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  1. I disagree, i think if you told him not too wander i think he can adapt to it. Its the best position for him to get into this team.
  2. We didnt concede because of Kante position though.
  3. I think Emerson is more likely to leave as he's easier to sell.
  4. I think he looks fine when you play him as a DM infront of the back four. He stops so many counter attacks.
  5. Im not a fan of Barkley, but im just saying Havertz performance today for me wasn't anything Barkley couldn't of done.
  6. I didnt think Havertz performance was that good though.
  7. It was ok performance, but nothing more than Barkley wouldnt have done.
  8. yeah good point, but now we have Chilwell, Azpi can play there also now we have James on the right.
  9. Thats what happens when you play for PSG in the french league for so long.
  10. I know, but theres nothing stopping him when playing centre forward that he can drift out to the left sometimes. I want our front 3 to have flexibility and change positions. But against packed defences using him on the left all game i don't see it.
  11. Im pretty sure thats his last game in a chelsea shirt. Thank god. Id also rather play Emerson than Alonso, just the fact Emerson can run makes him better than Alonso.
  12. Im liking the comments about playing him centre forward and not out wide. To think some fans wanted to use him on the left wing we bought him, i never saw it. I got no doubt use him as a striker he will score plenty. Frank has to stop with playing players out of position.
  13. Fans like him they just dont want to see him starting out wide. Playing him outwide is a waste of time.
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