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  1. Despite my zen attitude I cheered hoarse enough to send the cat running. And nice to hear One Step Beyond. Long time since I heard that.
  2. I had a blinding insight tonight. It is only football. While I want Chelsea to win it is only a game. I was really gutted that Liverpool and Spuds got through to the final but at the end of the day pah! I am going to try to not be so partisan and get so uptight. I know few fans in real life so what do I care? f**k it. Enjoy the good times accept the bad.
  3. As far as I'm concerned it is now officially summer and I switch my attention to festivals and music and don't admit I am a football fan at all. Champions League, oh is that some sort of Rugby cup or something?
  4. Oh sh*t. But they did deserve it. Got to say Barca didn't even seem to try. Sloppy and no intensity from the start. Luckily I'm out on the evening of 1 June!
  5. Rather the Champions League than the prem though. But still...... FFS BARCA!
  6. God Robbie Fowler doesn't get better looking with age does he? 🤢
  7. Should have been at least yellow. Can't understand why it wasn't overturned on VAR,
  8. Was it him who blew his nose on the floor next to Eden when we played them?

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