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  1. From The Athletic: THE SIX MONTHS IN ITALY Greaves short spell in Italy poses a fantastic what-if. After all, he arrived at AC Milan at the same time as the trilby-wearing Nereo Rocco, a legend of Italian coaching, and in retrospect its hard not to wonder what might have been had the England international stuck around for longer than just four months. Come the end of the season, Milan were champions and would go on the following year to become the first Italian side ever to win the European Cup. Greaves could have been the first Englishman to get his hands on one of those medals and imagining him lifting that famous trophy aloft at Wembley of all places only adds to what is an incredible sliding doors moment. Who knows, perhaps Greaves could have won the Ballon dOr instead of Gianni Rivera. As he packed his bags for London in late 1961, the last copy of La Gazzetta dello Sport he laid eyes on would have shown him second in the scoring charts behind the "Little Bird" Kurt Hamrin. They had gone toe-to-toe in his final game, a 5-2 win for Fiorentina, where they each bagged a brace. In all, Greaves scored nine goals in eleven league appearances for the Rossoneri. The knock from Rocco was they tended to be scored from the penalty spot or late in the game. "This English mug," he complained. "When alls going smoothly hes brilliant. When the going gets tough, hes nowhere to be found." Fair comment, you might think, except for in the Derby della Madonnina when Greaves go-ahead goal set Milan on the way to victory against Helenio Herreras top-of-the-table Inter. "He blew everyone away," Giovanni Trapattoni recalled in his biography Non dire Gatto. "How many goals he scored! How many defenders he sent crazy! In October (1961) he won the Milan derby for us 3-1. We were without José Altafini and Sandro Salvadore. And then no sooner did he arrive than he was gone. As a matter of fact Milan sent him back to Tottenham because he was unmanageable. He tended to drink, as the English do, and then disappear like one of those stray cats. If he could, Rocco would have throttled him. He used to yell out in his Triestino dialect and send us all over Milanello looking for him. But it was no use. You could never find him." Not even in his room the night before a game. "We were in a hotel on via Napo Torriani," Cesare Maldini reflected in Gigi Garanzinis biography of Rocco, El Parn. "I was in bed, Altafini was rooming with me. It was around 11 oclock at night. We were having a natter and then come midnight it was lights out. Not too long afterwards we heard a noise. From the light under the door we could see a shadow passing by. "We got up, opened the door and there was Greaves all dressed up, ready to go out. He was carrying his shoes and tip-toeing very slowly down the corridor. He looked like the Pink Panther. They caught him in a night club in Piazza Diaz. "The next morning Rocco sent Eugenio Conti (Milans club secretary) to wake him up and bring him to the Assassino where he was having his lunch. The whole thing was unforgettable. Greaves came in and walked over to our table. He kept his head down the whole way. He stood in front of Rocco. For 30 seconds or so no one said a word. But as soon as he opened his mouth to say sorry the storm wed all be waiting hours for finally hit. The only problem we had, I can guarantee, was keeping a straight face." Jose Altafini, one of Greaves team-mates at AC Milan and the clubs fourth all-time top scorer. He won four league titles with Milan and Juventus as well as the 1958 World Cup with Brazil Jimmy was a top striker. When he came to Italy he was still young but a great player. At the time he joined I thought to myself: "This guys fortissimo". But Greaves missed England. When he left in December, Dino Sani came in and took his place. Dino scored 12 goals in no time at all. He was one of the best goalscorers in the league. Sani may have arrived just as Greaves was leaving, but after seeing him in training even he said, "This guys an unbelievable player". It was true. Greaves didnt speak Italian and because of that he was a bit aloof, which is understandable. When