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  1. Yep. All pretty sh*t to be honest how the areas changing but that's life. It'll be a worrying time for a few of the decent boozers that are left if we're out of the area for three years too.
  2. Bazoer is a very obvious player for us to be linked with. Looks decent but there's so much promising youth in our ranks that you wonder where our priorities lie.
  3. I think supporters are just more clued up on the realities of football finance these days and want to see the club that they invest time and money into being as competitive as they can be with their resources. It's also about being ambitious and wanting to see your team field the best 11 players as possible. For some that includes Willian, for others there might be better alternatives.
  4. That's probably a popular view in some parts and I absolutely agree that relying solely on stats is pointless. Stats are a tool and should be used accordingly. Willian works hard but does he actually influence games? Does he influence a game to the point where he is worth £50 million or is irreplaceable? I'd say no.
  5. The problem is that he's never been a very productive player. His assists stat in the league is low this year, but it has been each of his three seasons here whilst his key pass stat is relatively unchanged. Also how many of those key passes are set-pieces? Willian has taken a lot of corners and if you look at the Newcastle game for example, he has three key passes to his name but two of those appear to be corners. Doesn't that skew that statistic slightly? He's good at this, he works hard. Is that really worth passing up £50 million when we have players like Pedro and Cuadrado
  6. I really don't see us staying 4231 so we don't need a number 10. A midfield three of Matic, Fabregas and Nainggolan with Loftus-Cheek and hopefully Nat Chalobah and Lewis Baker backing them up could be brilliant. If we didn't own Cuadrado I probably wouldn't be pushing for us to sign him, but the fact that we do and that Conte really rates him....I just want to see how he turns out under a coach with that type of faith in him.
  7. I agree that he didn't adapt well under Jose but coming in at that time was a real tough ask. If you believe the reports about Conte wanting him, about Atletico making an enquiry about him and even look at what he's done this year at Juve then I think he deserves a second chance. Again, less than 400 minutes under a different coach isn't really a big enough sample size for me to disregard everything else although I totally understand why some people have reservations. If he comes back he gets a clean slate. But I think this is all unlikely to happen. I don't think even the Chinese woul
  8. That's if we need to replace him. If Conte goes 352 then I don't see how he fits in the team anyway. BUT if we remain a 433 team, or even a 442/424 then I think we're overlooking one player - Cuadrado. We own him, he's had an impressive season, Conte apparently loves him and the argument against using him is based almost entirely on 312 league minutes last season isn't it? I just think £50 million is way too much to turn down for a player who is a nice link-up player who might be deceptively productive because he might get a lot of secondary assists. Bear in mind he has just two ye
  9. Ok, I'm just saying it's unlikely. Izzy is a nice little player but I wouldn't say he was exceptionally gifted in any area.
  10. I probably didn't explain myself very well. Izzy Brown doesn't (in my opinion) have the potential to be a top-level player. He's decent but not exceptional. Charley Musonda on the other hand has a tremendous amount of potential. Fair enough on your point because it did seem like I saw saying that age was the only reason not to write them off when it is actually about talent and potential. As for Willian, he's a fine player, he works hard and he's been one of the better players this year but is he a top class player worth £50 million? No, not in my opinion. I think there are areas of ou
  11. But isn't that what we're doing here? Talking about selling a player who hasn't the heights 100% of the time and doing so for a £20 million profit (if the reports are true which they probably aren't).
  12. Izzy Brown will almost certainly never get there, but Cuadrado and Musonda? Charley in particular is way too young to write off yet and has been very impressive. I'm not entirely sure what the requirements are to be 'near Willian's level' to be honest. I respect his hard work but it's not like he sets the world alight.
  13. I don't think anyone is dehumanising them but this is the business of football. You're right that the decision ultimately comes down to them but people here will obviously have the needs of the club at the forefront of their thinking.
  14. Cuadrado was useless for us but he came in at a tough point in the season where we just didn't change the team, so he was getting minutes here and there. He was unimpressive and there's a good argument to sell him now when his value to Juve would be fairly high but Conte likes him and he's versatile. Plus he's actually looked decent for Juve this season. Is that enough to sell Willian? I think Willian is a little overrated by some people, and £50 million for him is about £15 million more than I'd happily sell him for. Willian will also be missing for the start of next season if he get
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