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  1. When it comes to Pulisic i don't think its back luck, I think he will always have injury problems and be injury prone.
  2. Would help if he actually tried. If anything it looks like he has to much confidence.
  3. 1. I posted on here before the Newcastle game that Tuchel is rotating the team too much, its like hes rotating just for the sake of it to keep players happy. We are already lacking rhythm to our play so him rotating too much makes it worse. 2. This result had been coming, lacking quality in the final third every game, lacking goals and today it caught up with us. First half created some good moments/situations and as usual the final ball was poor. 3. What the hell we were doing with corners today? been one of our biggest strengths this season especially under Frank, whats will all th
  4. Tuchel should carry on playing him RWB, he looks better there.
  5. You think Havertz could do a job at centre forward?.
  6. First half was decent second half he was poor i thought.
  7. Hinchcliffe is always terrible i think.
  8. This wingback role suits him more than playing as a normal winger. Jst like Moses he seems better coming from deeper. He's actually being more direct and trying to take players on now, thats what i wanted to see for a while.
  9. He was the best player on the pitch by a country mile, should off been man of the match. The sky sports commentary didn't even mention his fantastic performance. The commentary were as awful as the referee last night.
  10. He rotates way too much in my opinion.
  11. I am so shocked he chose to go to Bayern.
  12. I kind of agree, however he's what, 27,28? he's in his prime. I was expecting alot more.
  13. Good list this, not to dissimilar from what i would off have apart from maybe no Dema Ba. Personally i would rather we had kept an injury prone Sturridge than bought Demba Ba. On Ivanovic, when ever a fan or a pundit does a team of the decade they always put Zabaleta at right back. Ivanovic doesn't even get a mention which kinda annoys me, personally thought Ivanovic was a better player than Zabaleta.
  14. My MOTM last night, when he plays he usually scores.
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