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  1. I don't judge - to each their own ways
  2. that would be funny - she would be creaming over him & he would be like get me out of here - btw I would like it better if we saw Jose with their Rabbi
  3. speaking of The Cult of Jose, checkout this woman
  4. in German Der Panzer means Tank in English - it's a nickname Rudiger has developed since playing for Chelsea
  5. I don't think Tomori will be available. I gather this info from this tweet Not sure I would start Rudi either but if Chelsea have a lead & need to solidify that lead, then maybe bringing Der Panzer off the bench is an option for Super Frank. BTW, Lille did defeat Lyon last week on the road. This will be a real challenge tomorrow.
  6. So it's official - the ban has been cut in half - Most Chelsea fans are like this atm
  7. You have to explain to the good people here what NBC is. Not everyone here is from merica
  8. well wet spam are SFL boyhood club right? Maybe he did want to help them out.
  9. were Super Frank's decisions homage to Emery? No true Center Forward & all of those crosses into the box? I have to lay blame on Frank for this loss. I still support him, but IMHO he missed a trick here.

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