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  1. f**k our sh*te defence has cost us again so sloppy. We had 4 league games left and this was our easiest match we had. Now we have to go to old Trafford and Leicester. I just can't see us getting in the top 4 now. Europa league is probably our best option. Also hope my boy isn't injured, we need him badly over the next month.
  2. Well we're through to another European SF. Pretty lousy 2nd half from us, that said I never once felt we were in danger of losing this tie. We need to improve on our consistency over the whole match though, we'll get punished in the SF if we switch off again like we did tonight. Anyway let's be positive, we're in another European SF and have a chance of another trophy. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  3. The only positive in the race for top 4 is that at least Spurs and Utd still have to play City. Arsenal have 2 games in hand but are f**king useless away from the Emirates. The Utd game in 2 weeks is the defining game I feel.
  4. There's no way we're finishing top 4 now. We still have to go to Utd and Leicester. We should concentrate on Europa league now, it's silverware at least and gives us a passage into the champions league next season.
  5. Sarri got his tactics badly wrong today. He should've had Giroud up top with Hazard on the left. This false 9 sh*te was never going to work today, he should've changed things at HT. f**king clueless, no use changing things when it's too late, we looked so much more dangerous in attack when Hazard was playing in his natural position With that said, too many players didn't show up today, William shouldn't have even started imo, he looked out of his depth to tell you the honest truth, Kanté didn't have his best game either, very unlike him and Hazard should've scored a couple himself, too many underperformed today. Also Get Jorginho out of this team he does nothing for me, this isn't Serie A he's playing in now, I just think this league is too fast paced for him, he's just to lethargic for me, not my cup of tea at all. It looks like our best chance of CL footie next year is winning this europa league.
  6. Absolutely gutted. A great performance overshadowed by Kepa refusing to leave, f**king bollocks should've saved the Aguerro pen, he should be dropped for a few games at least, can't go against the manager like that. My boy Kanté for me MOTM, what a f**king beast.
  7. Yeah this has to be the least happy I am about an away knockout match in Europe that we've won. I honestly thought we were lucky to win, completely uninspiring for me, this tika taka nonsense doesn't do it for me, but a wins a win I guess but we really need to improve for Monday.
  8. I've got a good feeling about this match. Lets show no mercy and put this small club from North London back in our shadow where they belong. Once we do that we can look forward to a nice easy final against Burton COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  9. Great result with arsenal losing, now we have the chance to move 6 points clear. Nothing but a win will do, no excuses. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  10. Why not someone of that quality, its been done before. I just don't rate this player at all, but I honestly hope I'm proved wrong.
  11. No, I just think that this is madness and we've completely overpaid here. I'm not getting my hopes up about this and neither should you. I'm keeping my expectations low.
  12. Honestly I'm very annoyed by this signing. I don't rate this guy at all, what a waste of money, and to top it off we send him back. We have far better in the youth setup, give them a chance for christ sake. This is absolute madness, I doubt he will even play much in the first team. This money should've been used to buy a ready made striker, f**king joke.
  13. Wasn't able to watch the match today due to work commitments, I'm about to watch it right now with a cold beer. Good to see my boy get on the score sheet. We have 2 home games now against Southampton and Newcastle, so a perfect chance to solidify top 4 for the end of the season. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  14. Come on, in 1999 we only finished 4 points behind arguably the best united team they ever had that won the treble that year, and you think that team would been relegated today lol. I would agree with you that I think the overall standard of the league is better though, but you're seriously under rating that Chelsea team we used to have, that team would still be a top 6 team easily.

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