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  1. "The club has the option to extend Giroud's contract for one year. I spoke to the club two days ago and we agreed to exercise the option. So, he will remain." - Maurizio Sarri
  2. Well to qualify for The Europa Liga Eintracht had to beat Bayern in DFB Pokal Final. To get to this stage Eintracht defeated Inter. Talking about a banana peel this is it. I would say this is Die German West Ham.
  3. the apocalypse is near but spuds still in UCL might affect their league form w/ their small squad
  4. believe me, Juve fans haven't forgotten
  5. FYI: Zola gave the pre match press conference - if I find a youtube link, then I will post the interview. I saw the interview on the Chelsea 5th Stand app.
  6. sorry I disagree - Chelsea won some major stuff w/ Torres onboard - you can argue that he didn't contribute but he can say he won more at Chelsea than he won ever at lolpool + he gave us this comedy moment
  7. btw I have always rated Tadic - Silly Southampton let him go & now look at them
  8. didn't watch the match but on twitter seeing Phil Jones get roasted is funny as hell
  9. not sure if this bit of news will help matters, but we shall see

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