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  1. Ha don't think that'll be necessary to solve that, I expect I will get back to the norm of a lot of 0 points or only 1 point often in weeks ahead, probs will be a change at the top well before Xmas!
  2. Great work the boys in blue, taking charge after the right changes at the break, to knock in 3 goals and come away with 3 points- enjoyed a lot our win away against the gunners a few weeks ago, and now mashing the spuds too - always satisfying!😁
  3. What a 2nd half so far - Silva and Kante, talk about an impact! Keep it going lads!
  4. Will see how it goes this week then; we are an even more solid team than when faced Spurs last season, but still could take a bit of time potentially to break them down, so: Spurs 0 - 2 Chelsea Lukaku 36'
  5. Thanks v much, props just a one hit wonder but still nice to get all right, wish I was so exactly correct on a long odds footie bet just once😅
  6. Haha sure fair enough, let me just check I paid the parking for long enough on my DeLorean first😉
  7. Ha cheers, still almost 90 per cent of the season to go so still expect to get overtaken in the end - the early leader rarely finishes first in the race!
  8. Ooh v close too, good luck for getting the timing right on in one of the weeks ahead👍
  9. Cheers, lot of the season still to go though so keeps things nice and competitive - plenty of time for everybody to catch up👍
  10. Wish I had put a bet on this today to, wonder what the odds would have been😅
  11. Ha thanks, missed the first three weeks of the competition, so hoped to catch up a bit today - went better than expected!😄
  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Champions of Europe again!!!!! What a result, massive credit to the the whole team!!!!! Havertz with the goal, Mount assist, defence impenetrable, manager, fans, everyone, brilliant,!!!! UP THE CHELS AGAIN CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!!
  13. Good quick decisive call by ref on the non-handball, well done to him, especially with citeh players screaming about it - right call
  14. Just fecking love it, what a enjoyable goal to see go in, well done Havertz, feck yous to citeh and pep, c'mon keep going the Chels!
  15. Cmon Chels let's have at them, give it a real good go at our best and hopefully lift that trophy again tonight!
  16. Can take a fair and square loss, but after the handball issue ignored, to then have that checked and ruled out for offside - just leaves a sour taste, yet another damn annoying FA Cup final, been too many of those in last five years or so!
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