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  1. Surely set pieces is something which can be done on the training field, awful at defending them and awful at taking them, 17 corners against Arsenal, a few seasons back that would be a guaranteed couple of goals by itself.
  2. If Hazard was still at Chelsea this season we would be fighting for 2nd place, I know that's what no one inspires too but that's the difference a world class attacking player gives you. Hazard leaving in the same window as not being able to sign any players has had a big effect on this squad. Willian or Pedro are not half as good, CHO is just starting out and the main players I could see filling that void are Pulisic and RLC and they have been injured the majority of this season. The amount of games we have dropped points in I could easily see turned around by Hazard playing and that's including last night. The football was just as bad this time last year.
  3. We dont need 3 defensive midfielders against 10men.
  4. We are not hard to scout or set up against, let's us have all the possession and we generally dont create alot. We wasn't playing well last year but we had Hazard.
  5. Does anyone really expect Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic to be creative or offer much in an attacking sense, Mount is better going forward than them 3 put together but his out of form. We just don't have the players to break down stubborn defences. CHO hasn't got going, Barkley has been injured and likes partying, Willian has been our best player going forward and that says it all in my eyes. We don't have a back up striker or a Hazard to bail us out nearly every game, reminds me of last season really but Hazard was the difference. Still got to be well happy with this season so far under the circumstances but we have to sign reinforcements this January, Cavani would be a good starting point.
  6. I'm guessing Willian has got his new contract 😉
  7. Maybe J Cole and he was better than Willian. I just dont think the words legend or world class should be thrown about to easy. Theres a reason they sit in there own group, they consistently was top class for season after season. Not bit parts of seasons. Even Duff for that one season under Mourinho played at a level Willian has never reached IMO.
  8. Who the hell regards Duff and Cole legends? Both better players than Willian and all 3 are not legends.
  9. Personally I think Alli is slow, I would play him as the forward for his close control and strength and have Sessegnon and Son on the wings for speed, I wouldn't play Eriksen deep either as he wont do anything back there and he don't want to defend. Just my 2 cents of 0 manager experience but plenty of FM experience 😂. I really dont know what you do against this Liverpool team, so easy for people and pundits from the outside.
  10. Not really sure what you are meant to do against Liverpool, they are that good this season if you go at them then your lose by 3 or 4 or park the bus and give yourself some chance. Spurs just dont have the attacking players to play on the counter.
  11. Watched him today and he was awful, doesnt run or dribble at players which i thought was his speciality.
  12. He lives in West London so always gets the Chelsea home games, love the hospitality too.

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