team unity is also wicked to watch. Silva Mount and Jorgi celly was awesome. The mental side of the game is so vital these days with everyone being so connected. These guys go out and give everything they’ve got for one another. Watching the spuds game against Dynamo the difference is night and day in mentality. Tuchel has brought that championship winning mentality. Could the attack be better? Maybe. But the boys are winning BIG games without clicking 100%. As the confidence continues to grow so will the goals. I am stoked for the squad and the lads right now! The future is bright! UP THE CHELS!
  14. Legendary performance for Orsic. 3 beautiful goals against the spuds. Beautiful!
  15. I’ve given Kante flack for his forward progress before but if T can bring this out of Kante every night god help opposing teams. What a performance! He’s a menacing whirling dervish. The Chelsea FC tazmanian devil!
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