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  1. Mikel was underrated by many and was a useful player in his own way. Plus, we were never before in a transfer ban situation where we couldn't improve our squad in the offseason. Some players that would have been sold are staying put now simply because we can't take too many risks at the moment. The club is facing a new season where we'll have to compete on many fronts with the same imbalanced squad sans Hazard and a young manager in charge with a very little experience.
  2. Hazard leaving and the transfer ban makes it harder to sell Willian. Do you really want to start new season with Pedro (also on the decline), Pulisic (unproven) and CHO (coming of injury and yet to realize his potential) as your only winger/attacking mf options? The club seems to value Willian more than most fans do. Despite his well-documented flaws, he's been featuring regularly for every Chelsea manager since his arrival six years ago. He's not known as a troublemaker on a pitch or a dressing room and his experience may come in handy in the potentially turbulent period lying ahead. Again, if we weren't under the transfer ban and could sign some quality replacements, I'd be more than happy to sell Willian while we can still get something for him.
  3. So last July when he signed a three-year contract and moved to London, his parents were doing fine. Now that he's got an offer from Juve, they've aged so rapidly he needs to move back to his home country to keep an eye on them. That's what I call a fortuitous coincidence.
  4. When I use the word 'cult' I mean only those who take Sarri's side in every argument, no matter what. Everyone is biased, but I'm making an effort to see the whole picture. I'm not happy about plenty of things the club's done in the past and I supported Sarri or gave him his due when I felt he deserved it.
  5. Didn't he say when first arrived he doesn't care about transfers and just wants to be given time to work with players he's got? He even got some of those he asked for (Jorginho, Higuain), plus a keeper who was better suited to his tactical approach (Kepa). He isolated some important players he had no use for, and no-one said a word, either. Nothing's changed in that respect, he still got the job, and the players he's been working with will supposedly be better at Sarriball next season now that he was afforded time to implement it. Isn't that what he asked for at the beginning? I don't blame him for wanting out, I've said that here more than once. I just wanted to point out that little fact to the fans who were defending him throughout the season, blaming everyone under the sun but Sarri for the struggles we've been going through. Now that he wants to leave, he's blameless again, it's the club's fault, they didn't support him enough, it's the fans' fault, they hurt his gentle feelings with their insensitive chanting, it's Hazard's fault for leaving, it's Shed End forum posters' fault for pointing out his flaws, etc etc. It's always something or somebody else, never him. Imagine if it was the other way around and the club sacked him after finishing 3rd and winning the EL, what an outrage it would cause here. But Sarri apparently can turn his back on the club that put their faith in him less than a year earlier and are in a difficult situation now due to their best player leaving and the transfer ban tying their hands and somehow we all have to be understanding of his intentions and once again place the blame somewhere else. All that for the sake of someone who never even bothered to endear himself to the fanbase and seemed aloof and distant even during the most positive moments of his only season in charge.
  6. Why should I back the manager who doesn't want to be here anymore? I'm not a Sarri fan, I'm a Chelsea fan, first and last. Still, if it was the other way around and the club has sacked Sarri, I'd be the first to jump to his defence because it would be absolutely unfair, given the outcome of his first season, and I'd do that despite the fact that I'm still far from being convinced he's the right man for the job.
  7. See, these two highlighted sentences seem contradictory, if not mutually exclusive, to me. On one hand, you say if Sarri wants to leave, let him go. So you're fine with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting why it's such a big deal for him. I'd leave too, if presented with the same choice. He's worked for years from the very bottom of Italian club football to finally have a shot at working at the biggest club in the country and he may never get that chance again. This is a dream come true scenario for him. On the other, you claim Chelsea didn't try enough to keep him. So you don't have a problem with Sarri walking out on his Chelsea 'project' after just one season because he was offered something better. OK, I can accept that view. But how is it the club's fault? What could they possibly do to keep him in this situation? Keep him against his will, even though it's clear he wants to leave? Even if it's contractually possible, why force someone to stay, if he doesn't want to be there? They can't sign new players due to the ban, that issue is beyond their control. Offer him more money? But that's not the reason he wants to leave for Juve, we both know that. No matter how you look at it, Sarri is not a victim here. He's acting out of self-interest and the club is simply trying to get the best out of the difficult situation.
  8. He absolutely deserves credit for winning the EL. I had serious doubts about it, in fact I was sure he'd fail, and he proved me wrong. Third place in the league was a great result, all things considered, although our top four rivals' shocking form in the last few weeks was a huge contributing factor in that outcome. Still, I gave him credit, said on this very thread that Sarri absolutely deserved to keep his job due to us qualifying for the CL, despite whatever reservations his detractors, me included, had at the time. CHO issue was overblown due to Bayern's interest. I personally was more critical of the youngster himself because I felt in his fist season with the first team, at the club that made him, he should have been more patient and respectful. With RLC I thought it was more due to his fitness issues that he couldn't get going until late in the season, but good on Sarri to trust him when he did.
  9. Disagreeing is fine, being blindly biased isn't.
  10. Good riddance. His apologists were in full force all season long, blaming the club/the owner/Marina/the fans for not being patient and supportive enough. It was all about giving the man time to work his magic. Now, less than a year after joining the club, the moment a better opportunity comes along, he jumps ship to join Juventus. What a classy man. So he was never serious about building something at Chelsea, just like he couldn't give a rat's arse about Napoli fans' feelings on the matter, it's all PR rubbish. We were the first top club to give him a chance to prove himself at the big stage, the first to enable him to win something. The funny thing is, the members of the Sarri cult will see his exit as the club's fault, too. They'll blame it on anyone, but their precious Maurizio. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I hope you'll win nothing at Turin and get sacked before the next season's up.
  11. We won a couple of titles, an FA Cup and EL since then, so yes, we've done quite well, given the circumstances. Anyway, this is Hazard thread, so let's leave it at that.
  12. Huge loss for the club but we've recovered after Drogba, Lamps and JT were gone, we'll find a way to succeed post-Hazard. Thanks for everything, Eden. Great servant to the club on and off the pitch, we're going to miss you.
  13. He has managed to put the blame on everyone: the club, the fans, the teammates and the manager. The only party that carries no responsibility for his problems, surprise, surprise, it's Morata himself. Apparently it was them and not the player himself who was failing on the pitch, missing easy chances, falling to the floor at every contact and bitching and moaning to the referees instead of doing the job he was bought for. Just a weak-minded fragile individual who constantly plays victim, points fingers at others and isn't man enough to admit that he let the team down. Typical cop-out for someone like that. Pathetic clown.
  14. What about this Eric Ten Hag fellow from Ajax? He'll lose all his key players in the summer and I'm sure Chelsea job could be tempting for someone like him. If Sarri is in fact leaving, wouldn't it be logical to try and pry him away? His footballing style is similar to Sarri's and it would make sense to continue building the team with the same tactical approach instead of dismissing the progress we've made and starting from scratch with a totally different vision. Plus, I genuinely don't think Lamps is ready yet.
  15. And yet they haven't won the league for nearly a decade before Klopp did in 2011 and 2012 and haven't won since. Scouting network is important to building a side, but it's the manager who puts a team together, trains and motivates the players.

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