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  1. He apparently has €100m release clause. https://www.football-espana.net/81545/samuel-chukwueze-signs-new-villarreal-contract
  2. It's not about his contract situation, I couldn't care less how much he makes or how serious he was about joining Bayern last season, it's all in the past now, he's our player and I want him to be at his absolute best for Chelsea. Last night performance is not his first poor outing, he's been crap for a while now. I don't know if it's the injury or his inexperience but like I said, I'm not knocking his performance, I can tolerate his struggles given all the circumstances and willing to be patient but I'm rather baffled by his effort, or lack thereof. I'll give you an example. I don't think Mount is a better talent than CHO but he works extremely hard every second he's on the pitch, he never stops. CHO looks like he's going through motions most of the time, like he couldn't be bothered. I'm sure I'm not the only one witnessing that .
  3. First of all, I do understand all the possible reasons for his recent poor form. His young age, coming back from a bad injury, lack of confidence as a result of that, not having the loan experience our other young players profited from, all that I can understand and I'm totally on board when it comes to being patient. My problem with CHO has nothing to do with any of the above. It's his attitude on the pitch that I'm puzzled with. I can live with an occasional mistake, a misplaced pass or poor judgment due to lack of experience or a long layoff because of an injury. But where's the effort? Where's the hunger, the desire to prove himself on a big stage, to impress Southgate and stake his claim for the Euro squad? Am I missing something? Or is he a prime Messi who doesn't have to concern himself with the ball recovery especially since he was the biggest culprit last night when it came to conceding possession? When his team is without the ball, he may as well take a day off. Most of the time he seems to be strolling around, like he doesn't have a care in the world. He lost his starting spot to Pulisic and rightly so. He needs to adjust his attitude nad realize he needs to fight for the place just like everybody else and start delivering on that promise everyone keeps talking about.
  4. https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/fixtures-results/chelsea-frank-lampard-rudiger-mount-17225535 "It is a long road. It is a difficult one for Ruben because he is obviously keen. We all want him back. We know the quality but it is going out be a while. I feel for him because people ask probably and the good thing to say might be I am really pushing on. It might be next week. It might be next month but I don't think that will quite be the case. I think we need to let Ruben get on with it. We are all supporting him here but there's no immediate news."
  5. I'm not sure I agree with that statement. Are you suggesting we've got the world's best in every position at the back? Of course, we can improve by buying better players than the ones we currently have. Doesn't mean we should replace everyone with world class stars, even if it were possible, but clearly there are positions in the team that can't be upgraded by just promoting another youngster, and Frank knows that, too. Look at the two clubs that dominate the league now. Where Liverpool would be if they didn't spend a fortune on Van Dijk? Pep insisted on buying a whole new defensive line shortly after arrival. I'm all for promoting top talent from the academy and we're seeing the results this season already but no top club can win trophies or even remain competitive without going out and buying top talent here and there. You can have the best tactics and all the fighting spirit in the world but nine times out of ten it's the quality of the players that decides the outcome of most competitions.
  6. Top signings are rarely made in January, but ultimately if the ban is reduced to one window, it's up to Frank to decide what he wants to do. It's easy to say now let's not do anything till summer, but it's a long season and if there's a transfer that can be done in January that can help us now and it's doable, why not.
  7. Finally some good news, we need midfield re-enforcements. Probably makes sense to start Jorginho vs Ajax since he's suspended for the league game on Saturday anyway. Kovacic may be used as a sub or rested, depending on how the game goes.
  8. I thought Azpilicueta was poor. Quite a few terrible passes and looked gassed defensively. Against a better side he'd be in real trouble.
  9. Frank is as puzzled about VAR as the rest of us. https://www.bbc.com/sport/av/football/50276153
  10. If that's the case how come CHO was booked for diving after being pushed in the back last week at Burnley? So in the end, it's still a judgment call from some c**t in front of the monitor. Today it was Mike Dean, so I just knew we're going to get f..ked.
  11. Nobody here is writing him off. No one says CHO should be sold or that he has no future at the club just because he's been struggling a bit lately. People just voice their concerns because his recent form has been poor. What are we supposed to do, close our eyes and pretend it's not true? We don't know whether it's down to lack of experience, consequences of his recent injury or something else altogether, but there's no question he's having some issues. Hopefully with more playing time he'll get his confidence and sharpness back because the club clearly expects a lot from him. But neither him nor any other player should be immune to criticism when it's warranted.
  12. Oh, I'll be patient with him and will wait and hope he'll develop into one of our best players. But in the meantime I reserve the right to call his performances sh*t when they warrant it, and the other way around.
  13. Should I quote yours in the Abraham thread every game Tammy doesn't score or here whenever CHO's having a poor game? All I'm doing is telling the way I see it, and from the looks of it, I'm not the only one. When our players do well, I praise them, when they don't, I criticize them. And I realize their age and inexperience should be taking into consideration, only up to a certain degree.

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