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  1. He is decent but we are struggling with a guy who has scored 13 PL goals and we want to bring goals from a guy who scored 11 in the french league? Unless he can play in a 2 or on the wing I think we need goals from midfield, Tammy is up there as one of the top scorers.
  2. SFL82


    Why are we trying to loan him if he is going for 23 million? Even a 2 year contract we will get our money back all day. Plays if he can leave in free end of the year why would PSG want to loan not sell? Plus signing him lets us renegotiate his wages, if anyone is pushing for a loan not sale it would be his agent so he can keep those Ridiculous wages that he is no way worth now
  3. I don’t get what people want frank to do, we are dominating games, with half our team being the youth squad and still in 4th, what is it you want, he had to push for a second goal, it’s all individual errors and toothless attacking how can he effect that, it’s fuxking stupid blaming the manager. We have been doing the same sh*t from mourinho days, just stale toothless attacking, he actually fixed that we were scoring for fun but we have reverted. Who would have done a better job with what he has been given??
  4. I’ve held of criticising Kepa but with that price tag vs his performances what a bag of sh*te
  5. When 10 men on out of form teams can score 2 into you just give up
  6. Why the fuuuuuuck didn’t that arsehole put the ball out what’s the hurry to play you imbecile, sell that c**t, give him away, just get him away to f**k
  7. Oh f**k off we Drive at them for the whole game, they do it for 2 minutes and a goal
  8. No blowing for cramp when our player us down? Daft c**t
  9. Azpi has been chipping in nicely with goals
  10. Mount has come on angry do the players are obviously feeling the frustration too
  11. Looks like they watered the f**k out if the pitch at half time and it’s cost us not helped us
  12. Ref blowing the whistle for cramp dies this c**t know the rules ?
  13. Why does Pedro never get a look in he offers something different, at least he runs in behind
  14. Yup....2 points down the toilet, well done lads. Get the f**king check book out, before we go stale as we have over and over again in recent times

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