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  1. Prem loan next season i reckon.
  2. Chelsea 0 -1 Arsenal Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd Chelsea 0-0 Spurs Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool Chelsea 1-3 Man City I know this isn't all on Tuchel but its pretty horrific.
  3. Id sign him, he looks too good a player to miss out on and dont want to see him play for a rival.
  4. Not sure if he is good enough on the ball for Tuchel. He doesnt have to leave though, If Tuchel contacted him and told him he wanted him to stay and was apart of his plans for next season Tomori could reject Milan and stay with us.
  5. I like Kounde personally even though he's a bit on the small side.
  6. Just watched him agains't Utd, he was awful. Another payer we are going to have a hard time selling.
  7. My favourite Ngolo Kante tackle, even Lamela liked it. Makes it more special it was on Danny Rose too.
  8. The fact that Zouma didn't play vs Madrid in midweek and he didn't start yesterday says alot for me. He doesn't 100% trust Zouma on the ball i would think. I like Zouma but he is a bit clumsy.
  9. He takes 456 touches before he passes the ball but il let him off considering he score the winner!. You cant take away his great knack of scoring big goals.
  10. He was actually frustrating me before his goal. Always seems to look for the hollywood pass and his laid back demeanour doesn't help sometimes.
  11. He was sharp when he came on. I think he's best suited to RWB, him and James rotating. I dont want to see Azpi playing RWB again.
  12. Agreed, his performance didn't even get a mention on Man City TV after the game or during it. All Gary Neville does is "oooooohhhh" every 5 seconds.
  13. What a win today! Massive massive win. To come from behind makes it even better, and i think we are starting to create more chances now under TT. Finally above Leicester too, feels like ages since we can say that. Spurs losing aswell, not been a bad week. Forgot to mention that its an even better win when you consider we were playing agains't 12 players. Man City TV didn't even mention Sterling tackle.
  14. We could really do without this type of game today after Wednesday. I think both teams will be flat and both teams will make chances. Id snap your hand of for a point especially after Spurs and Leicester lost.
  15. Back 3 seems the best way to get the best out of him.
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