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  1. What a relief! Nicely worked goal, especially well done by CHO, hat-trick by Tammy, now just got to see the game out.
  2. Looked dominant first 20 minutes, better performance than recently, thought after Tammy's second it was just going to be a matter of how many goals going to win by at that point, then Kepa with another poor mistake let's Luton back in and boosts their confidence, and instead it's us looking disjointed and on the back foot a bit more again. Hope we get a strong start to the second half, need a goal or two to put the game to bed early, otherwise could get more tense, don't want to let Luton think they have a chance long.
  3. Transfer window still open another week, seeing yet another mistake makes me think the club should just cut its losses and offload him as soon as a chance to arrives
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