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  1. There is no way we will end up even in top 6 if this trend continues. We are dropping points with teams where we must be getting all 3 points no matter what. Where are we going to compensate those lost points? Against City, Liverpool(1game), Spuds, MU, Leicester, Everton, Arsenal…? Most of those are now an equal match in attacking powers to our team. They have super talents in front as well as we do, but they also have defences sorted out where we are not. If those more or less evenly matched then it would come to coaches’ tactics to outsmart their opponents…hmm. Match against MU will show we
  2. We are so brittle defensively .. its painful to watch.. will this ever change under Lampard? We can't just seem to be able to see games out calmly
  3. I can't just watch it...i just can't f..g watch it... Southampton is so good at pressing that it's annoying how bad we look in second half and it was obvious from the end of second half how this plays out... Doesn't Frank make any tactical changes to solve this crap..
  4. We don't look dangerous...Spuds do..poor half from Chelsea in second half...
  5. We are not creating anything upfront and very brittle at the back..need Kante to calm Spurs down
  6. We are being torn apart here... time for tactical changes quickly..
  7. It all started with Alonso gifting the ball stupidly...Tiago's two slips in two matches.Can anyone explain that? I hope he has done with his slipping for the rest of the season..
  8. Can we take Abraham off... he is currently offering nothing..
  9. Giroud for Abraham...first change at half time... Azpi for Alonso second..
  10. I thought Frank got his tactics right in the first half. Played compact in defence and got few good half chances on the counter. This likely would have paid off in the second half provided we finished 0:0 first half with 11 players on the pitch (actually with Kepa in goal it’s always 10.5 players) However, by the end of the first half players got that false sense of security of having Liverpoodlo under control, committed too many bodies to their half and paid the price going a player down. What Liverpool players are well drilled of is spotting openings in a split second regardless whic
  11. What are the odds of us beating Liverpool with 10 men? If we did, would the team start believing winning the league this year?
  12. I doubt Havertz will start the game today. Based on his performance against Brighton Lampard will be cautious throwing him against Liverpool. Likely Mount will be selected as his "trusted lieutenant". CHO may not be starting the game either. Potentially Barkley starts the game. Maybe something like this, Kepa James Christensen Zouma Azp Kante Kova Mount Barkley Werner Giroud/Abraham
  13. Yesterday game showed this team is not a unit at the moment. There was a lingering feeling of distrust among the players. When you look at the goals celebrations it felt like a formality rather then real joy that you teammate scored an important goal. Pat at the back "well done old chap...moving on". It felt like Chelsea played friendly and Brighton relegation battle. Liverpool game would be an interesting one....yesterday was not good enough for many reasons but we can cut some slack just for another few weeks to see what's really going on once we have all players available
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