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  1. Did anyone here like Just Cause 2? I was so excited for that but after I bought it I was so let down. Combat mechanics were not good and a for a game about needing to destroy everything, they sure made getting plenty of weapons and ammo a chore/expensive. Probably my most dissapointing game ever, such a big map and some fun early missions, but then I just couldn't continue.
  2. He may be combined with someone who is already on the show if they choose to go down that road.
  3. Same boat, want both of those games so will need to plan on getting a ps4 in the near future. If the money for a PS3 trade-in isn't good I'm just going to keep it due to all of the games I have downloaded to it and the streaming capabilites, could be useful in my basement.
  4. Sorry to derail from Witcher but has anyone ever played Dishonored? On the 2nd mission and enjoying it so far
  5. Yeah it was not good, just seems more interested in laying the groundwork for the next 30 sequels instead of telling an engaging story. Saw Mad Max last night. 10/10
  6. Same. Really wanted to like it but was bored by it fast.
  7. Love almost everything he's done for us so far but was shocked to see him give the ball away near our own corner once or twice yesterday. Luckily no goals came of it but should be punting it clear instead if trying to dribble out.
  8. MGS will always be one of my favorites. I enjoyed MGS2 as well, although it started getting a bit off the rails. I only made it halfway through 4's batsh*t storyline, and haven't played any others.
  9. About halfway through the first Mass Effect. Definitely feels dated but the missions seem a lot more intense than most of 2 and 3's missions. Just got done with Virmire. This is my first female Shep, playing it as a Paragon and will definitely be replaying 2 and 3 after this with her.
  10. Finally found a link to Arsenal goal: Would've been great if he had scored against Pool to finish them off last year, but he made the smart and safe decision to roll it to Willian for the tap-in. It's not what we bought him for, but I remember a time under when he was racking up a decent number of assists for Mata, especially during that 3-3 game at the Bridge.
  11. Was good but I always liked the one against Arsenal.
  12. Was it a holiday over in England yesterday? Saw someone theorize that the players get the day after games off plus Monday was a holiday, so Torres could've hopped on a private jet for a quick trip to his Ibiza home.
  13. I stopped playing Last of Us too a couple of hours in. Too much hype for me I think. I'll probably revisit it in a month or so and try and make some more progress.
  14. I can see consistent game time for Van Ginkel may be more important than being a squad player for us. Also think the same could be said of Salah. Also, can we change the title of the post please?
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