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  1. What about the fact that we managed to win one game coming from behind all season long? Football management isn't just about teaching fancy passing triangles. He is terrible at motivating players, that much is clear, he commands neither fear, nor respect. There's absolutely no reason to give him more time.
  2. So if that's true and Frankfurt use that option, Jovic wouldn't be able to leave this summer, no? I remember something about how a player's registration can't be changed more than once a season or something.
  3. Any loss is a failure by definition. It's not embarrassing for Huddersfield to lose to us, just like it's not a tragedy if we lose to City, because more often than not better side prevails. I can also understand you being proud of the performance in the final, yes, it's a lottery and we were unlucky in the end. But one match where players were highly motivated for obvious reasons and did their best doesn't change the fact that for the good chunk of the season we've been struggling and didn't come even remotely close to our best. Losing to City is understandable. Losing to Wolves, Leicester, Bournemouth and Everton isn't. Winning one game all season when coming from behind is absolutely shocking stat for any manager, let alone one at a top club. Our long term goals are tightly connected to qualifying for the CL, because missing out on it season after season isn't going to improve our future, believe me. Hazard was always going to leave anyway, but I doubt Sarri's struggles would somehow convince him to stay, if there was a chance of that happening. He clearly is struggling with Sarriball, just like the rest of team, so I don't see any logic behind your statement. The lack of scoring is a serious problem, but the real trouble with Sarriball is not creating goalscoring opportunities rather than not being clinical enough in front of the goal. Experience tells us, the more chances you create, the more goals you score, sooner or later quantity will lead to quality. Sarri's Chelsea creates much too little, and most of them are half chances, so with our lack of proper goalscorers it becomes even a bigger problem. Having a philosophy isn't enough to retain a job in one of Europe's top clubs. You have to be able to motivate the players, properly train them and find the right way to get the best out of the group you've got and you're not going to get a lot of time. Unless you already have a winning resume you need to prove to your employer in some way that you're the right man for the job, and soon. The stakes at CFC are too high and if you can't achieve a minimum task set for your first season, you're history. In that sense someone like Sarri is probably better off at some midtable club, where expectations and pressure to succeed are much lower and time to work on and develop your ideas is longer.
  4. So what game were you refering to? The lost final? In what universe outperforming your opponent is preferable to beating them? If my job is on the line and I stll fail the test, while doing relatively okay, it's still a failure, right? The request from the players may have happened before the match against Spurs and not City, but it has no bearing on the point I was making. One time Sarri decided to change his usual tactical approach and play to his players' strength we won against the best team in the league, which was unbeaten at the time, by the way. So it's not the quality of the players, that have us struggling, it's the manager who's too stubborn and tactically naive to use the squad at his disposal properly. As far as nonsensical suppositions go, here's another one for you from someone who knows about football more than I, you and everybody else put together in this forum. Hope that helps.
  5. We beat City once this season. It was when, according to Sarri himself, the players before the match approached him and asked him to play deeper. That;'s the only reason it worked. After that Sarri decided to go back to his usual plan A and got his ass handed to him at Etihad with six goals embarrassment. No, he was brought here to change the style of football while keeping the team competitive. And yes, I don't have to possess some inside knowledge to know which objective is more important to the club right now, it's common sense. I get it. You care about beauiful style more than results, although I don't see much beauty in struggling to score on one end, falling apart at the other and passing everyone to sleep in between. But I guess, to each his own.
  6. Sarri is not a winner. He may be a nice guy, a great student of the game who wants to implement an aesthetically pleasing playing style, but he has no idea how to deliver results when all's on the line. That's why I don't believe we'll reach the top four or win the EL.There are plenty of examples this season when I thought it was a good time to turn things around, go on a winning streak, stake your claim as a top manager and convince everybody he's the real deal. He failed time and again, and more often than not, against inferior opposition. Being a winner is a rare ability, that's why the likes of Mourinho, Guardiola, Zidane etc. are considered elite. They know how to handle pressure and how to find a way to win. You don't care about finishing in the top four, but I guarantee you the club does, and for a good reason. I can also guarantee you that Sarri was told when hired that qualifying for the CL place is an absolute must. You don't seriously think they just told him to enjoy himself and who cares where we end up come the end of the season? He wouldn't have taken the job? Yeah right, because there was a long line of top clubs we were fighting off in order to acquire his services. Sarri was lucky to get the Chelsea job, this is the biggest test of his carrer to date, it was us offering him a chance on the biggest stage at one of Europe's elite clubs. As for the first half against Everton being a joy to watch, it's just another example of how far we've fallen under Sarri. Nowadays looking good while scoring nothing for 45 minutes against the 11th placed side in the league is considered something worth gushing over.
