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  1. If Ziyech is made from the same clay this indeed could be a problem for the team... I thought Ziyech is more high energy player but I haven't watched him closely to form an opinion. He was part of last year's Ajax which was all non-stop from the get-go. It felt like Ziyech would suits Lampard's style .. Lampard is trying to create something between Liverpool and Man City which both require high energy, non-stop pressing and constant movement. .. From the list of existing players I feel like only Kante, Mount, Pulisic, Azpi, CHO(maybe?),James, Kova and Werner can probably handle this high-tempo requirements from start to finish... I'm just not sure this team can afford two skilful but idling ballerinas on the pitch at the same time...
  2. I have watched few games with Havertz including the one today. He obviously has quality and all, scored a good goal today, however there are few things that bug me a bit. He seems to jog a lot rather then run, not tracking back as much as needed and doesn't get into many tackles. For PL football that might be problem which is much more fast paced and requires a player to fight for every ball. I hope i'm wrong and I really want him to be a superstar for Chelsea but I feel like he would need to work much harder on the pitch than what I have seen him lately.
  3. For some reason this cup loss feels more damaging for the coach Lampard than for the club. Chelsea lost and won finals over the years with other coaches so it’s business as usual. However, with winning this cup Lampard would have gotten a “winner” reputation. A guy who can get the job done even when the going is tough. A guy who gives a chance to a young talent and wins with them. A guy who might be the next Pep, Zidane raking trophies rather than Pochettino. Even smallest trophies matter. Let’s hope this would just make him and the team angrier and more determined to start smashing everyone new season.
  4. Frank looked absolutely gutted in his press-conference. His body language was telling it all how important it was for him to win it. I still don't get one thing. We all knew that the only danger coming from this team was from Auba. There should have been always two players around him to limit the time on the ball. We went 1 up so just keep it tight on Auga to prevent them from scoring and they would have run out of gas in the second half. I guess, it's easy for me to say...but i still think we should have done better to mitigate Auba tactically.
  5. Seems like those long balls and them pressing us in numbers causing us lots of problems. Frank needs to come up with different tactics for the second half for us to come on top.
  6. Something's got to change...ARS looks faster and sharper now..
  7. we starting being a bit sloppy...still need to focus 100%
  8. If we don't score in the first half Wolves will put us under extreme pressure in the second.... they will have nothing to lose and that would be a huge problem...
  9. what a disgrace...once he finishes his career he will be remembered for his dives not goals...
  10. I absolutely agree that all those issues have been evident since early season and Frank failed to address it. Bringing someone to help addressing those defensive deficiencies would be the right step. Frank clearly doesn't know what to do or just can't do... You would kind of expect he had learned a thing or two from Jose's defensive book... I'm still not fully certain if it's really Frank or it's just the overall quality of this defense that no coach would be able to get anything better from...Defending corners is a coaching thing but many other errors are often down to individuals level of players... Regardless, it feels like Kepa is our Karius, Christensen with Rudiger our Matip with Lovren. Maybe we are 2-3 steps away from making this team complete..but likely won't happen this window...probably need 1-2 more transfer windows and one more season to get the all the right personnel for the back line...
  11. This game was a summary of our season in the nutshell. We conceded all kinds of goals: individual mistake, free kick, corner, open play and counter-attack. We competed generally well in the midfield and attack, although defence as a unit and goalie made the difference between us and them. This game should be considered a "blessing in disguise". It exposed all the team's weaknesses to the great extend and showed exactly what needs to be done before the new season start. We knew about these issues,although if this game hasn't happened Frank might have gotten too complacent after the MU win on Sunday and decide to give this defence another season and spend more on attack. Spending 120m on Oblak is ridiculous. For that kind of money at this climate we can get the whole new defence and decent keeper. If the rumours are true that we can get Onana for under 30 mil and if he produces 20-30% better form than Kepa we already be in much better shape. If no one buys Kepa for half-price then keep as a backup keeper. With this defence, the best goalie would still look average. We present way too many calamitous opportunities from close ranges. Next season still likely to be a "moulding" season. We have too many young and new players which would require some adjustment period. I feel like Frank still needs another season to gain more experience in the top flight. He is still learning, same as Klopp needed when he first came.
  12. How many goals has to go in for Frank to start making changes....

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