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  1. Im sure 4mins makes a big difference 😉
  2. Those 4mins for Emerson was really good to see 😂
  3. Great half, quality ball and finish there. Werner is great off the ball, the second he touches it he makes sunday league footballers look world class
  4. Created next to nothing against Leicester, yes Mount had his shot but that was really a creation from Mount and the goal mouth scramble. We never created any clear cut chances.
  5. This is something i wonder too, i personally think the football has been awful. TT is also too obsessed with 3 at the back.
  6. Im not sure why any manager would have kept Dave on instead of James because Dave offers nothing offensively, we was handicaped from the start so when your chasing the game why would you still handicap yourself even more.
  7. Tbh it was a awful decision to play Dave rwb in the first place and James was playing well. Dave offers nothing in an attacking sense so that was quite an easy sub to make.
  8. No excuses for TT, Leicester just dont have the squad to rotate while TT can actually bring in players like Kovacic, Chilwell, Pulisic, Havertz, Mendy for example who will make us better. Thats what you get for weakning your cup final team.
  9. He started Burnley, got taken off at half time, dropped on the bench for 2 games then did the same vs Southampton. Treated pretty sh*t tbh.
  10. To play Dave at wb is an awful decision, its basically setting up defensively.You need wing backs to give you something offensively and Dave gives you nothing. You always pick your best team so not sure why Kepa was picked for 2 games and i think even though Ziyech has scored a few goals his actual performances have been poor. Not keeping Giroud or Abraham even more so match fit could come back to bite TT. Even if you dont rate them you could at least keep one constantly involved for situations like today.
  11. Barely created a chance after Leicester scored, just too many games like this have been awful. Dave at rwb is just defensive, even though Ziyech has scored his performances have beem bad, Werner was awful.
  12. Dave at rwb ffs. 5 subs isnt it so lets get them all on
  13. Cant quite work it out, Dave is awful attacking wise
  14. CHO and Giroud was never going to make much of an impact with the lack of gametime recently.
  15. Did you have Werner as Chelsea top league goalscorer? Odds was evens at the start of the season which I thought was cracking odds. It depends who the bookies are but I'm sure bet365 split it between Werner, Mount, Abraham and Jorginho but I could be wrong. Werner should be be leading top goalscorer by far.
  16. I wasnt fuming at anyone tbh just more responding to the bs that TT plays the youngsters which I guess effectively is right for 2 games in unique circumstances. I'm just backing up peoples views that TT treats the youngsters different with evidence.
  17. Exactly what I said about Tammy but you mentioned players being hauled off and I gave you examples people could use. Some people regard these 2 as youngsters as they are the only ones being hauled off. No point in bringing up past players from 20 years ago. Gilmour was asked to stay and played 0mins in 15 league games, you can see why some people got pissed off about that specially when Jorginho has had a few mares in that time, like I said Gilmour could have easily played some minutes here or there so a few jumping on the bandwagon that TT now plays the youngsters after 2 games is rubbish.
  18. I'm not berating him but you not expect Gilmour to play more than 0mins in 15 league games?
  19. Abraham has been hauled off twice at half time when starting and CHO has been hauled off after being subbed on, CHO and Abraham both happened in the same game so I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking it. It's more likely TT doesnt rate or trust certain players.
  20. I would give the majority of credit to Gilmour myself, to go 15 PL games playing 0mins to then play well in 2 games is all on him. At the end of the day Gilmour only started vs Fulham because of the champions league being more important and Kova being injured otherwise he wouldnt play again. Tuchel deserves credit for starting him again vs City after Gilmour took his chance but i cant see how people can sit there and say he plays the youngsters after 2 starts ffs. There was deffiantly plenty of oppurtunies for Gilmour to get minutes to see out games, come on for underperforming senior pros and when games have been won early but he got 0minutes. Gilmour should start vs Arsenal as he has earned it plus players will be rested for the fa cup and top 4 is nearly there.
  21. It's not good when you need Werner to be Chelsea top goalscorer for your end of season bets and then remember all the chances he has missed.
  22. Does that not prove Tuchel got it wrong in not believing in Gilmour earlier? 0 minutes in the premier league until 1st of May and the game between the champions league semi finals came along and Kovacic was injured, like most managers you would put the champions league before the league. Before that Gilmour was 5th choice cm but desperate circumstances came along. Tbh Tuchel wants trophies so why would he play youth but its wierd Gilmour didnt even come on as a sub in the league specially games like west brom.
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