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  1. Ernie_blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    Problem is Kovacic doesn't really create alot, specially when a team sits back.
  2. Tbf it's a good point, not long before you get called entitled or plastic by the normal few.
  3. Been defending for our life's.
  4. Ernie_blue

    Marcos Alonso

    Alonso is out of position for the second goal and is literally stepping on Christensens's toes but it's ok because he tried to recover the mistake . I have still been believing all Morata's misses are down to him being mesmerized by Willians step overs, makes his mind go crazy as f***. Alonso had a bad game and is in a bad patch, all players go through it.
  5. Ernie_blue

    *Official* Pedro to Chelsea

    Always a chance Pedro will pop up with a goal, nice finish.
  6. Ernie_blue

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    CB bossing the midfield
  7. Ernie_blue

    Chelsea v Fulham (PL) Sun 2nd Dec 12:00 UK

    Plus the Fury fight and not much sleep.
  8. Ernie_blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    That was a season when Luiz was playing in a back 3, not in a back 2. There's Spurs, Arsenal, ball watching against Newcastle and Palace. Sure he made a mistake in the lead up up to a Utd goal, failed with a clearance against Everton which Bernard missed a good opportunity. I bet if I went back and watched the 90mins of every game I would find more. Im not having a go at Luiz but we all know Luiz isn't the best defensively and there's always a chance in every game with a lapse of concentration. It's the way it is and always has been but you get the best defender on the ball in the premiership.
  9. Ernie_blue

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    Same quality
  10. Ernie_blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Well the options at CB are absolutely outstanding, Cahill and Christensen who gets subbed even in Europa league games. Luiz generally does give the opposition chances, whether they take them or not is another thing, also its quickly forgotten if Chelsea win.
  11. Ernie_blue

    Jorginho is a Blue

    Silva and De Bruyne are on a different level to Kovacic and Jorginho.
  12. Ernie_blue

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Alot of the problems people are talking about now have been there all season, it's a results business and some of these results have glossed over these problems. It took yesterday for some fans to react. The team selection, how we set up and the subs are all very predictable. No one was suprised to see the lineup yesterday, it is very similar to Conte but maybe Sarri feels he doesn't have the squad to change things. There should always be a plan b though and there's no excuse for Jorginho, if you're constantly being pressed you need to adapt. Sarri needs a few windows to get his players in, wasn't we linked to CBs in the summer.
  13. Ernie_blue

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Luiz will always gift the opposition a few chances, it's just the way he plays in a back 4. It's the end result which makes people take notice or not.