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  1. I see that and I hope it happens. Could do wonders. Just don't feel the usual heart pain here watching this one. Ah okay yeah, think for me could also just be nerves a bit as really want us to beat this scouse team, especially this season with all the media praise they have been getting, getting one over on them tonight would be especially sweet
  2. Personally I don't see this as that huge game. Fair enough as you say it might not be, but just felt the boost from beating that lot this season could do a lot for confidence going forward, while losing the last realistic chance of silverware this season could have the opposite effect
  3. Feel quite the same - could see us push on for a strong finish, or fizzle out, in the months ahead potentially depending on the result tonight.
  4. Good first half, very entertaining, really pleased with the performance so far, but only 1 goal lead and threat not over yet, need to keep up the effort second half, c'mon lads!
  5. Box pinball then all over the place, glad got it clear at last, good job kepa then
  6. Great effort so far by the team, good atmosphere sounds like too now, keep going everyone there team and fans alike!
  7. What a goal Willian, absolutely love it, c'mon lads smash em!
  8. If the team can muster a really determined effort, then I think we could well make this a close competitive match tonight, especially with pool having some poorer matches recently. Wouldn't be surprised if like before the Super Cup back at the start of the season when some expected us to take a heavy beating, if instead it is a very close and even game that could well be a draw again in normal time - though if it does go to penalties again hopefully we will emerge triumphant this time round! To be honest against that lot, especially this season, any win will do! Up the Blues!
  9. Seems like everyone was a bit too optimistic or pessimistic this weekend! Bit of a damp squib, like the team on the pitch.
  10. Bournemouth getting relegated would seem a plus for us at the end of the season if they do go down, such a bogey team, it's 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses in our last 5 Premier League matches against them, terrible form. Still it is our own problems more the issue of course, so many unconvincing performances and points dropped against lower league sides this season, it's a problem that isn't going away and we need to fix it soon, or top 4 will be gone.
  11. Haha thanks mate, right minute anyway, wish I had gone for right player too! Just hoping the result ends up correct, a win for Chelsea is always the best reward itself anyway on matchday regardless of predictions
  12. I will third that, immediate impression on looking at it, almost expected to see an eagle instead of a lion on the crest. Do some of the kit designers on a job like this even know other clubs colours? Daft.
  13. Yeah think with his age as a consideration, can't expect a regular full 90 minutes, but starting performances like yesterday then coming off a bit earlier perhaps half-time or not long after, or as an impact sub 2nd half with 20 to 30 minutes to play etc, think he could make some more real positive contributions rest of the season, especially as mentioned when Bats has been unfortunately misfiring so much.
  14. Really hope he gets the chance to play a more substantial role in the rest of the season - he's shown professionalism through long spans of no match time, then has done well on return when given the chance - surely got to be in the running more either starting or on the bench to come on in support in more matches ahead, both for taking his chance recently and his all round play.
  15. Even more glad he didn't leave in January now - an important goal in a win vs spuds means he has already made it worthwhile staying the rest of the season!
  16. Yes chuffed to get that result, big 3 points, team did well, pleased especially Frank gave Giroud a chance to start and he took the opportunity with an important goal, all round a good effort from the team, only disappointed a bit that spuds got a late goal to take away our clean sheet, but we still secured the 3 points so a super start to Saturday football!
  17. Yeah it's the lack of commitment from the team overall now that is most disappointing, and the biggest contrast with the teams we had when achieving great things so often in our most successful time as a club. Just as you say we used to rightly mock Arsenal for their weak mentality so often for years, but now more and more we resemble the worst of them in that respect far too often. How many of the players tonight can go off the pitch feeling they really gave their all? Where is the determination, the fight, the competitive spirit, the will to win? If the players give a big effort bu
  18. 2 points dropped, we should have won with the advantages we had, but from our performance overall we didn't deserve it, some good spells of play, but far too much complacency, and paid the price for it. Feels disgusting we let the gooners celebrate a point they should never have been allowed to claim, we gave it away to them cheap. Meanwhile another hit to the team confidence, and just really frustrating for us fans.
  19. 100 per cent, to think the sort of defensive reputation Chelsea used to have, now we seem to always give opposition teams opportunities almost every game we seem susceptible.
  20. ...Well that lasted long. What a crazy quite absurd game - how is it our team always manages to be so susceptible now to this sort of eff up?
  21. Yes! Took a while to get back to some actual effort in the match, huffed and puffed but at at least got back in front, don't eff it up again lads!
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