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  1. This is just pure idiocy. Who the f**k decided it was a good idea to have this pointless friendly at this particular date across the ocean on a piece of sh*t pitch?
  2. I'd have substituted Sarri for someone who knows what he's doing, but I guess it's a bit late in the season for that. 😀
  3. Watching this match is like watching our whole season in a matter of 120 minutes.
  4. Why even have Cahill on the bench if you won't use him in thsese situations.
  5. Still not convinced by the man, but what's fair is fair, he's got us back in the CL, and that should get Sarri another season in charge. Hopefully he can finish the season on a high by winning the EL trophy. Given how much we've struggled, that would be a very good finish for his first season and get us back to the winning ways, not to mention get Sarri his long awaited first trophy. I admit I was wrong about us not finishing in the top four under Sarri although we did get a lot of help from our top four rivals, who were strangely determined to make us look good by being even more sh*t. Hopefully Maurizio has learned by now enough about his new team, new league and the the type of challenges he has to face at this level.
  6. Has Sarri asked someone else to deliver the half time speech? But seriously this was like a different team out there, not just in terms of movement and speed, but desire and fighting spirit. That team from the second half was what I'waited from Sarri all season long. The question is, is it here to stay or is it just one time appearance. Big step to claim the top four today. Still a tough away game at Leicester remains, three days after the EL semi. But well done to Maurizio and the players, that was exactly what was needed.
  7. I have a feeling only hard drugs can make watching Sarriball a tolerable experience.

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