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  1. I actually can't decide, it changes for me. Sometimes Willian and sometimes its Pedro.
  2. His best position is Kante position that's the problem.
  3. Very important especially those 2 difficult premier league games as Man Utd are playing Arsenal also this weekend.
  4. He need to work on his defending, but he's looking good.
  5. Hazard and Emerson both put crosses in today right across the goal and no one to be seen, all was needed was a tap in.
  6. I thought he played well too, but i get the frustration over his goal contribution, it is bad.
  7. I still want us to buy him, but as long as the price isn't huge, he would most likely be a squad player.
  8. If we had a good offer, above what we paid for him i would sell.
  9. JT said it yesterday on Sky that Rudiger is one the leaders in the dressing room. You only have to watch his post match interviews after we lose to see he is a leader and has balls. The fans like him, Manager rates him, Seems well liked in the dressing room.
  10. I doubt it, too much pressure for him.
  11. I said it before on here but Azpi seems too nice to be captain.
  12. Haha i doubt it, our fans would be more like f**k Sarriball or Sarri is useless and has never won a trophy he's not good enough etc.
  13. Agreed him or Hazard, annoys me that the man of the match award has to go to a player on the winning team, such a stupid rule. They gave it to the Portuguese Mata, Bernardo Silva who Emerson did well against i thought. He is fine is the position he plays, he showed it again yesterday agains't one of the best teams in Europe, but because of all the Kepa nonsense nobody has really mentioned it. The only time Kante struggles to me is when he has the ball in a tight space and he is getting pressed, he gets panicky and loses it.
  14. This, I guess you make your own luck and most of our defeats this season have been deserved but we don't seem to get much luck this season, things just haven't fallen for us. I mean look at Man City draws in cup competitions this season, pretty laughable. We had to play Spurs twice, Liverpool away to get to Wembley.

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