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  1. If you had to pinpoint one person in the squad that would be most likely to cause trouble it would probably be luiZ (Luis left a couple of years ago, guess you haven't been keeping up since then)
  2. It's comical at this point, especially considering that type of journalism is what he's calling bullsh*t in the first place
  3. Different people deal with things differently.
  4. I thought he felt the same for us at the time, they can keep dreaming
  5. No such thing as standing areas in England. MHL stands anyway.
  6. This is what I like about SB compared to the Emirates, Etihad etc.
  7. And their plaques got vandalised in return. I saw a picture of Turan's smeared with muck.
  8. Had never heard of it before I got invited to see it on Saturday so thought it would be sh*t but was actually alright.
  9. always thought he was decent, need to see if he can adapt to the PL
  10. You don't even need to go to that much effort, just inspect element and change the text and image url done in about a minute
  11. The VWR isn't actually a queue, every 30 seconds it ticks and you may or may not be selected to go through at random. You have a better chance of getting in if you have it open on more browsers and devices. It's sh*t. Funnily enough the ticket exchange actually has a queuing system which is barely needed anyway.
  12. A poltergeist would do a better job of moving the ball about.
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