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  1. His best game for sure. Still would prefer he played on the left.
  2. We could still be playing now and we wouldn't of scored. We are so predictable and easy to play against.
  3. Lampard wants players who want to play for Chelsea, not players looking for one more big pay cheque. Too slow too, guy has won 3 European cups does he have the hunger to come and play for Chelsea and give his best? meh not for me, avoid.
  4. If i remember correctly under Conte he had several chances to score and missed them all.
  5. Because Lampard still has no idea who is best CB partnership is, thats why he keeps changing it and also to give them game time to keep them happy.
  6. Id just keep what we have until we find a proper leftback. But it wont be easy as City, Utd are looking for left backs too.
  7. Because he's sh*te, As sh*t at defending as Alonso, quicker than Alonso, but scores and provides less than Alonso. Watch us spend 60m on him.. Makes sense.!
  8. Yep why cant Lampard leave 2 upfront?. They are waiting for Sancho in the summer bu there is no guarantee he will join us and if we dont get champions league he wont be coming here. I would of let Barkley go to West Ham during the week and looked to bring in a creative midfielder. Worries me when our manager rates average players like Barkley and wants Chillwell.
  9. Plays Mount and Barkley ahead of him because there more creative, but actually there not. Kovacic can dribble past two players and open things up.
  10. It's pretty concerning when we are struggling for goals and creativity so Lampard brings on Barkley.
  11. He wants Chilwell who is also bang average going forward.
  12. I dont know what Azpi did to get a 7.2 rating. Barkley played better when he came on than Mount though.
  13. James yeah, Azpi not for me. Apart from James everyone was poor.

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