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  1. International qualifers are rubbish, completely ruin the season. Everytime the league gets going we then have 2 weeks of complete boredom. The same teams all qualify anyway playing the usual poor teams.
  2. If we get top 4 that would be an outstanding achievement with the circumstances we are under this season. Transfer ban, start of a transition period and lots of young players in the squad. Arsenal and Spurs have spent alot of money, improved there squads and have world class strikers, Poch has been at Spurs a long time and Emery his second season now. Not being negative but we really shouldn't be beating those 2 teams to a top 4 place so if we do then what a job Lampard has pulled off. I know how important champions league football is to clubs but I had no expectation to finish in the top 4 anyway. I'm enjoying this season, playing some good football and the youngsters are a joy to watch.
  3. Has Christensen still got a knock? IMO he is better than Tomori and Zouma.
  4. Never seen a team get so much luck, that's what driving me mad.
  5. Great play and finish. Looks like on the day the title is decided.
  6. Did anyone actually believe we would keep a clean sheet with that back 4
  7. The control and finish was 10 times better than the pass though.
  8. Fans and players celebrate, everyone goes wild to find out 5mins later its disallowed. Theres no point in f**king celebrating.
  9. All three players didn't help last night, it's something you expect from the opposition, Willian wouldn't give it up though and decides to stand there as long as possible with the hump doing his socks up etc.
  10. Which academy products has been criticised? They have actually been our best players this season.
  11. Didn't see the game myself but I was thinking Frank brought on a striker who hasnt played all season instead of Giroud who cant hold up the ball better than anyone. Also bringing on a 18 yr old for his debut was a poor choice, like you say Alonso would have made more sense with his experience, control etc.
  12. Didn't watch the game but has Christensen picked up a knock? Abit wierd he suddenly got dropped, I think he has played well, especially better than Zouma.

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