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  1. Oh God! I remember that - I was pacing up and down in front of the tv, couldn't keep still, couldn't watch. especially their penalty! One of the most tense matches I remember!
  2. Really? I'm often vaguely aware that he is wittering on, but never actually take in what he's saying. I did notice him saying about 6 times that Mendy had a wide shot covered.
  3. I know! a) we are playing this weekend b) it's not the FA cup this weekend, it's the following weekend and c) we're in the FA cup. It takes some skill to utter such a short sentence with so many things wrong in it! And then he followed that by saying we've never lost to Porto at Stamford Bridge. Which may have been relevant if the next leg was at the Bridge but is otherwise meaningless.
  4. Too defensive. Why take Pulisic off? Genuinely baffled.
  5. f**king hell. Constantly playing ourselves into trouble. Jorge is having a nightmare.
  6. Understatement of the year "these guys don't take themselves too seriously". Like Munkworth, can't wait to hear that again in its proper place. Hearing it now made me all emotional!
  7. I spoke to someone at work today who is a Shrewsbury season ticket holder, he is a Leeds fan and his son is a Chelsea fan - so three matches watched last night and extremely pleased with all three!
  8. Just catching up on the match chat from last night. Well done Imran for calling that straight away!
  9. I had my quota of goals earlier in the evening - my local team Shrewsbury were 3-0 up in 20 minutes! 😲. Not often I get two such good results in a matter of 3 hours!
  10. What the f**k! Not only the actual merch but the f**king price of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My impression was that Kovacic was caught napping, lost the ball and went over after minimal contact (if any) hoping to get a foul. They're usually given.
  12. I know you're right. But it just seems that in the last two games, we've had them all go against us. And no discussion from TV of either the goals disallowed for offside yesterday or the handball outside the area last week - I know it sounds like whinging with blue specs but it still seems tough. Last season their first goal would have been disallowed and our first allowed. But VAR overturned both.
  13. I know in the scheme of things it didn't matter last night but when did we ever have a VAR decision in our favour?
  14. Nice guy as well. Crowd favourite when he was on loan at Shrewsbury. Passionate about the game too and a bit of a character - loved his celebrations whenever the Shrews scored and/or won.
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