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  1. Was about to post exactly the same @Scott Harris - give me an actual trophy any day. Financially a top four might be important but the thrill of actually winning something is far, far better. And I can never understand mid table prem sides who don't go for it. Ditto top four finishers who make the CL only to go half arsed into into, and actually f**king rest players to "concentrate" on the league. Yes, I'm looking at you Liverpool - when you didn't put a strong team out against Real Madrid because you were playing us at the weekend!
  2. Very happy for the Shrews beating those thugs Stoke! Shrews were absolutely dire on Saturday against Charlton so didn't see that coming!
  3. I remember we'd barely settled down when we scored. My daughter had just learned to walk and walked round and round the living room with her arms in the air, copying all of us!
  4. Exactly my thoughts. I absolutely loved the guy. But I have to say that I am almost completely ambivalent now - the balance of loving him then and being irritated/annoyed by him now = neutral. I have also worried about him somewhat, he has seemed so close to a breakdown since 2015. I'd love to know what he really thinks. And that presser when he didn't mention us, I think that's solely down to him not wanting to piss off Manure fans by acknowledging a rival PL team and that they have anything to do with him. It's all about Jose.
  5. Jeeeesus that was awful. At least we had a few decent pints at £2.70 each.
  6. I remember at a CL game (a later stage one - quarter final I think, either PSG or Atletico, someone big anyway) and some young lads in their twenties behind us asked us to sit down. We were in the MHL FFS right behind the goal! It's a different world I tell you!
  7. I'm not usually good at formations and the like, but for today's team pre-match I actually chose that line-up except I put RLC in instead of Kovacic. I feel pretty smug now. Well, not as smug as I would've been had we smashed them as we should've done. But my choices (Pedro and RLC) both scored. Giroud wasn't great though. But would be nice to enjoy a whole match sometime in the PL. Even in the Europa, Thursday was the only one I can recall which wasn't frustrating. I'm not complaining, just observing.
  8. But, hey, he's been on 20 minutes and hasn't been offside yet!
  9. Frustrating second half but was happy to see RLC come on and I had every confidence in him scoring when the ball came to him.
  10. Sorry, mid-week matches are a bit tricky. We really should co-ordinate a visit one day though!
  11. I always thought of his hair as action man hair as it looked as sculpted as that. I was a bit worried when he joined that he had that Arsenal look about him. As does Olivier still. Actually, I'm a bit worried about Eden sometimes too. Though I was told at a Stamford Bridge tour (a few years back now) that JT used the mirror most so what do I know?
  12. Oh and Morata wasn't offside, I repeat, Morata was not offside.
  13. Morata has an "I'm going to war" haircut. And scores. Connected? I think so. I lie.

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