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  1. Kante doesn't get enough credit on how good he was in the last two games. He basically owned both Fernandes and Mane. He made those both cocky players like his bit...s and that worth some praise too.
  2. Ziyech should be off at HT and either Havertz or Puli should be in.
  3. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger CHO Jorgi Kova Chilwell Mount Pulisic Werner
  4. Does this team have confidence to go for a win from the start with blant frontline we currently have? If our front line was firing on all cylinders, then sure. Otherwise it will be playing safe from Tuchel and try to nick a goal or two later in a game by bringing Puli and Havertz. I feel like all the remaining games must and can win since we are the better team than Everton, Leicester, Arsenal, West Ham and we play all of them mostly at home except WH which is also kind of home. If we beat all of them plus other teams on the way we might just do that. The only place where we might be allowed
  5. Let's hope Sheffield U will do us solid and draws with Liverpool today.
  6. I didn't mean Lukaku version 1.0(Chelsea) or 1.1(MU). I mean Lukaku version 2.0 (Inter). He has been killing it with Inter lately. Looks like absolute beast often completely unplayable by defenders. I watched some Inter games and he seems like evolved matured player now.
  7. IMHO. This team still missing Drogba/Costa like player. If we get one hungry physical determined "bull" the rest falls into place. Goals will come not just from him but from other players too. We haven't had one like that since Costa left. We need that hungry determined "bull" in front. Giroud, same as Tammy, a bit ballerinas. We need a "bull" like Lukaku/Halland player.
  8. United defends like Athletico with all players in their half.
  9. I didn't say they have better quality players than us. What i meant to say is that they have quality players in their team. We also have better quality players on the bench right now.
  10. Agree. We are playing the team which has been on a great run of form longer than us with quality players in a team. This half was hard to watch due to both teams even each other out, however we have much better bench right now which can turn this game into our favour. Bring Puli and Werner on at right time and we can just turn it into our favor.
  11. Ziyech so far offered nothing...we gradually being outplayed. They press us well and we are not comfortable with it at all. TT needs to rethink approach for the second half. This currently not working out that well. It's not bad but not good either.
  12. Why not to replace Werner with Pulisic for the last 10 min...Is Pulisic that bad now?
  13. We need to start taking more risks and try to score that one goal. 0:0 is not the best score for us. I bet Simeone would take 0:0 now and goes to Bridge for a 1:1 draw.
  14. "Transitional season" is really just a figure of speech for any team which has past it's peak and going through players generation changes, coaches etc. to get it right again. In the ideal world there wouldn't be any "transitional seasons" for any team. Not just Chelsea, but all of them go through this in cycles until they get again their balance right of players(age,experience,skills), coach and chemistry between the players. If you think about teams in any of the stronger leagues Real, Barca, Milan, Liverpool, ManU, Inter, Juve they all gone through it in cycles until they get to the top
  15. Every time the result is not a win forum goes into meltdown. We played sh.., everything is sh..., players are sh..., coach is sh... The game against Barnsley was awful even though we won it. Game against Sheffield United was close to awful even though we won it. This one was far from awful in my opinion. We controlled it but haven't created just enough up front to win it. Yes, many individual players had on and off moments today. Southampton are not pushovers regardless of their recent results and they put all their players against the ball pressing us well. Yes we spent a lot b
  16. Disagree that it was bad performance as overall we played well. Zouma's mistake and our front line misfiring cost the points today.
  17. Kovacic has been careless with his passing this half
  18. It's just annoying when teams on the bad run of form always turn up and do one over Chelsea... Let's see what Tuchel does against Huzelnuttle in second half
  19. So infuriating when u totally dominate a team and they score out of nothing...Tammy has been bad today..
  20. TT doesn't look like a man who would shoot himself in the foot. So far his selections have been more or less spot on. Let's see how this one features today.
  21. Keep calm and watch the game. Kepa will surely prove his level today. one way or the other.
  22. OK peoples. Bad pitch. That's it. That explains it all. Now it all makes sense. Every Chelsea player running today had a bad game. Either bad or really bad. Kepa was our best player and he was standing still. He was not running. That's why he was so good today otherwise the pitch would have consumed him too. What else could explain Ziyech, Pulisic, Kovacic and others performances. Kovacic for the f..k sake. He was our best player besides Mount in the past games. If Mount was on the pitch today I bet he would have had a poor game We would probably explain it by being tired from past games but
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