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  1. Im sure 4mins makes a big difference 😉
  2. Those 4mins for Emerson was really good to see 😂
  3. Great half, quality ball and finish there. Werner is great off the ball, the second he touches it he makes sunday league footballers look world class
  4. Created next to nothing against Leicester, yes Mount had his shot but that was really a creation from Mount and the goal mouth scramble. We never created any clear cut chances.
  5. This is something i wonder too, i personally think the football has been awful. TT is also too obsessed with 3 at the back.
  6. Im not sure why any manager would have kept Dave on instead of James because Dave offers nothing offensively, we was handicaped from the start so when your chasing the game why would you still handicap yourself even more.
  7. Tbh it was a awful decision to play Dave rwb in the first place and James was playing well. Dave offers nothing in an attacking sense so that was quite an easy sub to make.
  8. No excuses for TT, Leicester just dont have the squad to rotate while TT can actually bring in players like Kovacic, Chilwell, Pulisic, Havertz, Mendy for example who will make us better. Thats what you get for weakning your cup final team.
  9. He started Burnley, got taken off at half time, dropped on the bench for 2 games then did the same vs Southampton. Treated pretty sh*t tbh.
  10. To play Dave at wb is an awful decision, its basically setting up defensively.You need wing backs to give you something offensively and Dave gives you nothing. You always pick your best team so not sure why Kepa was picked for 2 games and i think even though Ziyech has scored a few goals his actual performances have been poor. Not keeping Giroud or Abraham even more so match fit could come back to bite TT. Even if you dont rate them you could at least keep one constantly involved for situations like today.
  11. Barely created a chance after Leicester scored, just too many games like this have been awful. Dave at rwb is just defensive, even though Ziyech has scored his performances have beem bad, Werner was awful.
  12. Dave at rwb ffs. 5 subs isnt it so lets get them all on
  13. Cant quite work it out, Dave is awful attacking wise
  14. CHO and Giroud was never going to make much of an impact with the lack of gametime recently.
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