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  1. If it’s not Haaland or Kane we shouldn’t buy a striker just for the sake of it, the best or nothing, spend it on top class in the other positions we need, we are the champions of Europe we don’t need squad players.
  2. They win everything every year in Germany they could win the domestic trophies with me up front. Europe this year though..we beat the team without having a number 9 that beat the team without having a number 9 that then beat Bayern. Barca were never the same again when they started playing with a strike, I don’t think strikers are becoming a think of the past but I think football is changing in a way that’s shown you can be very successful playing a false 9.
  3. That’s another good point you raised this is his best role he is a star man in the making let him become one, imagine playing him somewhere less effective to incorporate Lukaku, such a bad move imo. You have mason that plays perfectly in the role Kai started in, if you bring Kai back there we lose the ability to put 2 pacey inside winger types like pulisic and Werner. If we stay in a back 3 which would be insane to change after our success the only way of keeping our ability to turn over play fast and shoe in a striker would be to play 1 DM in a sweeper role And have mason or Ka
  4. People are after a striker but hear this, I think a striker or at least traditional number 9 target man ruins the way we play, the false 9 suits us, as it did city, football is changing, the 2 best teams in the CL played without a real striker and dispatched everyone, all the big clubs, we just need to get Kai to tuck them away ruthlessly, or find another false 9 type player or second striker anelka type.
  5. Is it just me or are we not getting nearly as much media hype as any other English club winning would get
  6. Agree with that but see when people say we aren’t good to watch I totally disagree, the way we move the ball in triangles and play out of tight areas, and especially the turnover of play in midfield I think it’s lovely to watch. my mate who played semi pro and is a united fan unfortunately said to me yesterday that Chelsea are lovely to watch now under tuchel, it depends if you appreciate tactical football and movement off the ball or if you like to watch show real football, I’ve always appreciated the former. I was truly bored during games under frank but I don’t feel that
  7. I think he has a bit of a bad taste the way it was handled that’s what I was wondering is he supporting the team or does he feel the success has shown his limitations as a manager? He played his part in getting us qualified then through the groups and as you said he found the players qualities and brought them through, that’s how fans will see it, how he sees it I doubt we will ever know unless he writes a book.
  8. JT posting, Didier posting but no congratulations from frank..not sure what to make of that
  9. I was toying with the idea it’s his sister she looks like him but a girl and hot
  10. Kai was being asked about being the most expensive player he says he doesn’t give a f**k he just wants to celebrate lol
  11. Look at the gloom on the UEFA officials faces 😂😂😂
  12. He was absolute class, him Rudi and kante what performances
  13. Everyone saying they would pump us yea yea eat it you w**ks I love breaking the darlings hearts
  14. We got their number I said it all along we are the wrong team for them
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