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  1. I felt the first miss last night was unlucky, the ball came up as he was hitting it.
  2. I disagree, not saying Mount is bad defensive player just think Kovacic is better.
  3. I'd play Kovacic instead of Mount agains't tougher opposition, like Spurs at home on Sunday. Just makes us better defensively for me.
  4. Id play him again tomorrow night, Rest Silva for Sunday to stop Kane.
  5. No, much prefer him as a striker.
  6. He's 23 years old and got 15 league goals last season, and is still improving. 2 strikers is fine, He is only backup he doesn't have to be a top striker. When Pulisic is injured and Lampard doesn't 100% trust Hudson Odoi maybe go for another winger who can play on the left and right. Then Werner can stay up top when Pulisic is injured.
  7. We have a striker, Werner. Alot of clubs would love to have a backup centre forward as good as Abraham.
  8. When he plays in the midfield 3 he gives us a nice balance because he can do everything well.
  9. We didn't rush him back last injury though, he only got injured because he slipped in a warmup.
  10. We dont miss Jorginho in any way at all. In the second half a Newcastle player was running with the ball towards our box and Kante got back and won the ball with a great tackle. Thats the difference for me, Jorginho would be to slow to even get there. Jorginho doesnt smell danger like Kante.
  11. You play him infront of the back four and look what happens, he has the most interception and tackles combined in the league this season. Jorginho can be sold in January.
  12. I got it wrong, Chilwell didn't impress me at Leicester but he's done well for us so far. Never a huge fan of Alonso but he was good going forward. Stats wise Alonso had a better season last season than Chilwell, i wasn't the only one who wasn't sure about Chilwell.
  13. Completely agree, maybe he doesn't trust and think the defenders are good enough for it.
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