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  1. So, how do you become "tougher" at his size playing the wing like that. Look don't take what I am saying wrong. I'm not hopoing for a Messi. But do you think Messi would have been able to be tough enough as a youngster to grind through the PL? If so, why? He probaby weighs less than Pulisic. I understand that the Spanish league overall is inferior to the PL. In basketball or in our football there is some technique that might help a guy appear "tougher" by sinking your hips before contact, etc. One thing it looks like CP does is draw tons of fouls. Is there like techinique or kinda like feel he's missing or maybe he just has to get used to contact? In my orginal post I said that no one would be worried in our professional sports if a 21 year old dude wasn't playing for one of the worlds premier clubs right away. That would be silly over here. But it also seems that the shelf life of soccer players is shorter than our sports.
  2. I’m already learning thanks Backbiter.
  3. So I think you are saying that Chelsea buys all sorts of young players knowing full well some won’t pan out at all. That sounds a bit like baseball here only the salaries for most minor leaguers are much much lower than what CP is earning. Baseball has like 30 or 40 rounds and they get the rights to those players for like 5 or six years. What I meant by free agents is that it seems like any club could theoretically sign any young player they wanted. There is no draft. No club rights to unsigned young guys. So in essence all potential players are free agents until they sign with someone? Is that correct? I have seen that Chelsea has other young guys playing and playing well. It seemed weird to have so much invested in a guy like Pulisic, but I guess your saying basically that clubs like Chelsea, especially even Chelsea even, throw a whole bunch of very expensive lures in the water to catch a few very big fish knowing some of the lures won’t work out and then they cut bait with those guys and use them as assets? Don’t know if what I am saying makes since or if many English people fish but appreciate your response. Trying to get my head around this. We cheered on Altidore but he didn’t seem good enOugh for Sunderland and ended up back here. Would Chelsea consider loaning him to another PL team? That seems somewhat odd if he ended up hurting Chelsea on another squad. Thanks for responding man.
  4. Howdy! Got my fanny pack secured over my fat ass and under my cheap, watery beer belly. Got my big, fuzzy finger with #22 on it. I really overpronounce the r sound on the ends of my words and am here to talk some football. But since you "chaps" don't know crap about football , let's talk some soccer. I am from beautiful SW Indiana in the good ol' US of A and look forward to hopefully learning about the game and enjoying some conversation. In all seriousness, I hope Pulisic breaks in for this team. I've watched the game for a while, longer than most Americans, but hope to learn more about it at the level it's played in Europe. I am committed to being a fan of the Blues now but am really wanting to see CP be a part of it. But I usually don't switch allegiances on teams when I root for them. I've been following Chelsea this summer and hope to learn from you guys as the season goes along. My first question is, is this dude going to be able to play with this team or not? Over here, it's pretty rare for a 21 year old to be a superstar in a sport, so if a kid like CP was not playing it wouldn't be a big deal. I don't understand your system of buying players. Way different than here in our profressional sports. Is it basically just total free agency? Don't understand loaning a player. Seems crazy unless it was to develop him I guess. Any way cheers. Hope to learn one of the club songs. Always thought that was cool how you guys sing all game long.

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