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  1. I really hope so, with the games coming up we could do with the points. S
  2. Agreed. He must be hoping James/CHO can cause enough issues down the right to break them down as it doesn't look as if that will come through the centre.
  3. I’ve just read another article saying our interest has cooled and Spurs are in the front seat, fingers crossed!
  4. Your guess....so you haven't actually watched these games which makes me wonder how you've come to this conclusion.
  5. No Jorginho! Not sure if I’m keen on this set up.
  6. In reality I would still say the position we are in is above pre season expectations. Come January we will know where to strengthen and hopefully push on and secure top 4
  7. Missed the team news 😂 Now I’m glad rudi is back and mount is benched but Pulisic and Willian were poor last outing and I would have loved to have seen CHO get a start.
  8. Hopefully Rudi is back!! Would like to see Pulisic drop out for CHO although willian was poor against Everton.
  9. I'd have liked to see some Jose in Frank at half time with changes to show he wont stand for this lacklustre performance!! Oh and another goal brilliant!!!
  10. Gives me the feeling thats its sentimental for his service to the club, throw in the fact he's captain and perhaps he is hard to drop but at the moment he is a real burden in the side.
  11. Less than 15 minutes into todays match and its evident again that perhaps we need a new defender, maybe even someone slightly older who can organise the back line. Other than that i wouldn't be to hasty in upsetting the balance in midfield beyond, if Giroud leaves then we can get an upgrade or if Sancho is available we have to have a go.
  12. Agreed. To many times over the last fews years we have bought sub par players, with youth coming through and playing well that is more than enough to "fill the squad" the transfer market should be used to directy try and improve the matchday squad, not to just fill the squad.
  13. Is it wrong to feel optimistic about getting something out of this game.....
  14. I know there i a long way to go but you get help but get giddy at where we are sitting. Throw in the fact we've got here without are best defender and midfield . Oh and Ruben missing too!
  15. I'd have said the same. Perhaps CHO needs a rest, bad injury to come back from but still would have much preferred Willian to drop out.

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