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  1. That was for me our best performance of the season. Could've been 4 or 5 in the 2nd half, hit the bar twice and Pedro should've buried that chance as well. Great result and another chance of winning a trophy. Let's play like this in the league now and There'll be no worries about finishing on the top 4. I'd seriously think about starting Gilmour at the weekend, he was fantastic. What a future this kid has. COME ON CHELSEA!!!! Always a great feeling beating these c**ts.
  2. Bayern are the form team in the competition and have the most in form striker in Europe. They'll also have revenge on their mind from 2012, Neuer and Muller are still at the club that were in that team 8 years ago and will have them fired up. Plus our home form has been f**king sh*te. Everything points in one direction. With all that said I'm going for a 2-1 win. It would be typical for us to pull it off with our backs against the wall.
  3. Yes still 4 teams. The team in 5th will qualify, which is Sheff Utd as things stand. Of course our chances of qualifying increase as well, so good news all round.
  4. After the last 6 weeks the way things have gone to sh*t I'm not that confident of a top 4 finish either. The silver lining is that Utd, Spurs, and Arsenal are struggling just as badly as us so we could end up in the top 4 by default with a record lowest points total for a team finishing 4th. We'll see what happens. We need some new faces before the end of Jan, we've lost our way since the start of the season. Tammy and Mount started off great but have lost form. We miss Pulisic also. When's RLC back. Need a keeper to at the very least stick a rocket up Kepa, he's not good enough sadly, despite our other weaknesses I genuinely think we'd be 5-10 points better off if not for him and be up there with Leicester and City playing for 2nd. Big month coming up with 3 of our top 4 rivals in our next 3 games. Not fussed about the Bayern game, in my head we've already lost that game. Lewandowski will be like a kid in a candy store with our sh*te keeper and average defence.
  5. Look at the positives. We now have the magic 40 points, so no relegation. Some of my mates actually thought we'd struggle near the bottom after losing Hazard and being handicapped by this transfer ban. We're still 4th. Big 3 games coming up against Leicester, Utd and Spurs, if we can win 2 of those games we'll be in good shape to finish in the top 4.
  6. I don't care how much that useless prick Kepa cost us, Lampard needs to drop him from the team. He's absolutely killing us, the worst keeper in the league by far and has cost us in the last 2 games, we'd honestly be 10 points better off without him. Really pissed off right now, another 2 points dropped and against 10 men. 2 shots on goal and 2 goals, couldn't make this sh*t up. Get your fingers out and get some players in by the end of the month.
  7. Wednesday night we're at home to Villa and then we have to play Everton away on Saturday morning before a crunch match with Lillie on Tuesday. I'm sick of this, every season we get screwed over like this.
  8. sh*t forgot this was an early Kickoff. Will be a challenge getting back home from work before Kickoff. I wasn't impressed with Valencia when we played them in the first game. We were very wasteful and missed lots of chances, and don't get me started on the Barkley pen, while Valencia scored with there only chance of the game. On another day it could've been 4-1 I think we'll win this if our defense is on their game and we take our chances, we're better than them in almost every part of the pitch.
  9. What a f**king result, I felt every emotion tonight, I went from cursing Bat's to praising him in 2 mins lol. I thought we were easily the better team in that 2nd half, 1st half pretty even but we definitely deserved to win tonight f**king time to get pissed now and celebrate, already half way there already though lol f**king get in.
  10. Alonso is definitely getting sent off, still jumping into challenges
  11. Pretty much expected team, personally would've went with Kova instead of Barkley, even still should be an easy 3 points if we're at the races. COME ON CHELSEA!!!
  12. I thought we should've won this game. We were much better than them. Valencia were f**king average, would be lucky to finish above Southampton if them played in the PL. It just wasn't our day, on another day it could've been 5-1 of course they go and score with their first shot on target because of our sh*t defence. And f**k you Barkley. I don't want to see that useless prick in a Chelsea shirt again anytime soon. f**king cost us big time.
  13. I f**king knew Barkley was missing that. f**king useless c**t.
  14. Decent half. Willian great, best player on the pitch, Tammy looks dangerous. We should be winning this we're well on top. Of course doesn't help when we have another corrupt official refereeing a Spanish team. Nothing changes.
  15. Willian should've finishes that. He looks up for this though, probably our best player this half imo

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