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  1. So how come i rated him last season then?.
  2. VS City i would rest this lad and play the three of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic. Make us as solid as possible.
  3. I hope all the people who bashed him last season and didn't think he was very good and didn't want us to buy him feel stupid.
  4. The Ajax game was his last in a Chelsea shirt imo. If Emerson is injured Lampard will play Azpi at left back and play James at right back.
  5. The problem is though we all know performances like this are always round the corner with him.
  6. At least we learnt not to play him ever again on the right.
  7. Exactly this, he didn't once try to take on his man he just went backwards and safe every time.
  8. He has done well, he's improved in defence. But Emerson was excellent at the start of the season.
  9. His best game for us i thought.
  10. With injuries to Kante and Kovacic he might start at the weekend. Who wants to bet he will be average and the people on here will complain about him. He's not good enough, never has been. His last goal in the premier league was when? Burnley away last season?.
  11. We cant have both Chilwell and Emerson. Emerson is wanted by the biggest club in Italy, he's not going to sit on the bench and play backup.
  12. People need to stop playing him as a number 10.
  13. Rather we kept Emerson than spend 60 odd million on Chilwell.
  14. He isn't good enough, should be sold. Good for us that we can sell him and likely make a profit doing it.

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