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  1. Players was always going to improve, actually trying helps
  2. The guys confidence is probably shot, must be hard being in and out the team and knowing your be subbed if your having a bad game like the rest of the team. He needs a decent amount of continuous starts and minutes out on loan somewhere.
  3. Tbh I think bad results are expected in the first couple of seasons at least. An in-experienced manager with just 1 years experience in the championship will make quite a few mistakes. As a fan I’m more worried about the horrible football we are playing and the lack of willingness to try something different, it’s pretty obvious what is not working and hasn’t been working for a while now, just short passing and asking your fullbacks to cross the ball is bread and butter to most premiership defences. IMO there also seems to be issues this season with personnel like CHO and Tomori, just my opinio
  4. Something must have happened between CHO and lampard for his lack of game time this season
  5. Down to 10 men and played midweek, if we dont score now we never will
  6. For a team with so many talented individuals we cross the ball way to much, even against Morecombe.
  7. It's those games that make you world class though
  8. RA will know before anyone if Frank has lost the dressing room, once that happens it’s very hard to come back from.
  9. It’s been painful watching our only form of attack is give it to the fullbacks and swing in a cross. Then we had Ziyech swinging in crosses yesterday for small players, I just wonder how the hell is this happening. It’s also painful playing with 3 midfielders who literally have no creativity. We are better off playing with 2 strikers than 3 midfielders who offer nothing past the halfway line.
  10. Will we see a sub at halftime for a change? Maybe an xmas treat
  11. I still think it was the Havertz sub which won the game for us, Lampard and Morris had a good look at those pie charts and was watching YouTube videos on the VAR TV, no wonder it took so long for the 2nd sub.
  12. Taking Jorginho off was a terrible decision by Frank, we was in utter control and that easily could have lost us game. Then Frank changed the game superbly by bringing on Havertz and shoring up the midfield with his fantastic Bundesligia stats.
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