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  1. Personally I dont rate Giroud and think his a good 3rd choice striker or 2nd choice, I dont think he should start any top games unless it's for injuries. That's just my opinion.
  2. I dont often say this, actually not sure I ever have lol but I agree with everything @yorkleyblue has said. You dont really offer any evidence, how do you know we don't beat a poor championship team with players missing by the same margin without Havertz. Tbh if that's what we use these days to judge someones form then that's really poor.
  3. I think some people need to chill, they literally think because one players form wasn't outstanding at a given point and how dare someone might make a comment on that then you automatically think his sh*t, no one has said that.
  4. When looking Havertz has 1 goal and 1 assist and my nan would have scored that goal. Just showing what happens when you look at stats in deeper detail.
  5. Does my head in stats, you can get an assist for a 1 yard pass and the other player smashes it in the top corner from 30 yards. So much better to actually watch a football match and have an opinion than get obsessed over some random person putting on aerial duels won etc on twitter.
  6. People calling for Giroud forget he can barely manage 60mins let alone leading the press for longer. Giroud also missed a good chance at the end with a tame effort. Giroud is hardly a good enough player to be a consistent starter for most premier league sides so I dont want him to be a number 1 starter for Chelsea. His best asset is coming on as a sub in games while looking for a goal. Werner up top is always the way to go but for some reason CHO isnt trusted while Pulisic is out.
  7. MOTD conviently forget the foul by Fred leading to the pen
  8. Was thinking the same, the bench is strong and that’s with no Havertz and Pulisic.
  9. So many new quality players in the team, great to see
  10. It's great to finally see some lovely corners, lovely jubbly
  11. The guy oozes class and his great to watch, reminds me of when Desailly joined or further back with Gullit and you can still see how good they are even with them being older.
  12. These champions league group games are so boring and pointless.
  13. Kind of a big problem though, chokes in the big games but is ok at home against the smaller teams. Also lazy, strolls around and has the wrong attitude. Players like Ozil and Pogba have ability but completely the wrong attitude and I don't want that near my football club, rather have Mount with less ability but more consistent and gives his all.
  14. What does that have to do with anything, Kepa played in two of them.
  15. I mean in the way they float around and don't look like they run around much.
  16. Has the look of Ozil to me, I just hope he dont end up like him.
  17. Looked like he did to me, the red shirt helps more
  18. Oh no, I'm not denying his bias and agree with you on that, tbh I would fully expect it. The Chelsea one was an absolute pen in my eyes, I'm more worried about VAR and why that wasn't checked. The fact the Chelsea indicent wasn't checked and the Utd one was shows bias in VAR and that is unbelievable.
  19. His still saying it's a pen at the end of the day so he did say something, I couldnt even see the Rashford one as there was legs everywhere like an orgy
  20. That's a pen because Dave gets a free header if slaphead ain't all over him
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