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  1. Game day! So excited except for the fact I’m watching it alone due to having covid 😞 Had a dream last night we were 2-0 up after 18mins.
  2. Agree. Some blame can be placed on TT but given he came in mid season with a hectic schedule there will have been little training time so for now it’ll be forgiven. We need to sign a striker though.
  3. All in all I think it’s a good job. Main issue is not scoring enough and some of that isn’t Tuchel it’s mistakes in the final third.
  4. Porto have been fantastic so far and applied some decent pressure, it was a great win tonight!
  5. He’s gone mad!! What’s his issue with CHO! I’d have binned Zyiech for poor effort and that allows some pace in Werner for Utd pushing up.
  6. Was just about to write the same! Hopefully he keeps bagging consistently now.
  7. Based on form, if he didn’t have the skill we wouldn’t have bought him. I don’t think you can fault his attitude, too many times have players lost confidence and then almost given up where he’s chasing everything and trying it’s just not coming off.
  8. Werner is looking good so far, just hope the lad can finally get a goal for his confidence but you can’t fault his attitude.
  9. 10 minutes in and reading the comments I’d think we’re getting relegated and sacking TT.
  10. I’d have swapped Werner for Havertz and brought Werner off the bench, especially if we’re up and they’re chasing
  11. Definitely and hopefully after two games of tinkering he has an alright idea for Spurs 🤞
  12. Perhaps he’s trying to see how different players fit this system?? Whatever it is I hope it works out. The Alonso from the Conte years would be good.
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