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  1. I’d like to see CHO for Willian, Willian just seems to slow things down and take an extra touch opposed to Pulisic who’s seems eager to make something happen, if CHO can come and go at them I think we can nick a goal back. but then obviously we will concede again 🤣
  2. We need to start getting linked with some CB’s that was terrible!!
  3. Glad to see Pulisic fit to start! Hopefully CHO can get some minutes and get back on track.
  4. If it means we can finance a move for Kai I’d be happy with that and it would hopefully fill up the regista role for Billy the kid
  5. I thought it would be Kante on the market but perhaps Sarri is after his golden boy again.
  6. Would have rested one if not both Kante and Mount. However very strong side on paper and I think we’ll get the win.
  7. The more I see him play this season the more I think that if that offer comes at whatever his acceptable price tag would be that the club will sell him to fund further purchases. Not sure if they would be the right decision given his injuries and corona but I think he has declined slightly over the last 18 months but on his day is still a monster in midfield.
  8. Was about to ask if anyone had a working stream but perhaps not
  9. I’d like to see Pulisic running at them with some pace
  10. Disappointed to see Gilmour on the bench but RLC starting is certainly exciting!
  11. I'd sell Batman and keep Giroud as a 3rd choice. Keep alonso and sell emerson Pedro bye bye Cesar keep And Willian is the one im stuck on if we're really gonna go after Sancho then i'd sell him if not i'd give him another year.
  12. Disappointed Ruben hasn’t made the bench, if he’s missing match fitness at this point why was he on the bench last weekend? Pleased Billy is getting rewarded for schooling Liverpool!
  13. They're definitely to blame. Conte was and still is a world class coach and although he liked to winged they didnt back him whatsoever and we lost him, i'm still a little bitter about that haha. There wont be a dominance in the league like Fergie had with Utd due to the number of quality teams now but you only had to look at how they operated each year bringing in one or two players to directly compete with the starting 11 to keep it fresh, we bought players after title winning seasons as if not to upset the balance of the first 11 and let the new signings sit it out on the bench or worse. Whilst that's going on the starting 11 get complacent as they know they'll play no matter what. No harm in healthy competition, keeps everyone on top of their game.
  14. Exactly that! Poor recruitment and planning in that department has caught up with us. As good at getting the best price Marina is you have to hope that with Cech now acting as a liason between the coaching staff and the board we get back on the right track. It seems as if Zyiech is a Lampard signing which is a good sign of the set up working well, now we just need to get through the season and back him properly.
  15. I was expecting the same but what a shocker of a season it has been so far. I hope we keep him, his style of play will suit Roman and many of us after years of pragmatic football but a the same time he needs backing from the board and at this point in time i think he'll have to admit he may need some help with the defensive side of things and bring in a different coach.

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