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  1. Sounds like Willian and his penalties 😂
  2. People are talking about Kovacic and killer passes but when he is in a midfield 3 and gets forward I would just be happy with a shot or even making the right decision, killer pass is getting into dreamworld territory. Kovacic is not good in a midfield three and my personal view is I would rather have a sitting midfielder and two more attacking players next to him. In a midfield two I think Kovacic is good but in a three specially at home I dont see the point.
  3. Ian Wright will have the box of tissues out all night but if someone as biased as him says it's not a red card then you know it was a terrible decision.
  4. Ashley Cole said it was the right decision, Dave had a little tug outside the box but bigger contact was inside the box which knocked Auba over, was a penalty and silly challenge.
  5. I look at all our attacking players and I only see Pulisic as threat. I just dont see goals even in the subs like Abraham, CHO, Kante, Pedro etc. Looking forward to seeing the new signings next year.
  6. That was a penalty, Dave was an idiot for giving Auba the chance to go down. Red card was well soft but many people are using the ref as a distraction from a sh*t cup final performance, without Pulisc we dont look like scoring for hours. That's the difference between our front line and theres with Auba.
  7. Who's that? Sorry mate read that wrong, badly need defenders and a goalkeeper
  8. sh*t ref but we was piss poor, we just dont have enough goal scorers in the team, the second Pulisic was injured we was f**ked
  9. That's and awful decision, never a booking. Xhaka rolling about and screaming
  10. Dont see much attacking threat from our front 3 our midfield
  11. Dave got it well wrong there, dont give them any excuse to go down
  12. KDB scores against Chelsea twice this season and you say "We conceded 54 goals this season! Everybody scored against us." Ffs 😂 KDB scores and assists against Real Madrid but you seem to think Zidane's sole focus is the league. You really think the players and manager wasn't bothered about the champions league while Zidane put out his best team. @Gol15 found examples of big games and you just play them down with silly excuses. KDB also assisted twice against Spurs and scored 3 against Arsenal but I'm sure there be more stupid comebacks.

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