  7. In order for the fans to get behind the idea of Sarri long term he needs to prove that he's worthy of that trust and show some signs that he's capable of managing a side like Chelsea. He hasn't so far, but that's just my opinion. We won't go backwards if we chop Sarri. For that to happen he needs to have made some progress which we would regret to lose if he's sacked. He's accomplished f**k all, in fact we're looking worse now than we were at the start of the season. Liverpool and City hired proven winners, so there was an obvious logic behind it. Pep's and Klopp's resumes were the reason for giving them time and money to build something. What can Sarri use as an incentive for the board to persevere with him in charge? That he once finished second in a Serie A while playing an entertaining style of football? If he came to Everton or Watford, that may have been impressive enough. At Chelsea, the most successful club in the country over the last decade, it buys you nothing. He was a gamble because of his resume, and has proved to be an unsuccessful gamble, at that. We won't finish in the top four. Even with an easy route to the final, I doubt we'll win the EL, not with Sarri in charge. He doesn't have respect of the players, they don't trust/understand his ideas, and the opposition have no fear of us because we're mentally weak team that can be pushed around and collapses the moment it concedes.
  8. He doesn't have to fare much better. All he had to do is make sure we have a CL football next year which is absolutely critical in terms of our finances (we've missed a few recently), our status as a top club and our potential transfer dealings. There's still time to kick him to the kerb and bring in Steve Holland to steady the ship and focus on the EL win, because through Sarri's incompetence that's the only realistic chance to get into the next season's CL we've got left.
  9. It's a bit ironic that he keeps mentioning mentality problems whenever we lose games. First of, it's detrimental for a manager to sh*t on his own players publicly, even if he privately has reservations about them. Second, if that's the problem, why not address it? You're the manager, aren't you? What have you done to change it? You keep playing the same eleven for months, they keep failing and you moan about how mentally weak they are in the postmatch interviews. Does that make sense to anyone? And thirdly, most of those players, for all their faults, won trophies in the recent past under other managers. Sarri has a big fat nothing in his trophy cabinet and yet we're supposed to believe that he's doing everything right but the players' weak mentality prevents the team from succeeding.
  10. The only reason we're looking good in Europe so far is the quality of the opposition we've faced to date. If we were playing in the CL this season, we wouldn't have been able to go past the group stage.
  11. Come on now, how much longer are we going to use that excuse? We didn't have a midweek fixture prior to losing to City, for example, yet a full week of preparation didn't stop us from getting embarrassed 0-6. And Sarri used the bench players actively at the EL group stages, too. Away at Kiev half the team was rested and the game looked like practice due to the caliber of the opponent. It's not the busy schedule or the other teams raising their games, or even lack of quality in our own squad. It's the manager who is out of his depth and doesn't have what it takes to succeed in a very competitive league. Once you accept that as a fact, everything else starts to make sense: poor preparation, players confused as to what they're supposed to do, lack of goalscoring opportunities and as a result, lack of goals, total collapse defensively with non-existant marking that happens whenever we face a half decent opposition and struggling in attack whenever the opponent is well organized and doesn't just allow us time and space on the ball. A few poor performances in a season you can use as an exception or a case of a bad luck. We've been struggling for months now with no signs of improvement. It's a pattern.
  12. Absolutely spot on. Guardiola's Barca and now City wear the opposition out with their intelligent passing and movement off the ball. Sarri's Chelsea is indeed slow, ponderous and predictable and players exhaust themselves far more than they do the opponent. It's almost like they're trying their best to pass the 'keep the ball' test instead of playing actual football. It's possession for the sake of possession, and without the ball the team is just as clueless as it is with it.
  13. Personally I'd like to know what we do in training when it comes to corner kicks. We've scored a goal-and-a-half so far from corners this season and seemingly have no idea how to defend corners, either. Last night was a good example. Every corner Everton took resulted in a free header. Marking is non-existant in the Sarri world.
  14. It's not just that he's one dimensional when it comes to playing style. I've posted a stat in the Everton match thread, apparently we only came back from behind to win a game just once (!) all season long. That tells me that the players don't trust Sarri's methods, don't believe in him and can't wait to see the back of him. Now we can discuss the flaws and shortcomings of our current squad, but that's a disturbing stat for any manager.

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