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  1. An underrated striker, and the perfect squad player. Statistically, this has been his best season with us since he joined in January 2018. 2017/2018 = 18 games, 5 goals 2018/2019 = 45 games, 13 goals 2019/2020 = 25 games, 10 goals 2020/2021 = 22 games, 11 goals
  2. Agree. Conte was an outstanding coach despite his flaws. I always thought we settled for second best once we replaced him with Sarri.
  3. Tough game. United have caused us problems in the league in the past few years. I expect Tuchel to keep our structure tight and not allow United to punish us on the counter, which is a possibility if we're too open.
  4. Good post. I was disappointed to see Frank go, but we need to move on now. Frank leaves the club with his legacy intact in my mind. I actually hold out hope that down the line he will return to the club once he accumulates more managerial experience elsewhere. In relation to Tuchel, I think he's done a good job thus far. The Southampton performance is the only match where I felt he got it wrong in both team selection and tactics. The win against Atletico Madrid is huge for all concerned. I hope it galvanizes the playing group and Tuchel will have the belief he's on the right track wi
  5. Brilliant result. It was always going to be tight with the way Atletico Madrid plays, but that away goal is precious. About time something goes our way with VAR. That was a quality goal by Giroud. Mount's going to be a big loss for the second leg. Suarez is still a c**t. Some things don't change. Bring on the second leg!
  6. Excellent news. Best wishes to Paul in his ongoing recovery.
  7. He's a quality player. Really putting some of our more established players to shame at the moment.
  8. If Roman wasn't ambitious, I doubt we'd spend the way we did last summer. The biggest problem is recruitment. In recent years, many signings haven't fired in the way we've hoped.
  9. 22/25 Can't believe I forgot Shevchenko 😱
  10. He sounds like a class act. He was very handy in the 14/15 season, and he seems to have good things to say about us despite his short tenure with the club.
  11. Excited for this. Really hoping we find a way to overcome our last 16 hoodoo which has impacted us since 2015.
  12. We deserved to make top 4 last season. Manchester United's rise and Leicester's capitulation after Christmas was the difference for them.
  13. West Ham lead 2-0. Jose's days at Spurs are numbered.
  14. Insane how Liverpool have gone from having the second longest unbeaten run at home to now having their worst home run since 1923.
  15. Bad day. First time since he's arrived when I thought his coaching decisions and tactics were wrong .
  16. If we play like today, Atletico will have a field day with us.
  17. The way Ziyech is going, he'll be gone in the summer.
  18. Toothless up front. Hasn't been a great day for Tuchel. Starting line up raised eyebrows, and then we have the issue around CHO.
  19. Post match presser will be interesting, particularly around why CHO was taken off. Tuchel's been animated all game. Looks like the gloves are off now!
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