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  1. So much for their fans to look back on and reminisce, all those seasons, those most memorable accomplishments of Poch - putting the pressure on!😂 Well for a little while at least, till the inevitable happens year after year😉 As Giorgio Chiellini put it: "It's the history of the Tottenham"😄
  2. Southampton 2 - 2 Chelsea Hudson-Odoi 16th minute
  3. spurs really are the gift that keeps on giving! The continuing comedy show of spurs dramatic collapse is top entertainment, Joker may be the big new release in the cinema currently, but spurs are the real joke of the moment! Fun start to Saturday seeing Brighton demolish them, lots of laughs, has already put a big smile on my face😁
  4. Chelsea 3 - 1 Sheffield United Mount, 9th minute
  5. A match low in entertainment and quality, might as well have just watched the first two minutes and last ten minutes at most really. Still in the circumstances think the least worst outcome for this final was Liverpool winning it, however much the media praise spurs, they still end up all spursy yet again. Just wish Ajax had made it to the final instead, think they could have really given a better game and quite possibly won it. Overall glad of this most of all tonight - still the only team in London with the European Cup!
  6. Just so pleased for all involved with this victory and silverware to end the season. If Hazard goes, glad it ends on a high, an incredibly talented player, lucky for his contributions as a Blue. Great for Sarri too for his first trophy as manager, especially after a challenging season, glad for him. Giroud breaking the deadlock in this match too with an important goal that continues his good Europa League form. Just pleased for the whole team, and especially all the fans who made it to Baku, big credit to them to in the circumstances! Another trophy! How we keep doing it, even in transitional times, we still manage to bring more silverware home yet again! Whenever we feel troubled, worth remembering we are still so often in the sort of positions 99 per cent plus of other clubs would be amazingly jubilant over! Another Blue Day, Up the Chels!
  7. Satisfying beating Bournemouth after the trouble we had with them last season. Continued our perfect start to this season too, good stuff, wish we were playing again next weekend instead of international break!
  8. Yes Hazard that's a relief lets wrap it up now see out the end of the game.
  9. First win against Newcastle at St James' Park since 2011! Not the most fun match, tough at times, as could expect with a recent bogey team of ours, but to go there and grind out a win is a big positive. 3 matches so far, 9 points, and Bournemouth and Cardiff both at home next two matches as well, real chance to continue a strong start to the season!

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