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  1. I don't think the first 3 games have been that bad, played some lovely football at OT, played one of the best attacking games I have seen for years against Liverpool, first 20mins was great yesterday but I do feel tiredness played a part and we dont have those magic players to get us past those games were you play bad but still win like Salah and Mane. It's a transition year and for Lampard to get his ideas across, I always thought before the season started anything above 6th is a good year. We badly need a forward, Giroud is not someone who will score many goals across a league season plus he is knackered by the 60th minute, doesnt help he is so static. I've enjoyed watching Mount, his close control is quality and great to see him score a goal yesterday, cant wait for CHO and RLC to come back from injury. Emery is in his second season and spent lots of money and has the players he wants, he is under pressure to get top 4 or a trophy, Poch and Klopp have been in their jobs a long time now, they should be ahead of Chelsea IMO by the end of the season. It's a learning curve for Lampard and as long as we play some good football and the youngsters progress so we dont spend anymore on flops then I'm happy, that's my expectations for this season, top 4 would be remarkable with the transfer ban IMO.
  2. Jorginho has looked excellent already and looks better than last season to me. Easy pick over Kovacic, he looks like a top player who controls the game, Kovacic has done better than last season but that wasnt hard and I dont want him to take minutes away from RLC or Mount and they offer much more going forward.
  3. I would be looking at Eriksen on a free transfer but I'm not sure what his dream move is, is it Real Madrid? Jovic would also be interesting if the rumours are true. Personally I do think we need a cm, also a St, CB and a winger.
  4. This is basically Utds best team and its sh*t. Played very well, enjoy watching Mount, looks very comfortable on the ball and there just lucky they got gift which also got them in the game for a short period after that. Utd are basically counter attacking with the pace up front. I would personally bring Pulisic on for Barkley, both wingers are giving the ball away too much.
  5. It shows we can score against poor European teams without Hazard. Even Giroud looked like a natural goalscorer. I know there's looking for positives but come on.
  6. Let's see if Sarri can win the premier league with a team who finished 10th the year before.
  7. Is this actually true though, we are really weak in midfield and have a big lack of goals. I personally think the club was signing Kovacic whatever for the only reason we cant sign anyone else, I wouldn't be surprised if Lampard thinks the same as what's the harm in signing the only player we can, we have nothing to lose really. Kovacic was rubbish last season but then Barkley wasnt much better, Loftus Cheek is injured, Mount is young, enough said about Bakayako. Normal summer and I cant see Kovacic anywhere near our squad but then maybe I have it all wrong.
  8. Juventus are adding superstars to a squad already filled with superstars, Inter are quite abit away from Juventus and from what I have read are having to sell to buy.
  9. Juventus will walk the league next season like they normally do whoever is in charge, already signed Ramsey and De Ligt and looks like Rabiot is on his way, there squad is quality.
  10. I never really expected lots of goals but he literally did nothing in the majority of games.
  11. Yeah Fernandinho is a top player and vital for City, they really miss him when his not playing. Will be interesting to see how they replace him as his 34 now.
  12. Well we dont know that, Kovacic was absolutely awful last season, Drinkwater nearly had a bigger impact
  13. Bakayako has had a better season than Kovacic.

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