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  1. We always outplay them and get hurt in the counter, I hope frank learns from this and we try to bring them in to us a bit, they are a team that want to counter and we are a team susceptible to counters. We have a far better team we should be beating them yet I’m not overly confident...
  2. Only issue I see is height, silva isn’t the biggest, we have no size in our midfield our striker isn’t tall, we already lack a lot of height Havertz and Zouma were our only outfield players over 6ft tonight. That must be the smallest Chelsea side in history
  3. I think if that’s the case we will be in the market in January but I also have that fear, this configuration of back line and keeper can do the job that much is clear but as soon as we lose any of them we have issues. James is starting look a proper player though, I wonder if azpi could play CB in a 4?
  4. Disappointing considering the talent in the pitch but players coming back from injury. Lack of time together. Tired after internationals and no preseason. It was perhaps naive to expect fireworks but we have a solid back line in this setup, the attacking play will come, when those front 4 are doing what we know they can do all in synergy it will be a serious threat. Crap game but moving in the right direction
  5. Don’t know if Pulisic doesn’t like the right or if he is a bit rusty still but we need to show more
  6. Are we letting them keep the ball tactically, we play possession football we had more of the ball vs city and Liverpool I wonder if a change of approach
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