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  1. That’s an interesting question Donnyblue. Like others have said you can’t project today’s values back in time. I first went to football in 1972, my father took me to see his team, Newcastle, play us at the Bridge. I was instantly hooked and when I left school the following season started to go on my own. I was working so I had money in my pocket for the first time and spent a lot of it on football and drink. Day to day life was pretty dismal back then so I longed for the adventure the weekend always brought. My first away game was at Coventry where compared with later’s thousand
  2. I went in a car with four other lads from Basingstoke. Terrific game! Maybe the best I've ever seen. We stopped at a pub outside Sheffield after the game and had a good drink with the locals, great day out!
  3. It looks like an alcohol free train. No beer, freezing cold or boiling hot usually the former, disgusting toilets, and optional bricks through the windows. I preferred the normal service trains myself. If you caught an early one you arrived in Scouse land or wherever with plenty of time to get tanked up before the game!
  4. Basically football started to lose its soul. By 2002 I'd had enough and haven't been since. Mind you it's a bit difficult now as it's an 8000 mile round trip for me!
  5. 67-68 before my time. Was a regular 73-85. My hair was a good deal longer also!
  6. Great stuff! Have some great memories of Danny!
  7. Yes your right, he did come over all self rightcheous didn't he. He wasn't much better at commenting on the football either.
  8. bluebeard I was also at the game in York. If I remember rightly it was freezing cold with snow flurries and there was a worry that the game would be called off. I don't remember much about the game itself but do remember drinking in a pub owned by an ex Chelsea player, for the life of me I can't remember his name, perhaps someone can enlighten me. Do you remember the kung fu kicker at the Palace game? If I'm correct it was a guy called Arthur Peploe from Basingstoke who was into martial arts and a bit loopy. The kick failed, he missed his target and got tangle
  9. Welcome to The Shed End LOFTYBILL :)

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