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  1. I am thinking we should make a Let's all LOL at spurs thread
  2. I won't lie, a draw would be a great result for this young team - Ajax were last year's semi-finalist - I am sure they still have some vets that will school our youngsters on the pitch btw, Ajax are taking the match vs Chelsea very seriously translation: Erik ten Hag: Ajax not a favorite against Chelsea
  3. that dude could be Stewart Robson trying to get back at Chelsea fans for laughing at him for his failed takes about Jorginho
  4. that isn't Rudi. come on now. Either Kante or Maka fit that description.
  5. Is that Maka there supervising?
  6. lovely show of support from Tammy Abraham
  7. don't forget that goal discounted in the UEFA Super Cup vs dirty red scouse - couldn't tell me that Puli was offsides I am still fuming over that one & don't forget the keeper was a yard off his line in the shootout to stop Tammy Abraham too
  8. gotta add this quote on this thread - totally trolling & it's hilarious
  9. or the PC version - I know with skyrim the PC mods are the best - I am sure it's the same with PES - I still don't like running with London FC, but I love it when I beat Man Blue
  10. Ashley Cole returns on a more permanent basis with SFL coaching staff
  11. the crowd noise is not the same - many european sides do not have the correct names - on the xBox, the shoot is the X instead of the B - but it's still fun to play - also play a South American side as well - IMHO PES is more geared for the South American sides
  12. Don Claudio found a new gig

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