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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Champions of Europe again!!!!! What a result, massive credit to the the whole team!!!!! Havertz with the goal, Mount assist, defence impenetrable, manager, fans, everyone, brilliant,!!!! UP THE CHELS AGAIN CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!!
  2. Good quick decisive call by ref on the non-handball, well done to him, especially with citeh players screaming about it - right call
  3. Just fecking love it, what a enjoyable goal to see go in, well done Havertz, feck yous to citeh and pep, c'mon keep going the Chels!
  4. Cmon Chels let's have at them, give it a real good go at our best and hopefully lift that trophy again tonight!
  5. Can take a fair and square loss, but after the handball issue ignored, to then have that checked and ruled out for offside - just leaves a sour taste, yet another damn annoying FA Cup final, been too many of those in last five years or so!
  6. city made hard work of it, really should have been a few up and coasting a lot sooner rather than having to rely on a late winner, but in the end the natural orders was restored with the expected outcome - spurs going home empty handed yet again😁
  7. Very pleased of the news that sounds like Chelsea are leaving the super league, and as the first team mentioned to be doing so. The concept was clearly a bad idea with terrible features, disappointed but not that surprised the club went along with it with the rest of the greedy guilty gang. However good the club quickly realised the mistake after the massive backlash, and sounds like are reversing their mistake, rather than persisting with a wrong turn. Hope the rest of the clubs follow that example swiftly too.
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