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  1. Injuries are dum and I hate them but I like wins and three points
  2. Christensen said "Listen here Rom, this is how you do it mate!!"
  3. Pretty sure Werner is being played out of position and he is the greatest defender on the planet... its the only explanation that I can muster at this point
  4. Not sure if anyone knows this or not, but Chelsea play soon
  5. Taylor again. Might as well start with 10 men and a brentford penalty
  6. also, play Hudson Odoi in his position on the left and we see what we get he’s been brilliant
  7. I don’t understand how the officiating can be so poor for this league
  8. Mount being fit will be big for us. I'm sure we will stick with a 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2 but I think a 4-3-3 would be a good switch ... Mendy | Chalo AC Rudi | Azpi Kova Kante Chilwell | Mount Lukaku Werner if we go 3-4-3 Mendy | Azpi AC Rudi Chilwell | Mount Kova Kante | Havertz Lukaku Werner if we go 4-3-3 or a 4-3-1-2 with Havertz behind Luke and Wern
  9. We gotta give him some time playing on the left. But getting 15 minutes here and there as a RWB isn't exactly getting great opportunities. I do agree, however, that you do have to make the most of the opportunities give to you. So, in that regard, I'd like to see a lot more out of EVERYONE
  10. There is just a mentality that these boys don't have... you either have it or you don't. Ziyech isn't it... great depth, but shouldn't be starting over CHO... but since CHO is an academy player and didn't cost us 45m euros he doesn't get opportunity to waste after opportunity to waste after opportunity to waste.. I was really hoping for a good reaction and great energy from the boys, but I just didn't see it. We have so much individual quality but so many just stand there and expect something to happen... Just very frustrated after that performance - I should add that I didn't see the first half, only the second... Really need a positive reaction on Saturday. Give RLC a chance in the middle w/Jorginho -- Chilwell from the start. No Ziyech
  11. cant miss a free header like that.... if someone could get something ON TARGET?!?!?
  12. We move the ball side to side so slowly, little to no movement from up top and lack serious creativity... We have players who are way too good to be look like we look... besides the fact that we purchases Ziyech... why is he given credence over CHO? Gimme someone who is going to be direct, make diagonal runs, moves the f**king defense besides passing it sideways
  13. this is... idk... can we bring in freaking ruben yet????????????????
  14. We should try to sign Alex Sandro... that would really turn this match on its head
  15. I was hoping maybe RLC was gonna get a go from the start but I'm hopeful for 20-30 minutes for him
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