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  1. Come on CHELS! Need a big performance today.
  2. Predicting a draw. Think both coaches will want to keep it tight, and ensure they don't get blown off the park. If we beat City again, Tuchel might break Pep for good
  3. Offer him a reasonable deal, but don't break the bank to keep him.
  4. If he keeps this up, he'll be a very handy backup GK to Mendy. He's slowly rebuilding his confidence after good performances against Villarreal in the Super Cup and against Villa a few days ago.
  5. Fun match with a good outcome in the end. Kepa looks like a new man this season. Confident in himself and being a positive contributor to the team. Saved us twice in penalties this season. RLC and Chalobah were the most impressive among the academy products. I really hope RLC is given a chance because he was actually a good player under Sarri, but injuries have killed him in the last few years. Confidence boosting goal for Werner. Should have finished the second chance a few minutes later, but I loved the way the playing group got around him during the goal celebration. Have to give credit to Villa. Their goal was impressive. Kepa couldn't have saved that even with his best attempt. Bring on Citeh.
  6. I actually admire Marcos for having an independent mind, rather than going along with what everyone else is doing. "Taking the knee" is just hollow now. The optics of it might look good to some, but there's no substance behind the stance.
  7. Love the bloke. Sometimes I forget he's 37. I only wish he joined the club several years ago.
  8. JT's debut in 1998 vs Aston Villa (3rd Round League Cup)
  9. That was great. Our biggest away league win against Spurs since 2001. The second half was superb after an average start to the game. I agree with others saying we haven't hit our peak and there's a lot of improvement left in this team. Silva and Rudiger dominated and controlled everything.
  10. RIP Jimmy. An English footballing legend. 132 goals in 169 games with the club from 1957-1961.
  11. An English footballing legend. Arguably the greatest striker the country has produced. RIP Jimmy Greaves
  12. Ray was a class act. His legacy will continue to live on forever.
  13. The day we won 6-1 against Spurs (1997)
  14. Zenit made us earn that win, so fair play to them. Lukaku showing why a competent and reliable striker makes a huge difference to the team's fortunes. Rudiger, Lukaku and Kovacic were the standouts for mine.
  15. Hope we give a strong account of ourselves in our CL defence, and go as far as we can. Who knows, maybe we could achieve back-to-back trophies with a bit of luck. I was disappointed we didn't advance beyond the group stages in 2012/13, the season after our first CL success.
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