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  1. Lots of talk of Coutinho on loan.
  2. I read somewhere he has the same amount of premier league goals for Chelsea as Willian.
  3. as a sitting DM, he wont be that advanced so we wont rely on him to be creative as we do in the position he plays in now.
  4. Well he's not that bad on the ball. And Kovacic can come deep to pick up the ball. As we have seen many time that Kante is pretty redundant when we have alot of possession and team plays deep against us.
  5. If we get a good offer for him in the summer lets say from Juve i would sell him. I would then put Kante as a sitting DM, with Kovacic and Loftus Cheek or Mount in a midfield 3.
  6. He loves doing that thing when facing his own goal of about 400 hundred turns instead of just passing the bloody ball. Then lost it gave a way a silly free kick which Fernandes nearly scored.
  7. I actually thought he was playing well until the hit in the face. He was beating and keeping Martial quiet. But he's not good enough, he should be fourth choice centre back.
  8. Why would it be sarcasm? He's been our best player this season. Apart from long range passing not sure why Lampard put Jorginho ahead of Kovacic.
  9. Ive never been a big fan to be honest, he would be fourth choice for me.
  10. His best game for sure. Still would prefer he played on the left.
  11. We could still be playing now and we wouldn't of scored. We are so predictable and easy to play against.
  12. Lampard wants players who want to play for Chelsea, not players looking for one more big pay cheque. Too slow too, guy has won 3 European cups does he have the hunger to come and play for Chelsea and give his best? meh not for me, avoid.

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