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  1. I don't mind ads at all in general but it's a bit frustrating when an unclosable ad covers notifications of new posts at the bottom (on phone). Especially on match threads. The only way out is to refresh the page.
  2. Absolutely loved the hi fi with Kepa. And great to see a more confident and happy Kepa. We need him to be at his best during AFCON!
  3. Bizarre logic. It's not as if he left Kante out of the squad. He had every option to bring on Kante if things weren't going well. Which he did. And we won comfortably. And Kante hasn't picked up another injury or exerted himself in the same way he might have if he had started. If anything, Tuchel deserves massive credit for not risking going into the next match against City without Kante by starting him against a lesser opponent. Starting him here when he can do a job off the bench immediately after an injury layoff would have been irresponsible at best. 9/10 for me, an extra 1 point because he did NOT risk our best player when he did not need to 🙂 Would have been 10/10 if he didn't need to bring Kante on at all. I'm happy that Tuchel is managing for long-term benefits rather than short-term success as you seem to prefer it. Absolutely nothing lucky about the 2nd half.
  4. I think he's a comfortable 8-9 out of 10. So assured when the ball is passed back to him, excellent positionally and as a shot stopper. Just doesn't seem prone to lapses in concentration like Ederson for example. He really commands confidence.
  5. He's blossomed into an excellent CB and a leader at the back. And is probably hit his peak now. I'm sure Tuchel and the club understand his value (in the context of other options) and will give him a good deal if worth it. Unlike Arsenal or Spurs, we can trust our management to do the right thing 🙂 no need to second guess just yet.
  6. Utter nonsense 🙂 In what world are Pogba and Sancho better than Jorginho and (say) Mount? But that aside, this does show how the Chelsea team is much more than the sum of the individuals. Real testament to the coaching.
  7. Agree completely. I find it baffling that so many people are quick to question this method that has worked well in the recent past. I'm pretty sure the club is taking these decisions after a lot of discussion with more information than we can ever have. The confidence with which people are saying his development would be best if he stayed is baffling.
  8. Players probably struggle to adapt tactically to constantly changing formations. Performance levels drop, positional mistakes will begin to creep in because so much of what players do is habit. Which is why managers (in most cases) prefer to stick to a single formation and a reasonably constant first 11.
  9. But this also gives the club power to say no if the price is not right. The long-term consequences of caving in to unrealistic demands can be quite severe. Other clubs are going to see Chelsea as an easy target for exhorbitant transfer fees. I'm sure there are many variables at play here. And given that defenders were not essential at the moment, this is probably an informed choice made by the club. And to be honest, only the club really knows the realities of the contract situations. We can only speculate but in all probability, there is a plan.
  10. The reason we were in for Hakimi and Kounde is not because we require better players in those positions but these two are potentially world class young options. I don't understand why people say Christensen and/or Rudiger will not sign... When was the last time a player in their prime left us on a free? And the club probably knows which way that is going to go and prioritised accordingly. Bringing in this low probability hypothetical each time is not very useful. But, in the extreme case that one of them doesn't, then that is a concern for next season, not for this.
  11. I've said it previously and I'll say it again. CHO has extremely poor shooting technique (and not the greatest passing range/technique). And that's the one thing that will never allow him to reach the heights of other wingers or wing backs like Hakimi.
  12. I don't even know where to start. So much outrage and condescension. There was no statistical inference presented there, just data. And the poster clearly asks us (the audience) to make of this what we will. 35 out of 355 games (not 204) is a pretty good sample for a comparison, but this smallish sample will mean that the uncertainty (confidence intervals) in any estimate will be large. But I do agree with you that the data doesn't present any evidence that there is a bias against Chelsea and that mean PPG is a flawed metric. There is no significant difference between the probabilities of Chelsea winning, drawing or losing with and without Anthony Taylor. In fact, there's no evidence that there's any agenda against Liverpool, Arsenal, City and Chelsea. However, there is evidence that United are more likely to win and less likely to draw than average with AT refereeing. So maybe the general feeling that he's favoured United has some substance? 🙂 (The CIs are 95% binomial confidence intervals that account for sample size, hence the low precision) Of course, there may be other reasons here including a possible bias in the difficulty of United games he's refereed. And finally, it's ridiculous to bring up the hypothetical of "what if he was black" over here. If you really care so much, maybe you need to ask why no PL ref is non-white when so many English footballers are non-white (mostly black) and over 10% of the population is not white. Maybe if they bring in some representation of younger people from different ethnicities, the general competence levels of PL refereeing will increase (and there is evidence of this in many fields). And incompetent idiots like AT will be shown the door. While such posts "feed the weak-minded", PL refereeing needs a complete overhaul to bring in more competence, representation and accountability. So maybe some anger is justified.
  13. True. Overall, we do seem to make that final pass for a tap in less than some of the best clubs. Certainly scope for improvement. But there's no doubt there will always be such situations.
  14. You still haven't got the analogy 🙂 ok, leave it.
  15. Again irrelevant. Almost every top footballer in the world has come up playing the lower leagues/at poor teams. The question is - Do you think Jorginho will shine in the same way at a team as poor as Norwich? Instead of saying things about 20€ a day, you can just say that you DO NOT think Jorginho will struggle at Norwich. Which would be a valid (but unsurprising) point.
  16. Bizarre 😂 Do make an attempt to read and understand the analogy at least. His point is that just because someone isn't able to shine at a useless team doesn't mean that they cannot be excellent in a better setup. While he is implying that Jorginho will struggle in a team like Norwich, he is also implying that Jorginho puts in excellent performances in ours. Struggles that Jorginho has overcome during his childhood are irrelevant.
  17. I don't even have such a problem with the penalty and sending off - no one really understands the rules and most referees would have done it. I have a problem with 1) Salah not getting a yellow for petulantly kicking the ball away - embarrassing levels of incompetence 2) Fabinho not getting a yellow for a pretty bad challenge on Jorginho 3) The ref not spending more than a second to look at the replay - sheer arrogance It's just incredible that refs are not accountable in the slightest in today's world. They should be giving pressers at the very least. But overall, this gave us an opportunity for a fantastic team and confidence building exercise!
  18. I thought he was excellent given the circumstances. Kept the Pool defenders on their toes the entire game. Some poor touches and decisions but nothing exceptional. He could have had a goal (block by Matip) and at least one assist, so he created chances throughout. Weird reaction by some to what was such a feel good performance so early on in the evolution of our new look attack.
  19. Crespo was a better finisher but Drogba was a far better footballer and centre forward.
  20. Wow, you really have a problem comprehending simple English. Truly amazing what you have inferred from RMH's post.
  21. Hardly surprising really. United get these big wins, the sort that makes people forget that they do it every season before looking atrocious for long spells. And Leeds are exactly the sort of opposition they do well against. We'll see how it goes but no way are they winning the league 😂
  22. Wow, you REALLY need an education. Not even worth picking out specific points here because everything you've written is utter deluded, ignorant, hypocritical nonsense.
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