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  1. What a cheap 3 points arsenal did nothing not a thing
  2. What is mason doing two poor corners when we really need a goal
  3. Just call it a day not going to happen were never at the races
  4. Ziyech and Werner not CHO and Giroud come on...poor subs
  5. They have beat us 3 times in 8 years what you been watching 😂
  6. What? Where was he suppose to be m? He doesn’t need to stay glued inside the goal when we are in possession he is making room for a pass
  7. Interesting pass back at least Rudi doesn’t have the only own goal now
  8. What’s he doing with his chips just put it past him
  9. Just get the job done, nothing fancy but the confidence must be so high right now we could end up taking them apart...or get complacent, but I think TT will drill home that we can’t take any opponent lightly and WBA is the case study for that team talk.
  10. I reckon silva has another year easy especially in a back 3 he is never caught out for pace or positioning . Also having Rudi on this form is like a new signing, he is in current form one of the best in Europe, plus we have a couple of good young CB’s in loan, I reckon we are actually ok at CB.
  11. I think a big traditional striker is all wrong for us we are so dynamic just now we can break away and teams just can’t deal with the pace, slowing that down with a big non agile striker is a step backwards. Timo is the perfect profile for our style of football if he could time his runs and Finish better. This fast turnover cutting teams open is a joy to watch going back to slow play side to side would kill me, if we bring in a new striker I want one that can shift himself.
  12. I reckon James has to be the best right back in the country in the next year or two and we will have both of England’s full backs
  13. I often wonder if frank is happy for us as a chelsea man or if what this team is doing in 5 months is embarrassing him a bit
  14. If they weren’t gifted the first that would have been given donuts fair in the end
  15. That’s the f’ing boys!! Big psychological blow for city they know we can beat them even when we aren’t at our best. 5 times the ball was in the back of the net
  16. That’s never a pen he has run across Gilmore and away from the ball and tangled legs
  17. AC has got far more reliable and better at decision making but he has always hit a stupid moment in him, and now a pen we are falling apart
  18. What’s he done there that’s not our football, he didn’t need to stretch for that take it away from goal
  19. Not happening for us in midfield and the transition and sterling got too much space coming the other way
  20. Pep has rested his whole team this isn’t really city vs chelsea I like our chances here. Can’t blame pep he wants that CL and the PL is wrapped up
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