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  1. KDB is the best midfielder in the country, great finish
  2. Really dont see the point in this transfer, hardly an upgrade on the players at the club and I would rather play Tomori. We are only interested because its 40m and his versatile, not top 4 or champions league quality and will be sold again within 18months when his not playing first team foorball.
  3. I would love Conte to pick up the title, would be a big achievement to beat that Juventus squad.
  4. I personally do think Emerson is our best LB, Dave is the worst fullback for attacking out of everyone. My opinion is Dave is playing LB because he is captain and there is no experience or leadership in that back 4 without him.
  5. Cavani short term is the ideal solution, wages dont matter specially if Giroud and Batman leave. Would be great competition for Tammy and has loads of experience. I dont really want Chelsea to splash the cash unless the right player comes available that Frank wants.
  6. Cavani defiantly for me, would be a great addition to the squad and would not end up an expensive mistake.
  7. What's wrong with what Gol15 said? Jorginho has been quality this year and KDB is the best midfielder in the country.
  8. Do I have a clip Like I have any idea how to do that and watch a 90 minute game again to find the exact point it happened. Just my opinion in what I have seen of Pulisic the last 3 games he doesnt always play the right ball when running at goal, he seems to just put his head down alot.
  9. Pulisic does seem to miss easy passes when going forward, he puts his head down and runs at the defenders alot when there's a chance to put someone in, saw Mount go mad at the weekend because Pulisic didn't play him through.
  10. It's not just about conceding those 2 late goals but Burnley created 3 clear scoring opportunities, defensively I dont think we are great but that's without Rudiger and Kante. Going forward we are quakity and this season is one of my most enjoyable for a long time, love watching Mount, his cross for Pulisic was lovely

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