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  1. We got a serious and motivated opponent with a coach who was building his team for the past 5 years. They have multiple players who can score goals from various positions and distances. On the other side, our coach has been working with this team less than 5 months with barely a 3 days pause between the games. We got lots of new and young players with great potential but still very inconsistent. We do not have a single solid goalscorer at any part of the pitch. Seems likes the odds against Chelsea, but I still feel we can win it. If we manage to frustrate them in the first half and preven
  2. In the Champions league we seem to be a different team
  3. Bittersweet aftertaste from this game. Sweet that we qualified but bitter we didn't win to qualify in style. I just hope Werner gets his sh.t together and start putting those easy chance away. T
  4. We weren't good today but we didn't deserve to lose. We just can't convert out chances. That is the biggest problem with this team at the moment
  5. I just cannot believe we losing to this dross in such important game.
  6. We had our chanced ti score with Mount and Warner. That's what happens if you are wastful like that. Still time to win this. Need Giroud on.
  7. I just hope in the last two games we stop being generous and gifting goals on the plate. - Manchester City - Gift from Christensen - Arsenal - Gift from Jorgi - Leicester - bad pass from Reece + handball - Leicester - gift from Kova
  8. Is John Terry still at Villa which has nothing to play for next Sunday...? I hope we can do it the easy way in the first half and rest important players.
  9. No rotation for Villa game please! More of this intensity!
  10. It was so comfortable until that stupid mistake. Same as with Arsenal. Can we score third please
  11. What the f...k was that! Common! The game was in the bag
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