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  1. Dead right about those pubs. I think they were clubs for escaped nutters!
  2. I agree that Gullit was a great influence in our rennaisance but for me Glenn Hoddle was the turning point. He completely changed the whole club, without him we would never have attracted Gullit in the first place.
  3. My dad was at that game. He was 19 and in the army. Although a Newcastle Utd fan he went like many of the others out of curiosity about the Russians. He said it was one of the best experiences of his life!
  4. Yes that was when we were really crap. You had to be a masochist to go to the Bridge back then, but of course we still went. I remember the PO book, I believe I discovered mine in a drawer sometime in the nineties and cashed it in, couldn't have been more than a tenner in it mind!
  5. Chelsea obviously paid him too much judging by the car he got out of!
  6. Looks like it is portacabins or something similar.
  7. As you say a lively day. All in all one of the better days of following Chelsea in those days including the train breakdown at St Neots, happy days!
  8. Very proud of Chelsea fans tonight. I just wish I could have been part of it, a bit difficult from 4000 miles away!
  9. That's interesting, so it might be possible for a new club called Chelsea to be formed, much like Wimbledon have done.
  10. How to become a pariah of world football with one announcement. Shame on you Chelsea, I am disgusted after 55 years of support.
  11. That’s an interesting question Donnyblue. Like others have said you can’t project today’s values back in time. I first went to football in 1972, my father took me to see his team, Newcastle, play us at the Bridge. I was instantly hooked and when I left school the following season started to go on my own. I was working so I had money in my pocket for the first time and spent a lot of it on football and drink. Day to day life was pretty dismal back then so I longed for the adventure the weekend always brought. My first away game was at Coventry where compared with later’s thousands the turnout was probably fewer than 500. Ipswich and West Ham followed and they were real eye-openers, I was threatened at both and quickly learned to be a bit more streetwise after that. I was at the infamous game at WHL in 1975, squeezed into the Paxton and marvelling at all the mayhem going on around me, to be honest I loved it! I was never a fighter, more interested in drink and having a laugh than smacking someone in the mush, so I never looked for a punch up but occassionally it found me and I’m a big lad and could take care of myself. Although I didn’t do violence myself Chelsea’s reputation gave me a feeling of pride I suppose, this along with the cameraderie and excitement of entering enemy territory was what attracted me, and of course I loved the football. I knew the hardcore and often exchanged a nod whilst they went about their business. Certainly I feel no shame about what went on in those days, it was just how life was like back then, I just wish I could perhaps re-live some of it!
  12. I went in a car with four other lads from Basingstoke. Terrific game! Maybe the best I've ever seen. We stopped at a pub outside Sheffield after the game and had a good drink with the locals, great day out!
  13. It looks like an alcohol free train. No beer, freezing cold or boiling hot usually the former, disgusting toilets, and optional bricks through the windows. I preferred the normal service trains myself. If you caught an early one you arrived in Scouse land or wherever with plenty of time to get tanked up before the game!
  14. Basically football started to lose its soul. By 2002 I'd had enough and haven't been since. Mind you it's a bit difficult now as it's an 8000 mile round trip for me!
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