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  1. Hasn't he been strongly linked to Liverpool for months now? Klopp being the manager makes sense for that move to happen. In that case I'd rather we concentrate on other targets, we want players who put us at the top of their wishlist, not plan B or C.
  2. I'd take him on loan with team option to buy, this way we don't risk anything and he's a talented player and still young.
  3. As much as I like to blame our board/Marina for poor transfer business over the last few years, the Morata deal was probably the best we could do under the circumstances. Costa was leaving and it was a choice between Morata and Lukaku because no other big name strikers were available at the time. MU snatched Lukaku (who I didn't want either, btw) and we were left with the Spaniard. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but who knew he'd turn out to be a gutless moanbag?
  4. I think, given what we know about the injury list, this is a very likely lineup. I expect RLC to be on the bench along with Anjorin and Broja because apparently we're down to the bare bones now. I'm still not convinced about the quality of our medical staff or whether our training methods contribute to that injury epidemic we've been witnessing for weeks and weeks now.
  5. Didn't CHO get injured right after returning from the winter break? Now before he could come back he gets injured again. Perhaps we have an incompetent medical team, or Lamps' training methods need looking into? Or is it CHO who is either injury prone or not disciplined enough to take care of himself?
  6. Don't you get any ideas, lady.
  7. Yep, looking great today, very impressive from young Billy.
  8. Relax, I wasn't trying to make fun of you, it's just you mention those two regularly so I thought you'd be interested. I've nothing against giving either a chance at some playing time. If there was a season for experimenting, this is it, especially given our injuries.

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