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  1. venom2011

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    Can't agree. He never plays poorly but simply has almost zero impact in the final third. For someone who plays as our most advanced midfielder, and who has played that position for most of his career, to be outshone by Kante in the final third.... If that's all he's going to produce then he deserves a seat on the bench, behind Kovacic.
  2. venom2011

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    I don't know why you're at a loss... Sarri's clearly trying to achieve a specific style of play. Do we have a squad fully understanding it? No. Do we have a squad fully suited to the style? No. So the board and Sarri need time. Harping-on after every negative result is pointless. I'm enjoying the ride and it's nice to see a progressive style even if it is wholly inconsistent right now. Pep had a mediocre first season and that is WITH the likes of Aguero, Silva, KDB and Toure available. And yet people expect to see something similar with Morata, Kante, Barkley and Willian.
  3. venom2011

    Mateo Kovačić

    Not of one of our midfliers have done anything of note this season. And as teams have played narrower and deeper it has become harder for them. Kovacic still oozes class on the ball. I don't find him frustrating, we have bigger issues at the moment. And he is being played slightly out of position. They change him at Madrid and he played an almost Jorginho-esque role. So I wasn't expecting massive goals etc. I'm still a big fan and let's not forget he is new to the hustle and bustle of this league. He is perfect for Kante's current role. So to accommodate Jorginho, Kante is out of position, then to accommodate Kante, Kova is out of position.
  4. venom2011

    Mateo Kovačić

    Strange thing to say. If teams sit back the one midfielder you really don't need is Kante. Kovacic has played some really good through balls this season and he is great in tight spaces. Also better with the 1-2s.
  5. venom2011

    Mateo Kovačić

    It runs deeper than that. We are witnessing phase 1 of Sarri's plan and many of the players are still not fully comfortable with the system. We don't have the players for the next phase, which is to increase the amount chances created. As you say, we don't have goals from midfield, but that's OK in isolation. The best of his system relies on distribution through the regista. So teams are now sitting deep and narrow and taking Jorginho out of the game. Morata isn't great against narrow defences, and Giroud, although better technically, isn't a goal scorer anymore. So we're having to resort to sending our best creator up top. Willian and Pedro are nowhere near world class. Then the biggest issue as far as I'm concerned is that we don't have the fullbacks to exploit the wide areas. And there are obvious spaces to attack out wide in most of our matches. So we have issues piling up in each area that needs addressing, as well as squad balancing. But I'm still enjoying the football now more than at any time under Conte and looking forward to seeing how progress under Sarri after the June transfer window.
  6. venom2011

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Very similar situation to the one Barkley was in. Both very talented players who ran around like headless chickens and their off-the-ball work left much to be desired. With Barkley I've seen a big difference compared to the start of the season and now. Hopefully Ruben follows suit.
  7. venom2011

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Pedro is the one. He's great off the ball, also has pace and energy to burn.
  8. venom2011


    I don't think anyone could legitimately make that argument. There was barely a game where we dominant, although we went on a run where we looked like we were never going to lose. The football wasn't great, and I was very worried that if that aspect didn't improve the next season, he was doomed. The quality of football was better under Jose, which is saying something. Personally, I was massively looking forward to Sarri coming in...
  9. venom2011

    Welcome N’Golo Kante

    He was awesome. He deserves to have a capable partner next to him, maybe even 2. Some stats: 12 tackles and interceptions 46 passes, 96% accuracy.
  10. venom2011

    Andreas Christensen

    Correct. He's still been flawless for most of the season. Even someone as great as JT had similar patches. Just give him time.
  11. venom2011

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    A bit hyperbolic but I agree with the sentiment. For most of Conte's tenure, even the calls I never agreed with I found myself saying 'I can see why he did that'. But today, for a manager of one of the biggest teams in the world, to do buggerall after going down 1-0 when we desperately need points... Disgusting.
  12. venom2011

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    That never happens. Conte and Mourinho have worked with the best in every position on the field. And they know what to expect to achieve a certain level. KDB, Lukaku etc, these guys were not at a level when they were here, but they wanted regular football and that's fine. The coaches don't write them off, it's just a timing and competition issue. What happens after is irrelevant but for sure it can be tough to watch if the player eventually goes on to meet expectations.
  13. venom2011

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    He is also an inferior player to both Morata and Giroud. Look how much space and time he has to receive the ball for goodness' sake. He finishes well and he has good physical qualities, that's about it for now.
  14. venom2011

    Luis Enrique?

    In some sense yes, for a sustained period, but that's not saying much. Carlo was still fairly pragmatic. The best I've seen is the first 4-6 months of Jose's return.
  15. It's certainly not irrelevant over the course of a season and most of the those new seats are corporate. In the scope of FFP (if it is ever implemented properly) it's an important step.