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  1. Not if he wants players like Moses and Bakayako which is being reported.
  2. Kakuta did, Kakuta took the piss at youth level. I will probably get alot of slack for posting this but i feel Sane is overrated. Even Peps starting to get fed up of him.
  3. I thought Coutinho was one of the best players in the league before he went to Barca.
  4. I think he's bang average full stop.
  5. He's good in the air thats it, but we very rarely cross the ball. Let him go.
  6. Im not agaisn't us signing Zaha and Coutinho, not my first choice but they are better than what we have.
  7. “I've made my decision. I'm still waiting like you & the fans are waiting. I wanted this matter to be resolved sooner but that didn't happen. I told Chelsea a couple of weeks ago.” Does a Top 4 finish change your mind? “No. I made my decision, that's it."
  8. What a strange post. Your first point well i'm not entirely sure how thats his fault? he doesn't have 100% control in the market, its bad signings made by the club in recent seasons. Your 2nd point, If we end up winning the Europa league nobody will care how we played to get there. And finally, he hasn't won a thing in football, we are in a final soon and me might win so maybe you should of posted this after the final?.
  9. Heres hoping thats the last ever Willian on the left and Pedro on the right in the same game we will ever have to watch.
  10. Wonder how long until he gets upset with the board and sulks all season because he didn't get the players he wanted.
  11. Im not agains't buying him permanently as long as the fee isn't high.
  12. Considering he didn't score that many in Shaktar either i'm guessing not many more.
  13. At least he is a player we can easily sell if we need too.
  14. The problem in buying him was he doesn't do anything than Ola Aina couldn't have done, just a waste of money.

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