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  1. Is Tuchel planning on any changes soon before Porto can score...
  2. Havertz should be taken off at half time. Nothing went right for him in this half.
  3. Without Kante and with that damaging defeat last weekend we not favorites against Porto away. If we come away with a clean sheet that would be a great result for us.
  4. Today's game just proved that Chilwell just better keep his mouth shut.
  5. A couple of weeks ago Bayern Munich played mid-table Stuttgart with 10 men from 12-th minute beiting team 4:0..makes you wonder
  6. This has been "wonderful"...thank you very much. Definitely not making Top 4 this year. Now, need to win the Champions League
  7. We should have never been in this position against a team like that. It's all sloppiness that costing us this game.
  8. Now I'm wondering if that this Chilwell curse again by blabbing how well team works defensively.
  9. Timo..Timo. Has anyone seen his miss for Germany today. probably one of his worst so far. Cost his team a game.
  10. I hope you are right and he hasn't jinxed the team.
  11. It seems like this guy (Ben Chilwell) just can't learn or won't learn to keep his big mouth shut about Chelsea keeping clean sheets. He blubbed the same when Chelsea were on the unbeaten run under Lampard after which we know what happened. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/mar/22/ben-chilwell-relishing-england-battle-with-luke-shaw-football
  12. Why all of our games against this team is so difficult...
  13. This has been a s...t show from the get go today. Suddenly we look like a bottom team against a bottom team. Tuchel, auuu...
  14. Finally, some changes coming. This has been very uninspiring watch so far.
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