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  1. Ernie_blue

    Jose Mourinho thread

    Bailly was on the bench but Smalling injured his foot in the warm up.
  2. All you do is moan about corrup refs etc every bloody game, it gets boring. A few free kicks etc is not really worth a cry, the red card is a big decision and the ref missed it.
  3. Oh yeah the world is against Chelsea
  4. Could have been a red but I guess the refs are against Chelsea
  5. Is there actually one good referee according to this forum?
  6. Makes Murray look fast
  7. You can't save those free kicks, top draw.
  8. This game is basically a friendly anyway, pretty much like this competition until the quarters.
  9. The keeper was hugging the other post, you could tell any shot on target was going in
  10. Ernie_blue

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2018/2019

    Inter need another goal, I wouldn't be surprised if Spurs score against Barca reserves.
  11. Ernie_blue

    Mateo Kovačić

    Problem is Kovacic doesn't really create alot, specially when a team sits back.
  12. Tbf it's a good point, not long before you get called entitled or plastic by the normal few.