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  1. What does Ferdinand's ability as a Footballer have to do with any of this?
  2. 1 spare for brighton away

    1. Celery1989


      Sorry mate was in Budapest! Thanks though for the offer!

  3. Great question. I don't think we'll have that much of an issue for most League games, but we won't fill it for early rounds of the Cups unless it's a big opponent. European group and early round League Cup games in particular would be tricky being on weeknights. Very valid counterpoint, and of course it makes perfect economic logic that the new ground would pay for itself. But look how far Arsenal, who needed at least 6 years to pay off their debts, have fallen since they moved to the Emirates? And since paying off the debts, and spending money on some big signings, have they c
  4. This is controversial and perhaps I'm overly dejected about the current state of the Club, Antonio Conte's future etc...But I'm genuinely beginning to wonder whether there is any real sense in building this new stadium. Obviously, CFC would make more matchday revenue from ticket sales, megastore purchases etc, but that's becoming less relevant season after season given the gargantuan tv deals and corporate sponsorships which the clubs receive. Also, I'm beginning to wonder if the Club's relative frugality in the transfer market these days is directly linked to the future financing of the new s
  5. At this point he just looks like someone who is athletically very gifted but has no real footballing ability of any kind.
  6. Typical Chelsea. City went for Mendy and Silva, and of course both are excellent.
  7. I've been much more patient with this bloke than most but I've had it with him tonight. That was one of the most appalling performances I've ever seen by any Chelsea player. He lost the ball virtually every time he got it, he was so lackadaisical that quite frankly it was unprofessional. It's a shame that he didn't get a straight red as he'd be suspended 3 games rather than one. At this point I'd rather Drinkwater/Luiz/Barkley or even Ampadu in midfield. The Bakayoko experiment should be shelved until next season, or pehaps he needs to be sold on/loaned out. He is far too much of a liabi
  8. This is Chelsea Football Club for you. Unless the Board stop acting purely in the short term we will continue to oscillate between triumph and crisis, changing manager every couple of seasons.
  9. This. Conte looked completely defeated out there tonight, don't think he even celebrated the equaliser. Just stood there all night, none of the passion that we've become so accustomed to. Seems like it's all over for him. Really sad to see.
  10. Despite Barkley's injuries and lack of progress over the last season or two, his potential is undoubted and I think for £15m it's worth a punt. Given that he would have cost us £35m in the Summer this is an excellent deal, financially speaking at least. The pressure is on though; he's 24 I believe and therefore not exactly 'young' in footballing terms any more, he'll need to hit the ground running. I would have thought Conte will play him in Bakayoko's or Fabregas' role in the 3-5-2 system, depending on how far forward he wants Barkley. I'm not sure he has the defensive discipline to pla
  11. Really excited to see how Bakayoko develops, his potential is huge. We've lacked drive from midfield for years which he brings along with much more. Bakayoko is a much better fit in a 2 man midfield than Matic, and he looks to be superior in all facets, technical and physical. He and Kante should complement each other very well. One other thing I've noticed about Bakayoko already is that he plays very intelligently and tactically without the ball; He seems to be in the right position a lot of the time to intercept. Also he doesn't just automatically pass it sideways like many average CM's
  12. We needed another CM and now we have it. I'll be honest I'm neither excited nor too disappointed in this signing either. I think he can do a credible job for us, but I don't think he's more than a slightly above average PL CM. Hope he proves me wrong, nice to have another English player I suppose too.
  13. Some of the reports are that he's taking another pay cut. I'm more than happy for him stay on as a coach but I think it's time for someone younger to take his place in the First Team Squad.
  14. This is the key point - Hazard and his family are settled...at least for now. None of us know how Hazard will react to the inevitable onslaught that will come from RM. We can only hope that he'll stay given how important his family seems to be and the fact that we almost certainly will be in the UCL next year again as Champions. Hopefully the club can use RM's interest as leverage to tie him down to a new deal, much like I hope they can with Costa and China.
  15. Is Bakayoko a DM or more of box-to-box CM? Also, what is his shooting from distance like?
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