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  1. First time on here since the night before our win. I haven’t stopped creaming since, sorry fellas
  2. It’s just my heart speaking because I for some reason love him but I’d take Marco Veratti for midfield.
  3. As much as I believe that tuchel has to get it right on the weekend I also believe in a game of this magnitude it rests heavily on the players individually. you need to pull your finger out and perform as you’ve been trusted to lead your club on the pitch in the biggest club level match there is! If a single player lets even the slightest bit of fragility into their minds it’ll affect every single other player.... problem is, we have a few of those players atm 😂 Just now we don’t have a Hazard to drag them all out of the mud.
  4. I’m obviously not condoning or giving excuses for the sloppy and championship level performances as of late but we have to realise to some degree that . we’re a fairly young/new squad . Changed managers halfway through with some of our players probably quite attached to our previous manager . It was an absolutely unprecedented season chockablock full with no fans or atmospheres to get you to dig deep . Yet we still managed to get two finals and a top four finish (ok I know I’d prefer two cups rather than fixtures and the premier league) I’m conflicted obviously, not the end of the season I wanted and lots of question marks but I’m also deeply proud of the boys incredibly so.
  5. the big thing for me was when he moved into that position he was winning the aerial duels Every time.
  6. Yeah a 70% Kante is still a Kante who doesn’t flap on the floor waiting for a foul whilst the other team break like his 2 compatriots
  7. The one thing that annoys me most about this team is why does absolutely no one take any players on? Haverts seems to be the only one that’s capable of dribbling through players? Pulisic is just a wider placed Werner? Maybe I’ve just drunk to much 🥴
  8. Honestly I couldn’t care less about the result we made top 4 and looking back now just before Lampard left it never would have imagined we would have had the consistency to win enough to get it. let the villa players celebrate whatever they were celebrating for 10 minutes when they scored a penalty. also those last 30 minutes surely tells us that we’re better with less defensive players on the pitch? Some of that play was gripping.
  9. Bring off Werner put on Giroud big game player with a winning mentality who will either want a new deal here or one last chunky sum somewhere else.
  10. I love the look of Adam Hložek at Sparta Prague, still very raw and only 18 but he looks fantastic at controlling the front line and does amazing work in bringing other attackers into play. Anyone who manages to pick him up will have an amazing talent on their hands. Decent numbers this season too albeit in the Czech league.
  11. I might be going crazy but have bbc shown any of our lot on tv seems to just be all Leicester fans 🤬
  12. Our kit 😂 it’s like there was 2 designers hired and one was liked a lot more than the other
  13. I second that! I’ve stopped asking now and just accept the budget alternatives as they’re the “same just cheaper” 😔
  14. Damn lucky lot! My mrs said she’d get me some beer on her shop and came back with 3 crates of sol from the Asda deal..
  15. Feeling totally confident today and I absolutely love a cup final at Wembley. Daylight outside, bevvys in the fridge and the opportunity to watch Mason and Reece lift a cup? Spot on
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