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  1. Even if there's no option to buy, if he has a good season at Chelsea and enjoys his time here, he'll most likely push for a move to permanently stay, especially if Modric remains at Madrid. I think his Madrid career is done. Looking forward to the season now. The Butland/Vecino links were really depressing. Dodged a bullet there.
  2. Not that what he's saying isn't possible but it's important to note that that fella right there is a wannabe journo who has gotten several things wrong in the past. Said the same about Neymar iirc.
  3. So are we really about to f**k up getting 65m for a player who has averaged 5 goals a season for us for 5 years and been sh*t more than half of every season and is 30 years old? If we turn this down and there isn't a Martial swap in the works, then Marina needs to give her head a wobble. What is the logic behind this? I'm confused... Just going to keep watching and see how it unfolds.
  4. Because he only turns up for 2 months ever season. I'm convinced Barca watched the 2 matches we played against them alone and made up their mind they wanted him. Either way, I'm not complaining. I would have accepted even the first bid with such quickness. We need to make this happen. Pedro is definitely seeing out his contract. Got only 1 year left. Can't hurt to have him in the team. In hindsight, we probably could have gotten more for Lukaku, Salah and De Bruyne.
  5. Anybody quoting Marina is full of sh*t. No source, no nothing. Marina barely even talks to us fans unless she's signing a player or hiring a new manager. She's almost as silent as Roman when it comes to communicating with the public/press. 100% sure that's a rubbish quote.
  6. Hazard was at a similar level at the same age and we bought Hazard straight from France, not even from a Barcelona. Lots of potential and what not. I'm not sure why anyone (Valverde & Bartomeu included) would think Dembele isn't all that. His talent is almost Mbappe level. That's our RW sorted for the next 10 years if we get him, and he uses both feet too.
  7. If Barca walk away from this deal with us having turned down 3 unbelievable bids, someone will need to get fired ffs. What is this madness? Willian isn't even worth 30m atm. You know what? Like I said before, offer Willian and 50m+ to Barca for Dembele since they don't like the kid.
  8. You want bang average Zappacosta at RB full time when Azpilicueta still exists? For what reason? You realise Conte is gone now and so he doesn't have to be a makeshift CB anymore, right?
  9. Valverde and the Barca board seem to be having buyers' regret over him for whatever reason. Not sure why they don't rate the lad. I absolutely love him. Top talent.
  10. Interesting if true. Wonder what he's there for.
  11. How about we make Barca an offer of Willian plus 50m for Dembele? They don't really like the lad for some reason. Bring him this way.
  12. Shameless bastards. They've been doing this rubbish for years now. It's one of the reasons Fergie banned a few of them from Carrington. All they're concerned about is the next sensational headline.
  13. Flipping Willian into Higuain and Golovin is a big win imo. Don't think they'll pay 80m but I can see them paying 70m.
  14. I think I finally see the idea behind the transfers Sarri has asked for. A CF who has played with him before A CM who has played with him before A CB who has played with him before Basically bringing a straight spine of players who are familiar with his system in to make the transition easier both for him and the players we already have. I think it's quite smart.
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