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  1. not sure if this was posted yet, but damn it's almost 3 years to the day
  2. funny they said the same of this guy: Looking at The Greek Freak now All I say is give the lad a chance. It can't hurt right?
  3. Just for the people that were too young to remember, this is what FSW said about Chelsea
  4. great run by TA - btw is that Mount that gets the assist?
  5. yeah but he was supposed to be the future or at least the #2
  6. Looks like Bulka is now a PSG player
  7. what is the status of Claudio Ranieri? He did a pretty good job at Roma to end their season. Is Don Claudio now the Italian Big Sam?
  8. Marina is our Melisandre - The Blue Priestess - Showing the will of The Blue God
  9. he is not coming back to Chelsea - he only came to Chelsea to experience winning - now he will stay in Spain & visit Liverpool - I doubt he would want to live there cause he would get his house robbed every time he would leave

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