we went in ritiro (training camp) on a Saturday night he used to take off. Hed go to a nightclub with his wife. He thought he could do what he did in England, but not in Italy you cant. Youve got to be in ritiro until an hour before the game. Jimmy couldnt get used to that. He was a good guy, though. I liked him. It was just a shame he couldnt speak Italian. I remember a game in Venice, Milan-Venezia. We were drawing 1-1. I scored a bicycle kick and the ball looked like it might have come off him. We all ran over to Jimmy and asked him if it did or not and he said it didnt. It was a remarkable show of honesty and sportsmanship. Rocco wasnt used to seeing someone behave like that. It was different in Italy. Players didnt go out. They couldnt go clubbing and Greaves didnt want to go in ritiro. In the end Rocco told the club it couldnt go on like that anymore. So he signed Dino Sani from Boca to replace him. Dinos debut was a game against Juve and we won 5-1. Greaves goal-to-game ratio was amazing with us. He scored nine in 11 league games. I think he got two against Inter. I was suspended but he played and scored a brace. Eleven games and nine goals isnt bad, is it? Its a bit like me in the European Cup. I scored 14 goals in nine appearances. I dont think anyones ever beaten that. The other what if of course, being what if Greavsie had gone back to the Bridge…
  2. To quote Jimi Hendrix: “I’m just living in the past… just living in the past”
  3. Alan Shearer: Chelsea’s title challenge already looks hard to stop The Premier League title race is only just getting started, but Chelsea already look like they will be very hard to stop. Thomas Tuchel's side look seriously impressive right now, but they have done since he took charge in January. Even when they are not playing well or things go wrong - like it did when Reece James was sent off at Anfield last month - Chelsea still give very little away. As they showed in their brilliant 3-0 win at Tottenham on Sunday, the Blues have an extremely strong squad and a very good manager to Tuchel changed it up at half-time, and brought on N'Golo Kante for Mason Mount, which gave Chelsea more presence in midfield and allowed their two wing-backs, particularly Marcos Alonso, to push further forward. There had not been much in it in the first half, but they stepped on the gas in the second half and absolutely battered Spurs. Chelsea were so strong all over the pitch and, once they got their first goal, it was just a case of how many they would end up with. It could have been six or seven by the end, and would have been if not for poor finishing and some good goalkeeping. When Spurs did threaten in the first half, both Chelsea centre-halves looked extremely solid, particularly Thiago Silva, who I thought was the man of the match. He got their first goal to start everything off, and just looked so assured in everything he did. We are only five games into the new season but Chelsea have already gone to Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham and taken seven points from those matches. The time they did drop points, in their draw at Liverpool, they played with 10 men for the entire second half. That shows you how strong they are mentally as well as being so well drilled defensively. Before a ball was kicked in this campaign I picked Chelsea to be champions because I thought Romelu Lukaku would make the difference in attack after they missed too many chances last season. Lukaku is not the only reason they are so formidable - they won the Champions League in May without him - but his arrival means they don't have a weak link in their team, and they have such strength in depth too. Being able to bring a player as good as Kante off the bench against Spurs was another example of that. Their manager is not only able to see where things are not working in a game, but he has the quality on the bench to change things around and make a difference. Chelsea's next test is against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, but that won't faze them. They beat City three times under Tuchel last season, including in the Champions League final. He will be ready for Pep Guardiola again, I'm sure.
