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  1. This is so exciting :D it will be strange having him here but absolutely brilliant!!! Going to be a hard choice as to which shirt i get, costa or cesc.. ;)
  2. He'll be better next season. He did come from the piss poor russian league remember, he's young and will improve!!
  3. Heard we've been linked with Remy? Thoughts? Don't think we need him (IF Costa and Lukaku are both coming next season)
  4. Always kept this on my favourites :D use a youtube video downloader site to get it (e.g. http://www.clipconverter.cc/). Think this is ITV though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0LamBfOyBc
  5. Why is everyone presuming someones leaving? Terry's getting older - and when Terry retires, we don't have many CBs left. Zouma is a long term signing - he will be a fantastic player in the future but while Terry is still playing he won't be at the standard of Cahill/Luiz.
  6. Think at the moment the main people we are being linked with are Zouma, Shaw and Costa.
  7. Too much money for him imo
  8. Yeah, sorry, I got it wrong Piazon Willian-Oscar-KDB-Moses Hazard-Mata-Marin-Schurrle Eto-Rooney
  9. (Next Seasons Team) Cech Willian-Oscar-KDB-Moses Hazard-Mata-Marin-Schurrle Eto-Rooney
  10. 'The transfer is subject to a work permit hearing on Wednesday' - does this mean he won't be available for Monday? Presume he won't.

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