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  1. I’m always a bag of nerves on any match day!😀 Come On Chelsea !!
  2. Stick who you reckon the first scorer down too mate!
  3. Oasis and ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger.’
  4. Dominique Rocheteau. French winger who I associate with Saint-Étienne in the mid -late 1970s. Played for France in 1978,1982, 1986 World Cups and Euro 84.
  5. The Mitre Mouldmaster 5. Brings back memories of Secondary School Football of the early 1980s !😀😀 FootballRetroPlus on Twitter.
  6. Scott:That’s the spirit.😀A bit of positivity on here!😀
  7. Pat Nevin playing for Scotland in the 1982 European Youth Cup Final. The venue was Helsinki Scotland won 3-1.
  8. Martin Simpson and ‘Blues Run The Game.’ I’ve probably posted others playing this song.
  9. Fleetwood Mac ‘Little Lies’ Live in 2015.
  10. Remember this Nike Advert from Euro 96.
  11. Agree with you about Bringing Back Proper Footballs. The first one I remember is the black and white one shown in the Cruyff picture. It was watching the 1974 World Cup that really got me into football.
  12. Just like this picture of a packed Shed from the 1950s.
  13. World Cup '74: van Hanegem Netherlands v Argentina,26th June 1974. FootballPast Twitter.
  14. Fiorentina's Socrates and Antognoni, 1984/85. Football Past.
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