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  1. Are you Ashley Cole in disguised? He basically said the same thing you posted.
  2. Here is Ashley Cole breaking down the 2nd goal for West Ham
  3. You just needed to delete everything after the last 7 - no biggie - enjoy the match
  4. Mount on the bench - first time in the League right? Mount usually on the starting XI
  5. Right now, Leicester have a GD of 28. Chelsea have a GD of 14. So know if both teams end the day on 55 points, Leicester will be ahead by Goal Difference.
  6. bro West Ham are going for a Double & don't forget this is the team Super Frank started at & they hated him when he was there because of his Dad & his Uncle were in charge - the hammers felt Super Frank had a silver spoon
  7. just read that Getafe no longer require the services of Kenedy & will he will return to Chelsea
  8. you can watch manure instead. Me, I rather watch some old anime or something.
  9. one more thing I forgot to add about today's training session, both Tomori & CHO participated in training
  10. I am seeing good morale in training, but we all know that Chelsea will be playing the reincarnation of Brazil 1970 - West Ham always raise their game vs Chelsea
  11. I am starting to think that Ross da Boss has surpassed Mount in Super Frank's eyes

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