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  1. there is a reason why everyone calls that side dirty
  2. Serge Aurier arrested now...spuds are now coning into their bottling form.
  3. oh? I didn't he went down as well. sux for spudz
  4. on the flip side, the gooners will be desperate - that would mean that manure would be ahead of them & they can't lose this match - it's another London Derby & as we all know, expect the unexpected - just ask the gooners what happened in their last London Derby - turned their season on their heads
  5. don't forget Morata at Ole Trafford
  6. not here in the States - a few pundits thought it was Chelsea abusing the technology to gain an advantage
  7. this was the match last season at The Bridge - nothing was given either & like Martin Tyler said, 'lucky Hazard's leg wasn't planted because it would have been broken'
  8. If Broly is a red card challenge, why isn't this a red card challenge?
  9. robdog

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Interesting stat for Side Show Bob: Here are the Top 8 in the EPL
  10. I believe he is trying get a replacement for Cesc
  11. I remember that play in Wembley in the fall vs spuds. The Mighty Eden was kicked from behind & nothing given. remember this? that was inside the penalty area - nothing given but we all know why
  12. that is Don Maurizio trying to get a replacement, but IMHO Side Show Bob can play that regista role - I don't think Don Maurizio trusts Rudi & Christensen as a CB pair
  13. Welcome aboard. A few things about this place. You will find many knee jerk fans that go off the deep in for every slip or bad play. However I like to believe most here are wanting 3 points for the Blues. So when you read some posts that you mentioned, take them w/ a grain of salt. So just come here, keep it real & keep it Chels. Don't worry about some of the numpties that post that garbage.
  14. robdog


    with today's performance, there will be less hate for Slicky Wily & perhaps more hype for Barca to buy him from Chelsea
  15. Side Show Bob making those numpties that were calling for Christensen to replace him silent lately - he was in charge in the back for me & creating chances for goals as well
  16. tbf Yorkley, The Shed End is a lot better than the twitterphere - I believe many fans draw their opinions from the talking head media, who are jealous dirty red supporters (I let people choose what dirty red side they want) - on another note, Side Show Bob is proving he can pull the strings from the backline & play some good defense - I am liking what I am seeing from him lately - that no-look pass to create the first goal was sublime
  17. bring on CHO after 75 minutes vs tired barcode legs - I am sure that is a good recipe for all 3 points there
  18. the best thing about this match is now on twitter #EmeryOut is a thing
  19. midweek peeps on this MGSBoard were upset that spuds beat Chelsea - now they want spuds to win? Fuck it, I am starting to drink early today. I could be totally devastated by 5:00 PST - pray for me nope - it's a London Derby - those are the hardest matches - don't you remember a couple of seasons ago when Wet Spam beat spuds to help Chelsea secure the EPL Title? The spammers get up when they play the other London sides & they have Good gaffer & some decent players.
  20. people will do anything to fool a ref so their opponents can get a card - in Sunday league I have seen people slap themselves in the face & fall down then point to the person next to them saying he was slapped in the face by that man
  21. robdog


    Wie Geht's!!!! your presence is very well welcomed - Come in have you say & stay carefree freund!!!