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  1. at 3 point lane & the term Sexy footie was born
  2. tbf, they did give us Sexy footie
  3. I posted this image not too long ago Just reminded them about this match: Tottenham 1–5 Chelsea, 15 April 2012, FA Cup, Wembley I am sure they will pop about some shit - it's what spuds do
  4. robdog

    Two Transfer Window Ban?

    btw the topic header is wrong - it's two transfer windows & not two years - sorta like what spuds do during a regular year - just saying
  5. so true - I am on this homebrew messageboard & I get doubled team by these spud fans - they had the nerve to try & clown about UEFA's transfer ban & how sad it is to be a Chelsea fan - I had to post that video about being spursy then they goto Turf Moor & lose - That made my fuckin' day
  6. The Gaffer mixed in the pre-match League Cup Final press conference with the post match Europa League match press conference
  7. after drinking & pondering & more drinking - I have made my decision - Slick Willie
  8. just woke up - now I know thanks for the update
  9. 4am my time - I guess I will awake to find out who Chelsea's opponents are
  10. checkout The Zenit fans welcoming their side coming to the stadium today pretty cool right?
  11. Oh you know the media would love that - soo much drama dripping from a tie like that - might even see Mr. A fight Aurelio De Laurentiis in the owner boxes
  12. btw here is the Final 16 of The Europa Liga
  13. tough call IMHO Wily had two assists - Ross was Da Boss - Kante was everywhere - CHO scared their defenders - Giroud was occupying their defenders - I need to go home drink some cider & comeback w/ a verdict - give me like 4 hours to decide - I am leaning towards Slick Wily though
  14. The formation Chelsea deployed in the win vs Citeh was the false 9 - so there is proof it works
  15. robdog

    Ethan Ampadu

    I am starting to believe that role belongs to Kante - lovely bit of skill to setup up that first goal & even Robbie Savage (an English pundit) acknowledged that it makes sense for Kante to move further up the pitch. Honestly I was hoping for Young Ampadu to replace Kovacic but I am sure Don Maurizio didn't want to youngsters in front of Jorginho. IMHO both RLC & Ampadu have the legs to support Jorginho.