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  1. He wasn’t good. Seemed to be too anxious. His first touches were poor.
  2. If you like to score, just run square with Pulisic.
  3. Nerd alert. Nerd alert. Nerd Alert. Aaaaaaoooooogaaaahhh. AAAAAooooooohgaaaaah.
  4. How bout, “Good Lord Kepa!”? Seems an appropriate usage.
  5. I hear you man, and agree about Americans, but It seems most of your countrymen in this board also don’t understand how you sit Pulisic with the form he’s shown keeping Chelsea in the CL hunt since break because he’s too injured even though there are only two games determining placement and then bring him on in the 60th down 4-1.
  6. Well youthful team. Before the season, you’d take the guaranteed CL with a draw v W last game wouldn’t you?
  7. I doubt there are too many times when a guy too injured to start goes in in the 60th minute down 4-1. Like in history.
  8. Pulisic should have started. Easy call if he’s available. It’s do or die (or hope LC lose.)
  9. Sometimes we have to believe what we see rather than what we think.e

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