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  1. I never really expected lots of goals but he literally did nothing in the majority of games.
  2. Yeah Fernandinho is a top player and vital for City, they really miss him when his not playing. Will be interesting to see how they replace him as his 34 now.
  3. Well we dont know that, Kovacic was absolutely awful last season, Drinkwater nearly had a bigger impact
  4. Bakayako has had a better season than Kovacic.
  5. Yeah I thought this started the season before, Abramovich signed his favourite player which meant Mourinho had to change from his favoured formation to accomadate him. Then I'm sure Mourinho wanted a centre back due to the lack of numbers which was proven when we had to play Essien and Ferrari as centre backs away to Liverpool. I agree it was more to do with them falling out than actual performances, should never have been sacked.
  6. This season has been such a joy to watch
  7. Conte's second season was the same as this season football wise, the football was bad. The season he won the league he played good counter attacking football which goes against rhe way Liverpool and City play so it shows it can be done.
  8. I reckon Simone, Allegri and Conte could come to this league with right club and spend sh*t loads of money like City and compete with two teams like City and Liverpool. I dont care what kind of football we play as long as we are successful, the last season was some of the worst and boring football I have seen but we still won a trophy. Hows it laughable?, we dont know if these sort managers can compete playing their brand of football until they get enough years and enough money to spend. What Simeone has done at Madrid is brilliant.
  9. So no teams attacked 20 years ago?
  10. So as much impact as Rob Green
  11. Not sure how one good game means we should now sign Kovacic, I think it's still the hype of winning a trophy. Take the season as a whole and his been absolutely awful, he cant even finish a game let alone an assist or goal. I know what people are saying about potential and if he had showed the same form from last night over the last 3 months then fair play, I cant get that excited over one game.
  12. I don't really remember Phil Neville getting ridiculed, I remember he use to play in a few positions and always against Chelsea man marking Zola. My own opinion of Luiz is you take away the passing and you have a good defender, in a back 4 I cant see him being good enough over a season to win the league, his very similar to Leboeuf, brilliant in a back 3.
  13. I know that's not how the market works, you always need to revamp the squad even if its 1 or 2 players. If Pochettino doesn't want to sign anyone then that's on him. Spurs without making a signing are still in a better place than Chelsea, Arsenal and Utd and they finished 4th scraping into the champions league. Losing 13 league games is actually awful for them.
  14. Individually the majority of Spurs defenders are better than Chelsea's apart from Rudiger. Alli is a better player than RLC but he is further developed in his career, Alli is a prick but his a good player. Whatever views people have on what players are better is individual anyway, for anyone to say Spurs squad is sh*t is totally wrong and if the Spurs team is sh*t because only 5 players would make a combined team then what's the difference to the team who finished ahead with 6 players, they must be sh*t too. Im not Sarri's biggest fan but he overachieved to finish ahead of Spurs who have a better squad and alot more goalscorers/creators, a settled team and a manager who has been there for 5 years. It's also not a team which has plenty of deadwood.
  15. If you want to combine a Spurs and Chelsea team then realistically only 2 Chelsea players would deffiantly really get into that team and that would be Kante and Hazard. There back 4 is better than Chelsea's, they also have 4 quality centre backs in Vertanghen, Alderweireld, Sanchez and Dier. They have 2 better left backs in Davies and Rose, Ali is a better player than RLC and Trippier over Dave. The Spurs squad is far from sh*t and some people are making a big issue out of Spurs not signing anyone, they have had the same manager for 5 years, had the same group of players working together, it's not all negatives but also positives in that. Spurs should not be going into the last game of the season playing for top 4 and losing 13 league games. Spurs should be sitting on their own comfortably behind the 2 top teams and in front of 3 teams in transition. They have a strong defence and a team with players who get plenty of goals, yes the ultimate goal in a season is to get top 4 so then it is simple to say they had a good season but looking at their season in more detail then domestically Spurs underachieved, I have no doubt about that.

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