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  1. I think that's the problem we as fans keep overlooking. Everybody is talking about youngsters and their struggles/or successes but it's the older players that failed to step up when we needed them the most. The lack of leadership is what bothers me the most and it's not a recent issue, we've been witnessing it for years now. Ten years ago we had Terry, Lamps, Drogba, Cole, Cech, Ivanovic etc. and they led by example. Can you imagine Kepa pulling the stunt that he did last season if we still had that core of veterans in the team, no chance of that happening. Currently we're a soft side, both mentally and physically. Whether Frank is the right man to change that atmosphere within the club, I don't know, but we need to improve things drastically in that department and bringing the right kind of players not just in terms of talent but the right mental attitude is critically important. We need new leaders, whose ability on the pitch will match their strong competitive personality and desire to win at all costs. Right now, we have some experienced players, but they're no real leaders, and it hurts us as a team and sends the wrong message to our young talent.
  2. Much, much better. He's showing signs of his talent and what's to come. Still needs to work on his decision making and defensive duties, but the desire and confidence were there, I was very pleased with that. If CHO continues to improve, Pulisic nad Willian will have a real competition.
  3. I think Spurs would struggle to satisfy his wage demands, Levy isn't exactly known for his generous nature. I'd be more afraid of United, they've just lost Rashford and unlike Totenham have lots of money and aren't afraid to spend it. In fact, the financial cost required to get this deal done may be the biggest challenge here, given that you're investing a tidy sum in a nearly 33-year old player with recent injury problems and no resale value. Still, for a top club that lacks goal scoring options this is a no-brainer.
  4. I distinctly remember us signing a certain striker from a certain PL club nine years ago for a record fee at the time and who had been phenomenal in the league prior to joining us. His consequent struggles at CFC were very well-documented. At times he reminded me of a horse with a broken leg that needed to be put out of his misery. My point is, there are no guarantees. We can sign a PL proven striker and he may struggle to make an impact, and the other way around. I think Cavani is a good risk to take. Yes, he's past his prime and will command big wages, but short term (1.5-2 seasons) he can be a great option to have. Sign him as a replacement for Giroud, both the same age, but Cavani is on a different level to the Frenchman in terms of ability. Never heard anything negaive about his attitude on or off the pitch, a solid pro and he won't get in a way of Abraham's development but could be a great example for Tammy on how to play the centre forward role. Not to mention our busy shedule and the fact that we'll need all the help we can get in front of the goal, given our recent struggles. Then sign somebody good and in the right age bracket to replace Michy in the summer and we're set for the next season.
  5. Chelsea are interested in Ciro Immobile, according to Il Messaggero. https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/club-news/report-chelsea-interested-in-lazio-striker-ciro-immobile/
  6. Madrid are supposedly signing van de Beek from Ajax so someone must be on their way out. Perhaps there is some truth to Isco rumours.
  7. That Bernardo Silva bloke isn't doing too badly at City. either. It's incredible that out of that whole Monaco side, of all players, we went after Bakayoko. You didn't have to be a professional scout to see he was crap even back then, but somehow we ended up with him.
  8. It's an open secret that he's about to sign for United. Close the thread.
  9. His best performance to date, I'm not counting cup games against lower league teams, this was the real deal against a difficult opposition and he did well. There's still plenty to work on but most importantly his confidence was back and even his workrate was much better than usual. The goal obviously helped. Hopefully he'll keep working hard.
  10. So that's what it feels like to have someone in a Chelsea shirt capable of crossing the ball. I thought I'd never see the day.
  11. Whenever I watched Lemar at Monaco he looked average, not surprised he got found out at Madrid.
  12. Never saw the man play live but even his youtube highlights left me unimpressed.
  13. I noticed one thing he does very well, and he does it time and again, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees it. He makes a great long range pass to Willian from left to right, very elegant and precise, a thing of beauty. I just wish he did other things as well as that.

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