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  1. They do...if you have proper understanding of how to use them and their relevance. Most people don't.
  2. One of those players are here for legitimate reasons. The other is here because our main striker wanted to leave in January. Did people say the same after Jose left the first time? 'See, Chelsea are still playing well, Jose was irrelevant.'
  3. Oh ignorance is bliss. 'Who cares about stats?' Most managers and millions of football fans around the world. The problem with listening to people speak about what they see with their eyes is that most people are f*cking stupid. So if you're debating a point it's more often than not better to use 'facts'. 'If you play chess with a pigeon no matter how well you play, it's just going to knock over the pieces and strut around like it won anyway'
  4. Well said sir. And the next coach will pick the same players they're complaining about now because they are they best available to achieve the objectives. These fans want him sacked for not (yet) getting into the champions League AND for not playing the youth which makes no sense.
  5. It quite literally is. Just not on the ones I mentioned. Yes we play with no end product, which just a part of playing attacking football. Attacking football is more than just goals and assists. Those are the ultimate realisations of the philosophy. To each is own, but I found the football under Conte to be far more tedious. And yet I never wanted to him leave either. Last season we played slow defensive football with no end product, the difference being that this year we have more possession (and some other differences which people remain ignorant about), so some people perceive that to be more dull.
  6. Disagree. Not being able to achieve your objective is a failure. You set your own parameters in which to determine your failures. No one else can do that. Yes, probably. We don't know for sure. But having a defensive manager/approach would have guaranteed that before the season began. We know what kind of football he wants to play and we know he cares more about being happy than pushing himself to his limits. I refer you to my previous post about the perceived lack of chances created. And yet I agree we should be creating more. I just don't expect the midfield we currently have to do that. Agreed. But you need time. More than most if you're not playing pragmatic football. I'm not saying we should have our own Arsene Wenger, but we should allow any manager we've brought in the time and scope to do his job. Say we hired Mourinho after Conte, someone to get results with pragmatic football, then firstly the transition is easier and secondly he should be judged differently. But we hired Sarri, who never had a preseason. We wanted an attacking philosophy. We knew the transition would be tough. We knew we never had enough goals and creativity in the team. We then essentially gave him one player and took away the backup for that player in the next window without a replacement. And I use the words 'we knew' lightly, as many fans don't consider these particulars. Barring a disastrous bottom-half finish we should absolutely see the project through the cycle. But as I've said - the short-termism from our board has now filtered down to the fanbase.
  7. Well we've created more chances than most, created more big chances than most, taken more shots inside the area than most, more through balls than anyone and hit the woodwork the most. I don't know what more you need to see than that. If the league was calculated on statistical index we'd probably be second. What we are sorely missing are the players to make all of these stats mean something. Against Everton Jorginho played a delightful chip to put Higuain clean through.....it came to nothing and Jorginho will still be blamed for having no assists.
  8. Failure depends on your objectives - game-by-game, short-term, and long-term. It is not a failure for Huddersfield to lose to us. I don't consider it failure to lose to the best team in Europe on a lottery when we've been the better team. I was immensely proud of that performance and it showed me that even with some massive cracks in the foundation we've still got something to build upon. I find it very strange that you're using him adjusting his style to beat the best in Europe as a negative against the way he manages the team. He has adjusted his style more the "one time" by the way. And in any case one result does not mean the quality of the team is fine. We won by scoring two goals, goals that we barely have in this team so why would anyone expect us to continue scoring? As I've said before, I agree that if we had a more defensive manager then we may have had a few better scorelines over the season, but ultimately we would have achieved nothing for our long term goals. And Hazard would without a doubt leave. No counter-attacking team would ever be successful without goals. We would have just seen last season's Conte again. A top 4 team in this league needs to score on average, 65-70 goals in a season. Even in a season where Hazard and Pedro are scoring well we just don't have the goals to compete. I'll adapt that quote for you to be more relevant: If you have a philosophy and are not given the time and scope to implement it, what's the point?
  9. I think you are confused on at least two counts. Firstly I said outperformed, not beat. And with his job on the line, so that wasn't the game. Secondly, I challenge you to find a quote where Sarri says the players asked him to play deeper before the 2-0 win against City. You then make further nonsensical suppositions but it's a waste of time speaking about those.
  10. Congrats. You've broken down the beautiful game into statistically calculated chances... and goals. Agreed, each to their own. Can't have it both ways. Fans want the board to sack managers almost as quick as the media do and still demand targets to be met. Managers won't play youth. And so it goes, on and on. That should be happening right now, not next season. We don't have the squad to challenge, we have hugely talented youngsters. The perfect scenario for me - Finish the season, let the deadwood go (Zappacosta, one of the LBs, one of Willian and Pedro, Giroud). Hire a competent Director of Football. Club decides on a broader philosophy, if they haven't already. Give Sarri a window (if we get one). Try our best to keep CHO. Bring back Mount, James, Salter/Zouma, Tammy. And lastly, stay the path until there is genuinely a massive problem down the line. It's the only way to ensure that things work synergistically.
  11. Wow. Outperformed City with an inferior squad with his job supposedly on the line. It's nice that you can guarantee it but that means nothing. Of course the target is the CL. But he was brought here not because he's a proven winner, but to change the style of football. Which objective is more important to the club right now? Maybe you can guarantee some information regarding that. No. Because he said this: https://www.balls.ie/football/pep-guardiola-chelsea-job-406293 The board have a short term mentality. And that has now filtered down to the fan-base. I have watched almost every min of football that this club has played for more than a decade. I consider myself a student of the game with greater interest towards the tactical side of things. Scoring goals is a product of both the team style and player quality. We do not have goals in the team, therefore we cannot be expected to consistently score goals. Is that too difficult a concept to grasp? If we can't consistently score goals then I cannot use goals as a benchmark for how well this team has played in match (or a half). The first 45 against Everton was perfect. The movement of the players off the ball, the quality of possession, the hunger to win the ball back. It gave me everything I wanted to see besides a goal. And like I've said, my expectations are tempered in that regard.
  12. I am not debating the difference in their trophy hauls, that should be obvious. Pep is successful everywhere he has been, agreed. And each one of his last 3 clubs had a strong core of players on which to build his philosophy before he arrived and he was given the time to alter the team, he wouldn't have had that here. There is a reason why he said he wouldn't have taken this job. You think Pep would have stuck with the back 5? Wouldn't have wanted Jorginho? Yes it is all speculative at best (and yet strangely you believe Sarri wanted Kova) but it's ridiculous to think he would have come into his first season here with a midfield of Kante, Kovacic, Barkley, RLC and maybe Jorginho ; with zero regular goal scorers bar Hazard ; and would have walked into the top 4. I'm not saying that Sarri hasn't made mistakes - he has, he's not very experienced in top flight football. I see the mistakes and I expected them because I understand the what the entire process was about. But I think he has done OK. Not great, not poorly - certainly enough to see out the season and maybe be allowed a window to adjust the team. We have such fundamental issues that need to be sorted at this club and I'm honestly tired of the circus. We need one constant. The player base will change soon, the structure of the club needs to change soon, and at the very least I want a manager to stay around for a period of time that allows the club a platform to move forward systematically.
  13. Do you genuinely think we played better or it just because we outscored a different Everton, with a different team that you think we played better? I stand by what I said. We were as good as we could have been in the first half against Everton and I found it hugely enjoyable.

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