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  1. Leicester away in the quarter-finals again then, same as 2 years ago in March 2018, hopefully a good omen as we won the FA Cup that season! I was at that quarter-final away at Leicester back 2 years ago, was a close match but we edged it in extra time, think Leicester with their recent slump in form generally are very beatable now too so cautiously optimistic we can do them again.
  2. Top set of matches that, gotta agree that would be the best for us+likely to be most entertaining set of quarter-finals possible this year
  3. Stand out performance tonight, really announced himself with his performance showing what he can do on a big stage in this match, brilliant to watch. Such a talent with real potential to go far, so looking forward to seeing more from him, and love especially that he is in blue!
  4. YES! Fantastic, a great win absolutely love it! Say bye-bye to the FA Cup to the overrated scouse so-called best team in the land currently, shown up yet again as their luck has run out in recent weeks! And with a deserved win by our lads from a strong performance so good to see, lots of really good effort and determination and skill, but best of all young Billy Gilmour, what an incredibly promising talent, looking foward to seeing much more from him! Anyway a great night of football, and the boys in blue go on to quarter-finals! BLUE IS THE COLOUR, LOVE YOU CHELSEA!
  5. Unbelievable, should have been 3 and game done
  6. Won't ease up on nerves till the whistle - unless we get another meantime!
  7. What a run and what a strike, love it, a gift from a Mersey blue turned Chelsea blue, against the reds we both hate, brilliant love it!
  8. Oooh so close Mount! Strong strike just needed that bit of extra dip to get under the crossbar!
  9. I see that and I hope it happens. Could do wonders. Just don't feel the usual heart pain here watching this one. Ah okay yeah, think for me could also just be nerves a bit as really want us to beat this scouse team, especially this season with all the media praise they have been getting, getting one over on them tonight would be especially sweet
  10. Personally I don't see this as that huge game. Fair enough as you say it might not be, but just felt the boost from beating that lot this season could do a lot for confidence going forward, while losing the last realistic chance of silverware this season could have the opposite effect
  11. Feel quite the same - could see us push on for a strong finish, or fizzle out, in the months ahead potentially depending on the result tonight.
  12. Good first half, very entertaining, really pleased with the performance so far, but only 1 goal lead and threat not over yet, need to keep up the effort second half, c'mon lads!

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