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  1. My theory on that is - so fans and pundits always talk of the new manager bounce, yes? Well I believe similar can happen with old managers. Under Sarri (and I actually enjoyed his tenure mostly) we dominated some games against Pool and City for the first time in what felt like forever. The midfield of Kova, Jorgi and Kante - although without any real attacking threat - was quite impressive under him. We lacked goals and decisiveness though - seems familiar... He changed Kante's role and developed the Kova-Jorgi partnership that bore fruits in Lamps' first season. Not to mention that the team ended Sarri's season in form and playing some good stuff. Over the course of the next 18 months we essentially witnessed the de-evolution of those roles and sub-systems. And that was only exacerbated by the fact that Lamps disregarded some key senior players. You can see under Tuchel how you can take say Azpi out and replace him with James at RCB or James out and replace him with Odoi at WB - and very little changes because of how good Tuchel is with his tactical training. In those winter months you speak of, we ended with Kante as the lone 6 and not knowing what the hell he was doing, and the two 8s looking like they barely understood football.
  2. Amps, Gallagher, Guehi, Broja will all be looked at during preseason. So exciting to see the amount of talent just waiting to break through. I would prefer if they hold on to Gallagher and send Billy on loan for some consistent game time.
  3. It should be and most likely would be because as much I didn't want Lampard sacked, he had more than a few things going against him. 1. He showed patches of real tactical naivety (acceptable in isolation given his inexperience). 2. He cast out more than a few senior players, the players you need on your side when youngsters and new signings invariably have their dips. Just imagine that CL final without Rudiger and Azpi. 3. Word got around that the tactical side of training was severely lacking compared to past managers. In hindsight, I have no issue with management looking at this picture holistically and thinking the best way forward was to replace him. If it was simply a matter of results, I think they would have stuck with Frank a little longer.
  4. Why should they have done way better? Werner, Havertz (21), Ziyech - first year in the PL, with no pre-season. All three struggled with the physicality and only now am I seeing actual improvement in that area from Werner and Havertz. Mount (22), Pulisic (22), Odoi (20), Tammy - All young and second season in the league. I've made this point before but going through the top 5: City - Aguero, Sterling, Mahrez, Silva, Jesus - All with good experience in the PL, backed up by Foden and Torres Man Utd - Rashford, Martial, Silva, Cavani, Mata - A mixture of good overall experience and PL experience. Liverpool - Mane, Salah, Firmino, Jota, Origi - A mixture of great overall experience and PL experience Leicester - Ineacho, Vardy, Perez - A mixture of good overall experience and PL experience. And it goes the same for Tottenham and Arsenal (Kane, Son, Bale, Auba, Lacezette, Willian ). Our attack, although very talented, is quite far off the necessary quality and experience to challenge for the title (compared to the other teams). If we had five 22-year old Hazards it would be the exact same thing. Our attack is filled with players who should be in supporting roles for a title-challenging team, not because of a lack of talent but their lack of experience. And Mount would never have made 72 appearances over the last two seasons for City or Liverpool. As you say, the attackers have looked good in flashes, but not consistently - this is what we should have expected.
  5. Not only the goals, we could barely transition from defense to attack towards the end of Lampard's tenure - we were bordering on Long Ball FC.
  6. I only really care about two issues: 1: An independent, ex-player forms part of a VAR panel (3-man) for red card and penalty decisions. The decision needs to be unanimous. If a single decision can totally ruin a football match, then the onus should not be on one ref who has never played the game to make it. 2. Offside application. Leave it the hands of the linesman and only overrule in two situations: linesman plays it on and VAR shows daylight between the attacker and last man; or linesman rules it offside but VAR does it's thing with the lines and concludes it is onside. This would be more in line with the remit of 'clear and obvious' and also give the advantage to the attacker, which is what we all want.
  7. Lewandowski and Sancho would cost the same as Kane if the numbers are to be believed. And Sancho's resale value would counteract Lewandowski's. That would be a great window and would allow us to send CHO on loan for some game time.
  8. The difference being, whether the decision is wrong or right, that the Alonso situation made sense when you considered Lampard's motives and behaviour. It does not for Tuchel. Which is why I won't throw the blame at his feet until I know the full story. Tuchel has largely been praised for his decision-making, out-of-the-box thinking and squad rotation. And yet the same people who have praised him for that, think he's simply shunning a proven goalscorer...
  9. That's fine, no one is saying he isn't getting chances. He is still not a great fit for this team and most of those chances are the bread and butter for more traditional strikers. Off topic - In that case they would have need to use that 5 second rule a lot more and the team would have been much less effective. If Zlatan wasn't suitable, you can be damn sure Kante wouldn't have been.
  10. 100%. As much as I get frustrated by the finishing, not soon after that I remind myself that our entire attack is almost always a combination of 1st season in the league and 20-22 year olds. We are very unique in that sense compared to any of the top 8.
  11. That would be like Kante signing for Pep's Barca, him failing expectations and then saying yes but he had an 86% pass completion for Leicester. The board signed a player whose main asset is running in behind, for a team that generally dominates possession and play on a small pitch every other week. Not a signing in the realm of Drinkwater by any stretch but still not what was required.
  12. Best thing about the game for me was seeing his hold-up play with some BHA defenders touch-tight. I remember it took Ramires a full season to learn how to use his body in this league and not be a featherweight. And Morata is still learning...
  13. Not only Jorginho, Zouma's positioning was atrocious before and after the red.
  14. I don't think I've ever seen more wasteful striker in a top side. And yet the guy is still more productive than most - so he plays and deservedly so. Absolutely nuts...
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