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  1. Yeah this has to be the least happy I am about an away knockout match in Europe that we've won. I honestly thought we were lucky to win, completely uninspiring for me, this tika taka nonsense doesn't do it for me, but a wins a win I guess but we really need to improve for Monday.
  2. I've got a good feeling about this match. Lets show no mercy and put this small club from North London back in our shadow where they belong. Once we do that we can look forward to a nice easy final against Burton COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  3. Great result with arsenal losing, now we have the chance to move 6 points clear. Nothing but a win will do, no excuses. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  4. dynamite

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Why not someone of that quality, its been done before. I just don't rate this player at all, but I honestly hope I'm proved wrong.
  5. dynamite

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    No, I just think that this is madness and we've completely overpaid here. I'm not getting my hopes up about this and neither should you. I'm keeping my expectations low.
  6. dynamite

    Christian Pulisic - Official

    Honestly I'm very annoyed by this signing. I don't rate this guy at all, what a waste of money, and to top it off we send him back. We have far better in the youth setup, give them a chance for christ sake. This is absolute madness, I doubt he will even play much in the first team. This money should've been used to buy a ready made striker, f**king joke.
  7. Wasn't able to watch the match today due to work commitments, I'm about to watch it right now with a cold beer. Good to see my boy get on the score sheet. We have 2 home games now against Southampton and Newcastle, so a perfect chance to solidify top 4 for the end of the season. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  8. Come on, in 1999 we only finished 4 points behind arguably the best united team they ever had that won the treble that year, and you think that team would been relegated today lol. I would agree with you that I think the overall standard of the league is better though, but you're seriously under rating that Chelsea team we used to have, that team would still be a top 6 team easily.
  9. Bullsh*t. The Chelsea of 1998-2001 is much better than today's Everton.
  10. Yeah, I agree with a lot of what's been said here, I don't think we played great in this match at all, but I'm looking at the positives here, and there's plenty. Hazard getting his 100th and 100st goals for the club and saying he wants to be a club legend like lamps and Drogba certainly doesn't sound like that's a guy that's planning to move to Madrid any time soon, that cheered me up for starters. It wasn't pretty, but it's a win, I remember last year when we played them away they completely destroyed us so I'll take this after the Leicester result and I'd take a similar scrappy win over Palace as well, and lets face it top 4 is our priority now and considering Arsenal dropped points against Brighton then this was a good day for us and I for one will be wanting Liverpool to beat Arsenal so we can pull away and solidify top 4. We're not going to catch Liverpool or City in the league, but I completely believe this team can finish top4 and win the Europa league, this would be a very successful season for Sarri's first year in charge. Lets do the business for the rest of the season now starting with Palace. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!!
  11. Man I was having this debate earlier with one of my mates. We were basically discussing how this Chelsea team we currently have right now would do against teams we had in the past, especially the late 90s and early 2000s when we had the likes of Zola, Flo and Vialli. Di Matteo and Wise in midfield the likes of Desailly and Babayaro in defence. Does that Chelsea team beat the Chelsea team we have today?
  12. Let's do this. We have a favourable next few games, let's make a statement of intent here and go with our strongest possible line up. No sh*te talk of hazard on the bench for starters. I'd go with. Kepa Dave rudiger Luiz Alonso Kante jorginho kovacic RLC hazard Willian The back 4 and midfield pick itself for me, up top is either go with what I've put here or go Giroud on top with hazard and Willian behind him. No excuses not to do a job here and cement our position in the top 4 and put pressure on these North London w**kers. Come On Chelsea!!!!!!
  13. Come on, we were very average today. They hit post 3 times and missed another sitter because of our lazy defending. We got out of jail today, no question.
  14. Oh man we were so fortunate to win that, completely undeserved. Its a win though and we're through now. Goes without saying we need to improve for Sunday though.
  15. Bate could easily be 3-1 ahead with the chances they've had.