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  1. In a perfect world I’d love to use him in a “firmino” role. Hold up move it out wide. Get him in the box with an extra midfielder in there to open him up. The three back is working for now but we have too few players in the box. He is one of the best poachers the team just never gets the ball deep enough to let him drop back and pick off goals.
  2. I was very sceptical of the hiring. But he is doing what is takes to get wins and that’s what matters. The 3 back isn’t beautiful but it works so stick with it fine. My issue is the amount of chances the team produces. They produced very little under frank this season and it seems to be a bit down under TT. The biggest improvement is in defence. If the team is to keep winning “sustainably” they need to be more offensive. Hopefully a health team and time bring that but currently wins are wins and I can’t really complain. Eventually with Silva back I’d like to see a 4-3-3.
  3. I think he’s underrated by his teammates too. Whenever he gets a run of games and his teammates grow comfortable with him he is great. He is what he is though. He’s not pressing or winning balls with pace. If he gets a run of games though and his teammates learn how to use him effectively. Watch out. this team has everything BUT finishing and he brings that period
  4. Olli is clearly our best striker. He’s always viewed as a reserve player though. If we are serious about Haaland or another legit striker I think TT should really build the attack around Giroud for the rest of the season. He doesn’t get the chances other forwards get due too our system but I think if he was viewed as the first option and we built the attack around him (for this season) we could go places (atleast secure top 4 & advance in champions). He gets half the chances but his finishing rate is elite. Focus on finding him at all costs and we could get somewhere this year!
  5. I was absolutely shocked to see both Chillwel and James in the lineup last game. I thought both were injured and they played like it. I expect big changes for the Villa game. If we go at them with the same Shiite Lamps should go on holidays. Give half the B squad a chance Werner - Giroud Havertz Alonso - Gilmour - Kante - Hudson Odoi Tomori - Rudiger - Azpi Mendy
  6. At the start of the year I told myself I’d give Frank another year at minimum before judging. He’s a young coach and he needs to learn with the players he brought in. Especially after last season where nobody expected much. But the problem is he isn’t learning. The tactics are the same every game and he’s unwilling to change from his “beautiful ball”. Problem is it ain’t beautiful right now. The loss to Arses hit pretty hard and honestly it unacceptable. Chels haven’t looked good in the past half dozen games and if it’s not turned around soon I won’t be crying if he’s shown the door legend or
  7. His style of play is more suited for counter attacking and so far this season the team isn’t really playing that game. No doubt he needs to finish his chances though and it’s getting frustrating. He is still producing assists lately though Atleast. I’d like to see more from him but I’m far from being down on the lad. He also isn’t getting service. The post game analysis the other game was spot on. He is making great runs and just not getting the ball at the right time. Atleast 4 times the ball wasn’t played or was too late. He will get goals when the team gets used to his pace, I still th
  8. They are gonna be pumped up for this one after the hammering they took the last time we met. Really hope FL sticks Silva to DCL all night and shuts him down. A spanking would tickle my fancy but regardless a win is necessary.
  9. I totally get the selfishness criticizing but honestly I want him to keep it up. He is really one of the only players on the squad with the willingness and skill to take players on in the box. All elite teams need that creativity. He’s been out for awhile and needs to regain his confidence and once he does he’ll get his head up and find that pass rather then shooting all the time. The kid oozes talent just needs to relax a bit, been a bit tense the past couple games. The only way to improve is to keep at it.
  10. Where does he fit in the squad if we bring him in though? He is going to want a lot of game time. Chilwell was just brought in for a lot of dough and has exceeded expectations imo. Don’t see him loosing his spot. Zouma is much improved and has the best aerial win percentage out of the big leagues. Makes some mistakes but has been a big part of the defensive rejuvenation. Silva and Alaba pairing worries me a bit on height especially in the prem where a lot of balls get whipped in. Amazing player obviously but does he fit the current squad? Maybe it works if we move Rudiger and Christensen
  11. “Tammy is the future” is an excellent point one that I think some miss. He has been excellent this season so far, link up and finishing. It’s important for him to mesh with the powerhouse Chels and Lamps are building so I have no issue with him seeing lots of game time. He missed a couple opportunities against the best defensive team in the prem. Tatter tots sat back the entire game, clearly they respected him and the attacking prowess of this team. If he isn’t seeing top comp he isn’t going to improve. No doubt that Giroud should get a run of games (after Leeds imo). Let’s not forge
  12. Yes Timo misses some shots but he’s putting himself in the positions to get those shots. If he ever cleans up his finishing he could be one of the elite. I’m sure the Chelsea brass knew prior to his signing and are going to give him all the support he needs to get the finishing down. He is still young much like the rest of the team. The potential is very exciting.
  13. I think Silva has been the biggest signing for us this window. His play has been amazing but it’s his leadership that’s the most important to me. You hear it from the manager who he says he speaks with everyday. You hear it from the player interviews saying they now fully understand why he’s regarded as a top CB. You can see it in the improvements in Zouma and James defensively. It’s not like there was any coaching change. He is basically a player/coach. It sucks that we may only have him for a couple years but the affect he will have on our younger players is unmeasurable. Mendy d
  14. I can’t remember which game it was now. I was probably only 12 or 13 at the time. Loved watching him play though.
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