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  1. if you ever play the game, then you can understand the thought process of Kovacic - he was playing to win the ball - he didn't show his studs - he played the Fuckin Ball!!! - if you can't unstand that - Fuck it I give up - enjoy your day
  2. Fuck - I forgot he ref the 2017 final - I thought it was Michael Oliver - I just remember the robbery from the manure match earlier this year - Fuck the english fa - I am done with this match today
  3. for those who feel there is no agenda against Chelsea - look at this picture & try to explain it
  4. so both team are matched up formation wise - The gunners have all of their attack threats present in their staring XI
  5. Grant had one of the best teams money could buy - Super Frank inherited a team of Youngsters & few stars - The term levels come to mind
  6. no RLC but Kante is a go - Willian? I am not sure Super Frank will play him due to the rumors out there
  7. robdog

    Nathan Ake

    it appears Chelsea can match Man City's offer
  8. sorry I couldn't just find Pedro's touches - Here was a video of a tackle made by Pedro on Erickson in the box - also I remember in that match that Pedro had pissed off Danny Rose
  9. I still think this was Pedro's best effort while wearing Blue sorry I couldn't just find Pedro's touches
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