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  1. despicable treatment for CHO by opposition
  2. Bats scored for Belgium - excellent dribble around the GK for the goal btw that was Thorgan Hazard with the assist
  3. the funny thing about that goal is you could swear there were more Chelsea fans in attendance that gooners
  4. could the gooners had a lil' canon? I remember the San Jose Earthquakes had one & let it go off every time Quakes scored. I don't think they have that cannon now but it was a trip. I believe it was only like six inches long but it was loud.
  5. are you talking from this match?
  6. Next month on April 6th will mark the 15 year anniversary of that lovely win at Highbury when Wayne Bridge scored a glorious goal with 2 minutes to go
  7. right now on The Chelsea Football Fan radio show on Love Sport Radio in London, Kerry Dixon is one of the commentators. It's something to behold & if you missed it, you can listen to the show on demand. Here is the link.
  8. Remember on this day Chelsea punked the gooners 6-0 - Let's reminiscence
  9. from what I read, these fools can't attend PSG Men's matches either. Now they can't attend any PSG matches.
  10. On the topic of Ultras/Hooligans, checkout this bit of news coming in today PSG fans were going to the Female Champion's League match vs Chelsea Women & the travelling fans vandalized Kingsmeadow. Silly fools because they returned back to the scene.
  11. I have a better story about Eintracht. In preparation to play #1FCK held a party. In the Rheinland-Pfalz one of the region's specialties is Spiessbraten & this is a pork dish. So to the Eintracht fans cut off a pig's head to celebrate their coming to Kaiserslautern. I am not sure if they brought the Pig's head to the match but I am sure you can find the video of the incident. Another story was vs SV98 Darmstadt. Darmstadt is located south of Frankfurt, so when the two play it's a Hesse Derby. Well when the two play in Frankfurt, The Ultras went over to the SV98 section, took their banners & burnt them. The officials/stewards did nothing for fear of their lives. I watched this happen on TV. Of course the commentators ignored the incident, but the journalist didn't & report this in papers. Yeah the Eintracht Ultras have a bit of chip on their shoulder & they want to World to recognize them for what they are.
  12. one more positive is the fact that Willie & Pedro have to step up their performances or CHO will take their minutes. No coincidence that Pedro is enjoying his best spell w/ the club. The threat of CHO is real for those two.
  13. + Frankfurt did win the DFB Pokal vs Bayern - they are one of the best sides of the Bundesliga
  14. great but Don Maurizio doesn't rate Bats for whatever reason & doesn't even give him a look - I like Bats, but I am afraid if Don Maurizio is at Chelsea then Bats is on his way out of Chelsea
  15. checkout the response of the Slavia Prague players when they found out they will be playing Chelsea TBF for any Chelsea fan going to Prague should enjoy the away day - Good Beer & hopefully good footie
  16. thanks for giving me a reason to breakout this pict
  17. Not sure if anyone covered this topic, but CHO is in the Top 10 Goal scorers of This year's UEFA Europa League - that has to count for something in the Coaching Staff's mind now
  18. Am I the only one that thinks that our Beautiful Head & Shoulders Model should start this match?
  19. naw bro it has to be Napoli - that will be very intense - Don Carlo vs Don Maurizio - must watch TV - you know UEFA will have that dialed in
  20. Good article about Matt's past 6 months

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