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  1. 22 votes for Giroud! Don't we have any MOTM trolls anymore?
  2. I'm always amazed by how smooth he looks on the ball. Expected an excellent shot stopper and general keeper but not this as well! I've always felt that Christensen is a very very good player. Hope he gets the confidence to step up this year.
  3. I think (hope) we are finally going to see Werner down the middle with Pulisic on the left. Kante, Kai and Mount in the middle. Some scintillating pace we'll have.
  4. @MayosNoun! not sure you are getting the point. Very few people (if at all) on this forum are advocating that Tammy or Werner start over Giroud. And I wouldn't advocate that Giroud starts over the other two either. See, "people of actual football knowledge" will realize that there are multiple reasons these decisions are made. Some are with the long-term in sight (something that you clearly struggle with). We aren't just playing to win the game at hand - we are often playing so that the team learns to work together, often not lose so they gain confidence, keep clean sheets so that the def
  5. So basically more evidence that you can relax and enjoy the ride 🙂 We have an intelligent and articulate manager who is doing what he's doing with a large amount of information that we do not have. So when he starts Mount or Tammy or doesn't play CHO, these are not blind whimsical decisions being made. So constant whining about team selection and 0-0s during our evolution don't help in any decent debate and just sour what can be a generally upbeat mood. So much else to dicuss. So when fans get back to the stadium, I hope we give him the benefit of this optimistic caution through the entir
  6. Not just Twitter fans, our Shed End match thread is also quite amusing. So many people had problems with team selection!
  7. With his skill and understanding of the game, there's no reason he can't do a Zola 🙂 Fitness permitting of course. and given his temperament, I feel he will be very happy just being a squad player as he ages.
  8. It's really odd, what's happening with him. Shows that moving clubs/different coaching methods/different training regimes can affect players quite a bit. Would be great to have him back here as a squad option in a year or two 🙂
  9. We better than anyone else should know how effectively Mourinho (and well drilled defensive teams in general) can park the bus. That's what we did for years, shut out amazing attacking forces. So I'm not shocked at all that our young team could not find a way past... on another day we might have won but this was a very likely scenario even if we played well (which we did).
  10. He's actually one of the most unlucky players I have seen. So many incredible shots have brought out world class saves or have hit the post. I remember Mata used to continuously hit the post with free kicks.
  11. One obvious difference is that Timo is far more skillful with the ball at his feet and much faster. Even if he's not getting the goals, he will get assists simply because he's a much better overall footballer. So if he gets into a rut, a few matches out wide and some assists will get him his confidence back in no time (assuming he eventually starts to play central).
  12. Agree, except my front 3 if we need to chase goals will be Ziyech Giroud Pulisic.
  13. Mason Mount. What A Player. Absolute treasure.
  14. Yes, incredible fitness and attitude.
  15. That's why I much prefer to watch the ESPN analyses and punditry. Always great to listen to Frank Lebouf who doesn't hide the fact that he's a fan (but still remains objective) and incredibly even to Craig Burley (who doesn't hide the fact that he's not a fan 😂). Burley says it as it is. The only problem there is Steve Nichols and his Liverpool love in but the others are not bad. The best thing is that all their videos are uploaded on YouTube and can be watched for free.
  16. Am I the only one who thought that Ederson make some terrible decisions yesterday and was directly to blame for the second goal? And he did this a couple of times more.
  17. Quite impressive. Haven't see what the fuss was about whenever I watched him, need to watch again.
  18. Oh no, was really looking forward to watching him. Source?
  19. Not sure it's this. Very simply he doesn't offer us enough at the moment to be ahead of someone who isn't doing too badly at the moment and may pay incredibly dividends as a long-term investment. Tammy every day over an ageing but admittedly good striker. But I sympathize with him wanting to move on.
  20. He's a very skillful player from what I've seen earlier. He's just playing within himself this season. Also scores goals.
  21. Gone off injured 😞 hopefully just precautionary.
  22. Well, appears Southgate too sees some benefit to starting Mount over some good competition. Maybe it wasn't just some whim of Lampard's? 🙂
  23. Ridiculous. But wait, he's playing again?
  24. Wow, nothing like some threads about women or politics to weed out resident bigots 😂
  25. Don't think we 'need' any more transfer windows with Gilmour and Gallagher looking to step up. But perhaps one winger/midfielder may help. We just need time with this squad.
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