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  1. Watford at home is a tough game, got some good players and play some nice football, was unlucky against Utd and Arsenal.
  2. At least Gus is on skysports, it's good listening to a top quality ex Chelsea player, got to watch him live loads and he scored some crackers.
  3. Looking at the fixtures Spurs should comfortably take 3rd with 3 homes games. The last spot I literally havent got a clue, all 3 clubs are as bad as each other and just papers over how poor each team has been this season domestically.
  4. After the top 2 the next 4 clubs is the race of who can play rubbish the least 😂
  5. I don't see how a manager who wants to win plays Jorginho and Kovacic against a team barely moving away from their box. The only way you can break them is getting wide and crosses, makes sense to play 2 strikers.
  6. I agree mate, at home with not many games left I don't see why we don't go for it. We don't need Jorginho and Kovacic playing, bringing on Kovacic was wrong IMO anyway. I guess the positive is the Barkley for Kovacic sub didn't happen.
  7. Sorry I was agreeing with you, just being sarcastic as we all know it was never going to happen. Spot on with your post.
  8. Giroud is average, not good enough to be a consistent for a top side over a season.
  9. Deschamps likes Giroud, that's upto him but doesn't mean his France best option or would be a consistent goalscorer for Chelsea in the league. The only reason I wonder why Giroud hasn't played more is because his the best of a bad bunch, I don't rate him much.
  10. None of the teams we have played in the Europa so far would be good enough for the prem let alone top ten.
  11. What are you comparing CHO too, did you watch him last season? Kante doesn't look good, to me he looks like Willian, good at bringing the ball forward but once he gets to the box he looks lost. Every Chelsea fan I know says Kante has gone from looking like a world class player to an average one in this new position, theres no way Kante has improved as a player. I would rather have the Barkley who played for Everton who runs and drives at the defence and actually has a shot, off course Barkley has improved in value, we brought him on the cheap when he had 6months left on his contract. Maybe RLC has improved as a player, I guess that's one of few positives to take from this season.
  12. CHO and RLC never played last season and Barkley and Emerson hardly ever played. Just because players have made more appearances doesn't mean they have improved. Hazard hasnt improved as a player, his the same great player he always was. Kante has gone from world class to average in his new position.
  13. We only had chances once a centre forward came on and Hazard moved to the left, before that we literally had nothing going forward. If Giroud plays it doesn't mean you have to hoof the ball forward or that he is going to bossed, it gives you an option for crosses plus puts Hazard in his best position. There's literally no point in playing wingers today if the only option was to go backwards.
  14. I said this in the match thread but you could tell pretty early that Giroud was needed. We managed to get in at half time 0-0 and that was the time for the change. CHO is good at crossing and had no targets, Hazard is best on the left which he showed in the second half. Higuain came on and was awful again, Giroud is the in form striker, I don't rate him generally but atm he is our best bet. Keeping Willian on was pointless.

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