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  1. Looks the business but I am looking forward to see what frank can get out of RLC
  2. Na in London it’s 0.4 once it reaches a peak people have antibodies, in new York weeks ago , 25% of people tested had antibodies, more people with antibodies less places for the virus to jump, if 60% of people have it then there won’t be any danger of an outbreak or new wave unless a new strain mutants. Plus it takes up to a couple of weeks to incubate so you wouldn’t see it 2 days after easing restrictions with a 1 day reporting lag, numbers now mean nothing in relation to easing restrictions. It will go up though it’s natural, as it spreads but then it will come back down hopefully as more people have antibodies as mentioned.
  3. To be fair we had a red away kit from conception to the early 90’s its a lost tradition I don’t mind seeing it.
  4. Looks better with three written under it that ugly monster munch Republic of Ireland number 3 is really not pleasant in the eye. It doesn’t seem high profile enough, it’s no Samsung that’s for sure but better than autoglass 😁
  5. Recovering and being contagious are 2 different things, health wise he is fine he has said it himself, and he is on Instagram doing kick ups, not only could you recover in 2 days you could get it and show no symptoms.
  6. Our players will all get tested if no one else is infected no chance they call the game off, this is the money making business, if it pops up in more players then yea they will have to
  7. He posted a video saying he recovered took him 2 days, yet everyone sh*tting bricks no wonder they need all that bog roll
  8. Poor lad must have been black and blue
  9. Never say never look what Liverpool did to Barca last year, if we are bang on it we are a team that can score, we scored 4 goals last game and the two games previously dominated last years CL finalists and scored 4 into them collectively. It’s certainly a long shot but if we get an early goal we can start to dream and I’m sure that ms what frank will demand. At the very least we can play with no fear and that was our problem last game far too nervous not relaxed on the ball at all, we’ve nothing to lose and their home crowd advantage us gone let’s not totally write us off just yet.
  10. Why isn’t Ruben on the bench this would be perfect for him
  11. Pedrinho get in and again billy with a quick turn always looking forward
  12. What’s that you mean because it literally does f**king hurt them 😂
  13. I mean I dunno how to answer that and not be dismissive but that’s a tough one...you can’t man up through a torn muscle or ligament. Over training puts stress on your body, athletes at the highest level are pushing their bodies to the absolute limits and need appropriate recovery, it’s body physiology not how hard you are...

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