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  1. Come on, we were very average today. They hit post 3 times and missed another sitter because of our lazy defending. We got out of jail today, no question.
  2. Oh man we were so fortunate to win that, completely undeserved. Its a win though and we're through now. Goes without saying we need to improve for Sunday though.
  3. Bate could easily be 3-1 ahead with the chances they've had.
  4. Second half has been much better already, much more intent in our attack, still need to be careful though, would breath more easier with a second.
  5. I thought it was a 5:30 kickoff at first. Absolutely disgusting putting the match on at this time, like you said this game should've been a 530 kickoff or a Sunday match.
  6. sh*t didn't realise this was an early kickoff, thought this was the 5:30pm match. I feel like I'm Almost overconfident about this one, Jose will be absolutely desperate to get a result and will try every dirty trick in the book to get one. I think we will win, but I don't think this will be as easy as some people think.
  7. Should really be out of sight by now, after watching the first half and the Arsenal game earlier I do wonder how unstoppable we would be if we had there 2 strikers instead if morata a and Guroud.
  8. dynamite

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I watched him a few times when he was at Monaco, he looked a really good player and I was really excited when I heard he's signed for us, it's like he's got a twin brother we don't know about and we signed him instead. Must be just a bad player that had a good season, because he flopped with us and looks like he's doing the same thing with Milan
  9. dynamite

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Just reading through one of the AC milan FB pages and they really don't have a high opinion of him at all, this is actually one of the "nicer" comments I saw.
  10. dynamite

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Jose should think about taking him, he should be good enough to walk into that team.
  11. I was at the match last night, a bit of a last minute decision to go. First thing I want to say is that their fans were brilliant, sang non stop throughout the entire match. The game itself was very forgettable, a wins a win though and we will stroll through this group, possibly with a 100% record. It's the final 3rd that's letting us down, I read somewhere that between this game and the PAOK match we had nearly 60 shots on goal, but only scored twice, now its a good problem to have compared to last season because at least we're creating lots of chances and dominating matches, just need to work on putting the ball between the 2 sticks. I can't complain to much really, I think we all would've snapped my hands off if I said we'd still be unbeaten this season after 10 games, winning 8 of them. Sunday will be a tougher game and I expect Sarri to make several changes, we need to take our chances on Sunday.
  12. Yeah I can't really argue with that. Giroud and especially Morata should be more than just chipping in with goals. Morata has been a huge flop, started off ok the first few months but has gone downhill since. I wonder how many goals Costa would already have under our new manager.
  13. I still have this illusion that this is still one of the tougher games in the league outside facing another one of the big 6 teams (I guess the scars of them rolling us over a few years ago are still there) the reality is on paper that they're pretty sh*te and we should win this pretty comfortably if the attitude's right. I don't expect many of out starting line up in this match to feature against Vidi so we should be well rested for this one, no excuses not to get 3 points here and get back to winning ways. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  14. Gutted we couldn't hold out another few minutes and get the victory, still we're still unbeaten this season and we have an ok run of games coming up. What a difference in this team compared to the end of last season. Rudiger look pretty solid at the back, great goal saving block, luiz still worries me but I can't fault his performance today, Kovacic and Jorginho have slotted in to this side very well, Kante does what he does, and Hazard, what can I say, the best player in the prem by far. The missing piece of the jigsaw is the striker. Giroud and especially Morata really need to step up, play them both on Thursday I say, they badly need goals and confidence.
  15. I'm still scratching my head as to why we only managed to win this game 1-0. Very wasteful in front of goal. Morata's confidence is completely shot, a few times he was needlessly caught offside and Giroud did better in the short amount of time he had on the pitch than Morata in the entire match. Willian same thing, very wasteful with no end product, although got the goal, but really should've had 3 or 4. Also Jorginho was running the show before he came off, what an asset he's been for us this season. Anyway a win's a win, on paper this was our toughest match in this group, so this should be very comfortable going forward.