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  1. I just found a video for you Lovely bit of skill by both Der Panzer & Bats
  2. damn, now Robbie Savage is agreeing with us. The end is near!!!
  3. Checkout Pulisic's hometown newspaper
  4. Super Frank issues a warning to Michy
  5. Fans & pundits saying that Kante is just a deep lying midfielder Super Franks says:
  6. just to enhance your post, I will provide some video evidence
  7. look at what Kante said yesterday after the match silly commentors: but but you are a sitting DM
  8. I don't see why people want to give Tammy shit for that pk. Adrian was a foot off of his line when Abraham took the PK Don't forget Abraham helped stop a goal in the 2nd half & got a pk in Extratime
  9. but but he is a DM - surprised no one posted what Zola said about Kante the other day
  10. I wish there was a freeze frame of the line - I am sure it was a verty tight call
  11. IMHO Puli needs to start - I thought he was absolutely sensational vs the dippers - that assist for the first goal & then the bit of skills he showcased for the goal that was called off was excellent
  12. Kante making dippers look like fools

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