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  1. Ah but that would give them money. As long as you do that it doesn't matter what you use it for. Just don't buy it.
  2. Love David Squires - "The 2-2 draw was a cruel blow for an under strength Liverpool team (no Van Dijk, no Mane, no VAR)". And this. Absolutely true. It's as though other teams don't have to play lots of games and haven't had to in previous years. The whole thing is here https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jan/28/david-squires-on-football-fixture-wars-fa-cup-carabao-liverpool-manchester-city?fbclid=IwAR0YPoe0aClM-yq-f3KNUCivQI0bQ3puCwYwHBQhsOR9mO6gTet1o4Sp3rM Which also brings me to Liverpool's slogan - "We are Liverpool. It means more." How f**king arrogant!! Who says that other teams don't care as much or more as they f**king do? Every time I see that phrase it makes me cross!
  3. Interestingly, Shrewsbury have played 36 matches this season against Liverpool's 38, with a much smaller squad obviously. And I bet they have far worse travelling arrangements but you don't hear them complaining about tiredness. My heart bleeds for Liverpool.
  4. It happened back in 2003 - while I have a soft spot for Shrewsbury, it was Chelsea. It wasn't a conscious decision but just where my heart was and is.
  5. We're here. It's a bit busy though so you might as well go straight to the bar and get a few pints in before bringing them over! 😉
  6. 😂 I might well be there today. On our way down now but @zolawannabe25 is a little fragile after his work Christmas party last night so I'm not sure what we're doing yet.
  7. Hi, did you try to get video with chelsea film for 25 years ?  you ask me about it on Ebay.


  8. http://stream-cr7.net/chelsea-live-streaming.html This seems to be working for me at the mo.

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