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  1. Agreed they have been harsh (I hate seeing that kind of vitriol) but a part of that is down to him being an undeserved first choice player. He shouldn't be and fans are rightfully frustrated. I don't know when last I've seen our team so incapable of playing in tight spaces. And yet we have Kovacic, Pedro and of course Pulisic (injury aside) around. Most chances right now are being wasted because the guys in high positions (Mount, Tammy, Willian and Kante) have poor control, play badly weighted passes or can't see past their nose.
  2. The fact that Giroud and Pedro are frozen out and this guy gets minutes is baffling. I don't think there's been a worse striker at the club in the Abramovich era.
  3. An unheard of bum who's been heard of, and regularly watched by one of the many Russian premier league aficionados on the forum. Get it now?
  4. Control? He is almost never involved in the build-up phase and loses possession at the slightest nudge. The only regular player who statistically has worse control of the ball is Tammy - and in his case you make allowances for his position. Pressing, sure. But right now you may as well play Kante in that role and you'll receive exactly the same output. Effort is great, but in the long run I want to see chances rightfully earned and quality prevail.
  5. And there is nothing wrong with that. Getting squad players from the academy is a job well done. The problem is if you're either giving them undeserved minutes a la Mount or not properly strengthening the squad and continuing to gamble big on HG talent. Top 4 will be a lottery if that is the direction we're headed.
  6. Wow. Any time he's played pre-injury he's been flawless and easily our best defender. Certainly better than anything we've had recently (Cahill, Luiz etc). He was superb last season. And yes he is great in the tackle. Quick, good in the air, reads the game very well and better than most CBs with the ball. Give the man some time to get up to speed.
  7. It's not just a home problem. It's a tactical one. What I find disturbing is that Frank continues to say we did very well against City, in contrast to yesterday's dud. Both teams had similarities in having a compressed block press our CBs and DMs. With City being more aggressive of course. For large periods all we are doing is playing across the backline and playing long, hopeful diagonals. Frank complains about playing too safe but it is way too risky to play through the lines because the players ahead of the backline are either not in good positions to receive the ball or are being covered. We will blame Zouma/Rudiger/Jorginho if they inevitably misplace the pass that he wants us to risk. And then of course we don't have the best recovery on turnovers. There is a reason why the best we've looked this season is generally with Sarri's system. Lampard needs to step up to the plate and develop his own solutions. Demanding urgency and aggressiveness alone will do f**kall. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out.
  8. Not in front of Pulisic for me as he's easily been our most dangerous attacker this season but certainly ahead of anyone else. We desperately need more consistent goal threats.
  9. His movement is just fantastic. Really has surprised me in that regard. Getting a tad stronger and with some more PL experience I think he'll be right up there.
  10. That is their natural games. Odoi has always been direct and takes it on himself. But he needs to keep that up because he has the potential to be prolific. Batshuayi can't see past his nose so you better savour the moments where he shows a bit of vision.
  11. Yeah! Let's paper over more instability and ludicrous decision-making, and just rock on because that's how we do.... I'm sure we'll be challenging City and Liverpool in no time at all.
  12. A lot to hang your hopes on. I'm sorry but I don't want the club to turn into Tottenham 1.1. I want to see a good mix of world class talent, experience, and youth. How are you going to form an identity and pass down club values if the strongest character in your side is Rudiger? City and Liverpool would own us for the better part of a decade.
  13. And that is the difference between trying to play football and sitting back waiting for one or two chances to break and hoping the football gods shine their blessings upon you - you risk more. You risk looking bad, you risk your organisation etc etc.
  14. It's always the easiest solution that's the answer most fans give to problems. The player on the bench/not playing, the player being played out of position, back to the old system etc etc. So let's say Sarri moves Kante deeper, well Kante isn't great at receiving the ball under pressure and his pass direction and weighting is not the best. So Sarri now has to change the system to a 2 midfielder system. Scrub the system he was specifically brought here to implement. Kante in a 3 was the most effective right-side presser, now we lack a very useful tool to play progressive football. So then let's be positive and say the 4 attackers would be Higuain/Giroud, Hazard, RLC and Pedro. The only half decent presser there, is Pedro. So either we're going to have a huge disconnect/spaces between the defensive line and attack, increasing the likelihood of our not so great defenders (Rudiger aside) being 1v1 more often; or we have to defend deeper and restrict our pressing. If we play the deeper, more compact 2 man midfield system, well then (abandoned philosophy aside) that can work if we counter well. But wait, firstly we have two of the slowest strikers in the league at our disposal and secondly our defence struggles to soak up pressure. Not the best options for the counter. And at the end of the day we still sit with some bad defenders, lack of creativity and not enough goals scorers. And that kids is why changing the whole f-ing system to accommodate Kante wasn't feasible.
  15. So did the majority of fans at the beginning of the season. But always try to temper your expectations with the reality of the players you have at your disposal. And for Christ's sake don't tear everything apart at the first sign of trouble. I want to see the club build a solid structure. Hire a DoF that matches Sarri's and the club's agreed philosophy, Remove unnecessary obstacles for youth player progression, Sell deadwood/backup players, End the short-termism and give whichever manager a reasonable term with adequate backing - this will in time filter down to the currently hostile fan base, identify current cracks in the squad, target new players suited to the philosophy and lastly have greater transparency with regards to the targets for the season ahead.

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