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  1. Just so pleased for all involved with this victory and silverware to end the season. If Hazard goes, glad it ends on a high, an incredibly talented player, lucky for his contributions as a Blue. Great for Sarri too for his first trophy as manager, especially after a challenging season, glad for him. Giroud breaking the deadlock in this match too with an important goal that continues his good Europa League form. Just pleased for the whole team, and especially all the fans who made it to Baku, big credit to them to in the circumstances! Another trophy! How we keep doing it, even in transiti
  2. Thanks to Conte for another Premiership title and FA Cup during his time as manager. The first season was really enjoyable, after a tricky start following our previous troubled season, he made the tactical and strategic changes to help the players perform strongly again with a new formation that helped us dominate the league then the rest of the season. It was a great year with some splendid football and some excellent matches, really loved his passion and celebrations then as manager too, built a great rapport with the fans during that time, and some great achievements like our long winning r
  3. Anyone think now there is increasing chance Jose might be tempted to leave United, try and get the PSG job instead? He was sweet talking about PSG some months ago in an interview, which was a bit surprising. I do wonder if City with Pep looking like dominating domestically, if Jose's ego could take it - could he be more tempted to quit United, and go off to PSG to try and more easily reclaim the image of being a winner that seems to be so important for his ego?
  4. Did not know as much about him honestly having not followed Serie A that closely and not known we were after him till yesterday, but from what I've seen and read now seems like real potential to be a good addition to the team, so pleasantly surprised by this signing - welcome to him!
  5. Glad its confirmed done, now I can go to bed! Didn't expect at the start of the summer I would be staying up at the end of the transfer window to make sure we got Drinkwater confirmed. Welcome to him, hope it goes well, could see him playing a good role now he is here, can have Kante bring him up to speed on how it is being part of the Chelsea team!
  6. Fair play to Jose on his instagram post regarding Claudio, really nice gesture after Ranieri just got sacked by Leicester - Mourinho can certainly understand the experience of getting sacked the season after winning the title! Very true words by Jose too - whatever the troubles afterwards, the achievements still exists and cannot be taken away - the success will not be forgotten.
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