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  1. If Tammy leaves id rather we went for Edourd at Celtic than Danny Ings who everyone seems to like. Ings is just to injury prone for me to bother with the gamble.
  2. Are we are looking to sell because he wont sign a new contract or because Tuchel doesn't seem to rate him?.
  3. Fans cried when we sold Nathan Ake and we used the money to buy a better defender in Rudiger. Like people have mentioned as long as we get a sell on clause and first option i dont see the big issue, everyone wins really. It seemed as though he turned down a new contract too so we didnt have much option but to sell.
  4. 3 at the back definitely helps with his lack of pace.
  5. I thought since he came back after isolation he was poor, The first two games he was good though.
  6. Had a brilliant tournament, him or Chiesa should get player of the tournament.
  7. My bad i meant he isn't going to be cheap either.
  8. Richarlison is going to be cheap though.
  9. I cant see the Real Madrid board prioritising players like Richarlison over Mbappe & Haaland just because of Ancelotti who probably wont even be there in 2 years time.
  10. Signing Ings just stinks of short term. Also his injury record it's a big gamble. Rather just keep Abraham and play him.
  11. No one is paying 80M for him. In the current formation i dont even think we need him right now, Kante, Jorginho and Kova are fine and we have Gilmour going out on loan.
  12. Bit harsh to say he is injury prone based on one season. He was getting plaudits for his performances, He was fantastic at the start of the season, the wingback position suits him.
  13. Little disappointed we didn't get him, one of the best in the world in his position and only 22. But also not the end of the world when we have James and Hudson Odoi did well their last season too. I honestly rather buy Tariq Lamptey back though if i had the choice between Hakimi and Lamptey.
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