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  1. Zouma clearly messed up with the pass but from this angle it definitely looks like Kepa should have been first to the ball to clear it.
  2. You don't know what Klopp or Bayern would have done, none of us do, these are all assumptions. Who knows if Bayern would even have bought Havertz, they are not exactly known for splashing record fees around and no chance in hell of them paying anything close to what we paid for him, not now, not next year. Liverpool couldn't afford Werner, that's where we came in and got him. Post covid financial climate and our own unique situation with saving some money after being unable to spend put CFC in a great position compared to most other sides, and thankfully we took full advantage. Next year, it w
  3. I see your English is rapidly improving.
  4. I think people are underestimating the toughness of the league and /or overestimate Frank's expertise when they say 'if only we had a certain player filling a certain position we'd be winning the title." We've been having systemic problems in the way we set up for over a year now, our opponents exploit those issues time and again and Frank so far seems unable to properly address that. Bringing in players of a high caliber certainly helps but the manager has to know how to make it work on the pitch.
  5. At this level players are driven by two major factors: ambition to win and money. I'm not buying into the whole 'I signed because of the manager' nonsense, this is just a thing players say when they join a new club. Sure, Frank's phone conversations with Timo, Kai or Hakim probably reassured them of how important they were going to be in the way their new team will be set up to play, but the reality is, in this business managers come and go fairly often while star players sign long term contracts and outlast most managers. Werner or Havertz weren't born yesterday, they know Frank may be in cha
  6. I'm fairly sure there are times during a season when a manager has everyone available for selection and no fresh injuries to report.
  7. I will allow Frank time to get all the players fit and ready for selection but I have to say, the early signs are worrying, The last season's defensive woes are still there and we keep leaking goals. It can't go on like this, or he'll be out of the job before the end of the year.
  8. I think the thing I fear the most is that if we've got everybody back and fit and we're still struggling. The reasons why last season was so hard for Lamps are the same reasons why he was given a break at that time. If we're still having the same problems this season, there won't be any escaping that. I love Frank but he needs to show significant improvement. In that sense it's a pity we lost the last FA Cup final and got knocked out of Carabao Cup this time around because winning a trophy does wonders for a manager in a new team, especially someone as young and inexperienced as Lamps. Un
  9. At this point I'd take Barkley over Jorginho and RLC both. One is a limited player without much use in the current setup and the other is either injured or fit but underwhelming. Barkley will never be world class but you know what he can give you and he's fairly consistent.
  10. But Rice and Barkley are two very different players. I can understand selling/loaning out RLC or Jorginho, but Barkley was probably our best backup for midfield. It's idiotic.
  11. Why would we do that? He's one of the more valuable squad options we've got. I don't understand that at all.
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