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  1. remember when that one dude from Sky Sports came out with that rumor of Chelsea signing an unknown defender or something to that effect? no substance whatsoever, but people were ready to run with it
  2. I don't think so because of what Kloop has said but if that is the case:
  3. wouldn't it be so lovely for the lpuke kids to win, just so they could be spanked at Stamford Bridge?
  4. Zielinski was probably saying, "Thank you very much. I will have a bit of this." 😄
  5. the first goal was because Szczęsny is a clown
  6. Super Frank looks like he just got a new toy
  7. @axman2526 no bro, bring him in the last 15 minutes - start him off slow & tbf that is what Super Frank has always done since he has been gaffer at CFC
  8. I read a report on twitter today that RLC practiced with the first team. I don't have a video or pict to support this, but if this news is true then it's very good news for Chelsea
  9. It was the wrong Willian. spuds are about to sign Willian Jose from Real Sociedad. Typical of the English press to get the facts incorrect
  10. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EO1Yr6aUEAAFRTR?format=jpg&name=small One of our own [emoji1]

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