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  1. Willian started the season of well but has been playing poorly for a while, having purple patches is a normal Willian season. I'm not even sure he is playing for his contract, I agree with others that he is asking for 3 years knowing full well Chelsea won't offer it to him, it will look like the boards fault not offering him what he wanted but I think they will be crazy to offer a 32 yr old in August Willian a 3 year contract. The 2 year contract is like the Luiz deal, the club can still get some money for him in a year if they want.
  2. The team we will be playing is near enough our second team.
  3. An attacking group of players which consists of Giroud, Batman, Barkley, Pedro, Willian and Mount with Jorginho backing them up is just not good enough. I just don't see any goals in them with Alonso and James offering more threat than that group combined. I would honestly move Alonso further forward and have cover behind because he can't get back anyway. Lampard has kept with the same group of defensive players since Christensen and James was brought in, Dave always plays and Rudiger has been playing until today which I'm sure in the match forum some posters agreed with as he was poor against Bayern. The only change I have seen is from a 4 to a 5 which I thought should have happened at the Man Utd game, I actually agree with the 5 at the back because I think it was the best for this current group of defenders. Lamps has also kept with Cabballero since Kepa has been dropped so he has been consistent. The issues are defensively we are a mess, doesn't even look like they can get the basics right and I also believe the defence gets no protection from the midfield.
  4. Depends what you mean by compete? Didnt compete for the league last year, haven't this year and this current group of defenders and goalkeeper are only good enough to fight for top 4. We are in transition and will be for years but at the very least we need a CB, GK and a LB. James is young and will make mistakes but needs to be given a chance.
  5. I see Andy Myers is always around in the background😂
  6. At least we can rest players for the return leg.
  7. As much as his inconsistent form does my head in and he waves his arms more than a cheerleader, Willian is due a good game and I got a feeling he will score.
  8. I still feel we can pressure that defence into mistakes, also take advantage of set pieces.
  9. I showed many flaws in how many passes a player makes stat. Tbh I do get tired of reading the same passing stat and pep wanted Jorginho argument every week.
  10. You don't understand the stats, defenders and defensive midfielders are mostly up there because they touch the more than any other players on the pitch. The players from the top 1-6 sides have the ball more than any other club. The players who play the most minutes for the clubs will also occupy the top spots like City and Chelsea last year who played alot of possession football. I'm not putting Jorginho down but I would expect the defensive midfielders from City and Chelsea to be near the top and throwing a passing stat to back up a player doesn't make me go wow.
  11. I was looking at it more as back and white, if someone said to me was he good or poor, I would answer poor. Someone said to me the other day Hazard has done nothing in Spain but I replied he has been injured most of the year, same with Pulisic. At least Kovacic had a good amount of games. Not that I'm that bothered he was poor, maybe under other circumstances we might not have signed Kovacic in the summer. Just glad he has massively improved and been our best midfielder this year.
  12. Is those stats most passes played in a season? If so then you only include the top 6. Also how many minutes each midfielder played for those clubs will have a major contribution. How many minutes did each defensive midfielder play for there club last season?

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