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  1. If you read my other comments I took those circumstances into account and I agree He has a tougher job because of the ban and rebuild but what you said about Covid makes no sense to me. If one managers points are down others will go up unless everyone draws every game if one managers points are down those points will go to another team there’s set numbers of games and points. The only way that can make any type of sense is if the points are more evenly distributed because no one can string together a consistent dominant run in the circumstances. looking at last season
  2. I don’t get your logic there. when we are struggling now other managers are too. When there was no Covid the other managers didn’t have to deal with Covid rather so contes and Jose were competing with people also not struggling. In both cases the managers are completing on a level playing field. One in difficult circumstances facing everyone the other in good circumstances facing everyone so how is that not relative? You’re saying it weakens frank but it weakens the other managers when Jose and conte were competing the other managers weren’t
  3. I agree with that and I think for the reasons you said frank and avram are the exceptions but the rest of the ranking are pretty accurate to how successful our managers have been. I mean give me a better indicator of a managers success than winning games, that’s their number one priority. I agree frank has had tougher circumstances and been given a big rebuild job, he was also backed very strongly in the window the opposite to José and conte. I also am starting to think that it’s the wrong job, he would have better suited the circumstances avram had, ex player lifting
  4. If you think points per game aren’t important stats for a manager I’m not sure what to tell you. Avram took over one of the strongest teams the PL ever had and had 38 games, you could have got as many points per game in charge near enough. Besides him the rankings are close to how we would rate our managers I reckon.
  5. There’s factors at play no doubt, but every other manager is facing it and they our direct competition so it’s all relative, if it’s a tougher landscape for us it is for them also so with all things equal points are points.
  6. Franks statistically our worse manager in the abramovic era. I want to have confidence in him abd I think there’s a good manager in there but I think he is so naive sometimes and it just comes down to experience. We have a really strong team we need to see some return on the investments the club made. I think he gets until the end of the season let’s just hope to salvage too 4.
  7. When you read a headline “job under threat after city game” 3 minutes after the city game you have to wonder how an American outlet got to know that Chelsea have internally started making plans for his replacement, meeting called, concluded and source leaked then article wrote in 3 minutes...impressive
  8. I think the players have got over the frank used to be a good player phenomenon and the respect for that isn’t carrying over to belief in him as a manager. This is going to get very awkward very soon. I’ve been kidding myself something special would happen but I think derby was about his level for now. Took the job too early.
  9. We were dominating the game got an obvious penalty denied and then just rolled over
  10. Why are we whipping in balls with no one talk in the middle
  11. People will say bitter fan conspiracies...I’ll simply point out history then this: Net VAR overturns Man Utd +8 Brighton +7 Crystal Palace +4 Burnley +3 Newcastle +3 Liverpool +2 Leicester +1 Southampton +1 Tottenham +1 Bournemouth 0 Everton -1 Man City -1 Watford -1 Arsenal -2 Chelsea -2 Aston Villa -3 Norwich -5 Sheffield United -5 West Ham -5 Wolves -5
  12. Not to sound dramatic but this could be a key game for franks future. Get it right and put the pieces back together and move on. Get hammered and the bad run continues could start to get a bit Hairy for frank.
  13. Impossible he isn’t Portuguese...mind you he speaks it
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