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  1. I totally agree that this should be a good thing for both CP and RL. What position do you think CP should be playing with the back 3? I can't really decide what I think would be best. He seems to me and most of us on here to be a LW, but LWB, I'm not sure, with his propensity to get knocked off the ball.
  2. James injury should certainly effect that formation.
  3. Wow. This team team is way better than they were last week.
  4. We had really dear Spanish friends from Barcelona that lived here for a couple years and they were very against Catalan independence. They thought it was misguided and would lead to unnecessary hardship. thanks for the info. I do understand local control though as an American. Our federalism seems to be quite a bit different than what Britain has. Historically and according to the 10th Amendment to our short little Constitution, states have quite a bit of power. That’s why here for COVID for instance, there was a wide variance for lockdown policies. In general here Republicans are for more state control and Democrats are in favor of more centralized control. For instance there was a wide variance in schools. Our kids didn’t miss a day of school this year in our district and most districts in our area. Some schools missed slot and many kids in the country didn’t go to school a single day.
  5. Is that a big deal in Britain? What would be the pros and cons? 16? Wow.
  6. So there is like a legitimate push Scottish independence? I did not know that. there are like fringy ideas here about secession but nothing serious.
  7. You’re on fire. Ride that roll man. Lotto numbers?
  8. Asking for a friend, (don’t want to get kickstomped or sucker punched in the face), but Y’all been a country 70 years fore we wrested this backwater outta your control. Thank you French warships. (Haven’t heard that in over a century prolly.) I’ve read some stuff in the net, but I’d like to see what opinions are out there from Chelsea posters. Why don’t you have a national football team? Is there any talk of it happening? In all seriousness, is there any UK national pride or is it just Scottish, Welsh, NI, and English? like in the Olympics would an Englshman root for a Scot representing Great Britain? In the wars did welsh scots and English fight in same units or were they homogenized? Help a DumbYank out. I am really interested in learning about this. It’s confusing and intriguing. I don’t get it and really don’t know what to even call your country. I think the title is the UK of GB and NI. Man that’s a mouthful. I’d say that the little Southern Indiana backwater I’m from we almost always refer to your country as England.
  9. O Good Lord. You righteously indignant are so boring.
  10. Lots of counters, seems like Ukraine players get about a 50 yard run just carrying the ball all alone in the middle of the pitch every 5 minutes or so. Netherlands look fun.
  11. Most guys are past their prime at 120.
  12. In the Euro. Will Mount play a lot? What do you think of the chances?
  13. He wasn’t good in the 1st half. He was pretty good in the 2nd.
  14. They played at incredibly pacey rate in the first 3rd of the game or so. I saw a lot of tired players.
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