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FIFA World Cup Every 2 Years? (more meddling)

Scott Harris

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So FIFA (with out of touch Arsene Wenger) want the World Cup to take place every 2 years now instead of 4.

Are you for or against this? As usual, I am against these changes. I'm not even necessarily against the idea of the World Cup being every 2 years, I just don't think it can work. Does anybody remember not so long ago that everybody was saying there were too many games being played and it was one of the main reasons why the Premier League couldn't have a winter break? Well look what has happened in that time. The Euro's, Champions League and World Cup (with it's awful 16 group of 3) have all extended or are set to extend in the next 4 years.


Wenger says there will be fewer games because he wants fewer qualifiers (6 games in a group of 4) but he's wrong, it will actually be more games in the long run. I will use England as an example over a 4 year period.

Current = 10 Euro and World cup qualifiers (8 if we are in a group of 5) so 20 (or 16) is the minimum amount of games they can play over 4 years. If they got to the final of both comps, it's 30 (or 34) games maximum.

Future = 10 Euro (8 if we are in a group of 5) and 12 World cup qualifiers, a minimum of 22 games (or 20).  If they got to the final of 3 comps (1 Euro, 2 WC) it is 43 (or 41) games maximum.

So no, we get more games, not less. The only way we can get less games is to scrap the nations league and friendlies, which I would be happy to see happen, but I doubt UEFA will back that seeing as that will hurt them financially.

Also, this would mean 3 of every 4 seasons would have players returning later to their club teams, something that plays havoc with preparation for the new season. It would be even worse though because Wenger is saying players going to these international competitions would recieve 25 day breaks from football. I am all for giving players a break, but it's possible we could go into almost every new season with players nowhere near ready to start. It's a nightmare for club coaches, they would rarely have a straight forward pre season and it could mean a club full of international players like ours would be crippled. Imagine not being able to play 10 regulars because they aren't anywhere near match fit, it would be awful.


For this to work properly, I think the whole schedule of football and every competition around the world would need to have a shake up, and I just don't think that is worth it or even realistic.

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On 27/01/2022 at 09:58, Upsetter said:

Jesus, I don’t even think Boris would come out with something that disgraceful. How this hasn’t been picked up by more media outlets I don’t know!

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