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  1. But the teams Frank and Chelsea faced this season have also been affected by Covid, unlike teams/managers our ex-managers from that list played against.
  2. Why are we still talking about last season? Yes, Frank did better than expected but that was then, this is now. Should we ignore the fact that we spent more money on players before this season than any other club in Europe? Because this is just as much true as us losing Hazard and unable to buy anyone a year earlier. What extenuating circumstances are having a big impact on this season? Injuries? Every team has them and some have it worse than us. Covid situation also affects everbody. Every manager of every team has to deal with these problems, they're not exclusive to Frank and Chelsea.
  3. If we were currently top of the league, playing brilliantly and blowing away our opponents no-one would be talking about the need to integrate new players, injuries that by the way happen to every team, COVID that also affects everybody, not just Chelsea, etc etc. The reason people are mentioning all these things now is because we've been struggling, so instead of blaming Frank for being incompetent or simply too inexperienced and not ready yet for a job of this magnitude people go to any lengths in order to protect their hero and shift the blame onto anyone or anything else. How settled was t
  4. I like your post a lot but that part got me thinking. Before this season we brought in a new coach to help improve our defence. Now you're saying we need another for playing patterns and styles. My question is, what is it that Jody Morris and Joe Edwards are doing there, because I have trouble trying to figure it out.
  5. My set of rules changes depending on how each Chelsea match goes. My original idea was that if by the final whistle the opponent will have scored more goals than us, the score is reversed and Chelsea is awarded full three points. The FA are yet to reply on that one, bunch of w**kers that they are.
  6. I prefer my fantasy system where the team that scores last wins. So congratulations, everybody.
  7. Who exactly are you talking about? The trolls that pop up only when we lose don't stick around long enough to have a discussion with. Whose agenda? Mine?
  8. Well, when those fans say, we don't have the divine right to win every match, who do they mean by 'we'? You? Me? Themselves? Or professional footballers of CFC? Because that's who I'm talking about, just to be clear, and I assume that's who we're discussing here, on a football forum. So once again, my personal opinion is that it's the wrong attitude for a team that aims to win things. Also, your idea of 'realistic' may differ from mine or some other posters. Expecting a top four finish with the squad we've got isn't unrealistic at all, in fact it's quite reasonable, given our depth and o
  9. I hate it when people start with 'we don't have the divine right to win' stuff. This tired line is an ever popular cliche straight from the 'Things Losers Say' bin. Can you imagine a truly successful manager say that to their team? I'm sure Frank never said that to his players either, because the moment those words are uttered, you basically admit you're a loser. Whether it's Mourinho's siege mentality approach or whatever Pep, Klopp or any other top manager uses to motivate their teams to overcome opponents and win trophies, I guarantee you accepting losing is not part of it. Every team loses
  10. The length of his contract is irrelevant, most of the time in this business managers get sacked before they get a chance at running down their contract. Suggestions to let Lamps stay and work until summer of 2022 regardless of what happens on the pitch, I'm afraid, are totally unrealistic. At this level you're being assessed, judged and analyzed after every game. Chelsea is a huge club backed by massive investment and has a very ambitious owner, and with that ambition comes expectation. You don't deliver, you're history. Frank obviously has some credit with the hierarchy due to his status with
  11. I'm concerned with that post match interview for two reasons. First of all, he keeps saying 'they' when mentioning players, when in fact, he should be saying 'we'. Criticizing your players publicly is never a good idea because it makes you look like someone who's weak and tries to shift the blame onto others. And second, if you're saying you told them all the right things in preparation to the match but they just ignored it and didn't show up anyway, what does it say about you as a manager? At the very least it says that you can't communicate your ideas to your own team properly or your player
  12. Admittedly he's not great at heading the ball, but he's brilliant at chesting it, as we could all witness last night. Once he adds his back and buttocks to his repertoire, we'll have the most unorthodox striker at our disposal..
  13. That Guardiola/Klopp argument doesn't really work. Those two were proven top class managers when they took over at City/Pool and they had their impressive resumes to fall back on when things weren't great in the first couple of years. Lampard doesn't have that luxury, we don't know if he has what it takes to be a top manager, we're just desperately hoping he does because we love him as our club legend. The problem with it is while the results during that process may not always be what fans hope/expect, as time goes by the performances should definitely show signs of improvement, otherwise what
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