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  1. Sarri tried it didn't. Our best form came when Kante was out of the team and it was Jorginho and Kovacic and Mount. Not sure why Frank doesn't try it again.
  2. I wasn't blaming Frank for not knowing his team, wasn't a criticism about him. I dont know our best team either.
  3. Frank biggest problem still is he has no idea what his best team is.
  4. Exactly, Tomori was the worst with the ball at his feet. The amount of times he gave the ball away in dangerous areas was a joke. Zouma is and has been our best centre back this season.
  5. I thought it was harsh to sub him off first last night.
  6. That performance is up there with Luiz Vs Man City a few weeks back.
  7. Doubt it considering Juve are buying Arthur from Barca.
  8. Was today basically him being told he can leave?.
  9. Typical Barkley performance really. Does some good things and then some horrible things. He has always lacked intelligence. Has been improving though, good goal today and right now id start him over Mount
  10. Yeah thats a fair point. He has alot of competition to get a place in that midfield three though.
  11. Brilliant goal, clever too. The way he just waited for Mendy to dive in, baited him, it was class.
  12. I dont get him playing out wide, its seems pointless to me.

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