  4. Nice tribute from the club: Jimmy Greaves 1940 - 2021
  5. Sad news Posted : 16th September 2021 at 08:30:58 Linfield FC records with sadness the passing of Sgt John McNaughton. Johnny Jamison has paid the following tribute. “ I was very sorry to learn of the passing of Chelsea Pensioner, Sgt. John McNaughton. John visited Windsor Park in 2011 for the Linfield v Rangers pre season friendly game. John and his friend and fellow Chelsea pensioner, the late Sam Cameron enjoyed their day immensely. John was only 15 when he landed in Normandy on D Day in June 1944. His stories of great bravery and courage have been an inspiration to us all. John always kept up to date with news of his beloved Glasgow Rangers and Linfield Football Clubs. He would check their results each week and follow their progress and take great delight in their winning 55 league titles each last season. My thoughts and prayers go to John's Family, friends and comrades at the Royal Chelsea Hospital. God bless, my friend.” The deepest sympathy of everyone at Linfield FC is extended to the family circle at this sad time. Audaces Fortuna Juvat
  6. I’ve come across a few sites stating that the motto was never used on a shirt. But they’re wrong! The following is taken from a replica 1905 shirt: Which in turn was inspired by the Chelsea Coat Of Arms: …. which were officially granted on February 28, 1903. The crosier alludes to the abbot of Westminster, Lord of the Manor of Chelsea. The winged bull is the symbol of St. Luke, patron saint of the parish. The lion represents Lord Cadogan, the sword and boars from Sir Hans Sloane, both Lords of the Manor of Chelsea. The stag's head comes from the Stanley family. One of Sit Hans' daughters married into the Stanley family. Looking at the modern incarnation of the Chelsea FC badge, it’s evident that over the years, the club (thankfully!) decided to go with Lord Cadogan’s lion. More info here
  7. Do you know the Chelsea FC motto? Did you even know we had a motto? Well we do, and this is it: Nisi Dominus Frustra, taken from Psalm 127 of the Old Testament, and which translates as: Without God, it is in vain. Goes all the way back to 1905, the reason I’ve posted it here. So there you go. You learn something every day!
  8. New Mason Mount banner: “The boy who had a dream”
  9. Are these people having a laugh? Sadly not. Football: a simple game ruined by greedy interfering bastards.
  10. Dandy Livingstone does Donovan. Got to say I prefer this version to the original:
  11. Oh please God - anyone’s God - anywhere but Qatar. If it wasn’t that next year’s World Cup was awarded by Blatter & Co to a nation with one of worst human rights records on the entire planet, that countless slave labourers have died in the fabrication of brand new stadia for said World Cup - because the nation of Qatar had zero history as a footballing nation. Never mind the massive inconvenience of playing this accursed World Cup in the f**king winter, disrupting the league seasons of a fair sized proportion of the civilised world, now they - they being f**king FIFA of course - are considering using one of these damned slave labour built stadia for the Club World Cup. I’ve long decided not to have anything to do with the Qatar World Cup, and if Qatar does indeed turn out to be the venue for the Club World Cup, then I’m going to have to boycott that as well, and if we happen to win the thing in Qatar, then it will be a trophy that will forever be tainted by association,
  12. Well Gordon Bennett, it’s Gordon Bennett!
  13. My God, surely it couldn’t be….. the semi-mythical Arsenal Clockwork Boys!
  14. Blimey that was quick! I’ve got the last few badges, but have just about given up on the earlier ones.
  15. @SydneyChelsea here’s another haiku for you: In shark-ridden seas do not waste time worrying about piranhas
  16. And you’ve got all that from: (a) referring to the calling for a ban/boycott [of Anthony Taylor as ‘Scouserish”, clearly implying that I am not in favour of the suggested petition. (b) a not exactly strict-form hauku which you surely don’t think needs to be taken too seriously? (c) a chart nicked from another Chelsea site, presented not as evidence of anything, but as a suggestion for discussion. Methinks you need to lighten up a bit
  17. Roker Park 1975 was indeed, well lively. First game of the season, we had thousands up there. I’ll always think of it as the day that (H)Ickey made his name, or at least, his initial claim to fame. At the end of the game, he was standing on a crash barrier, holding a brollie, urging on the “troops” - we’re Chelsea, f**k these northern bastards - that kind of thing. Another memory of that day, is sometime later on, queuing up, waiting to be let in to the train station. In a garden were two beautiful white dogs with curly tails, Samoyeds I think.
  18. Re the table, like I said - make of it what you will. Found elsewhere, I thought it would make for interesting debate. So thank you for your input. Where I would take issue with you is with your final point: “I’m thankful that Anthony Taylor isn’t black” The colour of Anthony Taylor’s skin is entirely irrelevant. And to suggest that “it would descend to even worse” if he were black is a huge slur on the members of this forum.
  19. Yep, placed my order earlier today. This year’s badge is definitely one of the best.
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