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  1. These champions league group games are so boring and pointless.
  2. Kind of a big problem though, chokes in the big games but is ok at home against the smaller teams. Also lazy, strolls around and has the wrong attitude. Players like Ozil and Pogba have ability but completely the wrong attitude and I don't want that near my football club, rather have Mount with less ability but more consistent and gives his all.
  3. What does that have to do with anything, Kepa played in two of them.
  4. I mean in the way they float around and don't look like they run around much.
  5. Has the look of Ozil to me, I just hope he dont end up like him.
  6. Oh no, I'm not denying his bias and agree with you on that, tbh I would fully expect it. The Chelsea one was an absolute pen in my eyes, I'm more worried about VAR and why that wasn't checked. The fact the Chelsea indicent wasn't checked and the Utd one was shows bias in VAR and that is unbelievable.
  7. His still saying it's a pen at the end of the day so he did say something, I couldnt even see the Rashford one as there was legs everywhere like an orgy
  8. That's a pen because Dave gets a free header if slaphead ain't all over him
  9. Fernandes just waits for the pen he knows that's coming, even if he misses he gets a second chance
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