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  1. SFL82

    Declan Rice

    All the players have gone on holiday not just Rice
  2. No bid doesn’t mean prices haven’t been discussed. Marina can say “what are you looking for” They respond “90 million” She says “we are looking at 70” They say “no chance” Marina says “well we can’t go to 90 what would you entertain? Do you want some players?” They say “no” Marina says “ok can we open the topic of upfront plus future payments” They say “we may be receptive” The bidding then starts until they meet where they are both happy. So the discussion can be open for a good while before an official bid goes in it depends on relationships. Sometimes a speculative bid will go in to start that discussion, sometimes no need they just discuss then agree a general idea of what needs to happen the bids go in.
  3. SFL82

    Declan Rice

    He is in the Algarve just now I believe that’s his house there.
  4. SFL82

    Ben Chilwell

    Remember he is only 23. I can’t see it as well as he is but the club must see the room for growth. The fact is this if one club full of the highest football minds in the country think he is worth 80 million and our club full of more of the best football minds in the country think he is worth close enough to that to make a deal then clearly there is something to him to create this value. You have to assume a high value player that our manager is desperate to land and the club are willing to back must know more about him than a couple of fans on a Leicester forum. Again I agree I can’t see it, plenty of top options at a lower fee, but he is English, he is 23 and it seems we are collecting the next generation England squad and the club must see some good business in there, we generally don’t lose money so let’s hope for the best.
  5. It’s only a few days since their euro exit, why do people assume something is wrong. Negotiating 10’s of million of euros isn’t a quick process when the valuations are apart. There will be not just several amounts presented before a deal is reached but several scenarios with ad ons and bonuses etc. Add on top marina is the one that will make the final negotiations and she is working on Chilwell as we speak and probably several more in the background. I would think if it is going to happen a couple of weeks wouldn’t be an unrealistic timeline, could go smooth and be quicker but I wouldn’t panic and think we are embarrassing and some of the other assertions just yet.
  6. Any top strikers Germany produces in the future Bayern basically has an automatic say in signing, if they want a top German player they will more often than not get them.
  7. Kouassi (18) Zirkzee (19) Davies (19) Sane (24) Sule (24) Hernandez (24) Pavard (24) Coman (24) Gnabry (25) Kimmich (25) Goretzka (25) They will be ok.
  8. SFL82

    Ben Chilwell

    Sources are saying record fee for a LB, so at the very least upwards of 52 million (Mendy). I honestly think we will have payed close to 60m which is insane but not as bad as 80m on Maguire but still an insane amount for what you get. He is quick and can get forward but again doesn’t solve our defensive issues. Considering a top CB these days is upwards of 60m as well we better start selling some players.
  9. @JanAageFjortoft Re: Havertz Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea are two clubs who like to do their business quietly. But been told there are negotiations between the clubs. This is a deal which seem to happen
  10. All you need to do is make a twitter handle that’s almost identical to a European in the know and you’re in business
  11. The pumping Bayern are giving Barca make our loss less embarrassing
  12. And he started life as a winger 🤷🏻‍♂️. They also slated conte for playing RLC further forward, we definitely broke relations with the Don prematurely he is a top manager. I think people saying kante is done are being premature, I think he is carrying a knock and due to the physical nature of his game he isn’t quite himself. A good rest and I’d take him over any DM in the PL
  13. Wasn’t sarri slated for NOT playing him in front of the back line
  14. Fun fact about German midfielders at Chelsea, Micheal Ballack only lost 10 games in 4 years playing for us.

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