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  1. I think it was Matt Law who came out and said that story wasn't true. I'll look and see if I can find that and share it
  2. I heard he has transitioned into a hybrid RW/DM/GK position. Frank's been working on his fitness so he can man all three areas
  3. Did we sign a new stadium yet? One that can play defensive mid and keeper and left back and striker?
  4. Kai leading Germany's line with Wener to his left today
  5. I HATE THE STUPID INTERNATIONAL BREAKS... but of jerk nations being selfish wanting to play games. Also, I bought FIFA 21 today after saying I wasn't going to... I'm such a pushover... I'm gonna go win the Champions League with Declan Rice as my number 9, Kepa at RW and Kante in goal.
  6. If Chelsea think Rice is the answer, then you pass on anyone else and get Rice. Maybe not this window, but January or next summer. Think this is just agent/journo crap
  7. Should be a favorable draw. Sevilla will be tough, but if we are healthy there is no reason we shouldn't win this group
  8. Don't see many 'random rumours' going on in here right now lol
  9. I didn't watch 100% of the first half (stupid work) but what I did see, I really liked the way the midfield and Girooo pressed and pestered Tottenham
  10. Getting your first goal against spurs... proper f**king chels!!
  11. This was a lineup a lot of people wanted to see. Lets win this.. can't lose to these clowns
  12. Do spurs really play on thursday in europa league? If so, their schedule congestion is brutal and i'm surprised Mourinho hasn't been more vocal about it
  13. Seriously tho, who mopes around after a stinker of a performance that he put up in the first half. Sends the wrong signals to the manager and the club, but to other clubs that may have had interest in him. If I am Juventus -- I would confirm the story, but it's from pretty reliable sources -- I wouldn't want anything to do with a player that has an attitude like that. It's one thing to be hard on yourself, but to completely abandon your teammates and the club... disgraceful.
  14. Saw a stat that said Chelsea have had more mistakes that directly lead to goals than the whole Prem combined...
  15. Sign him and play him at CDM
  16. In all reality, I don't think we get Rice and I don't think we make any more purchases this window. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Rice came to Chelsea next summer; can't really see West Ham selling in January.
  17. Rice is a scrub? Man idk he doesn't play like a scrub, at least from what I've seen,
  18. He’s young, he’ll get better. As some have said, he probably shouldn’t play every match. But against a team like WBA he should be able to step in. Idk what the resolution to our defense is, but the we are incredibly weak defensively. Personally, If I was starting James I would put Azpi on the left for more stability at the back. And allow the back line to operate as a make shift back 3 if he goes forward. he’s been caught out of position too many times and it’s frustrating absolutely. Hopefully with Silva’s leadership those kind of errors will smooth themselves out as he matures and
  19. Alonso on his day is solid. But man, when he is off, he is f**kING TERRIBLE
  20. give it time... give it time. Not the finished product,,, woosah woosah
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