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  1. We didn’t pay a single dollar for our team 😁
  2. Everybody has a bad day at the office it’s on the players for being sloppy but the blame here lies with TT got it totally wrong. Should have had Kai on at half time not chasing the game
  3. They deserve that and we deserve that, absolute sh*t show
  4. Kante and kova look off the pace, no energy losing tte ball. Nothing like their normal selves. Jorgi is having a good game. I would get Kai in for kova
  5. You can’t have a team with that much attacking talent and play like that. Giving them way too much respect. We built ourselves on possession football not this piss. I understand the tactic but it’s not working, we need to play our football.
  6. We have certainly come a long way since tuchel took charge, we are now slight favourites against city, who would have expected that last season. I feel like all us fans as well are quietly confident against any team we play. I still don’t think we are as slick and sharp as last season yet, I’m looking forward to seeing us at the top of our game. Tomorrow I think we go 3 in the middle again. Mendy Azpi Silva Rudi James Alonso Jorgi Kova Kante Lukaku Werner
  7. Let’s see what sky has to say now I’m the studio
  8. Have a bit of that get in Rudi . Scousers crying
  9. Need this third goal to tie up the scousers
  10. Sort your bloody feet out timo that’s a sitter
  11. Manager gave it to them at half time...that’s what a top class coach can do
  12. Look how late his run was, what experience
  13. Yea and it’s a good move we are getting over run in the middle
  14. Remember we got him after the season started he had no preseason so our preseason was false 9 same as usual now we are adapting while playing a hard run of games, it’s not me having a moan it’s understandable but it’s frustrating to watch at the same time
  15. We all would but he will wait until 60-65 most likely
  16. It’s not a conclusive judgment it’s an observation of our current form, we just have Not got it right working Lukaku into a team that was mobile and fluid having a big target man, it’s different football and we need to master it
  17. If tuchel gets kante and Werner on and pumps up the players to up the intensity this is a team we should beat all day. We are piss poor they are playing out of their skin and we have still had the far better if the chances
  18. We are nothing like the team we were last season, no intensity, no intelligence in play, not dominating the midfield, we have just become defence and play to Lukaku, really not enjoying this, we are regressing. We have all the players, nothing is missing, one of the most complete teams in world football, we just need to find our groove.
  19. Blows the whistle well before 2 minutes when guaranteed at least 2 mins while we are about to put a ball in the box
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