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  1. Thought he was more than decent, looked like Willian we haven't seen in a long while. I just hope it lasts, because we'll need him.
  2. I'm very happy for him and the team and so far he's proved me wrong.
  3. Would you make an issue out of it if he mentioned that the guy was Russian? Because I am and I wouldn't care. What difference does it make? He's just describing someone from work. Why mentioning someone's origin is a problem? Is 'African' considered a derogatory term nowadays?
  4. What impressed me as much as his ability is the confidence he's got. You'd think Mount was a seasoned veteran, he's got this attitude that he belongs at this level, rare quality for a youngster making a step up.
  5. Not me. I understand the emotional reaction to his goals yesterday, the fans waited for so long for our youth to get into the team and make their mark. These are very exciting times for all Chelsea supporters and is clearly a step in the right direction. In that sense I'm very hopeful and very much looking forward to seeing our young talent to break into the first team and become the future of this club. I do have doubts about Tammy, but will be more than happy if he proves me wrong in bigger and tougher games to come.
  6. We haven't seen Tammy do it at every level, he's done very well at the Championship with Bristol and Villa and had a decent, but not great stint with Swansea in the PL in between. While finishing second best goalscorer last season was quite impressive, let's not forget that the league's leading goalscorer was certain Teemu Pukki, who scored Norwich's second today, so let's not get carried away here, shall we? I'm very happy for Tammy, he took his goals well and hopefully it'll do his confidence a world of good as he continues to develop his game. But scoring twice against the Championship level backline isn't suddenly going to turn him into a top quality striker. There's a very long road ahead and it'll be months and months before we could objectively assess his worth and whether he has a future at the club.
  7. The same for me, hated that. Going crazy, then seconds later screaming ohh f**k at the tv.
  8. Are you sure? I remember them going to VAR for Pulisic's goal in the first half, but not for the Mount's.
  9. Interesting. I may be wrong but they didn't go to VAR for Mount's disallowed goal, did they?
  10. I didn't realize that. That's a weird ruling, what good could it possibly do to let the play complete, if it's going to be called for offside in the end, anyway?
  11. I thought they did OK for the most part, but the timing of linesmen offside calls was odd, it felt like time and again they waited until the play was over to finally waive the flag.
  12. The thing I noticed in the first two games is how fast we move the ball. And it's not just passing endlessly like last season, it's fast and effective, the players do it with purpose. We create plenty of chances, which is very reassuring because they're bound to turn into goals at some point. The team won't be facing MU or Pool quality backline on a regular basis, and we looked potent and dangerous against those btw, with more clinical finishing and a bit of luck the results could have been different. It's going to be a difficult season, with some ups and downs, but there's a good feeling about this team, it has hunger and a fighting spirit and is very pleasing to watch.
  13. Wrong call from Frank to have Abraham take a pen, let alone the last one. Proud of the performance, but not having a quality striker upfront is the reason we lost today. All that effort for nothing. Just hate losing to these c**ts.

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