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  1. What about his hatrick against stoke....id take that right now
  2. I think he may have just been unfortunate but to say he needs big muscles with weights is ridiculous. There are plenty of examples through numerous sports that show you don't need to be big and bulky to be strong, even if you do want to look like Traoe. All footballers will also train with weights week in and week out in order to help prevent injuries not cause them.
  3. I think that’s the best bet, we can’t expect to fix all our problems in one window and Havertz seems like a once in a blue moon opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up on. Kai, Gk and LB will do for this window if the CB’s don’t improve having confidence in their keeper then go for them after but with a reliable keeper and a potentially frightening attack should be a massive step up for us.
  4. Think we all need to take a moment to appreciate the job Frank has done this season. Losing our best player, transfer ban and introducing so many youngsters to have secure champions league with an FA cup final to come is nothing short of amazing and none of us can complain. There has been a few negatives, mainly out defence frailties but I can’t help but feel the future with Frank is bright.
  5. No Willian or Mount and Cumming....Cumming!!! Don’t know how I’m going to be able to watch this
  6. Or if your desperate hand sanitiser is 60+% alcohol.....
  7. LIking the three at the back but also that this formation is giving Pulisic a much needed break, he needs to be firing on all cylinders for the last two league games.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing although I really like the look of the line up, I’ll say an optimistic 4-1 seen as we can’t defend.
  9. When you can see it written out like that it doesn’t make pleasant reading.
  10. Franks place is exactly where he is sat right now, in the managers chair! Ask 99% of fans if they’d have taken this position at the start of the season and they’d have snapped your hand off. No signings expect Pulisic and losing our best player is a hell of a way to set up a collapse down the table and instead we sit in 3rd position. Frank has some issues he needs to work on, mainly defensively but judging him on this season he’s done a pretty decent job and you can see him growing, his ability to change a game with subs is improving and we just need to hope we improve defensive
  11. Lovren.......Lovren? Is that a typo of some sort?
  12. I’d like to see CHO for Willian, Willian just seems to slow things down and take an extra touch opposed to Pulisic who’s seems eager to make something happen, if CHO can come and go at them I think we can nick a goal back. but then obviously we will concede again 🤣
  13. We need to start getting linked with some CB’s that was terrible!!
  14. Glad to see Pulisic fit to start! Hopefully CHO can get some minutes and get back on track.
  15. If it means we can finance a move for Kai I’d be happy with that and it would hopefully fill up the regista role for Billy the kid
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