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    I found this video of Slick Willie's performances this season - IMHO his best outing was the one at 3 point lane where he bagged a brace
  2. there must be a coffee shop opened near the emirates today - on my twitter list I was flooded of images from Matinelli, I don't remember le arse winning but I always seem to remember this guy shedding tears when they play CFC
  3. oh I know one we should include on this list - Slick Willie's goal vs spuds at The New 3 point Lane I love how Ali got out of the way of the shot too
  4. that was a nice TEAM goal - let's watch it again & marvel
  5. so many to choose from but for me it's Tomori vs Wolves
  6. Are in agreement that Mateo is Chelsea Player of The Year? Here is a video of some of Mateo's handiwork if you need convincing LDN (@LDNFootbalI) Tweeted: Chelsea’s 2019/20 Player of the Season, and also severely underrated last season, Mateo Kovačić.
  7. you are starting to look like that barca fan that fell out the stands when Ramires scored that fuckin awesome goal 8 years ago today
  8. not sure if you realized it or not, but I provided the highlights of the match from April 18, 2012 at Stamford Bridge - ok it's in minature form but still good to watch & it's with Chelsea commentators - Cheers Brother!!!
  9. Today is the day that the Mighty CFC overcame the odds & defeated Barca
  10. I just watched this interview/video - the title is a bit misleading - this was more about their time at Chelsea & for Eidur more about his career - excellent watch during this dead time
  11. CHO has a different issue to deal with at the moment now
  12. Checkout this response by Frank Sinclair well played by Aleti fans for including all of lpool's rivals join in on the fun
  13. Ampadu is getting hyped for returning back to Chelsea
  14. I remember after the Bournemouth match, there were many people spouting Lampard Out, I am sure those are the people raised on the FIFA games or Football Manager series
  15. I hope this transaction goes through for just the laughs alone - then the crash & burn after the transaction will be epic
  16. I like the current nickname of Billiesta, The British Iniesta, for The Young Scotsman BTW, @Bonzodog29 was correct about the last Scotsman that was at Chelsea. Burley left in 97 & Clarke left in 98. That is over 20 years ago now. The 90's are a blur to me unfortunately. Sucks getting old.
  17. also as a reminder, James is only 20 years old. doesn't hurt for him to gain some more experience as well.
  18. nah - I like having a thread about our old gaffers - both won things with us too which makes even more special
  19. I would argue that Gilmour looked better playing in more advance position - he couldn't his shot on target, but he did help create a couple of chances - that one to Tino should have been a goal

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