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  1. I think Silva has been the biggest signing for us this window. His play has been amazing but it’s his leadership that’s the most important to me. You hear it from the manager who he says he speaks with everyday. You hear it from the player interviews saying they now fully understand why he’s regarded as a top CB. You can see it in the improvements in Zouma and James defensively. It’s not like there was any coaching change. He is basically a player/coach. It sucks that we may only have him for a couple years but the affect he will have on our younger players is unmeasurable. Mendy d
  2. I can’t remember which game it was now. I was probably only 12 or 13 at the time. Loved watching him play though.
  3. Pulisic would be very handy today. He is willing to take on his man and win.
  4. I expect a slow start. Most of these players have been away on national duty playing different styles. Might take a bit to get back in the groove of Chelsea ball. Confidence should be high though so I hope to see a lot of creativity in the second half. Let’s go Chels!
  5. Hey all! Been lurkin for a bit now, figured I’d give the intro a go and start posting. Toronto, Canada is the home Hockey is obviously what I grew up playing but soccer was always the second sport. First soccer game I watched was Chelsea and Ballack was on fire. Chelsea has been my team since. Loved watching Hazard progress through and become one of the greatest wingers in the game. I’ve been following passionately now for the past 5 years. I must say the team this year as me absolutely ecstatic. So much talent brought in this past window and they are starting t
  6. Went with Kante. Finally playing where he belongs and showing he is still one of the best out there. Really though you could give it to anyone, fantastic game from every player. I’m sure Lampard is over the moon right now, the squad he envisioned is coming together. Keep it up boys!
  7. Hoping for a win. Would be a big boost to the boys to grab a win with so many new faces. It will be a good learning experience either way. Can’t wait to have Ziyech back he’s a big piece. Ecstatic to see all these signing continue to mesh together.
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