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  1. You've left out Mr. Reliable himself - Azpi. I would honestly prefer if Lamps goes back to experience at the back and midfield - Azpi, Silva, Zouma, ChillyB, Kante, Jorginho, Kova. Play mount in a forward position, one of the strikers, and let the under-performers duke it out for the last spot up-front. It won't be pretty but at least we could get some consistency going.
  2. You say 'fault' like he wasn't brought here for his versatility and ability to cover multiple positions on the forward line.
  3. So let me get this straight - you see 50 games, during broken seasons where fitness and training time have been difficult to manage due to a few factors - which are both imperative to improving the system and ironing out errors. A manager who has unified the fans, squad and youth teams ; who achieved his goals last season, above expectations and you're calling others 'blind'? Not one reasonable fan will deny that he has shortcomings and lacks experience, but I'm along for the ride and it will only stand him and the club in good stead as long as expectations are being met come the end of the se
  4. Oh pardon me. I forgot that all aspects of play (tactical and technical) are dictated by the quality of the opposition....
  5. We looked much better with the ball against West Brom. I enjoyed a lot of the first half actually. This was an XI shorn of any creativity really so I suppose that was to be somewhat expected. Relying on an out-of-position CHO (with no James to work off) and Mount is never going to bring consistent results.
  6. It's not about simply learning a lesson - That is only a part of the process. The most important part is training so that you can iron out the issues. Frank, with half of a first XI of new players, does not even have close to the amount of time needed to train his players effectively. Look at what City and United look like like with far more settled squads. And people want to hop on the back of someone who exceeded expectations last season. Ridiculous. If you don't think a FULLY FIT Silva, Chilwell, Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech, Christensen would have made a difference...
  7. Injury, hopefully not serious.
  8. Agreed. Early days but it already looks as if his football IQ and vision are a cut above the rest. The decisions he makes shows me that he 'sees the field'. Once he gets accustomed to the pace of the game I think he'll be dynamite.
  9. I don't see how he looked awful? I enjoyed his general play and his passing was great. That could come in handy as the season progresses.
  10. That still rings half true. I remember doing some analysis on his first 10 or so games for the club and the number of great runs he made to no gain was insane. Finishing aside, he should have had way more opportunities to score. Similarly, the passing from Kante, Mount, Cheek etc has been abysmal so far - angle, overweighted, underweighted - take your pick.
  11. He ticks quite a few boxes - athletic, English, accustomed to the league, still some potential to work with, resale value, better aerially than what we've got (which is something given our set piece issues), and most importantly I'm sure Frank knows about his work ethic and conduct. If we can sign a left-sided Azpi for 45m it's not the end of the world...
  12. "Fairly quick. Good engine on him". Yip, sounds exactly like Alonso...
  13. Agreed they have been harsh (I hate seeing that kind of vitriol) but a part of that is down to him being an undeserved first choice player. He shouldn't be and fans are rightfully frustrated. I don't know when last I've seen our team so incapable of playing in tight spaces. And yet we have Kovacic, Pedro and of course Pulisic (injury aside) around. Most chances right now are being wasted because the guys in high positions (Mount, Tammy, Willian and Kante) have poor control, play badly weighted passes or can't see past their nose.
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