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  1. It felt like City were hungrier, angrier and wanted it more. The had a point to prove and they did it. They simply were the better side today. It could have been much more than 1 goal today for City. Anyway, City got 3 points but we still have that Champions League Cup final which mattered much more. So, moving on. Will beat them again in the knockout games.
  2. Werner seems like lost even more confidence. He played OK last season except for scoring. At least he was drawing penalties and providing assists. Generally he was a useful player in a team which hasn't lived to his price tag. Still hope he comes good. Feel like he is trying really hard to succeed.
  3. Ziyech has been the biggest disappointment for me since he joined. Had really high expectations for the guy. Not sure what happened to that "Wizard of Amsterdam" as he can't even control a simple ball sometimes. Some glimpses here and there but nothing of a substance. Maybe Premier League is not for him.
  4. Shaky start so far...need to take more control of the game
  5. Nervous game today, especially first half. Let's just write it off on international break and that we were playing not our best team.
  6. Agreed. Tuchel need to make changes at half time before we dropped points. After international break so many changes is asking for trouble.
  7. Saul needs to be off immediately. He makes us very exposed
  8. We are all over the place. Tuchel needs to act fast. We have no midfield at all which makes defence very expose. Saul is the weak link at this point. Need changes quickly.
  9. Is there a limit per season how many times the same referee can be in charge against the same team?
  10. What an amazing team we have right now. Starting 11 and bench are absolutely even and no player is irreplaceable. Everyone slots just in seamlessly.
  11. Amazing!Great Great performance given the circumstances
  12. How sweet would it be if we beat them with us having 10 players on the pitch. Just to shut them all up and with this travesty of a referee.
  13. Never a read card. Total bullsh*t. Likely Haverz off Kovacic on to try to keep them the score level for as long as possible
  14. Man oh man, when our decision making gets better. Should have been 2-3 up by now.
  15. Is there a pattern here...? Klopp: 2017/18 CL Final Runner up, 2018/2019 CL Final Winner, 2019 Super Cup Winner, 2019/2020 Premier League Winner Tuchel: 2019/2020 CL Final Runner up, 2020/2021 CL Final Winner, 2021 Super Cup Winner, 2021/2022 Premier League Winner...? Tuchel's birthday on August 29 so hopefully he gets a nice present of 3 points from the players with 3 goals against Liverpool.
  16. I feel like Jorginho should come off second half for Kante.
  17. That's good. If he keeps up like that we might need to do that.
  18. There were barely any stops in second half. referee adds 5 minutes to help MU win it. 5 minutes past. 1 more minute added for 2 more MU attacks. Fergie was in the seat. Fergie "time" ? 🙂
  19. Out of topic a bit. Just been watching Southampton MU game. Livramento...wow. He has been the best player on the pitch by far today.
  20. Yes, it was mother hugging Ngolo Kante on the pitch. There were videos of that.
  21. For sure, that would work well for both teams 🙂
  22. Unai Umery probably hates Chelsea a lot. We beat him in Europa Cup final and now the Super Cup. Don't remember if he ever got a result against Chelsea with Arsenal.
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