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  1. I think Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma and Tomori are fine. Emerson is good but i dont rate Alonso in a back 4 and Azpi is struggling at the moment and have to wait and see how James does in the premier league.
  2. Striker, Wingers, another LB and RB are more important than CB in my opinion.
  3. So if he does well on loan we can get a fee for him.
  4. Didn't see yesterdays game but i heard he was bang average again.
  5. I thought this season we would struggle to score and create chances but be alright in defence, guess i was wrong and its the other way around. Lampard needs so sort the defence out quick with Wolves and Liverpool up next.
  6. Nothing to do with confidence he just isn't good enough. I don't have a problem with signings that fail, everyone makes bad signings. Buying players like Morata, Cuadrado and Salah and them failing is ok with me. Its when we buy players we should never have bought in the first place that i have a problem with. This guy, Drinkwater, Zappacosta these players were never good enough in the first place.
  7. Yeah he seems to be getting pushed off the ball alot, but he's still only young. Dont count that as his debut, his debut was Wigan away in the Prem and he won us the game in the first half. If Pulisic is 40% as good as Hazard il be happy.
  8. I think he's excellent always have. Shame he cant score.
  9. He should do and so should Maddison. Only problem is Southgate will keep picking Jesse fecking Lingard.
  10. Still cant believe we had scouts watching Monaco and someone thought we should buy this guy but not Fabinho or Bernardo Silva.
  11. Fair play to Frank for not replacing Pedro with this guy and played Barkley instead, His cameo VS Leicester was so poor.
  12. Ive never been that impressed with him and that includes when he was at Everton.
  13. But he started VS Utd and was poor.
  14. No it wasn't and even that was a fluke because it was meant to be a cross.

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