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  1. If from Christchurch. Reading your comments you seem to think I have been on here before but I really haven't. This will be the last time I respond to you so just back off
  2. Shame this seemed like a good site, too many assholes on here for my liking. Thanks anyway
  3. Well I am not this person, and I strongly disagree that there is institutional racism in England and if peiple are getting banned for thinking that then I definitely don't belong here. Apart from jumping on a social media badwaggon what makes you think this? Do you fully understand what institutional racism is? Maybe try to boarden your own limitations before you criticise a whole nations way of life. The fact that you haven't denied implying that you think I am a racist means that is what you meant from your original response. God knows what the admin on here is doing but looking at your profile you have been here for years and if this is how you have always treat newcomers then you can all do one
  4. I live in southern Italy, I have been racially subjected at nearly every turn I make in this country but I have grinned and beared it. There is a lot of good people here but in my province local politicians have openy said all immigrants are not worthy of breathing our air. So dont preach to me about discrimation. What country do you live in? With such strong and blind views about the English public I doubt you have ever stepped foot there. As for me feeling attacked I made an innocent and honest comment and within minutes I got accused of being racist. If you could ve arsed to look at my posts you would see I am not dismissive I just strongly disagree there is a systematic racial inequality about the countrybi grew up in. I have travveld length and breath of the UK and I have seen forst hand how welcomeing everyone I have met is, despite anyone's upbringing. It is one of the most culturey inclusive places in the world. So do not attack the english people because you have heard about few biggots. These are present in every single country of the world and I would argue atleast 15% of the worlds population. This is somethingbi feel strongly about. I am well travelled and I have seen cornersbof the world that you could probably only dream off and not one single group of people I have accounted has been more hospitable. Maybe the good people of Sri Lanka comes close. But don't you dare tar british people under the same brish. That itself is racsit. Take a good look at yourself before you charge on other peoples back
  5. Jorginho can be hit and miss but when he is hit he is world class. If anyone ever said anything negative about NG they need a slap, CC was and is a legend and I can not be convinced against it. Cats if not is all of our life's they should be. You are the second person to talk about socks. I guess it is an inside joke? I will take your word not to be sneaky around nibs and mikel. Thank you for the advice
  6. Thanks, I don't know if you ate the official welcoming committee or not but you seem quite decent. As to the rest Idc about flies but mosquito and wasps can simply f**k off. I sh*t myself with wasps and mosquitos get on my tits. If I Do not bother sticking around I would like to thank you personally for welcoming me
  7. I am not sure I want to stick around, at first that strider6 bloke seemed quite nice and then within about an hour and half I think like I'm getting attacked. Most people seem ok I think unless I am talked too I might just stay quiet for a little bit. If that bloke seems like a single case then I might stick around but at the moment this seems like a bit like the talk chelsea forum I don't under stannd why sometimes we seem to have the most toxic fans that seem to attack each other online instead of spurs scum
  8. You talking about me? I might of got the wrong end of the stick here so correct me if I am wrong but it does seem as if you are implying i am racsit? Sorry about my poor spelling when I joined up I didn't realise spelling was a priority but I am borderline dyslexic I rely heavily on auto correct and sometimes I don't get words correct enough for it to be able to figure out what I am trying to type. I can take banter and jokes about it but please don't think it's OK just to point out spelling mistakes to try to make a stupid point to try to win an argument you don't know why people maybe making those mistakes. I won't be bullied about it. If this is the sort of people I can expect on this site then maybe it isn't the site for me. Sorry again if I've got the wrong end of the stick I would like a bit of clairty. I am not denying racism exists but I am strongly and categorically denying england is Institutionally racist. After growing up in England and moving to a country that does suffer woth institutional racism I can tell you there is a huge difference between the minority of the UK and the fascism proudly displayed in other countries
  9. Admittedly I have only read the last couple of pages but can anyone help me understand how there is room for argument. England had a great tournament and I don't see this nonsense about gettin easy draws. 1)you can only beat who is infront of you 2)no team in the latter stages is an easy game even if they are not ranked particularly high. They could be riding on momentum...look at Denmark. 3) England had Croatia in their group and they are anything but a pushover. 4) England vs Scotland is a local Derby on the international stage so anything could of happened in that match England got to the final, had a bit of luck on the way but who has ever won a tournament without it. We're they good enough at the final hurdle? No but did they deserve to get there? definitely. As for the argument about instertunail racism that I saw someone comment on. Give over in no way is the English people racist apart from maybe 1% of the population who are just nutcases you would see anywhere in the world. If whoever the poster is who claimed there is institutional racism clearly isn't in full knowledge of the facts of the abuse saka and Rashford got on SM, most of the comments came from abroad and about half of them was from so called minorities. IMO a lot of these were put there to hurt the English reputation not that it needs help with our own media jumping on any chance to have a pop.
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