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  1. He will repair his relationship with Conte and build a beautiful strikeforce with Morata.. well one could hope at least.
  2. Don't know much about him other than that hes supposed to be a better darmian, certainly a better option for wing back left/right then ox would have been. Has pace and can cross the ball, scores a few. Did not know much about Alonso either to be fair when he signed so this could turn out to be a great signing or a "papy" one, lets get behind the guy and hope he can do wonders under Conte.
  3. Great signing. Barkley shat his pants when he saw Danny come in
  4. This one is picking up pace now as well. Ox and drinkwater would be more then happy with that. Kante and him would link up nicely
  5. The Ox and Danny Drinkwater - Alex Sandro, Virgil Van Djik. At least 2 of those has to come in before window shuts, I cant belive we are in this type of situation once again as champions.
  6. Ox can slot in at wing back as well, hes played there before. Would be a good addition.
  7. It's happening. This player is key! Losing out on Walker and Mendy was a real blow to be fair.
  8. Hope we end this circus soon, just ship him off already. Getting ridiculous now.
  9. He is not injured. and can play straight away.
  10. Wont be announced today then I guess, bloody hell. All done and that but still take ages I guess they need to film a cringey unveiling video.
  11. Remy failed his first medical with us, last minute thing before he managed to join us another window if i remember correctly.
  12. Imagine if he fails our medical and joins United
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