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  1. f**k I'm still pretty f**ked, heads f**ked, voice is f**ked. I almost strangled my mate to death in the pub when we scored the 4th goal, good times. Say what you want, but this team always f**king deliveres when our backs are against the wall in these big finals. I can't fault anyone last night, pretty much everyone showed up and did a job for us last night.
  2. Yeah has to be Hazard for me, ran them completely ragged. Kova also had a great game, one of his best in a Chelsea shirt imo. Kanté looked a bit off the pace at the start but grew as the match went on, solid performance. In fact pretty much everyone turned up and put a performance in. But Hazard gets my vote here.
  3. f**king unbelievable. I dont even know what to say. As soon as we reached the Europa league final we should've sent a reserve team out that weren't going to feature against arsenal, and if it was indeed demanded of us to field a strong team then tell them to piss off because we have a more important trophy to win. Do these people actually think about what they're actually f**king doing, arranging a charity match when it was likely we would be playing a final on less than 2 weeks, a f**king 5 year old would have the sense not to put us on that position, and now because of our stupidity we're without one of our main attacking threats. I give up.
  4. Jesus looking at these comments you'd think we were up against prime Barcelona. In the last month they've been hammered by Wolves and Leicester and lost at home to Palace and drew at home to f**king Brighton. Am I missing something here?? why the negativity?
  5. That was never in doubt, never in doubt at all. 😅 Hazard you sexy Bastard, Kepa f**king legend. Time to get completely wasted, I'm half way there already COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  6. I just don't understand why they would do that though, as had already been mentioned they needed to win that game to cement top 4, now there's only a few points between a few teams with 2 games left, with them still needing to go to bayern, top 4 looks unlikely for them now, they probably should've prioritised the league because let's face it that would've been their best chance, they're the weakest team left of the 4 imo. Anyway I don't care whether they make top 4 or not as long as they're not winning Thursday. As long as we take our chances we should be fine, but that cost us in tge last game, had we been more clinical in Germany this tie would be over, we're the better team, but we need to show up on the night, and hopefully the 6-1 thrashing they got has knocked their confidence.
  7. They got walloped 6-1 by leverkusen so hopefully their confidence is shot to pieces, plus we should be on a high after qualifying for next seasons champions league, we really should win this pretty comfortably if we're on this from the start.
  8. I don't see too much wrong with that starting lineup, probably would've went Barley over Kova but apart from that it's what I expected to see. Bring on RLC in the 2nd half to run at their tired defence, and if Higuian is still not delivering bring on Giroud. COME ON CHELSEA need 3 points here, nothing less is acceptable.
  9. Absolutely no excuse not to win this. Tottenham losing gives us even more of an incentive now, plus I don't think Watford will go all out completely, remember they have an FA cup final so they won't want to risk injuries, they've nothing to play for in the league, how much motivation do they have to win this. Nothing other than a win will do, hazard looked pretty poor the other night so need a big performance from him. Kanté, RLC, Willian just more of the same from Thursday, christensen same thing, need whoever's up top to step up in this game, the final 3rd is whats letting us down, need to finish our chances when then come and we should be alright here. I think 2 or 3 nil, I'm pretty confident we'll win this, this is probably our easiest game left this season so no excuses. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!!
  10. I would've taken 1-1 at the start, but I can't help but feel we should've had this tie won already given how dominant we were for most of the game. That said I think we will do this lot at SB. I just don't get Sarri at all, leaving hazard on the bench and then taken off our best player tonight when we're in the ascendency and pushing for a winner, that chance killed any momentum we had.
  11. f**k our sh*te defence has cost us again so sloppy. We had 4 league games left and this was our easiest match we had. Now we have to go to old Trafford and Leicester. I just can't see us getting in the top 4 now. Europa league is probably our best option. Also hope my boy isn't injured, we need him badly over the next month.
  12. Well we're through to another European SF. Pretty lousy 2nd half from us, that said I never once felt we were in danger of losing this tie. We need to improve on our consistency over the whole match though, we'll get punished in the SF if we switch off again like we did tonight. Anyway let's be positive, we're in another European SF and have a chance of another trophy. COME ON CHELSEA!!!!
  13. The only positive in the race for top 4 is that at least Spurs and Utd still have to play City. Arsenal have 2 games in hand but are f**king useless away from the Emirates. The Utd game in 2 weeks is the defining game I feel.
  14. There's no way we're finishing top 4 now. We still have to go to Utd and Leicester. We should concentrate on Europa league now, it's silverware at least and gives us a passage into the champions league next season.
  15. Sarri got his tactics badly wrong today. He should've had Giroud up top with Hazard on the left. This false 9 sh*te was never going to work today, he should've changed things at HT. f**king clueless, no use changing things when it's too late, we looked so much more dangerous in attack when Hazard was playing in his natural position With that said, too many players didn't show up today, William shouldn't have even started imo, he looked out of his depth to tell you the honest truth, Kanté didn't have his best game either, very unlike him and Hazard should've scored a couple himself, too many underperformed today. Also Get Jorginho out of this team he does nothing for me, this isn't Serie A he's playing in now, I just think this league is too fast paced for him, he's just to lethargic for me, not my cup of tea at all. It looks like our best chance of CL footie next year is winning this europa league.

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