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  1. Regular football out on loan would have increased on chances of going to the Euros, i bet that move being stopped has pissed him off.
  2. The way Son rolls around is embarrasing, goal should have stood but you knew how football works that Son would score 😂
  3. 2 games undefeated, get the statue ready
  4. Drinking beer and watching that half was a pleasure, best half i have seen under Tuchel
  5. IMO Abraham sits in that bracket of strikers like Bamford, Calvert Lewin and Watkins. Play a whole season and they will score 15-20 goals minimum in the league. Just behind top strikers like Kane.
  6. Conceding 5 goals hasnt looked like happening before the West Brom result and i doubt it will happen again this season. The one thing Tuchel has done is go to a back 5 and keep us tight plus Dave and Alonso struggle in a back 4. The conceding goals is what i take in isolation regarding Tuchels league form but we have looked like dropping points in the league since Tuchel has come in tbh, the results have been good which has covered over the performances and always will. League performances have been pretty poor and we create next to nothing. The perforances in the league is deffiantly not
  7. I cant see West Ham getting 4th now Rice is injured and Antonio has joined him. It hurts a team like West Ham more having there top players out. Fair play to them though if they prove me wrong. Its between Liverpool and Chelsea for me. Livepool have the goals and no centre backs and Chelsea play with more CBs than attacking players so will be interesting to see what happens.
  8. Mad really specially when Giroud struggles to get involved for the 60mins he can show abit of movement and Werners confidence is shot.
  9. And we all know someone like CHO would have been hauled off at halftime if he played like Jorgo in the first half.
  10. No fans in the stadium is letting Arteta right off the hook
  11. Im not disregarding nothing, just that one incident was pretty awful and bad management, plus his in and out the team like a yo-yo.
  12. Chelsea got spanked by the second to bottom team and played sh*t against most others.
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