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  1. That's put a huge smile on my face in an otherwise very dull week personally - love it.
  2. 'Room', a drama/thriller about a woman and her son who forcibly live in isolation for years; incredibly heartfelt and moving. Certain scenes made my heart beat at a pace that few films nowadays do!
  3. This is really great too, thanks for posting.
  4. Like I said in the other thread, if it makes people happy then all the power to them but I'm still waiting for when I can again have proper conversations with friends!
  5. From what was dubbed the match of the century between England and Hungary. This one is very memorable too.
  6. How long before this game dies down and I can go back to having normal conversations with friends/family?
  7. Seriously. I know almost nothing about him, but there's only so much to be said before he's even kicked a ball for us; until then I'll try to keep as open-minded about him as possible.
  8. Can you just not be anything savvy? #27#doesn't care for being good at either.#
  9. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a coming-of-age drama that I found rather moving and actually better than I expected.
  10. I think so, it had the best balance and with creativity coming from the wings it was pretty formidable.

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