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  1. I guess Emerson was afraid the patch of grass he was standing on might score or something.
  2. It's a mess trying to play out of the back right now and was the other day too.
  3. Thanks. So the ones are just randomly put in the bracket then?
  4. How does the CL draw work? I understand the 1 v. 2 thing, but are the 1's seeded and the 2 or drawn blindly? Is it all blind, like no seeding of even the ones?
  5. A hip is a concerning injury for a young kid with his kind of lateral quickness. Hope it's OK going forward. I have enjoyed watching him run around the last month immensley.
  6. Yeah, neither one of his headers involved elevation, but he won one inthe box today and I've seen him win a couple others which woud seem unlikely as short as he is. My wife saw the replay on the one in the box he floated toward goal, and said he can really jump. I watched and it looks like he can elevate enough to mix in a header or two. Man he's been fun to watch. Elecitric with the ball at is feet.
  7. It seems to me that the dude is feeling or has felt a tremendous amount of pressure because he’s American in this sport and feels a tremendous burden to be something special. I don’t know that to be the case but he had a little breakdown against Canada when he was taken off and seems to have reset himself. This might be off base but I like to write fiction and it makes for a good story. In any event I hope he just continues to go out there and hit the ball around and just play the game. He’s really fun to watch.
  8. Like you took a piss on em? That’s funny as hell.
  9. Shoot. team needs Kanye bad. Midfield is getting trashed.
  10. I wonder if he’ll be good enough to play for the US for the full 90 next time.

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