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  1. I'm grateful to Willian for everything he's done for the club. Prefer to remember all the good things he did and there were many. Won trophies and worked hard for the team. Thank you and good luck, Willy.
  2. Wasn't he in charge of the team that was midtable prior to restart? Whose fault was it that they were struggling? Given the money spent and the squad he had at his disposal, OGS was expected to finish in the top four so I'd say he did as well as expected but that's it. Frank, on the other hand, clearly overachieved given all the issues he had to deal with. And since we're comparing managers, it makes no difference why we couldn't spend money and upgrade our team and United could, the fact of the matter is, Ole had that advantage while Frank had to make do with what he'd inherited from previous managers, not to mention Hazard's departure. Here's a scenario. Who's United's best player? Let's say it's Pogba. Imagine they sold him last summer and haven't signed anyone since then. No Maguire, no Wan-Bissaka, no Bruno. Would you think they'd have finished third as they did? I think it's highly unlikely. So I strongly disagree with the notion that transfers shouldn't be taken into account when you judge teams, it's hugely important and makes a big difference.
  3. Perhaps I haven't seen enough of Ake, but I still don't get what all the hype is about. Now he's not a bad player, far from it, and the fact that he can play various positions certainly helps but I just see someone who's decent, but not outstanding in any way. He doesn't have the size to be a proper CB in the EPL, he's not exactly a big threat going forward or a defensive rock at the back. He's technically sound, but not brilliant, he's fairly intelligent player but makes his share of his mistakes. Now, in a much better side I may discover certain qualities I haven't noticed, but all in all I just could never understand the fascination with that player.
  4. Apparently RLC got injured again, it seems. He just can't catch a break.
  5. To be honest, I haven't thought of the fitness issue and you may have a point there. Hopefully it'll help us get a respectable result tonight.
  6. We wouldn't have overcome a three goal deficit even if we had everyone available and up to the challenge, let's get real. This Bayern side is on a different level to us at the moment. Every team can have a bad day, and we could definitely beat them with our best eleven and a great effort on their bad day but there are limits as to how bad they can get and how god we can be. I'd love a hard fought draw to bow out with some pride left, but I fear we'll lose big.
  7. Well, given that he's our only fit winger, he's probably going to start by default.
  8. It's one of those matches that serves absolutely no purpose given its timing, our injuriy list and suspensions, first game result and the quality of our opposition. Even if we had everyone available and in top form, our chances of overcoming three goal deficit would have been miniscule, now it's basically a pointless formality. The only thing we can hope for is not to be embarrassed.
  9. Just scored against Roma. This kid is fast.
  10. Just like with the Chilwell/Reguillon situation this could be a trick to force West Ham to drop their Rice valuation, since Frank sees Rice as a CB. As for Dunk as an actual target that may prove to be a decent option. We haven't had a good old-fashioned british centreback since Cahill left and I think we're definitely missing some of that at the back.
  11. Partey is a defensive midfielder, not a centreback.
  12. Or it could be a ploy to pressure Leicester into lowering their fee demands and force Chilwell to ask for a move. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-big-update-on-chelsea-bid-to-sign-chilwell-after-breakthrough/

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