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  1. Form is temporary mate. Real madrid or PSG would love him. Our bargaining position is definitely worse since we've flopped this season.
  2. His dad came out today and said that he's been playing despite considerable pain 'like he's being stabbed.' I think its a combination of that and a lack of desire. Cart him off imo. Reckon we could get 80 million for him which will be massive as we can put that towards revamping our midfield.
  3. My dad and I have got STs so no. Is their a waiting list for memberships? From what I've read we don't have a waiting list for STs and we even had something like 200 or 300 people who didn't re-apply a couple seasons back.
  4. I agree with you that touting would be a problem but the fact is that we have priced out many fans who love the club but can't afford to go. What we've got now is people who couldn't give two shi*ts about the atmosphere. I mean there's not really as much of a reason for fans to make a racket when we're playing the likes of sc**thorpe. They're pretty much irrelevant.
  5. Was just looking back through this post and saw that you replied. Didn't get the notification for some reason. I'm inclined to agree with you if Roman is funding this all out of his own pocket. However 15000 is a lot of people. I really doubt that we would fill those corporate seats for all matches. The boxes that we do have available always look half full. I guess your argument about having expensive corporate seats makes our seats cheaper but I don't really think it factors in that much. They're still going to squeeze us for every penny. What I'm more concerned about at this point is us filling the stadium. I'm buzzing about the new stadium but I'm worried that the only way we will fill it is with tourists, and part timers. Thats going to see the atmosphere deteriorate even further. The only way I see us properly building a strong fan base is by offering cheaper ticket prices. Ticket prices make up such a small portion of clubs revenues as well.
  6. The view from the bridge behind the MH stand looks incredible! I'm glad we have a vantage point to really take in the whole ground. Does anyone know if the photos of the tables and chairs under the bridge are for restaurants or for a pub for fans? Having a good boozer where you could stand outside would be brilliant! Being able to drink right next to the stadium would be a huge bonus. As for the possibility of residents complaining I think its a good thing we don't have a ugly glass bowl like Tottenham as it wouldn't fit the aesthetic of the area at all.
  7. What a flippin joke! When was the last time we actually got away with something? Seems like they have a completely different set of rules when it comes to dealing with us.
  8. Don't think anyone mentioned this but according to Tim Rolls (CPT) there's going to be 15000 of corporate seats, which seems like an absurd amount. I think its slightly concerning since we've struggle to generate a good atmosphere as of late. I'm sure many will agree that it would be good to see the east and west stand actually getting involved and backing the team. Watering down both stands with people who aren't there for the football is a real shame.
  9. I dont think he'll replace Salah. Besides all that would mean is that he would be a member of the squad and would make the occasional apperance. Jose fu**ed up against Sporting. There was plenty of time to give him a proper runabout and he only gave him 10 mins. I dont think he trusts Ruben yet to be a impact sub, which is effectively what Salah is.
  10. Haven't seen the forum in this kind of uproar in a while!
  11. Don't think the defence is that awful, we just seem to become really shaky when we play shi* teams. Torres is a lost cause but I'll back him until he leaves the club.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AW2-SbCvKw&feature=player_embedded A good watch! Nice to reflect upon the beginning of the Mourinho era.
  13. With regards to the young generation thing: most young people are going to the likes of fulham and clubs in lower divisions as tickets are cheaper.
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