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  1. It has to be intentional for a red card - they changed the rules 2 years ago.
  2. We won all the FA Cups this season: youth, men's, women's
  3. If you had to pinpoint one person in the squad that would be most likely to cause trouble it would probably be luiZ (Luis left a couple of years ago, guess you haven't been keeping up since then)
  4. It's comical at this point, especially considering that type of journalism is what he's calling bullsh*t in the first place
  5. Different people deal with things differently.
  6. I thought he felt the same for us at the time, they can keep dreaming
  7. No such thing as standing areas in England. MHL stands anyway.
  8. This is what I like about SB compared to the Emirates, Etihad etc.
  9. And their plaques got vandalised in return. I saw a picture of Turan's smeared with muck.
  10. Had never heard of it before I got invited to see it on Saturday so thought it would be sh*t but was actually alright.
  11. always thought he was decent, need to see if he can adapt to the PL
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